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Open Fate RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Cmeriwether, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. @Clite of Dragonbow You asked me to make the Discussion forum for the RP, I am mentioning you since it was your idea. A Typical Holy Grail War has seven masters who each summon one servant, who Duke it out for a wish on the Holy Grail, the last one standing can make the wish. The servants are usually Historical figures, Mythological figures, or some fictional characters. Each master summons a servant from one of the seven standard classes.

    If you have any questions, Tag @Cmeriwether or @Clite of Dragonbow, in your response.
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  2. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    By fictional character, what do you mean
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  3. Mostly historical fiction, I've only seen two characters in the category qualify, Sherlock Holmes, and Edmond Dantès.
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  4. Plot:
    During the fourth war for the Holy Grail in Fuyuki. The two servants who survived killed each other. The war remained without a winner, and the Grail himself remained in Fuyuki. After 11 years, another war is to be called for the Grail and the servants and their masters will try to be the winners at all costs.

    (Happy) Rules:
    1. Follow Pokecharms rules (Well, who would know)
    2. Romances are allowed... Just please... Don't go to far with this. Keep it to kiss
    3. Right now, Max 2-3 characters. Also, to make really great bond Master-Servant. It would be better to be like... You don't have your servant and your Master in team. But, If you think, that you are able to make it interesting. Then sure, go ahead.
    4.I would tell you (Don't make over powered characters), but servants always was sighly OP (Mountain- (- island))Level. Just try to make fights interesting and not so one-sided or something, in a way everyone would be really enjoy it.
    4,5. Remember, Servants are stronger than Masters. But, Masters gives orders, they can also force servant to do as they wish by using command spell.
    5. Write "Mage's Associatcion" if you saw all the rules.
    5,5. When we gather all 7 Masters and 7 Servants we will close the thread (or I will add bio for 'Other' characters.)
    6. Have fun
    7. (I almost forgot) Team of Servant and Master can lose when:
    a-Servant dies
    b-Master dies (Servant still may have a possibility to join forces with another master)
    c-Master lose all his/her command spells (They have 3 at the beginning)
    Master Bio:
    Type of Master: (Mage or not)
    Servant Class:

    Servant Bio: {Servant can have one of seven different Classes:

    Name: (Servant Name)
    Title: (How servant is sometimes called)
    Servant Class: (Servant Class)
    Alternate Classes: (Other classes that the servant may apply to)
    Gender: (Servant Gender)
    Backstory: (Optional)
    (From E (Normal Human), through D,C,B,A to Ex)

    Noble Phantasm(s) {NP for short}:
    (You can have Max 3 Noble Phantasms, But Most Servants have 1, rarely 2)

    Master's Name: (If he don't exist yet, leave it empty)
    Source:(Optional) (Historical Fact, Myth,Legend or Fictional story where the servant came from)
    Country of Origin: (Optional) (Where the Servant came from. Could be useful for Fame Boosts)
    Alignment: (Personality Alignment)
    Name: Adam
    Title: The first Human
    Servant Class: Berserker
    Alternate Classes: Rider,Caster,Saber.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Adam is a young man with blonde hair, Golden eyes and muscular (Yet, somehow quite thin) body.

    The only clothing he wears is a fig leaf covering his nether region. But, when he is with his master in the city or other public place. He is wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans.
    Personality: Adam is seen as a very calm, collected and carefree individual.
    But, For his Master, he is ready to risk his own life and really cares about what may happen to him/her
    Backstory: (Optional)
    Strength: A
    Endurance: B
    Agility: A+
    Mana: D
    Luck: D
    NP: Ex

    Noble Phantasm(s) :
    Name: Eden
    Description: Eden creates the world that protect its user against damege from anti-unit, anti-army, anti-world,anti-divine and anti-fortress Noble Phantasms. Can be used once a day.
    Classification: Barrier
    Ranking: A

    Name: Eyes of the Lord
    Description: Eyes of the Lord let user to predict and dodge Enemy Attack (Noble Phantasm) and even use it almost perfectly at his opponent {for Example, Opponent Fires great beam of energy at Adam, he is able to dodge that with eyes 'turned on' and use the same attack at enemy}. Noble Phantasm eats a lot of Mana and can't be used for a long time, if Adam forces himself to use it longer, his Master can die becouse he can lost all his mana. Adam can also become blind, if he won't take his Master's life.
    Classification: Anti-Self, Anti-Tresure
    Ranking: Ex

    Master's Name: 'Someone will take this place'
    Source: (Optional)
    Country of Origin: (Optional)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Other: As for a Berserk, Adam is quite... Calm outside the Battle... And even in the fight, you can see him thinking how to win... From time to time. Adam the Strongest Class is a Saber, the weakest Rider and Berserk is the second weakest class

    Okay, There it goes!
    Hope you guys enjoy the RP! c:
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