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Ask to Join Fatal Blossom: The Wandering Stranger

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by RedTopaz, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. (Had this in my head for about week now and I thought it could be fun as RP with others so here it is!)

    Background: Terra, A planet with two moons and a sun.The inhabitants of the world have unique power, Their power is shown threw their flower, and depending on that flower shows what kind of Abilities they have. The world just got out of a dark age of plague, death, and war. There is a myth however of a man that is traveling the world, not peacefully however. Any man or village he comes across he destroys with his immense power, People has tried to stop his but unfortunately all has failed and now he coming across a village that he plans to destroy. Unknowingly that will be a grave mistake.

    More information: The RP will be focused on a group of survivors from the attack on the village banding together and getting revenge for their fallen family and friends.

    About the flower part, You will get to choose a real life flower or self created flower to represent your characters abilities. If you don't want to have a special ability or flower then your flower would be a lily. Flowers also gain you access to arts. Arts are special techniques people with flowers can do to boost their attack power and various other things, Arts are based on your character so even if two people have the same flower that dies not mean they have the same arts.

    About the Village, The RP will be starting before the attack, This village isn't big with a population of about 65. Since it's so small everybody knows each other, meaning if your character is born in the village and another person is as well then you two know each other doesn't have to be much just a little. The village is called Waterfall Village because there is a hill near the village that has a gigantic waterfall.

    Rules/ Notes:
    1) Obviously follow all Pokecharm rules
    2) Characters must be around the ages of (17-23)
    3) There will be times that have gore.
    4) The most important of all:
    Have fun!

    Character Format:

    Arts(What you know currently):

    My Character

    Name: Senshi Masayoshi

    Backstory: Senshi was born and raised in the village, The way he was raised is unlike his name. He was raised like a fisher but he did secretly trained with his friends, He even learned an art this way.

    Appearance: Senshi has black hair and black eyes, He has a slightly built muscle structure. He wears a white robe with a black undershirt and a black belt that ties it all together. He wears black sweatpants and hiker like shoes.

    Personality: While not an airhead when Senshi gets very frustrated he could charge into battle without thinking sometimes. overall he has an approachable personality, though smart he could get outsmarted if other person has more intellect. His main flaw is how gullible he is, He won't get tricked by any ordinary thing but if the person is a good liar he will. He also very respectful to anyone he first meets

    Flower/Ability: Yellow Lotus: Faded Thunder: He is able to conduct electricity threw his body and hands that are not seeable to any other person but a person that has a lotus type flower. It also does not have the same strength as actual thunder but can be charged to do so(Though it would take a long time).

    Weapon: Senshi wields two katanas, One before the attack on the village and one after. He names each katana respectively Night and Day, He could dual wield but each have different properties that make it hard to do so. he can conduct electricity threw both

    Day: Strength is doubled in the day and it cannot break.
    Strength is lowered at night

    Night: Same as day but instead of durability it's swiftness.

    Arts: Blinding Thunder: He charges his electricity and releases it blinding friend and foe.

    A quick reminder: Your character doesn't need to be born in the village, But your character does need to be at or around it at the day of the attack.

    To known that you read the rules and everything put your favorite videogame character somewhere.

    Sorry for any grammer mistakes
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Kireina "Kiri" Karito

    Backstory: Kiri was born in the village, her father was the village blacksmith and her mother was his assistant. They used to work in the forge all day until her mother became ill and couldn't work, with her father having to do extra in the forge Kiri had to care for her mother till she died about a week before the attack on the village.

    Appearance: Average height standing at around 5'5" with ginger hair in a long plait and bluish green eyes. She also has freckles. She wears little pink plus shaped earrings and a dark blue bow and clip in her hair. She wears a red tartan crop top under a shoulder less jumper that is cropped to a short length leaving her stomach exposed, she also wears denim short-shorts and black flats.

    Personality: Kiri is a generally sweet girl who likes to chat and laugh and pretty much mess around as much as possible. She likes reading, singing and drawing but hates bullies, bugs and being in enclosed spaces. After the death of her father in the village attack she becomes more violent and angry, she starts to loose that sweetness she had and her hatred slowly eats at her making her worse. She is gay and is not at all into guys.

    Flower/Ability: Black Dahlia - She can transform her body and certain other substances she touches into a black shadowy substance.

    Weapons: She has a set of throwing knives and an obsidian dagger with a semi-curved blade. The throwing knives are called Wolven and the blade belonged to her father and is called Mayonaka

    Wolven: These knives are loyal to the person they were forged for, they are sharp only when being used by Daisy and they return to her hand when she wants them to (kind if like Thor's hammer)

    Mayonaka(Midnight): Boosts her strength by increasing amounts as it gets darker, at midnight the strength becomes unbearable however and she can not wield the weapon and she has to lock it in a box until dawn.​

    Arts: Shadow Step: She can transform the air around her into a smokey substance and teleport a short distance away.
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  3. Name: Juryo Hevu

    Backstory: Juryo was an orphan and was just abandoned at the village from a young age he got into fights and didn't have any friends when he was 10 started a gang with 3 other kids who'd cause trouble at the age of 14 he was arrested for the murder of a family with a child of the age of 9, his gang was also convicted for conspiring, on the murder he learnt his art out of boredom in prison.

    Appearance: He wears his prison cloths and walks barefoot he stands at around 5'9, and weighs 89 lbs (See attached image)

    Personality: Juryo is easy going and fun loving. He try's to come off as sarcastic and arrogant when inside he holds an extreme amount of hate for the way his been treated by the world, and after the attack on the village feels loss, and spite towards the attackers for taking away his opportunity to prove his innocence.

    Flower/Ability: Cone Flower- He can make things weigh less for himself by touching them he can also make him self weigh significantly less.
    Weapon: A Ball and chain attached to his right leg
    Arts(What you know currently):
    Karuku suru- Juryo significantly reduce the weight of the ball and chain so he can use as a weapon.
    Karui suteppu- Juryo makes himself lighter so his much faster.

    Attached Files:

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  4. Both are great characters and both are accepted!

    I'll post the actual RP when we get about 2 or 3 more people
  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

  6. I might make a bio soon.
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  7. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Name: Amar
    Backstory: Lived a relatively normal life before the attack, with his family earning a decent income. His father attempted to train him, but due to his power and Amar himself being very passive, he hasn't made a lot of progress.
    Appearance: Black eyes and black messy hair/ Tan skin/ 5'9
    Personality: Normally a very upbeat person, although his demeanor easily changes. He is, however, a pacifist, preferring to stay behind and help teammates rather than join the fray.
    Flower/Ability: Chrysanthemum/ Emotions and Life
    Amar can control how someone feels, with the effects being stronger the closer someone is, or affect their vitality, although doing this requires direct contact. It's effects are stronger if Amar feels the same emotion.
    Weapon: A metal circular shield that can take on different forms depending on the emotion added.
    Anger addition: Increases power, but can make the person go berserk. Significant use of this requires and strong mind. It gives his shield spikes.
    Happiness addition: Increases swiftness. It gives his shield a slick feel, making attacks slip right off.
    Healing- It's a bit slow at first, but the longer Amar is in contact with a person, the more they'll heal.
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  8. Name : Ignis Cainhurst

    Age : 19

    Backstory : Long ago, his ancestors were members of a knightly order, sworn to brotherhood, and to the defense of their homeland. Unfortunately, the Kingdom suffered numerous wars and famines, leading the land to eventual ruin. With the destruction of their homeland, the order scattered across the globe to rebuild their lives, and Ignis' family descends from members of this nameless order of knights.

    As such, they continue to practice swordmastery and jousting, sustaining their ancient traditions and practices. Having been trained since he was only a boy, Ignis is a skilled swordsman.

    Appearance : Ignis is quite a tall young man, standing at 6'0. Out of respect for his heritage, he wears a silver knight helm at all times, meaning his actual facial features remain unknown to everybody but his family. Before he began his training, he had soft brown eyes with brown skin, along with tied-back black dreadlocks. His brown eyes, now much sharper and more intense, can still be seen through the small gaps of his visor.

    Personality : Ignis is quiet and reserved, and can easily come off as intimidating. However, his upbringing instilled in him the importance of camaraderie, honor, and integrity. As such, he is very encouraging to those around him, and can be very protective of his loved ones. He enjoys helping people in need, and dislikes bullying. He is very persistent, and hates giving up.

    Flower/Ability : GLADIOLUS - Strength of character, moral integrity, and honor.

    - This flower boosts Ignis' physical capabilities, granting him greater strength. His flower also grants Ignis much better senses, allowing him to better avoid danger and combat foes.

    - He is also able to briefly materialize certain weapons using his power.

    Weapon : He wields a silver straight sword, with a massive sheath that rests on his back. The sheath has ancient inscribing on it, and is shaped like a sword. When he sheathes his straight sword, however, the sword and sheath become one, and a greatsword is formed. The sheath becomes the blade, and the handle of the straight sword becomes the handle of the newly-formed greatsword. Likewise, he can sheath the great-sword, and pull on the handle to retrieve only the silver sword back out.

    He is much slower when actively wielding the greatsword, but his flower grants him enough strength to carry the sheathe on his back without compromising his speed.

    Arts (What you know currently) : Defender's Roar - Ignis briefly summons a glowing yellow greatsword, raising it up skyward, before thrusting it into the ground. The thrust causes a small wave of energy to disperse from the sword, blowing enemies back . It is worth noting that this attack is not for offensive purposes, but more for creating distance, and will not do any real damage unless the enemy is blown into a hard object.
  9. Name: Varien Kardinal

    Age: 20

    Backstory: Born outside the village in a faraway mountainous region, he was brought to it at a very young age on a long pilgrimage. The goal was to make it to the capital of the continent, though due to a tragedy in the Saint's Pass region of the mountains, the pilgrimage ended in Waterfall Village and never resumed, leaving him and the rest of the survivors to make a life in said village. Though both of his parents died due to heart failure before he reached the age of 15, 7 years after he'd first arrived in the village, he carved out a name of his own, carrying on the legacy of the Kardinal family, becoming a skilled wielder of his father's Axe, passed down through the generations.

    Personality: He remains reserved around people he is unfamiliar with, knowing that like the Saint's Pass, people can be unforgiving and ruthless. However, once he is more on good terms with people, he opens up as a more intense, motivated, and kind person. He has mood swings, between calm and collected to extremely aggressive in an instant. He is encouraging to the goals and aspirations of those around him, and strives to help people improve, as he does himself.

    Appearance: Varien has messy jet black hair, like the night himself blessed him with the color of the darkness, and bright golden eyes. These features, as well as his darker, almost permanently-tanned skin color, are a staple of the people of the northern mountains. He has a muscular build, and stands at 6'3" in stature, and can usually be seen wearing grey or brown shirts, with a black long sleeve undershirt with everlasting grey straps along the arms and around the waist. He has a pair of jet black gloves and wears jeans most of the time, strung to his hips with a tight brown belt. He also wears bulky brown boots, which are all-weather boots as well.

    Flower/Ability: Rafflesia
    'Tis a big-ass smelly flower. It's got the stinks. Largest flowering plant on earth.
    The flower increases his ability to lift, making even the heaviest of boulders move to his will like paper, and allowing him to swing his heavy axe into enemies faster than he should be able to. He's also able to transfer energy through his body like a conduit if absorbed by his left hand, releasing from his right with no harm to his body.

    (Say, for example, he holds up his left hand at an incoming blast or punch. The force/energy of the blast/punch is negated, and absorbed into his hand, and carried through his body and released out his other hand, allowing him to counter attacks. However, this all depends on his reflexes. And yes, blasts of energy will be drawn toward his hand like a magnet.)

    Weapon: Varien wields Wärdroûhhk (Waardrock), a large axe passed down by the Kardinal family for generations. It's design appears to be made of the bones of some large creature, featuring large spikes and a heavyweight appearance. Runes run along each segment of the bone, which are separated and connected by rings of black steel. When Rafflesia is activated, Waardrock will glow red with a thick mist, and gain a boost to its power.

    Bone Eradicator- With one sweeping motion, Varien brings Waardrock up, and then delivers a heavy downward blow, laced with the power of Rafflesia. This is, without a doubt, enough to easily break or even shatter any bones it strikes.
    Raptured Counter- Using Rafflesia's conduit ability, he can actually store the energy that he absorbs through his right hand. The more he stores, the slower yet more powerful he becomes. If any attack that would be dangerous to his well-being is about to land, his body will act on instinct and release this stored energy in a flash of light. Too much stored energy, and the blast will even effect Varien himself.
    Raptured Eradicator- A combination of the previous arts, it funnels the energy of Raptured Counter into Waardrock, and allows him to deliver an earth-shattering attack, but like with Raptured Counter, he risks damaging himself, his allies, and possibly deactivating Waardrock's synchronization with Rafflesia for a while, leaving Varien to use Waardrock without being able to decrease its heavy weight.
  10. Here is a character and is it possible for me to come up with a second character? @RedTopaz

    Name: Izumi Yukage
    Age: 19
    Backstory: She was a noble heir, but her family was exiled when she was six, to the village, she then moved into a small house in the village, living comfortably until her
    Appearance: Izumi has long black hair kept behind her ears, light blue eyes on a 5'1" voluptuous frame, wearing a light blue dress, long sleeves, not very showy but clinging to her frame, she wears a darker blue jacket and blue socks on armored boots she recieved from a dying soldier who was teaching her how to use a glaive. She has a tattoo in the shape of a snapdragon in the color red, the top is on her shoulder and wraps around to her stomach.
    Personality: Izumi is a shy and sweet girl, it takes a good bit to make her snap, and the Dragon mentality hits upon snapping.
    Flower/Ability: Angelonia (Summer Snapdragon): She has the ability to communicate with reptilian creatures, when she snaps mentally, she suddenly grows scales, wings, claws and a tail, like a Dragon on a major snap, which is marked by Serpentine red eyes, and Serpentine of her natural eye color on a minor snap.
    Weapon: Glaive (similar to a Naginata)
    Arts(What you know currently):

    Searing Breath: her fire breath becomes twice as hot, it affects a 60 ft area, but only in a 20° angle, she can turn her head, but cannot move any other part of her body. When her wings are active, she flies half as fast when using the art.

    Boots of Dragon's mass: She can activate her boots Ability, which makes her seem as heavy as an adult dragon, (1.28 x10^6 or 640 US tons), for a certain amount of time.

    Flaming Glaive Slam: Izumi can only use this attack when she has wings claws and a tail, as she gives her glaive a little bit of her fire breath, which lights the blade, she then activates her boots effect, and falls towards the ground, going glaive first.

    Summon Reptiles (working on): She can use her communication with Reptiles in a concentrated way to call all reptiles within 500ft (eventually), current range, 10ft.
  11. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Name: Kabe Otake

    Age: 18

    Backstory: Kabe was born and raised in the village, taking an interest in breakdancing and dagger throwing since he was 10 years old. Lived a normal life with both of his parents before the attack, nothing too remarkable.

    Appearance: Kabe stands at 5'8" with cyan eyes and somewhat long purple hair. He wears a white short sleeved shirt, a small white-purple sleeveless jacket, blue jeans with lighter blue knees, and white boots with purple highlights.

    Personality: Kabe is extroverted, charming and outgoing, getting along with mostly everyone. He loves breakdancing and is generally a crowd-pleaser. Shows enthusiasm for most things and is very persistent when it comes to achieving a goal.

    Flower/Ability: Purple tulip
    Kabe is able to generate and control purple crystals of various shapes and sizes at will. He usually does this by generating a light in his hand which forms the crystal. These crystals are extremely tough, far more so than normal crystals, and can withstand all kinds of attacks. He can create crystals as tall as himself and up to 6 feet away. Kabe can also coat the ground with crystals, allowing him to skate on the ground similarly to ice.

    Weapon: Two daggers that Kabe can imbue with his ability, making them grow crystals.

    Arts(What you know currently):
    Prism Strike:
    Kabe generates a large crystal and kicks it forward. Goes a good distance.
    Crystal Prison: Forms a wall with multiple large crystals, having the option to make multiple and trap someone with them.
    Dagger Burst: Throws a dagger which releases small crystals in a burst upon impact.
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  12. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Name: Aimee ‘Rose’ Morrow (nee Hartigan)
    Backstory: Her grandfather was one of the wise village elders and her family emigrated from elsewhere generations ago. He provided wise advice and spiritual guidance to those who looked for it. He believed in tradition over science. He believed that he had been ‘chosen by God’ to lead the village, but perished shortly before the village was razed when the forces of evil came across him. His son was a doctor who has preformed heart surgery convincingly on many patients who passed through and often was seen bickering with the elder, believing in science over superstition. He was shocked when the elder died. He and the elder had found a nice doctor to be Aimee’s suitor, from another land. He was on his way to the village when he too perished. Aimee took his last name to remember him. She soon took up archery lessons and became q talented archer for the village.
    Appearance: Long dark golden hair with a smooth face and a tall body in a pink and red dress with a bow attached to her back.
    Personality: She often comes off as energetic and bubbly but truth be told, recently events have made her more ruthless and serious.
    Flower/Ability: Dianthus caryophyllus/Carnation OR Rose. Causes her to become naturally attractive, especially to men. They will often find themselves charmed mentally by her. She’s able to get round her enemies by doing this. She’s able to dodge attacks with ease.
    Weapon: Bow and arrows, a dagger, sometimes even a small gun.
    Arts(What you know currently): Vow of silence: waves her hand in the air and the opponent cannot make sounds and is stunned for a few seconds
    Vow of Bondage: charms the foe into becoming her servant, doing jobs for her, for a few seconds.
    Cherub’s Arrow of Love/ Charming shot:
    Fires a love powered arrow shot. If it is in the general proximity of someone, it will release a gas that will charm them firstly to do brief tasks for Aimee, but secondly to allow Aimee to get past them Scott free without ever having to deal with them again. If the arrow hits the target directly, it is charmed by Aimee and will fight for her passionately.
    Stealth Shot: turns her invisible
    Avatar of Cupid: transforms her into a gigantic cherub which produces love potions and allows others in the party to mesmerise enemies which can be distracted during their submission.
    Angel’s Voice: creates a singing noise which can charm an enemy to help Aimee or put to sleep an enemy
    Siren’s voice: creates a singing noise which can charm an enemy to do a bad thing to themselves such as kill themselves or it can create a devastating vibrating effect.
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  13. Okay everyone that posted your character bio is accepted great characters everybody!

    @Cmeriwether You can make a second character if you would like, That goes for anyone else as well!

    I forgot to metion but my character to 21, On a final note the RP thread will be posted soon!
  14. Here he is, I wanted to flesh out the personality and appearance for a story I'm writing.

    Name: Francis Constitution
    Age: 23
    Backstory: Francis was a Guardian Knight when he was younger, was off duty when the wandering stranger attacked the village, he went to fight him, but he was too strong for Francis, and the stranger left a huge scar on his face, just missing the outside of his left eye.
    Appearance: Francis is a large man of well over six feet tall, with long dark brown hair tied back and red eyes, like most members of his clan, he wears green and black armor, with spiked pauldrons on the shoulders, a small cloak from his Guardian days,
    Personality: Francis is a cold and uncaring person, really hard to crack, like insanely hard to crack the aloof, cold, and uncaring part.
    Flower/Ability: Catmint: The Enduring Flower: This flower gave Francis access to a plethora of Resistances, but only three are available.
    Weapon: two Eight foot long poles with Double Axe heads on each side.
    Arts(What you know currently):

    Resistance: Weather Wear: Francis can activate this Resistance to reduce weather effects on his travels, as such, it may last a day of traveling, with a couple of day's cooldown.

    Resistance: Iron Wall: Francis can activate this set of resistances to defend against physical attacks better, although it makes him eight times heavier. He can only use this Resistance for one hour.

    Resistance: Reckless Charge: This is so far the only offensive art he has learned, he can swing the axes around, slicing out anything within a short distance, he has a set of physical and magical Resistances, so mental attack are some of the few that can stop this art instantly, The Stranger was able to stop this art. Note: This art specifically is draining of Francis to use.
  15. Okay last time i'm double posting

    I want to wait till everyone introduces themselves first before continuing the story, if people don't do their turn by 12 tommorow i'm just go.

    I'm fully aware people are busy and i want to respect that, I'm also aware of time zones :)
  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I haven't been getting notifications for this discussion and didn't realise the thread was up, I read some of the posts are we all supposed to be going on this trip or just a set few.
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  17. @Shadow_Pup up it depends on you whether you want to go on the trip or not

    Also i'm going wait till tommorow for people to get there parts in before continuing
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  18. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    I didn’t get any DAMN notifications for the RP thread of this!!!
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  19. Don't know what's happening, what i suggest is check maybe every three hours or so. Whatever fits into your schedule.
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  20. I'm sending Izumi, Francis is guarding the village.
  21. Sounds fun. Need more people?

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