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Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by kimishiro, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. I'm 100% positive that this is going to happen, just like in mmorpgs.

    What are your views on this?

    Oh, and for those who don't know what farming is, lemme fill you in.

    A farmer raises certain pokemon and gives them certain stats and/or items, and raises them to specified lvls. Then he sells these pokemon over the internet for actual money.

    No telling how high the price is going to be but I'm sure there will be some pokemon selling for $50.

    Lets say a lvl100 Manaphy holding a masterball with stats maxed out. It could be bred for a certain moveset, and have been stat-trained to focus on that moveset.

    See what I'm getting at?

    Yeah, its going to happen whether you like it or not. You'll see it on ebay and prolley have a few unoffical sites n such.

    Personally I think its a good way to make some illegal profit, but then again, so is selling smack n I'm all about that.

    So whats your view dudes n dudettes?
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I'd say it's going to happen too. Though unlike MMORPGs I'd also say that it's more likely to be purely in-game profit as opposed to real-life profit. For one, the main players of Pokemon aren't Koreans. For another, they're mostly kids.

    Really, I don't have that much of a problem with people breeding and farming a bunch of Pokemon solely for trading. Though in a sense it does go against the original purpose of it in the game. I'd just be more annoyed at the fact that most of these Pokemon aren't going to be bred at all, simply sharked and splashed up for trade.

    Also, Manaphy can't be bred. :p
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    What are my views on it?

    Yeah, it'll happen, as it's already happening with Animal Crossing WW. Still think it's stupid, though. Anyone with half a brain wouldn't spend an outrageous amount of cash just to get an "unobtainable" Pokemon (etc.) when they could shovel out a bit more for the actual sharking device :p Try $5 maybe. Even $10-15 is pushing it. But again, like Alex said, a lot of Pokemon players are kids. They wouldn't even have the credit cards to work eBay and the like. In-game profits is much more realistic, and yeah, it's going to happen, too.

    Meh. If someone wants to waste money on something like this, let 'em. Only hurting themselves.
  4. It will happen, and im sure a newspaper will catch wind of it, run a huge scandal story about it, then more communities will be against pokémon... gah!

    I can see it happening, as well as trading sharked pokémon over the trading centres with malicious code.... oh I hate the people like that... they ruin it for the rest of us!
    #4 RLRL, Aug 22, 2006
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  5. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Yes, because you so constantly see stories about Gold Farming in Everquest and WoW on the Front Page of the Sun. >_> :p
    #6 Doctor Oak, Aug 23, 2006
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  6. It would be a better story to read than anything else in that paper... :p
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Lunareon, if you're going to agree to a reply then at least explain why. Otherwise you're just SPAMing. This isn't the first time you've made a reply like that, either. Please, read the rules. =/

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