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Far To Me

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Jenova, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. OOC: This is a random poem that I thought to myself this entire day. To end the halfway point of my eighth grade, I have decided to do something like this. I also have a one shot that has yet to be completed, which is part of my 2 literary step plan. I hope you all enjoy this, it surprisingly helped me with stress.

    Note that I tried to make sure that it had multiple, vague meanings. If it doesn't make sense, then that's probably my failure to give it some flow or rhythm.

    As you cry and gaze upon the sky;
    Please do not look with sorrow.
    What has become a worse today,
    can only be a better tomorrow.

    And so I bid you farewell, my dear love,
    For our red rose has wilted away.
    Please do not look with such grim remorse,
    Just because I no longer have one more day-

    A single day to hold you and love you;
    A sole moment of passion and romance.
    But, remember what I have left on ground;
    Please, give our children a chance.

    And so, my sweetheart, I must bid you adieu;
    The dawn from on high has taken me now.
    If I stay here, I will find no paradise,
    On stage, one can say that it's my final bow.

    My darling; what is it like up here?
    It's not distant at all in an adequate degree.
    Without you, it is like a seamless dream
    For time and love is now far to me.

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