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Private/Closed Fantasy RP - Fractured Realm [No Longer Accepting Members!]

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dark Soul, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. The pale girl in the black hood turned her eyes to the sky.

    It wasn’t truly the sky up there, of course- within the hour the floating continents of the Skyland would shift between the Core and the light of the sun, ending the day early, and barely moving out of the way in time for dawn. The farmers considered this a lucky happenstance; They had gone for weeks without light more than once before, when the wily rotations of the Skyland were at their most unfortunate.

    She could see it approaching the sun. A dark mass with jagged edges, covering nearly half the sky. It was a cruel division of the sun’s power; The people on the Skylands got all the sun they wanted, while surface-dwellers like her got half as much. At least, she mused, she wasn’t an inhabitant of the Core, where the sun was hardly seen it all, save through the fissures in the surface.

    She sat there on the edge of the floating farm, feet bathing in the ocean, soaking up the sun’s warm rays, until darkness came, and with it the cold breeze. Turning her palm up, she thought of warmth, of raw flame, and a fire blazed from her hand. She watched the embers rise up from it.


    Fractured Realm is the name of this brand new, casual RP that I am accepting participants for right now! All you have to do to take part is leave a filled-in biography in this thread for your character, and I will most likely let you right in. All you need is to know the PokeCharms rules for roleplaying, to have decent grammar and a character’s who’s not too Mary Sue ;)

    Here’s a bit of background so you can make your character;

    The realm of Etherion is a planet that is made up of different layers of land.
    From inside to outside;

    1. The Core is the round rock centre of the planet, filled with underground caves and very volcanically active. Some human cities are built there below cracks in the Earth that sunlight can shine through, but most of the Core is dark tunnels filled with evil monsters.

    2. The Surface covers the outside of the Core. It is mostly ocean, with a few craggy mountain ranges, and very little flat land. The surface dwellers mostly live on floating buildings made of wood and whatever they can harvest from the mountains and the sea, fishing and farming.

    3. Above the clouds is the Skyland, a collection of enormous floating continents that move around the Core. Although the air is a little thinner, warm air currents make the conditions livable. The first people to reach and settle on the Skyland were those with great magical power, and still the Skyland has a large population of wealthy people who consider themselves above surface and core dwellers- literally and figuratively. The cities on the Skyland are at the forefront of magical research and technology.

    4. The Stratos Islands are further out beyond even the Skyland. Humans cannot last in the thin atmosphere without magical assistance, but mythical sky creatures often make their nests there.
    About the way magic works in this RP;

    Magic came to humans when they were still dwellers of the Core, and was a means of survival. They made flame with their hands to light up the dark and keep themselves warm, or they healed the wounds of their family after fighting off the monsters in the dark. Some were much more naturally gifted at magic than others, and more and different kinds of magic were invented through study and experimentation as humanity progressed.

    Nowadays there are too many different schools of magic to count, some much more widely used than others. Becoming skilled at magic takes time and dedication, so most of the common folk don’t bother to learn it, but anyone can set their mind to becoming an expert at their magic craft. To perform magic, a person only needs their hands and a strong will to move the energy in and around them, though rituals or runes can serve as a way to make it easier.

    Some common forms of magic include;
    • Pyromancy; Producing heat and light, even electricity
    • Healing
    • Conjuration; Conjuring magical beasts, weapons or shields for fights
    • Enchantment; Putting elemental effects like fire or electricity on real weapon
    Other, less common forms of magic;
    • Mentalism; affecting someone’s mind, altering emotions
    • Construction; altering matter into different shapes
    If you have other ideas for kinds of magic for your character to wield, just post about it in your bio and I will gladly consider it!

    The history of the Fractured Realm;

    Humans, like all things that wander on two legs, came into being in the depths of the Core. They were uniquely drawn to the light of the sun, and more peaceful and willing to work together than other creatures. Over the centuries they built cities and empires in the depth, slowly taking over ground from their evil enemies. They began to migrate to the surface, and adapted to living on makeshift floating cities on the Ocean, as well as living on the sparse few islands.

    Over time the most powerful mages and inventors began to experiment with constructing machines with magic, spurring an industrial revolution that led eventually to the invention of flying airships. With these airships the rich and powerful first made their way to the Skyland, finding a lush world there ripe for settling. Over generations they built the grandest cities and magical institutions, dwarfing any structure on the surface. Most of the Skylander elite consider themselves the only civilized population on Etherion and treat other groups poorly.

    The plot;
    An airship captain has agreed to smuggle a ragtag bunch of ambitious surface and core dwellers (our characters) to the Skyland, each with their own goal to achieve there- maybe to learn more powerful magic, or to rise in the ranks of the elite, or perhaps to exact revenge… who knows?

    The biography you can use;

    A place on the surface or in the core.
    Build: Tall? Short? Athletic or thin?
    : Real weapons or summoned by magic?
    Abilities: What is your character good at? What kind of magic can they perform?
    Romantic or otherwise?
    History: What’s your character’s life story up to now? Note; you don’t have to give everything away!


    Name: Tempest “Wren” Goldwren
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: Shadow Bay, surface
    Build: Short and frail- 5’2” tall.
    Hair: Platinum blonde, long and straight.
    Eyes: Grey-blue.
    Clothes: She’s always seen in her lithe midnight black mage’s robes, complete with a hood that she often covers her head with. On her leather belt she wears a bound spellbook, a selection of vials and pouches with mysterious contents. The rest of her possessions she wears in a black bag with shoulder sling.

    Weapons: She knows how to summon magical weapons to get hand, but lacks the strength to use them. In fights she depends on her summoned creatures, though she has an extendable baton enchanted with powerful electrical magic to stun enemies with.
    Abilities: Trained as a shaman, Wren’s defining power is summoning things and creatures to do the fighting for her. She’s also an accomplished alchemist with knowledge of poisons and potions. She has studied a number of obscure forms of magic that give her a varied skillset.

    Personality: Wren isn’t the easiest to approach; she mostly avoids others, and can be standoffish when forced to interact. This is mostly out of mistrust, and she’s usually more friendly the more she gets to know a person. As much as she doesn’t like to draw attention to herself, she can react fiercely to people who say or do the wrong thing.
    Family: A brother who she’s not in contact with.
    Relationships: A few close friends and mentors.
    History: Wren had a rough childhood in Shadow Bay, a shantytown built between two high rocky crags, keeping the sunlight from shining on it for most of the day. It was a lawless pirate haven where anyone without coin, young orphans like Wren and her older brother Rafe included, were treated as street filth and had to fight for their survival.

    Through rumors, Wren learned that she was the daughter of famous mage-pirate Jamison Albaster, scourge of the seas. This lineage made her a target, and Wren fled to the lush but treacherous jungle in the Carn Valley near the bay. She was saved from certain death by a coven of shamanic witches who had made a sanctuary out of the jungle. They sheltered her and taught her potent magic, but she didn’t want to stay in the jungle as they did; At the age of sixteen, she made her way back to Shadow Bay and worked for months selling potions and using magic, until she amassed enough money to travel to the nearest airship skydock and bribe an airship captain to smuggle her to the Skyland, so she can hone her magical skills and discover the world.
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  2. Name: Axel (No last name)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Birthplace: Unknown. Lives in Citi Caves, Core.

    Build: Tall, but proportionately so. Well muscled, but not extremely. 5' 11".

    Hair: Chestnut brown. (think profile picture)

    Eyes: Wide, ice blue eyes (profile picture)

    Clothes: Very practical. He wears a leather trenchcoat which allows for movement. Under that, he wears a dusty set of tunic and trousers. Comfortable leather boots, and a nice cowboy hat,

    Weapons: I'd like him to be a Petrakinetic. Essentially, this trade requires immense training, but he can cause minor earthquakes, tectonic shifts, and can move rocks, ore and the like. Other than that, he often carries a bowie knife, but it's concealed.

    Abilities: When he was younger, he was a street performer. After a certain incident, he quickly faded away from that corner of town. Now, he's a naturally athletic person, and perhaps most annoyingly, he's utterly confident in himself. He holds himself coolly, with a level head.

    Family: As a child, he had parents, but as he discovered his powers, he killed them in an unfortunate accident.

    Relationships: Not in a romantic relationship. Papa Sander, an elderly man living in Citi Cave, acts as his mentor. He's also a petrakinetic, and also an outcast.

    History: Axel was born into a no-nonsense family from the Surface. Unfortunately, his father committed a capital felony: genocide. Fleeing to the core with his newly pregnant wife, he hoped to find solitude in the Core. Months later, his son was born. As his son grew into a spirited child, his child began to listen to the stories of the town elder, Papa Sander. Sander was a petrakinetic, and one day, he decided to teach this child petramancy. It was a tall task. After all, the boy was only six. But as he grew older, he began to grow in his power. Unfortunately, the boy had a weakness. Control. The boy killed his mother and father at the age of ten. Papa Sander took him in, and has trained this boy, named Axel, ever since.
  3. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Name: Manuel Stone
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Copery Mountain, Surface.
    Build: Short and skinny, not really athletic. Stands at 4"7.
    Hair: Short, black, straight hair.
    Eyes: Dark brown.
    Clothes: A blue coat with a blue shirt underneath, black pants and black boots. The coat also has a neck brace that covers the back of his neck.
    Weapons: When prompted to fight, he uses a sword summoned by his abilities, which is bathed in blue. He can also launch lightning at his foes, or mark them first with one of his made-up techniques, then use lighting for a more accurate hit.
    Personality: Manuel likes exploring, generally kind to those he meets. He can be quiet at times.
    Abilities: His ability is Pyromancy, specifically Electrokinesis. This allows him to generate and absorb electricity, but he lacks full control of it. Another weakness to this is water, alongside using his ability for too long, which causes him to get tired. A side effect of using a good part of his ability is causing his hair to become a bit spiky and become blonde temporarily. He's also good at cooking.
    Family: Sister who lives alone, although Manuel sometimes helps her out.
    Relationships: None at the moment, except for his uncle Teseo, who thaught him pyromancy, and acts as his mentor.
    History: Both him and his sister Camille were orphaned at a young age, having to fight for survival together. He discovered that his mother was a skilled pyromancer, using electricity just like he does today. After finding out about this, Manuel tried to awaken this ability within him, which he managed to do after years of training with his uncle. Managing to earn money and survive, he bribed a captain to take him to the Skylands, wanting to explore the world and get better at his skills.
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  4. Name: Hayden Raxen
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Rendezvous, Core
    Build: Built normally, standing 5'11".
    Hair: Solid tar black hair worn in a woosh style.
    Eyes: Hayden's eyes lack the pigment to produce colour, so they are both white.
    Clothes: Hayden wears a light, silver coloured jacket and shirt with grey pants.
    : Hayden uses a style of construction magic allowing him control of metals, allowing him to make tools with it. Oftenly, a scythe is used.
    Abilities: Hayden is pretty handy with building things. He also uses ferrokinesis as a magic. Another thing about Hayden is that his left arm is solid metal, but works as a human hand still. The metal arm is the main focus of his powers entirely.
    Family: His father died to a maniac magic user and his mom left him, unable to support him as a child. Instead, he has an Uncle Ferris, who uses and studies strange and new magic.
    None yet.
    History: Hayden was a normal boy who lived in Rendezvous, a popular get-together where many people gathered at. Kinda like the Los Angles of the Core. There, his father worked as a restaurant owner. One day, a magic user tried to start a fight, but his father stepped in. The two brawled it out, ending with both in turmoil, his father died later. In the fight, a support pillar fell onto Hayden's left arm crushing it completely. Medical magicians tried to heal it normally, but failed. In one last attempt, the medics focused Hayden's metal magic to his left arm, turning it completely metal. His uncle took him in and helped Hayden understand his power and the overload of magic in his left arm.
  5. We're waiting to be accepted, right?
  6. Thank you guys for your interest! I've got two other people also interested, so I'm probably only going to let only one other person after you guys in if someone comes along.

    All your bios are looking good! Feel free to post in the RP thread, and we'll get things underway- though we'll probably stay on the airship until everyone including the other two future members have had the chance to introduce themselves.
  7. This has been a work in progress for a few days, as I've been interested. I've been sick and I hadn't been able to finish until now.
    Name: Warren Valerie
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Luxman Valley
    Build: He stands at 6’4”, is quite muscular and well built, almost seeming like a small giant. His left arm is mechanical built completely made of bronze. So his build is often intimidating. As a note, his nose is crooked, which somewhat adds on to his small giant and intimidating appearance he has.
    Hair: His hair is a thick dark brown color, and is messy and scruffy. It’s cut at a medium length, and isn’t kept in the best of shape, with split ends and dandruff.
    Eyes: His eyes are a deep emerald green. His eyebrows are thick and black, almost square-cut.
    Clothes: Warren’s clothes are simple, as he is from simple farming heritage. He wears a light beige loose shirt, and a dark brown vest over it. He wears dark brown breeches with black boots, and a beige cloak with a hood over it. He carries his belongings in a large black satchel. Other then what he wears, he has little possessions.
    Weapons: He is extremely strong so he can wield weapons easily. However due to his past, he has little sword wielding experience. His only weapon that is not pure brute force is a two handed broadsword, that he can wield with one hand. It is enchanted with fire magic. It was enchanted by a sage in a nearby village upon his grandfather’s request. It was a family heirloom, and Warren has no skill when using its magic.
    Abilities: Warren is very strong physically. He is also quick learner, learning things at a quick rate. He has good survivor skills, and is able to live in the woods with nothing. He can grow crops and work a farm.
    Personality: He is calm and thoughtful, trying to speak politely and be nice to others. He’s a soft spoken country boy. He tries to avoid fights and keep the peace, taking the role of a humble giant. He is kind, and almost selfless, wiling to risk his own life to help others. He will ight but he will not try and kill. Death scares him deeply. He also has a deep sense of adventure, deep morals, and
    Family: Both his parents are deceased and he has no siblings.
    Relationships: None. He kept to himself, with his only relationships with his parents. And now they’re dead.
    History: He was born to in Luxman Valley to two poor farmers. He had a peaceful childhood, until the age of 9 when his father was drafted for the royal guard. Two years later, his father returned missing a leg. So during the time his father was gone, and upon his arrival, Warren accepted he would have to make up for his father's work. So he grew strong. When he was 15 he lost his arm in an accident with a wood cutter. So his father used the rest of the stipend from the royal guard, and bought the boy a robotic arm to keep the farm alive. However this created debt that the family would never be able to repay.

    His father died when Warren was 17, due to pneumonia. And if Warren's father wasn't a hard enough loss, but it was a bad year for crops. They were to the point, where they had no money. Warren's mother gave him some family treasures, like an antique sword that belonged to Warren's grandfather. Warren sold all but the sword, and upon returning home he saw his family farm burnt to the ground. Feeling much sorrow, he decided to head out and explore the world.
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  8. Could you put a link at the top of this discussion?
  9. Eis


    Name: Gretel Braudel

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Birthplace: Höhlenburg, Core

    Build: Gretel is about 5'6", with broad shoulders and a stocky, brutish figure.

    Hair: Her hair is a tangled mess of deep, dark brown, and comes down to just above the tips of her ears.

    Eyes: Gretel has deep grey, almost black eyes.

    Clothes: Gretel wears a filthy, worn out tunic and pants with leather boots, pauldrons, greaves, and gauntlets. Over her shoulder she carries a burlap sack where she carries whatever food and coin she may have, and her trusty axe is always strapped to her back whenever she isn't fighting.

    Weapons: Gretel wields a single sided battle axe just over foot shorter than she is. Her fighting style is slow, and she tends to leave wide openings when she misses her mark, but Gretel is careful to make every hit count, dealing precise, crushing blows. When the situation calls for a faster, more agile fighter, she will gladly abandon her weapon in favor of her fists.

    Abilities: As far as magic goes, Gretel is naturally endowed with some ability in Pyromancy, but has never had the opportunity (or the need) to hone her skills. At the moment, the most she can muster is a small flame just big enough to start a camp fire or light a torch. Instead, Gretel has learned to rely on her body for all of her combat needs, and as a result she is much stronger than most magic-reliant warriors. Even so, Gretel wouldn't dare challenge a truly powerful mage. No matter how strong one's body is, brute strength alone will almost always fall to powerful magic.

    Personality: Gretel is a very crude, blunt woman who has a tendency to lay all of the cards on the table. She will say exactly what she thinks of someone to their face, and more often than not this leads her into trouble. She only keeps a secret when it absolutely must be kept, and even then she has to work to keep her mouth shut. Despite this though, she tries to be at least somewhat friendly with new faces until they give her a reason to be unfriendly.

    Family: Gretel has worked as a mercenary with her father for most of her life, only separating recently to have a shot at getting to the Skyland. She plans on returning eventually to pull him out of the Core, once she either gains a better understanding of her magic or makes enough money to at least move to the surface.

    Relationships: She's made a few associates through her father and their line of work, but none that she particularly cares about.

    History: Gretel grew up in the slums of Höhlenburg, doing menial work for the few locals with coin to spare until she was old enough to join her father as a sell sword. From there they would travel from town to town in the Core, serving as escorts through the monster infested tunnels or as hired muscle against bandits. It was a tough job, and the pay usually wasn't great, but it was better than nothing.

    When Gretel was 18, both she and her father were hired by a shady Surface dweller to assassinate one of the few wealthy citizens of the Core. Normally, the Braudels would refuse to take a job that involved killing an innocent, but the pay was too good to refuse. It was enough to get them both to the Surface, possibly even the Skyland. During the assassination attempt, Gretel's father was arrested while she was able to complete the job and collect her pay. Unfortunately, after bribing the authorities with enough money to get her father out of jail, there was only enough money leftover for one of them to get to the Surface. After much insisting on her father's part, Gretel agreed to make the move to the surface, promising to come back for her father one day. Now, a year later, she finds herself grouped with a team of misfits on an airship to the Skyland.
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  10. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Name: Bennett Sada
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Zincoppidum, Core
    Build: Exceptionally tall; Athletic build, muscular but agile. 6'4"
    Hair: Auburn, though it has prematurely grayed quite substantially. Shoulder-length and unkempt, along with a particularly bushy beard
    Eyes: Hazel; Lost one on his journey to the surface.
    Clothes: Wears a dark grey tunic with black breeches and boots. Has also taken to wearing a white hooded cloak on the surface.

    Weapons: Wields a galvanized steel scimitar as his primary weapon, along with a hunting knife sheathed in one of his boots and a pistol he keeps holstered and concealed within his tunic, strictly as a last resort, due to his limited supply of bullets.

    Abilities: Bennett, as far as he can recall, was once a skilled pyromancer, but after being victimized to a once-close friend's treachery, his magical abilities have been completely severed. This has left him with only his physical capabilities and his wits, which, thanks to a number of factors, including his own persistence and hard work, have served him well enough to compensate for his lack of magic. Bennett's swordsmanship is both quick and vicious, with the intent of making any confrontation as brief as possible, though his years as a fugitive and freelance hunter have made him more adaptive in the face of any number of adversaries, both man and beast. There's a deep aggression in his fighting style nonetheless, fueled by his desire for retribution.

    Personality: Despite his entire motive for venturing to both the Surface and Skyland being based on vengeance, Bennett is, generally a calm and reasonable individual to those on his good side. He has a strong sense of honor and courtesy when his emotions are in check. The issue comes when he gets upset for any reason, which tends to bring about a somewhat... extreme reaction, akin to the sort of person willing to risk life and limb and permanently destroy nearly all ties to his past, just to find someone who deceived him.

    Family: His father and mother, both of which he is estranged from.

    Relationships: Aside from his job contacts throughout the surface, Bennett once had a dear friend and companion in Zincoppidum, but this friendship ultimately unraveled when said friend, a skilled mentalist, erased any and all knowledge of magic from Bennett's memory. This betrayal has ultimately led to Bennett's one life goal of finding his former friend, in order to acquire the justice he feels has been eluding him ever since.

    History: Despite its grand size and the population to match, the town of Zincoppidum is somewhat mythical in reputation to the few outsiders who are aware of its existence. This is because the walled off society is one that runs on a culture of paranoia. With an overwhelming number of Core-dwelling monsters surrounding the borders of the community, and the fear of complete destruction at the hands of such dangers, emigration has been made entirely illegal. Citizens are not permitted to leave, aside from one exception every five years, where an individual is tasked with journeying to the surface in order to spread the knowledge and culture of their hidden land to the rest of the world. This individual is meant to be one of the best and brightest of the youth, and Bennett could always remember working hard to assure that would be him. Unfortunately, his friend, one of his few confidants, showed her true colors when she used her powers in mentalism to rob him of his magical ability, assuring her the spot when their time as potential candidates arrived.

    Unwilling to accept such a fate, Bennett decided to escape his homeland, forcing his way out through one of the more neglected and most hazardous cavern systems, assuring the fewest pursuers. Of course, with this particular pathway leading to hordes of monsters lying in wait, the escape was far and away the easiest part of the journey. Fending off the creatures of the Core with every bit of strength he could muster, he managed to defy the odds and reach the surface alive, but at the cost of an eye. At the surface, he spent his days as a drifter, doing whatever jobs he could get for payment as he asked around for any information on his friend, all while attempting to keep his identity hidden from anyone with ties to Zincoppidum, as he was certain they would continually label him a fugitive until he was either proven dead, or brought back alive. Eventually, he got a major lead in his search, someone saying she'd managed to get herself to Skyland. With this info, his life as a drifter on the surface came to an abrupt end. Using the contacts he'd built from his jobs across the land, he managed to procure a position on an airship headed for that land of power and luxury in the clouds. Finally, his path of revenge seemed to have a potential end in sight...
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  11. Alright, RMA was one of the two people I had reserved a spot for. I'm glad that so many of you are interested! Sadly, I did say only one more person apart from the two. Going purely by which characters I find the most interesting, I will take @Eis as the last member ^^

    If the second of the reserved members ends up not joining, though, I'll still have a space for you, @Ry_Burst !

    The link to the thread is here.
  12. Hey-ho, Reserve No.2 makes his appearance!

    Farth Enkle
    A city on the surface.
    Build: At 5’00’’, Farth’s pale-skinned body is very small. However, due to his profession, he is very muscular.
    Hair: His black, matted hair is starting to become quite long, so he has it in a ponytail held up by a small iron ringlet he forged. He also has a bit of stubble dabbled across his face.
    Simple leathers. Over them he wears a padded dark purple cloak, which is just a little bit too big for him. Poking out from the sleeves you can just about see his large, padded work gloves. He normally has the sleeves of his cloak rolled up.
    : None whatsoever. He has a few tools on his smithing belt, but what use would they have in combat?

    Wait, hold on…

    Is that an anvil!? Carried on his back!?
    Abilities: In terms of magic, Farth knows the basics of pyromancy. Enough to keep himself warm, start a fire, and make the electric lanterns in the mines light up. When he was younger he tried his hand at other magics during play with children who would come with their parents to the Blacksmith, but as he grew up he started to realise he didn’t really care. He was too busy with his work to have time to learn anyway.

    His family are famous in the smithing world for possessing a natural talent for Construction magic – they are able to magically create weapons to-hand with enough practice and knowledge of what they’re trying to create. Everyone in his family can do it!

    Except Farth. Farth doesn’t care. He’s just a very good smith. His parents can only commend him for his ability.
    Family: His Mother and Father. Apparently his Grandfather used to work in Skyland.
    He only knows his workmates. He has been working with them for around 2 years now, since he started his job.
    History: Farth was born into a family of Blacksmiths. It was a family-run business that had been running for generations. As he reached adulthood, his father started to teach him the smithing trade. Having no other aspirations, Farth decided to follow in his Father’s footsteps as an apprentice Smith to make some money.

    Farth now makes his living working in the Mines of The Core, where he forges equipment for the miners. Simply feeling ‘ok’ with the work that he was doing, he planned to live the rest of his life forging in the core.

    Until he received a message from his Grandfather. He was to come to Skyworld, immediately. Why did Farth receive this message? Why not his parents? Why should he bother?

    The inhabitants of Skyworld are pretty rich, though… maybe he could make a pretty penny.
  13. It'd be cool if someone else replied to the thread before I do. . . the entrance isn't ideal quite yet.
  14. Eis


    I've been trying to work on a post for a while actually. Just trying to keep the quality and length to at least a semi-presentable level :p. Sorry it's taking so long.
  15. Quick question, @Dark Soul. Are there other NPC stowaways on the ship, or are there only us players? I know that there are crew members, but I wasn't sure about stowaways.
  16. I don't see a problem with that, yeah. The main goal is for player characters to interact, but if you can use an NPC to further development, go ahead.
  17. I know your full but ill leave this in case a spot opens anytime in the future. I was really interested in the concept you created and thought it was fitting enough to introduce a steampunk based character.

    Name: Alexander 'Al' Colton
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Neodale, Surface
    Build: A little over 6 feet with a lean, athletic build good for quick movement and brawling. Fair skin and a torso covered in small scar from mechanical burns.
    Hair: Shaggy, coal black hair that stops just above his eyebrows.
    Eyes: Dark amber eyes,almost a shiny copper in direct like.
    Clothes: Black goggles (usually pushed up on his forehead), pale gray long sleeve cloth shirt, black cargo pants, and dirty brown boots.
    Weapons: A homemade exoskeleton consisting of thin metal bars as braces running along the center of all four limbs and ending at the base of his neck, wrists, and ankles. All the bars are connected by large gears around joint areas for flexibility. He has on black armored gauntlets with metal plated knuckles that are connected to the wrist brace of his exoskeleton. Thin metal canisters are attached to the top of his forearms and on the outside of his lower calves. These canisters release steam in short bursts which can increase his punching and jumping capabilities. On his back is a square brace holding four spare canisters. He has a small circular switch with three settings on the center of his chest, all varying the output of his canisters, thus varying the intensity of his capabilities.
    Abilities: He's extremely intelligent and great at hands on work. His bright mind allows him to quickly made tactile decisions and aid him in constructing new equipment. As for magic, Al has attempted to learn all four of the common types of magic and has shown no real talent for any of them so h currently has magic on the back burners, focusing on his creations to aid in battle.
    Family: Marik Colton (Father), Violet Colton (Mother/Deceased)
    Relationships: None that matter now.
    History: Mother died giving birth to him so he spent a lot of alone time with his father, who was a well know engineer, thus exposing Al to the world of creation. At a young age, he took his unique interest in steam powered mechanics to a 'off the grid' hangout spot for young inventors known as The Apex, a place where people traded plans, gear, theories, and occasionally had a good old fashioned brawl with one another to test each others equipment. This is where he learned about the amazing and unique technology found in the upper level of Skyland, driving his motivation to travel there illegally, hoping to hone his abilities and improve his gear enough to claim the number one rank at The Apex.
  18. Finially, someone who spells it Colton.
  19. How else do people spell it? Coltin? Colten? Both look weird.
  20. @Mr.Glaceon My continuing the thread is a bit dependent on you replying, think you can get a short reply in?
  21. Yes. They do.
    I'll try a short one. I'm busy now cause of the Florida State Fair. Lots going on.
  22. Eis


    Sorry for the late reply. I'll be faster in the future.
  23. Ah, damn. I must've found this RP just a bit too late. Look like a decent one as well
    I'd advise changing the status to Private/Closed if you're done accepting people, it'd make it a lot easier for everybody else to identify the state that it's currently in
  24. Hey, I was gonna give it a few days but it's been a while since anyone has posted. Is anyone available to?
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  26. Yea, took it from a book. Except the book was Mr.HookyHand. Also, I didn't get notified, so thanks for the tag. Working on other stuff now, so post comes later.
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  27. Interesting.

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