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Ask to Join Fantamus Region RP (Reboot)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SageNeb, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    If you want to sign up, here's the thread:
    also @LittleGreenBean @Lightless @CosmicSouls @Mockingchu @SoulDemon @Mr.Glaceon
    Now onto the RP:

    James woke up and sighed. He had just gone up from the trip after the ferry, and was now in Infernius Isle.

    The ferry! Oh, I'm such an idiot. I still can't believe I traded my Rosetta for that weird Tympole, Harmony. Not only that, but because I evolved it into a Boldore, that person got a free Gigalith! And I couldn't even get her back... Well, I need to get ready. I gotta take on the gym soon.

    He got ready for the day and ate breakfast at the Pokémon Center. Then he left for the gym in Infernius.

    "WHAT?! GYM CLOSED ON WEEKENDS! NOO!! I HAVE TO WAIT FOR TWO DAYS UNTIL MONDAY!" he shouted, which got some stares. It wasn't that surprising though, who would be angry because it's the weekend?
  2. Awkwardly getting off of the ferry with her Pyukumuku on her shoulder and her Mienfoo and Croagunk closely following behind, came Rose Abernathy. She had only gotten to Infernius that morning, and of such, wanted to explore the place as soon as possible. “You ready for this, Kyubi?” asked Rose, looking at her Mienfoo. The Mienfoo, of which apparently had the name ‘Kyubi’, gave a nod back to the girl, and they were on their way.

    Walking throughout the suburban-looking streets of Infernius, Rose managed to run into the gym. She had been drawn to it because of James’ kind-of incoherent shout, to be honest. “Hey! Calm down, man!” shouted Rose, right back to James. It was more of a kind shout than an angry shout. While the scene played out, however, Rose’s Pyukumuku jumped off her shoulder and approached James.
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  3. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "Sorry," James said. Though he took a bit of a step back at the Pyukumuku, as it surprised him. He took out his Pokedex and scanned the Pokémon,"Pyukumuku, the Sea Cucumber Pokémon. Its entire body is covered in its own slime. If you accidentally step on one, you'll slip, and it will get mad and smack you!"

    He put the Pokédex back in his pocket, and smiled as he extended his hand. "Nice to meet you, I'm James. I'm a trainer from Freshleaf Town. Who're you?"
  4. Luke walked down the road of Infernus Islan after a brief run-in with Officer Jenny. So, just because I happen to have a Dragon pokemon with me makes me dangerous. He thought as he walked down the road with Deino, one of his two pokemon out. His destination was the pokemon gym, as it would be badge 3 for his trip. The previous ones had been easy for him, as Dragon Rage seemed to be to powerful on weaker pokemon. Now that they hit stronger gyms, more training is needed. As he walked up to the gym, two trainers stood there. The trainer part was obvious, as they both had pokemon. "Hey, the gym leader not here?"
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  5. “Well... I’m Rose. I come from Zormy Towne. I dunno.” responded Rose, taking note of the fact James seemed a little taller than her. The boy seemed like he was 15, and really wanted to tackle all of the gyms in the region itself, hopefully not in a quick manner. Turning to to Luke, who had just asked a question about the gym, made Rose reply with “Gym’s closed. It’s a Saturday!” Her Pyukumuku backed away from James quickly as to avoid being stepped on.
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  6. Kira glances around at the town for a bit,her piplup was on her shoulder looking around the place as well and humming softly. She was mainly looking around for any of the pokemon contest,rather then the gyms,and her piplup seemed to also enjoy doing contest as well. Later she took a seat on a bench and gave some pokemon food to her piplup,after all a well fed pokemon is a happy pokemon,giving a few pats as well.
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  7. Lilith stretched, feeling satisfied after her nap. Lilith had slept in her normal clothes, but she didn't really care that much. Lilith undressed, stepping into the shower, wanting to make the most out of her stay. She ran a brush through locks of deep, coffee brown hair, tying her hair up in a messy bun. Lilith slipped into her clothing. Lilith was wearing a deep green turtleneck, cat leggings, shorts, and her combat boots. Various Band and charm bracelets hung on her wrists.

    Lilith exited the hotel. A small parade of Pokemon followed her. Mari the Chinchou shyly sat on her head, Ash the Trubbish dancing behind Lilith. Brad the Mightyena protectively walked by Lilith's side. Before Lilith left the ferry, she walked over to the breakfast area and began tossing random food items and such into her bag. Mari squinted at her.

    "What? It says 'free breakfast with purchase' and I paid a lot for my room. I'm not wasting this." Lilith zipped up her bag and stepped off the ferry. The warm breeze sent chills up her spine as she looked at the unfamiliar area.
    "Dudes, I'm so excited. This place is so cool!" Lilith exclaimed as she examined her surroundings. She saw a few people congregating by the gym, but decided to stay out of it.
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  8. Rose decided to look around the place while the others in the area did their thing. “You guys should check out the rest of the area for the rest of the day. I heard there’s a Contest Hall in the area if you want to go there.” mentioned Rose, before running around the suburban city. Her Mienfoo and her Croagunk followed. It was then she decided to put all her Pokémon away, with the exception of her Croagunk. Wandering through the streets, she came across a bike shop, and of such she walked in.

    It was quiet in the bike shop, with the man at the desk looking half asleep and had probably just woken up. “So, which bike do you want?” asked the clerk, pointing at the bicycles in the shop. There were a few with Pokémon patterns, such as a bike with a Ditto pattern, and one with a Toxicroak pattern. Others had normal colours. “I’ll take the orange bike, I guess. How much?” said Rose, pointing to the orange bike amongst the other bikes. “40,000 Pokédollars. These bikes don’t come cheap.” responded the clerk. So Rose simply paid for it, thanked the clerk, and went on her way to discover the rest of the city and was planning to head right to the Infernius Photo Club; if not, the lighthouse that was somewhere around the beach.
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  9. Zachary walked off the boat with Mimick in his wake. People tended to get scared when Mimick was out, but Zack never knew why. He thought Mimick was a good Pokemon and he always used her for battles. After he made his way to the gym, Zack noticed that the gym was closed. "Closed on weekends, huh," Zack murmured to himself. He scratched his head. "Guess there's only one thing to do now," He said in a nonchalant tone. He walked up to a building called "Poke Contest Hall" and entered. Once he registered himself, he decided he'd try a show. It turned out he needed more badges, but that wasn't gonna be too hard. He just had to wait for a couple days. After leaving the hall, he decided to take a walk on the beach. He saw a bike shop, and decided he would go there. He walked up to it and a clerk walked outside before him and started locking the door. It was getting late, after all. The clerk saw Zack, grunted, and said, "Sorry, kid. Shop's closed." Zack, without hesitation, responded. "I'll pay double the price for a bike." The clerk smirked and showed Zack inside. Zack lost 16,000 of his 30,000 Pokedollars, leaving him with only 14,000 Pokedollars to pay for basic necessities. It wouldn't matter. He had packed a lot of clothes in his medium-sized backpack, and had a fishing rod along with extra emergency money - around 2,500 Pokedollars - in a hidden pocket. Zack decided to have some leisure time and found a photo club named the Infernius Photo Club. He decided to make his way there; he didn't wanna waste time idling there in front of a store with a weird dude giving him a strange look. He made it to the photo club, but he decided to take a couple of pictures before finding a suitable area on the beach far away enough from tides but also warm enough so he wouldn't freeze while sleeping on an extra-thick sweater he'd bought in Kanto during winter for when it got really cold - or, in this case, to sleep on it when there was no other better option. He got out a thinner little sweater and put it on, returned Mimick to her Pokeball, put his three Pokeballs with Mimick, Aur, and Kotoro inside them in a pocket of the thick sweater so he would sleep next to them while the Pokemon were warm, and he drifted off for a nap, or for sleep, he didn't really care at the moment.
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  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Marcus rubbed his head, he had a headache for some reason, bit he shook it off, it was unessesary. His full team, which consisted of Xeta, An Ivysaur, Venus, an Azumarill, Zoro, a Zubat, Solar, a Larvesta, Eric, a Sneasel and Kipling, a Sandile, we'e healed and ready to go. He walked to the gym and realized it was closed.
    "Crap, now what do I do, wait is that James?" He thought he saw James in the corner and decided to see if that was his friend.
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  11. Heading straight to the lighthouse, Rose attempted to ride her bike in the sand but lost to no avail. Her bike just wasn’t that kind of bike. “Okay, Venom, I guess we’ll have to walk then, opposed to going slower ON A BIKE.” said Rose, yelling the last three words. So her and her Croagunk walked there and glanced around at the scenery. “Okay, let’s see... There’s the normal beach stuff, some guy asleep, the lighthouse... some people surrounding a Metagross— Wait, what?” Rose ended up crashing into the door of the lighthouse seconds later, due to being distracted by the Metagross. She took a second look, and it seemed like it was just a skilled trainer showing off their Pokémon and people being interested in that. She grimaced at the fact they were even doing it, and then entered the lighthouse.
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  12. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    James noticed a that someone came, and that Rose left. "Yeah, it's closed. I'm gonna have a look around this place, maybe I'll see you later stranger," he said with a smile. And with that he left.

    Nearly as soon as he did, he took out two of his Pokémon. Burn, his Monferno, and Chlorist, his Roselia, who had recently evolved in a tournament. He began walking around, before he saw a familiar face followed by some familiar Pokémon. Burn and Chlorist began running towards the small group of Pokémon. "Hey, Marcus! It's James!" he shouted while waving.
  13. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Oh hey, feels like a while since I've seen you, wanna have a battle for old time's sake?" Marcus asked while smiling, taking out Xeta and Eric. Xeta grinned when he saw Burn, but Eric seemed discontented with something.
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  14. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    James smiled back and then shrugged. "You have six Pokémon, while I mainly use these two... though I do want to fight your Sandile. I got a new Pokémon I wanna test out," he said while grinning, He took out a net ball which had the Pokémon and sighed.

    You better not have been a waste...
  15. Derek took in Infernius Isle. All of it. The sulfuric air. The rising sun cresting over the stark volcano. The orange sky shimmering up above. All of it.

    Gligar and Phantump flitted around around Derek's head, excited for what was to come.
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  16. Rose entered the light house and the door, which someone forgot to lock, shut itself. It wasn’t lit up inside very much. At least the first floor wasn’t. Grabbing a flashlight out of her backpack and shedding some light on the situation, the first thing the beam of light from the flashlight casted on was a rowing boat that was turned into a one-person bed. Among that, there was a desk cluttered with loads of letters, an old and also vandalized Rattata poster, the stairs to the top, and a few masks resembling Pokémon like Dunsparce and a Stunfisk mask. She stumbled up the steps cautiously, as there were no rails.

    Reaching the top floor, the actual light that the lighthouse was know for giving off, like every lighthouse, was being given off by a beacon. There were a couple crates up there, and a door that went out to a balcony which provided a spectacular view of the city from above. You could also see Kaiora distantly, but it looked extremely small. Rose put the mask she’d taken from the bottom floor on one of the crates, and just went out to that balcony and looked. It was gorgeous, and Venom liked it too. So the two just stayed there for a couple minutes. And then they left and went back down to the beach, attempting to lock the door so she couldn't get in by pushing a paperclip in the lock as far as she could and walking back to the gym. The paperclip thing probably wouldn't work, but it was worth a shot.
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