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DPPt/HGSS Fang's Pokemon Breeding Center! (100% Legit Pokemon!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Fang, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. [​IMG] Hey Guys, Welcome To My Breeding Center! Here I will Be Breeding pokemon for you guys! All you have to do is trade me a pokemon I want! I mainly want wanted pokemon, basicly the pokemon people are always asking for.

    Here are the pokemon I'm offering to breed right now!!

    Mr. Mime

    And these are the pokemon i want!!

    Larvitar WITH Dragon Dance
    F.E.A.R. Rattata
    ANY Pokemon that are Overused In parties Or pokemon that everybody wants!

    I Also want Any of the starters that i dont have, And i'm prepared to trade 2-3 pokemon for a shiny

    You can Add Me To Messenger To Make the trade Faster!
    MSN: Fang232@hotmail.co.uk
    AIM: Sinfuldreams06
    You have to post in this topic first, and then add me and state what your user name is and then your fourm (I have this breeding center on 3 other fourms o_O) And it'll make it a whole lot easier and faster
  2. Updated it, I now have a Magmar!!
  3. Now i have a lapras and a treeko!!
  4. well,I would like a Cyndaquill and I think I got a Rattata
  5. probably not the one i want
  6. What's a F.E.A.R. Rattata?
  7. Focus Sash
    Attack (quick)

    This is how it works

    The FEAR Rattata is at it's lowest level as possible. The enemy tries to knock it out in one hit, but it hangs on with Focus Sash, Then when the enemy is doen attacking the Ratta uses Endevoar to bring the enemy down to 1 hp. Then the next turn the Rattata uses Quick attack in KOS the enemy.
  8. you got any of the Johto starters?
  9. Just Cyndaquill
  10. hey i trade u chicorita and todidile (last forms and they breeded)

    private message me back cuz im not gonna check on this... im gonna go make another thred
  11. I am desperate enough to get any johto starter. I trade you anything within reason.
  12. What if i gave you a jhoto start for a Treeko what you said email me back if you say yes.
  13. does the chansey have any egg moves same for spiritomb snorlax and lapras and i have a lvl 1 untouched larvitar WITH dragon dance
  14. I'll give u a mankey or primape or mismagius if u breed me a elekid
  15. baratron

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    Gah. Some people on this forum really need to learn how to spell & punctuate properly.

    I *believe* that should be "What if I gave you a Johto starter for a Treecko? Email me back if you say yes." I have no clue what the "what you said" in the middle is doing there.

    [quote author=marth link=topic=2167.msg22867#msg22867 date=1181747255]
    does the chansey have any egg moves same for spiritomb snorlax and lapras and i have a lvl 1 untouched larvitar WITH dragon dance

    This should be "does the chansey have any egg moves? same for spiritomb, snorlax and lapras? and i have a lvl 1 untouched larvitar WITH dragon dance." Capital letters would be nice, but I know enough people who don't use them online that I can't bitch too much about it ::).

    I feel old.

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