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.:Fang-Chan's Art Request Barn:.

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Fang-chan, Jul 2, 2015.

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  1. Hi there~ I'm pretty new here and I want to do some requests to help improve my art skills so I made this thread~ ^^
    1. Please don't harass me if I don't finish your art in under a week.
    2. Follow the main Pit of Creativity rules, please.
    3. Only one request at a time until yours has been completed.
    4.Please give my work a small critique once it is completed~
    About My Art:

    It's not completely Pokemon exclusive, I can draw just about anything given a reference or a clear written description.

    For Trainers
    Hair Style:
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Skin Color:
    Body Type(Chubby? Skinny? Tall? Average?):
    Pokémon(only 1 please!):
    For Pokemon
    Pokémon Species:
    Shiny(is it a shiny Pokémon?):
    Move(Should it be using a move? If so, which?):
    Anything not related to pokemon
    Requests: OPEN
  2. Pokémon Species:Umbreon
    Shiny: No
    Move: Moonlight
    Extra:can you make his rings glow?
  3. Sure I can just give me a day or so~ ^^
  4. Gender: Female
    Hair Style: Long Hair
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Brown or blue
    Skin Color: Light
    Body Type: Average
    Clothing: [​IMG]
    Accessories: Armbands
    Expression: Confident
    Pokémon: Liepard
    Other: none

    Good luck!
  5. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    This OC Trainer's still a work in progress, so there's still some things I'm not 100 percent clear about myself, so I thank you for taking this request!~ (Right now, Kaufman's a rich merchant going to Slateport from Castelia and is rivals with the Devon corp.)
    Gender: Male.
    Hair Style: Something like this? How about this? This could also work as well.
    Hair Color: Either Blond or Black, depending what Pokemon you choose (Blond for Leavanny, Black for Mightyena.)
    Eye Color: Blue or Black, take your pick.
    Skin Color: Light.
    Body Type(Chubby? Skinny? Tall? Average?): Skinny and Tall.
    Clothing: I was thinking of a suit (Leavanny) something like this (Mightyena).
    Accessories: I would love a top hat that would match the according colors, and a pocket watch please! (If you'd like to add a tie, feel free to do so!~)
    Edit- if you'd like as well to add to he picture, I guess you could add a cane~~
    Expression: Happy, or something showing him smiling.
    Pokémon(only 1 please!): I was thinking either a Leavanny or a Mightyena, your pick.
    Other: After all of this, I expect you to take your time, as this is no easy task.
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    Last edited: Jul 4, 2015
  6. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Hi, I need a Trainer if you can do that?

    Gender: Male
    Hair Style: Incredibly messy, comes down to ears.
    Hair Color: Dark brown.
    Eye Color: Sea blue.
    Skin Color: Pale.
    Body Type: Tall and skinny, not muscular.
    Clothing: Unzipped orange jacket over a white tank top. Green denim jeans. Black sneakers.
    Accessories: Holding a little personal tablet, if you can.
    Expression: Timid, but happy.
    Pokémon: Monferno.
    Other: Can you give the Monferno a mischievous expression, and make the tablet blue?

    Thanks so much!
  7. Gender: Female
    Hair Style: Long wavy
    Hair Color: blonde
    Eye Color: blue
    Skin Color: caucasian
    Body Type(Chubby? Skinny? Tall? Average?): Average but a bit on the skinny side
    Clothing: Look at the ref at the bottom, it's kinda hard to explain
    Accessories: a blue floaty crown thingy
    Expression: happy
    Pokémon(only 1 please!): Shiny Eevee
    Other: Look at the reference it explains alot
    I has a reference for ya: https://40.media.tumblr.com/08a14cc4a4a02673435e7ae52e4498ef/tumblr_o36l0tktS31v9bsg2o1_250.jpg
  8. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

    Hi I would like a my fursona he is a wolf named Trevor and he has a dolphin tail...mabey could you make him have brown eyes and silver fur?
  9. Gender: Female
    Hair style: Pigtails (tied with red ribbons)
    Hair colour: light pink
    Eye colour: blue
    Skin colour: pale white
    Boyd type: skinny
    Clothing: a Skitty tee shirt. Jean shorts with pink suspenders (one too big), no shoes.
    Accessories: a heart pendant
    Expression: happy
    Pokemon: shiny zoura
    Other: could you draw a band aid on her cheek?
  10. Gender: Female
    Hair Style: Long, about hip length. She has a center part
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Gray
    Skin Color: White, slightly tan
    Body Type: Skinny and pretty tall
    Clothing: She wears a blue bikini, however she usually wears a shirt to cover up the top, which is blue with a big gray flower on the bottom left. She doesn't wear any type of pants, just the bikini bottoms. She then wears gray flats.
    Accessories: Not an accessory, but she has freckles on her face and braces.
    Expression: Excited, with her eyes closed
    Pokémon: Alolan Raichu? If you can't draw the Alolan Raichu, regular Raichu would work.
    Other: Could she be holding her Raichu?
  11. is it ok if i ask for one artwork of five trainer OCs? because i have like a story im doing with 3 cousins and 2 friends and im looking for someone to do a group art of them
  12. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Given that @Fang-chan has not been online in close to a year, I'm going to suggest that any requests are unlikely to be fulfilled. As such, I'm going to lock this.

    @Fang-chan, drop me a note if you ever return, and I'll unlock this thread for you :)
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