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Private/Closed Fallout RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SismicFlareCharmander, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. (I started playing Fallout 4 recently so I thought "What the Heck". This RP is private and is in between @_Umbreon_ @Twilight Nova and @Eeveechu151, along with myself. If you wish to join, please PM me.
    LINK TO THE DISCUSSION: http://pokecharms.com/threads/fallout-rp-discussion-thread.12754/
    So, we need a few rules:
    One paragraph at least. Proper grammar would be appreciated, but is not required. This is the Internet. Just make your posts legible! Also. no overpowered S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. That would be bad. Ghouls and Super Mutants are allowed as well. Now, without further ado...)

    Fernandez fell over. Four days without water will do that to a guy. As he crawled onwards, hoping that someone would arrive soon, he wondered where he was. As he shrugged the thought off, his hands felt water. Looking up, he saw that there was a pool of water in front of him. He began to drink, not caring how much Rads he was getting. As he drank, he heard some noises a few feet away. "Hello?" He asked.
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  2. Jex was not having a good day. He was a remnant of the old age, before everything was a chaotic wasteland. Now it was just him, his robot Diarax, and his dog friend Gef trying to survive in this crazy world. About a month ago, Jex and his crew had discovered a run-down train yard with a working steam train and five cars. Jex had renamed the engine the Savior, since it had saved the lives of his group more times than he could count. Usually he ran the train by himself, while Gef was resting and Diarax was cleaning. It was a hard job, but a month of training made it so that he could work a train with the effort of five men. But now he saw something that he didn't like seeing. "Oh, crud! The track's out!" he said, hitting the breaks. The train screeched to a halt, and Jex turned on the intercom. "Diarax, Gef, get up here." he said. "We have a problem."
  3. Felicia, and her husband, Edmund, and their black furred German Shepard and wolf mix, Hund, had been walking past a radiated water source, not seeing Fernandez, until he he spoke. Felicia waved. "Oh! Hello! Are you ok?" She asked, her eyes and voice full of kindness and concern. She would even heal an injured Ghoul if she was given the chance.
  4. "It seems the track has been destroyed." Diarax said.
    "Yeah, you think?" Gef responded. The dog could talk with those close to him via telepathy, and Diarax could read the mental waves. The group of three were amazing companions.
    "Well, let's go see if we can fix it." Jex said. "I don't want to have to cross through Death Claw territory again." Grabbing his trusty M-16 rifle, Jex exited the train, Gef and Diarax following behind. "Hey, what's that?" he asked as he saw some sort of water source.
    "Four lifeforms identified. Two human males, a human female and a mutt. All armed." Diarax said.
    "Hey, maybe they'll lend us a map!" Gef joked.
    "Shut it." Jex said, painstakingly recalling the memory. The group of three started to walk over to the group, keeping a distance. Diarax also had an eye on the train.
  5. "Nope. I've haven't drunk anything for the past four days. My stomach is hurting. I can't feel my head. It's been more or less a bad few days." Fernandez replied. He slowly got up, grimacing as he rose. "You guys don't look so good yourselves. If you want, me and my friends have a shelter you could stay in." Fernandez said, seeing that they looked trustworthy. Than he noticed three forms: a dog, a human and a Mr. Handy. "Hey!" He yelled. "You guys need something?" He asked, unholstering dual-barrel shotgun.
  6. Felicia nodded, though Edmund was a bit worried. She pulled out a canteen and offered it to him. "Here. You need water more than us," she sighed, looking down at Hund. Hund whined, shaking his dirty pelt. He was given most the food, so the half wolf worried about his owners.
  7. Cautious, Jex loaded his M-16. Diarax activated his weapons systems and Gef smelled another of his kind.
    "Jex, there's another dog here." Gef said.
    "And some armed humans, I know." Jex said. "We don't want any trouble! We simply want some help fixing the train tracks. But if it comes to fighting, I'll let you know that we've taken down Deathclaws before."
  8. jake slowly wandered up the hill sipping Nuku cola as he did the. He heard sounds, talking even. Quickly ducking out of sight he drew and loaded his rifle before using the scope to get a better view at the people below
    "Not raiders that's good but that train looks like it might have some good loot on board and that guy there looks close to death" smiled the wanderer as his holstered his rifle and slid down the hill
    "Hello anyone, got some supplies to barter?" Asked Jake as he came to a stop at the bottom of the hill
  9. "Hostile forces detected." Diarax said. Jex whipped out his M-16 and Gef bared his teeth at the newcomer.
    "He wants the Savior." Gef said, snarling. "I can smell it." Slowly, Jex started to lower his rifle.
    "But he's just like us." the human said. "A survivor."

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