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Open Fakemon Journey Discussion Board (Cobalt and Copper)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Cryronn the Mudkip, May 25, 2017.

  1. This is where we discuss characters, region, and Pokemon. You can make Fakemon concepts and post them here so I can make an advanced version. Not much to be said, and I will provide a link to the roleplay lower down.

    image.jpg Here is the Mallinia region! We start at Mathos town, go up route one, beat the gym in Mathos city, go up route 2, enter and exit goldrn city, go down route 3, pass through cold forest, go down route 4, go to lava lake and its shore, then stop at Dayvenport City, go up route 5, go through the southern hills, up route 6 to kami town and beat the gym, go up lush trail, beat the coden town gym, through route 7, pass Metard city, beat the Highward gym after route 8, beat the Metard gym, go into open trail, swim route 9, up and down the upper and inner walls, through route 10,beat the gym in Pallian city, beat team night base on the sediment shore, go through Highwall mountain, Into Itoh town, up Itoh trail, into Itoh ruins, up route 11, past the abandoned village, down route 12, into sonic city, beating the gym, back to Highwall mtn to catch the legendary, back to golden city to beat the gym, through bricked road, down victory road and into the Pokemon league!

    image.jpg Starter:Slitherblaze

    image.jpg Starter: Bunnie

    image.jpg Starter: Sharpish

    Bio time! Must follow all guidelines to participate.

    Class:(Ex:Breeder, trainer, gamer, Pokemon raiser, can only have 2)

    Personality(if any):

    My Trainer:
    Personality: Fun, funny, battle consumed, brash
    Appearance: Red hat, Blue shirt, Red sneakers, Black bracelet, Blue jeans, Gold necklace.
    Hometown:Lavaridge town, Hoenn
    Class:Trainer, Breeder

    Moves:(Covet, Sand attack, Tackle, Helping hand)
    Evolutions:Sylveon(At Dayvenport City)
    Personality:Cute, affectionate, helping all the time, calming, funny, caring.

    Second starter:Slitherblaze
    Moves:(Ember, Tackle, Leer)
    Evolutions:Coblaze(Lv.17) Coblast(Lv.36)
    Personality: Ready for action, hotheaded, perfect Mach for Cryronn, angry, defiant.

    You may now create Fakemon and fill in Bios.

    Also, as of now, the legendaries exist in the Pokedex we make, just you can't encounter, befriend, or capture them. If you try to get a legend even if it is a Fakemon, you will be ignored.
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    Just a heads up @Cryronn: You need to write your first post when creating the main RP thread – you've got the bit where you introduce the RP and explain the rules, but you need to actually start writing the story itself.

    The thing is, not only is it required by our rules, but you're not likely to get any interest from the community without writing a post to introduce your world and characters, and start the plot moving. The most successful RPs here are the ones that are properly introduced – with a story, not just a small dump of background info.
  3. Well, the story is pretty simple. You travel Mallinia while capturing Pokemon. You start in Mathos town to get your first Pokemon, however, you do not NEED to, as you still can have a Pokemon from back in your native region. There are 3-4 Pokemon on every route, and you can chose for me to list them or if you don't want to catch anything I will not list the Pokemon in that location. Team Night locations are Lava Shore, Lush trail, Open trail, Outer wall, Inner wall, Team Night Base, Highwall mountain, Abandoned Village, and back at Highwall Mountain. Lore will be included in certain parts of the story as the Legends will be mentioned. However, they do not appear during Team Night's final appearance. They instead try to use a machine to control the minds of people and Pokemon, instead of calling the legendaries to do it. All gyms will have one challanger and that will be the first person to ask to battle. Do not be salty. The Pokemon league is at the very bottom of victory road, or, "Victory Pit." The Pokemon league is underground, and to fight it, you need to have all 8 badges,(Once one person has beat the gym, all rpers get the badge) and have beaten Team Night.

    Also, I'm not a wizard. I can only make drawings in my free time so only expect them to come on slowly. Also, the story will be started in the role playing room, not the discussion board, but I'll start it anyway...

    "You were sitting on your couch at home (Whatever region you're from) when a broadcast interrupts your favorite show. 'We have breaking news! A new region called The Mallinia region has finally build up its economy and you can now go there to fight gyms and see this new region! The first flight is at 1 O'Clock so be there!' You grab your stuff, order tickets online, and hit the airport. Once you have arrived, your story begins..."

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