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Ask to Join FAKEMON Carios Journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Crimson Sun, May 16, 2017.

  1. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    LINK TO SIGN UP FOR AS A RIVAL, TO MAKE A CAMEO: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fakemon-carios-journey-sign-ups.16547/

    Just having arrived on the Carios Airlines, Greyson and his companion Eevee, stepped out of the plane and took their first step into becoming a Pokémon Trainer. "Alright Vivi, let's go to the Professor's lab to get our necessities," exclaimed the young soon-to-be trainer. He was filled with excitement and you could hear it in his voice. Greyson's attire was consisted of a red-black-white hoodie, some black cargo pants, red sneakers, a brown leather bag, and his ordinary glasses.

    He grew up with Eevee in Hearthome City. He originally was supposed to start at the Sinnoh Region. However, already knowing most of the Pokémon there, he wanted a more of a broad and new variety of Pokémon. Thus, with some persuasion and convincing to his parents, they finally allowed him, along with Eevee, to go to the Carios Region. The brown furball purred with excitement as she nuzzled the 16 year old boy.

    Giving out a huge sigh, Greyson sought out to find a cab, he needed to get to the lab as soon as possible. "Taxi!" The young boy called out. "C'mon Vivi, let's go." The Pokémon gave a slight purr as it preps itself to be retreated. With a bright red flash, Greyson returned Vivi to her pokeball. The young boy stepped into the cab, stating his destination. "Off to Tibalt Town please!" Greyson asked with a little too much enthusiasm as he sat down. The ride was a long ride, but it was all worth it. Looking through the windows of the car, he saw many Pokémon that he have never seen before. There was a blue and yellow Pokémon flying in the sky. Some pink Pokémon with large tails climbed and glided between trees. What he thought to be was a mini oasis in the middle of a lake was to be a Pokémon with a palm tree-like tail with a large snout.

    Finally, for what seemed like forever, he was standing right in front of Professor Persea's lab. Popping Vivi out of the pokeball, he wanted his companion to experience what he was experiencing. "Vivi, the moment we step in there, we are gonna start our Pokémon journey," claimed Greyson. He was stuttering a bit as he was nervous, but for the most part, he is excited to pursue his dream. The Eon Pokemon cried out in agreement with excitement flashing before its eyes
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  2. After arriving on the airlines of Carios, Eduardo happily walked out of the plane with his Korechu dozing off in his cradled arms. Eduardo made his way through the airport with a modest pace, as he resisted the diverse range of mysterious scents that came from the food court and perfume shops. After getting out of the airport through the huge, self-sliding front door, Eduardo thought, "Okay, time to go over to the laboratory to get my stuff. Man, I wish that I could just get them right now if they would have went with my offer of some nice dough..."

    Sensing the sight of a yellow car that rolled by, he said in a moderate tone, "Hey cab, come!"

    The Driver stopped the car and rolled down the window, as she replied, "Well hello there cutie, so where to? That mouse Pokémon looks so cute! I've never seen her before!"

    Eduardo opened the door and went inside the car, as he replied, "I'm wanting to go to Tibalt Town, and thanks. He's one of those Pokémon that not a lot really know about here, so yeah..."

    The Driver saw Eduardo buckling himself up after he sat in his seat with the Korechu still in his arms, as she responded with enthusiasm, "Ooh, Tibalt Town? So I suppose you're going over there to the laboratory to get your stuff?"

    Eduardo saw the car taking off after the Driver pressed her foot on the pedal, as he happily said, "Yep, you read my mind there. I've decided to come here to explore the new region!"

    While the car was on its way to its destination, the Korechu slowly opened her eyes and gasped at the sight of what appeared to be a pinkish, Dragon-like creature that flew in the skies. She quietly tugged on Eduardo's coat, as she said, "Kore... Korechu!"

    Eduardo patted the Korechu's head, as he replied, "Hmm, what is it Korechu? You look pretty surprised here."

    The Korechu pointed her right paw towards the Dragon that appeared to be flying in the same direction that the car was headed to. Eduardo took note of the Dragon's features it had, as it seemed to resemble that of a Pokémon that was well known ever since the Kanto times.

    When the car stopped near the Laboratory, Eduardo happily got out of the car after handing the Driver with a liberal amount of money for the fare and the generous tip. He waved at the Driver before she winked back and drove off, as he leisurely walked towards the Laboratory with the Korechu still cradled in his arms as usual.

    He saw a boy that was in front of the Laboratory with his Eevee, as the Korechu's tail quivered along with the blanket of breeze that cuddled around his small body. He quietly cleared his throat, as he went up to the boy and said, "Well hello there, so... I'm assuming you're here to start your adventure too?" The Korechu looked at the Eevee that seemed rather excited, as he looked up and saw the same Pokémon soaring in the nearby skies that he saw earlier. He seemed to appear rather He quietly rubbed his chin with his right paw, as he thought, "Huh... that dragon... he's following us, perhaps he has something in connection that I maybe don't know about... or maybe he even might be liking us or something. Hopefully he doesn't go attacking people like that one giant creature did in that last movie I saw."
  3. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Right when Greyson and Vivi was about to open the door to the laboratory, and voice popped out of nowhere. Scared at the sudden voice, Vivi gave a slight squeal. Turning his head to the source of the voice, Greyson saw another trainer and a Pokémon he hasn't seen before.

    Forgetting he was being asked a question, he snapped back to reality. "Oh! Yes, I'm about to start my journey," Greyson claimed, "Hi my name is Greyson and I'm aiming to compete in both the Carios League and the Grand Festivsl!"

    Seeing his Eevee and the unique Pokémon immediately getting it off, Greyson decided to converse with the other young lad as well. "How about you," Greyson asked assuming that the young gentleman would be traveling as well, "What are you going to be aiming for?"

    Greyson casually opened the door to the laboratory, letting the Pokémon and stranger in as well, while continuing their conversation. "Sorry for asking a bit much, but who's that Pokémon," Greyson questioned, "I haven't seen that Pokémon before." Taking a look at the Pokémon, it had mouse like qualities and a blue-ish coloration. It's almost like a Shinx in the Sinnoh region in his opinion.
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  4. Angelica Breeze strolled through Tibalt Town, her dark brown hair fluttering gently in the soft wind. She was heading towards Professor Persea's Pokemon lab, where she'd receive her first Pokemon and pokedex! She'd lived in Tibalt Town all her life, so everything was familiar and she'd met Professor Persea before. Angel walked towards the lab and spotted two trainers casually chatting just outside the building, and they both had Pokemon she'd never seen before.

    "Hello" Angel said softly, walking over to them. "Are you two from around here? I've never see those two little cuties before!" She exclaimed, bending over to look at the small Pokemon.
  5. As the boy opened the door to the Laboratory, Eduardo walked inside while replying, "Well, they call me Eduardo... and I'm here for two things, one of which is best to not reveal. About the Pokémon that's with me, she's a Korechu. Her species is rather rare to come by since they've been forgotten ever since the old times."

    The Korechu cautiously scanned around the area and looked back at the window every now and then for any potential signs of the Dragon she recently saw. She was oblivious to the girl that walked over to the boy and her trainer, as she heard her trainer replying after he stepped foot in the Laboratory, "Well, I'm not really from here to be honest... and well, I'm who people call Eduardo, so what's your name?"

    The Korechu's tail perked up to the sight of the same dragon Pokémon that was circling around the Laboratory like a news chopper, as she gasped the moment when he was confronted by another Pokémon. She carefully analyzed the Pokémon's steel wings that reflected the sun's shining rays of ultraviolet light. She noticed that the two Pokémon were perhaps angrily discoursing about, as she squealed when the dragon Pokémon blasted the bird Pokémon with a breath of scorching fire!

    The bird Pokémon squawked from the sudden, sharp pain, as she launched a bright beam of energy back at the dragon Pokémon! The dragon Pokémon attempted to block it, as the bundle of energy was too much for him to handle; causing the mass of energy to explode at point blank! The dragon Pokémon coughed from the abundant smoke that came from the explosion, as the bird Pokémon quickly flew away from the dragon Pokémon with breakneck speed!

    The dragon Pokémon sluggishly flew towards a tree that was near the Laboratory after putting up an arduous effort to conceal its sobs of pain. He carefully placed himself on a thick, sturdy branch; attempting to get as little attention as possible from other nearby people and Pokémon. His wings were neatly folded and resting on his back, as the Pokémon attempted to regain as much of his lost energy as he could from the odd fight against that other Pokémon.
  6. "Thanks for the ride Josh. Oh and you too Draco." Zana said. She gently stroked the Dragonite's head. The two had given her a ride from the airport to Professor Persea's Lab, where she was going to get her first Pokemon and Pokedex in this region. Zana adjusted her backpack straps then started to run towards the Lab. Once she got there she spotted three other trainers who were already interacting with each other. "Oh good, I'm not late." she said. She breathed a sigh of relief.
  7. Monroe stood on the tallest hill in Tibalt, hands on his hips as he surveyed the landscape before him. What a beautiful place to begin his adventure in Carios. He glanced down at his partner Dusty, who seemed to be thinking something similar as he gazed upon his homeland for the first time in his life. Clapping his hands together once Monroe decided to bring his sightseeing to a close, he had a lab to get to after all, he couldn't just hang around here forever.

    Stopping only to enjoy the warm breeze for a moment longer, the boy soon found himself at the laboratory door with his Scamulet close behind him. The lab was fairly different from what he had seen of Professor Birch's one back home but then again the rest of the buildings around here were a far cry far from Hoenn's own as well so that was to be expected. And it was still a reassuring feeling to see such a familiar structure even here, so far from home. He knew that of course Carios had Pokémon centres just like any other region but since he had got here he still hadn't managed to locate one. Hadn't needed to honestly, he had been saving the first battle he and Dusty would have together here for after they had acquired a Pokedex, just to make it that little bit more special. In fact since his plane had landed here Monroe hadn't even seen another Pokémon. Well until now that was.

    In front of him stood four other people and two Pokémon, an Eevee and some little mouse thing that reminded the young man of another Pokémon he had once seen in his father's photos of the Sinnoh region. Hanging back a little he entered the room just behind them and remained there, waiting for the professor to appear in silence. Dusty was not quite as content to stand still and instead took to tapping his claws together in a rhythmic way.
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  8. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Greyson was about to say something back to Eduardo, until another voice popped out. Looking out the door, he noticed another trainer, a female specifically. "Oh yeah, I'm not from here! Hi my name is Greyson!" Greyson responded to her question. Looking beyond and behind her, two more trainers came. Greyson gave a slight wave at them and held the door open for the male and two females to come in along with him and Eduardo.

    Suddenly, a a ruckus came about. Greyson turning his head towards the source of the ruckus, a flash of pink flew by. Then stern male voice shouted out. "Pixell! Get back over here!" Then the pink thing stopped moving finally. It landed on it's trainer's shoulder. Pixel apparently resembled of a pink rodent, more of a squirrel. Then looking at the male, Greyson saw his attire.


    "I'm so sorry about that, Pixell here can get a little out of hand sometimes." Pixell gave a slight cheer as if it was being introduced. "Hi, you must be the new trainers I've heard about! Nice to meet you." The male claimed.

    Greyson walked up to the young adult. "Are you by any chance Professor Persea? I believe we are all here to start our journey through Carios." Greyson claimed as he gestured through all the soon-to-be trainers in the room. The male gave a slight laugh. Even Pixell looked as if it was laughing at the new trainers. "Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Raul. I'm professor Persea's assistant!" Greyson nodded to signify that he understood what Raul was saying. "If you would come with me, I'll take you to Professor Persea herself!" Pixell jumped off Raul's shoulder and went through a hallway with Raul following behind. "Come!" Raul said with his hand gesturing them to come towards him. Greyson began following Raul while Vivi scurried along right next to her trainer.
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  9. Monroe watched as the professors assistant and his Pokémon, Pixell, made their rather entertaining entrance. One of the other kids was clearly eager to introduce himself and he himself was in no great rush to make himself stand out from the crowd. Dusty was a little more interested in meeting the other Pokémon, Pixell in particular who was probably reminding him of Sandy, a Pacherisu owned by Monroe's sister Teresa. The Scamulet took a few tentative steps towards the assistant and his Pokémon but faltered when they turned around and went back the way they came, letting a disappointed chitter.

    "Dont worry Dusty, you'll get a chance to meet some other Pokémon soon enough. And then you can show them what you learnt in the Hoenn region as well huh?" Monroe said in a soothing tone to his partner as he followed Raul, hoping that the next person he would meet here would actually be the famous Professor Persea, the woman he had travelled thousands of miles to meet.
  10. "Oh, I'm Angelica, but I'd prefer you just call me Angel" Angel said. She then turned to look at who the other trainers were talking to. "Oh, Raul! I haven't seen you for a while! You too Pixell!" Angel exclaimed, giving the creature a little stroke.

    She then turned to face all the other trainers who'd arrived, "She knew Eduardo a tiny bit, but the others were all complete strangers to her. She made a vow in her head to get to know them.
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  11. Zana started to follow Raul. She walked in silence. Zana felt somewhat awkward around the others. Though, then again, that's how she always felt around people she either didn't know or didn't know very well. As she walked she wondered what kind of Pokemon she would get and what would it look like.
  12. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Raul and Pixell led all the trainers through the hallway. There were so many new trainers today. There was Greyson, Eduardo, Angel, and two unknown trainers he hadn't had the chance to know a bit yet. "Professor Persea!" Raul called out. "There are some trainers who wouldn't like to meet you today!" At the end of the hallway, was another large room, much like the room they entered in. In it, there was a woman's with a lab coat and orange scarf. She was typing something and her desk and finally she got up to greet the young new trainers. Raul left as the Professor began to greet them.

    "Angel! It's been a while, are you starting your journey already? You grew up so fast." The woman said. Then turning to everyone else, she introduced herself to the gang. "Why hello everyone! My name is Professor Persea, nice to meet you!" The Professor said in a soothing voice. "There's only 5 of you here? That's strange..." The Professor mumbled as she named all of us in the order we were standing. "Angel, Eduardo, Greyson, Zana, and Monroe." Greyson perked up as he found out the names of the two other trainers. Vivid scurried along to play with Korechu and the other Pokémon. "We'll just do without him for now," She said.

    "Alright! So today, ALL of you will be getting a new Pokémon, even if you already have one." Professor Persea said as she looked at the boys who already have Pokémon with them. "First off, here's your Pokedexes, although we call them PokePods. It acts both like a regular Pokedex and as a smart phone." She gave Greyson a white PokePod as it shone in the lighting. While she gave the rest PokePods as well. Walking off on her own, Professor Persea came back with three Pokeballs. Releasing them all at once, bright flashes of red were seen.

    The Pokémon released were the three main starter Pokemons. It revealed a green bunny, a blue slug, and an orange snake. "These guys are: Bunnalope, Slugob, and Coburnt." The professor gestured and named in consectutive order. "Don't worry if your choice is picked, I have more out in the garden." Professor Persea said as she pointed through a window and showed them all the Pokémon available out back. "And if you want a different Pokémon, I got you covered as well." Professor Persea said with a wink. "Now, without further adieu, choose your starter Pokémon!"

    Greyson was contemplating on what starter he would choose. Honestly, he was surprised since he already has a Pokémon, but she's giving them all one Pokemon. Immediately, Greyson adored the Professor. Looking down at the 3, he really wanted to choose Coburnt. But since he already has a Pokémon, he stepped back to let the ones without Pokemon to choose first. He then took out his PokePod and examined the clear whiteness of the color. He can't believe he was starting his journey so soon. The PokePod had many different apps and functions that he was going to have to learn along the way. Finding a button that said scan, he turned to his Vivi and pressed the button. Immediately a robotic voice was heard from his PokePod. "Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Eevee is rarely seen, and can adapt to severe habitats by evolving, changing its capabilities and form." Greyson's brown eyes glistened as he was very enthusiastic to start his journey.
  13. Monroe gave a small smile to the professor when she read his name from the list of new trainers who had assembled at the lab, he enjoyed her accent which was to him rather exotic. He hadn't heard many natives speaking here in Carios so far but the few he had spoken with briefly at the airport had the same fairly thick accent as Persea.

    His smile grew wider upon hearing that he would be receiving a second Pokémon as well as a "PokePod", this regions version of a Pokedex. The range of Pokémon on the table before him were awesome looking and it was great to see another parallel between this region and Hoenn. The water type was probably his favourite, it looked squishy and was in Monroe's opinion the cutest of the bunch. So it was with a great deal of restraint that he remained silent and allowed the others to have their picks first, he already owned a loyal partner in the form of Dusty anyway.

    Speaking of Dusty the little beetle like Pokémon also seemed to be interested in meeting the labs array of critters. Currently he was watching in wonder as round owl like Pokémon made it snow in a tiny area around him. The owl looked familiar but somewhat different all the same.... had he seen it in some of his fathers pictures from the Alolan region? Still the little fella seemed to get along well with Dusty and was undeniably cute with its round eyes and little bow. Might be useful to have an ice type in a place like this as well, combat the heat a little. And with that the boys mind was made up.

    "Hey prof you mind if I take this little fella?" Monroe asked the professor, indicating to the Rowlet.
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  14. Eduardo followed with the other Trainers in the hallway after keeping his pace up with the others, as he noticed that there were some new Pokémon that others could choose for their journey. Knowing that he already has a Pokémon, he stepped back with the other boy to let the others have a chance first. He saw the Professor giving him a PokéPod that was as gray as his fedora that was often worn during the good old mafia times. Sensing a multitude of functionalities on the peculiar device, he decided to press on a green button which was labeled as scan.

    After pointing the device at the Korechu as prompted, he heard a robotic, but also feminine voice saying to him, "Korechu, the Electric Mouse Pokémon. Korechu is a rare sight to see in a decade's time, since it is often mistaken as a Shinx when looked at from a good distance. It can usually be seen near machinery sucking up excess electricity to store electricity in its small chest pouch." The Korechu smiled at him after hearing what the robotic voice said, as she felt a gentle stroke across her back.

    In the meantime, the dragon Pokémon flew over to another big tree that was several meters away from the Laboratory's garden area. He saw the lavish, diverse layers of plants that were in the garden, as he peered through the window with squinting eyes. He saw some trainers that were in the area, as three of the new Pokémon made his eyebrows raise up like auditorium curtains. One of the Pokémon was a greenish bunny that could perhaps camoflage itself in the garden, while another was an orange snake that seemed perfect for slithering around unnoticed in arid deserts. The other was a blue slug that seemed fit for aquatic life. He turned his attention towards the Professor conversing with the trainers, as he wondered what she could be discoursing about.

    He looked down below the tree, as he saw a bluish, shark-like Pokémon that was walking towards the Laboratory. His eyes widened to the sight of the peculiar uniform he wore on, as his tail wagged at the sight of the black cloth that was snuggly wrapped around his lower and bottom area. He noticed that the Pokémon appeared to be rather infantile compared to his mature size, as he took in a quiet, deep breath and thought, "Hmm... what could a little baby shark be wanting to do near a laboratory? I don't usually see Pokémon wandering towards that place... maybe I'll probably go over and see what's going on or something then."
  15. Zana walked around the lab looking at the array of Pokemon. This was going to be a hard choice. Out of the three regional starters she thought that Bunnalope looked the cutest, but since she had other options available she decided that she would look around to see what other Pokemon were available. A small black catlike Pokemon caught her eye. Zana walked over to the Pokemon and bent down to pet it. The Pokemon leaned into her touch. "How about this one, Professor?" Zana asked as she continued to pet the catlike Pokemon.
  16. The Neourk continued to walk towards the Laboratory's entryway, as the dragon Pokémon watched with curiosity as he saw him attempting to slowly open the door with a rather strenuous effort. After the Neourk quietly went inside the laboratory, the dragon Pokémon kept a close eye on him through the glossy windows. He switched positions every now and then to get a better view of the Neourk once he was out of his peripheral vision.

    The Neourk slowly walked towards a Porygon that was busy typing some lines of code on his computer, as he gave him a light tap and quietly said, "Hey, I'm here like you asked, now gimme the vial quickly. I can't have anyone else seeing me here."

    The Porygon turned around and whispered in a shocked response, "W- wha? T- That was fast... I thought you were going to come later, but a deal's a deal right?" The Porygon moved his stacks of papers to reveal a tiny, dark box that housed the object the Neourk requested.

    The Porygon gave the box to the Neourk after showing him that the exact vial that he seeked was neatly inside, as he said in a hushed tone, "Alright, here's the vial... please don't go too crazy with this... this stuff is really painful if it gets anywhere on you... And please... please do not mix this with sodium hypochlorite!"

    The Neourk gave off a muffled chuckle, as he replied after taking the box and neatly placing it in his other pocket, "Oh, don't worry, I'll be sure to be nice and careful with it and totally not mix it with sodium hypochlorite."
  17. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Professor Persea was standing and crossing her arms as she was watching all the trainers as they got to 'play' with their new devices and playing with all the Pokémon choices. Her train of though broke when a voice popped out to call her.

    Turning to Monroe, he was calling her since he wanted to choose the Rowlet as his 'starter choice.' This Rowlet wasn't like Alola's Rowlet though, through Carios adaptation, Rowlets in the Carios region have become Ice/Flying types to be able to cool down their feathers. "Of course Monroe, you can choose whomever you'd like." Professor Persea gave the young male a slight smile as she agreed to let him have the Cariosan Rowlet.

    Suddenly, another voice had called out to her. Turning around, it was Zana who was calling her this time. Like Monroe, she was asking if she could choose this black cat Pokémon with a green gem on its forehead. "Ah, so you would like to choose Venurr?" Professor Persea petted the black cat and continued, "Then go ahead sweetheart, he's all yours!"

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  18. "Yes Professor, time really flew by!" Angel exclaimed. She looked over at all the other trainers and their pokemon, "Well, i have my eyes on you for quite a while" She said, bending down and gently stroking the small, female Coburnt. "And I think that you're perfect! I'll choose you!" Angel exclaimed. She picked up the small cobra-like pokemon and grinned, the Coburnt hissed back in reply, clearly happy with the trainer who picked her. "And... I'll name you, Blair!" Angel piped up. Blair buried her head into Angel's chest and hissed happily. Angel's eyes widened and she grinned, this was it, the start of her journey!
  19. Knowing that there were other options available other than the Pokémon trio that were in the Laboratory, Eduardo walked out into the Laboratory's garden. The pleasant scent of roses greeted him with the outgoing daisies that silently danced with the gentle breeze. His attention was immediately shifted towards a small, crocodile-like Pokémon that was quietly sobbing near a small tree. He approached towards the Pokémon with silent, calm steps, as he felt the emanations of malevolence that became stronger from every step made towards the Pokémon. The Korechu winced at the sight of the peculiar Pokémon that seemed rather upset from its noticeable sign of having his hands clenched into fists. Eduardo knelt down to the Pokémon's short height while carefully holding the Korechu in his arms still to appear less threatening to him.

    The Pokémon attempted to walk away from Eduardo as fast as he could, as he bumped into an assistant that had recently finished watering her last row of the birds of paradise. The Assistant gasped the moment when the Pokémon bumped into her leg, as she calmly said to him, "O- oof! Hey, careful there... you sure are one that has a hard time standing still..."

    Eduardo sighed and quietly replied to the Assistant, "Well, I'm not exactly sure if a little guy that's constantly weeping can really be still... he seems pretty upset to me, I think that it's best to not make him more angry than he already is right now. He looks like he's about to explode... his red eyes sure are a big giveaway since he's staring down right at you..."

    The Korechu gazed at the Pokémon with deep, concerned eyes, as the Pokémon took in a rather deep breath and muttered towards the Assistant with noticeable vexation. The Assistant attempted to run to the Professor as fast as she could, as she turned back towards the Pokémon and noticed that he was placing his palms together and pointing them towards her. She bolted towards the Laboratory and ran past the rows of flowers that rested on the patches of smooth earth, as she thought, "Ahh! This little croc's gone crazy already! Why is he always like this? Is there something that's causing this or what? I better tell the Professor before it's too late... I don't want this to end up like what happened last time!"
  20. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Greyson sees how Angel already took the Coburnt that he wanted. With slight disappointment he went to Professor Persea. "Hey Professor? I was wondering if you had anymore Coburnts left?" Greyson asked. "I would really like to have one on my team." Professor Persea smiled at the blonde. "Of course, let me check if we have anymore." Professor Persea walked out to the garden. After a few minutes, she walked back in with another Coburnt. "Would this do?" She asked Greyson. Greyson's eyes widened, "Of course! Thank you so very much!"
    Holding Coburnt in his arms, Greyson walked over to Vivi. "Vivi, I would like you to meet Inferno, our newest member." Vivi cried happily for having a new friend while Inferno coiled around Greyson's neck to show its enthusiasticness.
  21. Angel walked over to the boy who had just gotten a Coburnt, "Hey, Hi there!" She said, bending over to look at the small Eevee on the ground. "I'm Angel, and this is Blair" Angel said, smiling at the boy.
  22. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Fletcher had just found the Pokemon Lab. It was taking him a while to navigate because of him just arriving but he made it. Fletcher stormed into the lab.

    "Sorry i'm late!!! I came to get my essentials for my journey!!" Fletcher Yelled. His partner face palmed behind him.
  23. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Hey there Angel! Hey Blair!" Greyson said as he remembered her as the girl he talked to at the front of the door. He also get the Coburnt a little pat on the head. "Well, here is Vivi," Greyson said gesturing to the Eevee, "And here is Inferno the Coburnt."

    Greyson was about to continue his conversation until a loud voice abruptly called out. A boy about his age came through the hallway to greet everyone on the other side of it. "Ah! If it isn't Fletcher! Better late then never!" Professor Persea joked. Greyson gave a slight wave to the new trainer that was late to the party. "Well Fletcher, you aren't too late." Professor Persea claimed. "Here's your PokePod, and there's a wide variety of Pokémon for you to choose in here and out in the garden as well!"
  24. Angel waved to Fletcher and then looked down, "Oh yeah, my pokepod" She said. Angel pulled the device out and examined it, it was a combination of a phone and a pokedex, and it looked pretty useful. She put it away and bent down to look at Blair, "Hi!" She exclaimed, "I'm Angel, your new trainer!"
  25. Zana used her PokePod, which confirmed to her that Venurr was indeed a Poison type like she suspected. She put the PokePod away and picked up the Venurr. "How does the name Venom sound to you?" she whispered to the Venurr. The cat Pokemon let out a happy cry and rubbed his head against her. "Venom it is then." Zana said. She smiled to herself.
  26. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Fletcher Gladly took the Pokepad. Fletcher than ran into the garden. There were many pokemon he had never seen before. There was one Pokemon who touched Fletcher's Partner, Angel the Ralts. They were similar sizes. Ralts tugged Fletchers leg. The Pokemon was wearing a pink dress and had black hair. It stared at Fletcher right in the eye. Fletcher liked it's appearance and it looked like it could be a good friend to Angel.

    "Professor, I have chosen a Pokemon!" Fletcher called out politely. Fletcher hoped to fulfil his dreams and this was turning out to be a good start.
  27. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Ah! So I see you have chosen Amiraq, a Psychic type Pokemon." Professor Persea said. "Make sure to keep good care of it!"


    "I believe all of you have chosen your Pokemon and recieved you PokePods?" Professor Persea asked. Everyone gave a slightly nod. "That's wonderful!" The professor claimed as she clapped her hands. "You are now ready to start your journey!"

    "Oh your PokePods," Professor Persea claimed. "There should be a Varios Map function. I'll show you where you guys should go." Greyson took out his PokePod and handed it to Professor Persea for her to demonstrate. "You guys should go to Fuede City, there's a gym there and I also heard there is also going to be a contest held as well." She pointed to where they were on Tibalt Town, Fuede City was just NorthEast of the town.
  28. Eduardo kept a sharp eye on the Pokémon, as he quietly said to him, "Hey look, I know you're upset, but... you gotta calm down here. I know that you're upset because of something, and well-"

    He was interrupted from the Korechu tugging on his coat, as she said to him, "Korechu Korechu."

    Eduardo nodded and replied, "Well, umm... do what you must I guess or something. I don't exactly know if either of you can understand me that much."

    The Korechu winked at Eduardo and walked towards the Pokémon after he placed her down on the ground. She quietly walked up to the Pokémon and said in a gentle voice, "I understand that you are upset at something, and it's okay to feel the way you are. Take some nice cleansing breaths and talk to me, I won't judge you or anything. Just tell me anything that's on your mind okay?"

    The Pokémon hesitantly nodded, as he quietly uttered out in response, "U- umm... I- I don't know i- if I- I- s- sh- should... say... t- th- this, b- b- bu- but..."

    The Korechu gently patted the Pokémon's back, as she replied, "It's okay, I'm not going to berate you even if it's the worst thing you say in front of me. Go ahead and talk, I'm listening here."

    The Pokémon nodded again and said with hesitance, "I- I- I'm... I've been... l- lo- lon- lonely..."

    The Korechu's ears perked up after hearing what the Pokémon said, as she asserted, "Look, you need to let it out... hiding it will only make it worse for you. I understand if you don't want to do it, but it'll help you a lot."

    The Pokémon sighed and whispered in response, "I- I can't... t- th- the g- girl... is... h- he- here..."

    The Korechu turned around and saw the Assistant back in the garden after dealing with some paperwork, as she heard her saying, "Well hello there you two, I just need to get the little croc over to his room okay?" The Pokémon crossed his arms at the Assistant, as he growled at her in response.

    The Assistant sighed and quietly walked back to a row of blooming tulips and slightly watered them to keep them up as straight as a linear segment. Eduardo looked down at the Pokémon and thought, "Huh... this Pokémon seems familiar, isn't he that one starter from the Johto region that my friend told me about? He looks pretty young, but I think that I'm certainly up to the challenge to get this guy to be a bit friendlier."

    Eduardo picked up the Pokémon and cradled him in his arms, as the Pokémon growled, "Toto... Totodile!" He squirmed in Eduardo's arms while attempting to kick him off with a rather feeble effort, as the Korechu quietly climbed on Eduardo and sat on his shoulder. She saw Eduardo stroking the Totodile on his back, as she took note of his shaky body that was suddenly present.

    Eduardo walked back to the Professor and noticed that she was demonstrating on how to use the map function for the PokéPod. He patiently waited until she was done speaking, as he said to her after she finished, "Well, I'll choose the black Totodile here, though I would need to be a bit careful with him since he seems to easily get upset. He was a bit angry earlier, but my Korechu helped him calm down a bit at least." The Totodile gave a vague nod to Eduardo, as he attempted to conceal his easily noticable anger that was visible through his dark, scarlet red eyes.
  29. Monroe thanked the professor for the gifts and valuable information before pulling out an ultra ball from his bag and pointing it at his newly acquired Rowlet. The tiny bird Pokémon jumped forward eagerly, attempting to get into the device before it had even activated and ended up face first on the floor. Dusty and Monroe ended up laughing in unison at the poor lil fellow but luckily it seemed he had a good sense of humour himself as he began to laugh along with them. "Think I'm gonna call you.....Taishi." The boy said when he stopped chuckling before finally activating the ultra ball and absorbing Taishi.

    Now that the formal greetings were out of the way Monroe was quick to pull out his newest bit of kit, the PokePod. Turning the device on Dusty he couldn't help but grin after seeing how it lit up in response to the bug Pokémon's presence. In a feminine but slightly robotic voice it said "Scamulet, the desert scarab Pokémon. Scamulet is indigenous to the Carios region but are extremely rare even here as they were mostly wiped out for their metal carapaces by early human settlers. They possess the ability to travel quickly over sand or gravel due to their oddly shaped feet."

    Dusty seemed quite pleased with the description of his species and puffed his chest out in pride as he listened, making a clanging sound by rubbing his hands together. Monroe bent and down and gave his partner a little high five before pulling out the Pokepod once more, bringing up a map of Carios on the little screen. So...Fuede city was it? Better get a move on.

    It was only when Monroe had left the lab that he had the sudden urge to turn back and challenge one of the other newbies to a battle. He really should, it would be the ideal way to start a new journey after all. And so he turned back towards the door and challenged the very first person to walk out behind him "Hey, howabout a battle? You and me?"
  30. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Greyson was casually walking out the door with Vivi in his arms and Inferno around his neck, until he was interrupted. Looking at Monroe, Greyson gave a slight look of confusion. "You sure?" Greyson asked. "Vivi and I have been together for a long time already. She's well trained." Greyson said. "Unless you want to fight Inferno here? Or do a double battle?" Greyson asked uncertainly.

    Remembering about Inferno, he took out his PokePod and scanned the Coburnt. "So you moves are Poison Sting, Ember, and Tackle?" Greyson question Inferno. "We can do with that."
  31. The Neourk quietly walked out of the Laboratory after saying his farewell to the Porygon, as he quietly whistled and thought, "Hehe... those suckers aren't gonna know what hit em! They're gonna be in one heck of a surprise haha!"

    Suddenly, the Neourk bumped into the Coburnt, as the Neourk cried out, "N- Neo!" He bolted away from the Coburnt as fast as he could; hoping no one heard his rather loud, startled cry after bumping into the Coburnt.

    Eduardo heard a loud cry that echoed into the Laboratory, as he quickly walked towards the Laboratory's front door. After opening the door with haste, he saw the Neourk attempting to get away from the Coburnt with such rapidity. His eyes widened to the sight of the rather peculiar Pokémon that he never saw in his life, as he quickly pointed his PokéPod and attempted to get a reading on him with its scan function. The robotic voice said with an unfortunate tone, "Error, Cannot scan Pokémon! Analysis is impossible without proper software."

    After a quick sigh, he took note of the shark-like features the Neourk had and the unusual uniform he wore, as the Korechu and Totodile watched him attempting to flee from the other trainers and Pokémon as quickly as he could.
  32. "A double battle sounds like a swell idea to me, I've never done one before for obvious reasons, only having one Pokémon and all that." Monroe replied as he took the ultra ball from his belt where he had stored Taishi only a few minutes ago. The capsule was cool to the touch, as if the ice type Pokémon inside was somehow having an effect on it. Awesome.

    Getting into positon on a rough battlefield drawn into the sand outside the laboratory Monroe called out to his opponent "Dont worry about me mate, I've been with Dusty here for years so we can handle ourselves pretty well on the battle field."

    The Scamulet clearly agreed as he gave a loud cry and pumped the air with one of his clawed hands before getting into a battle stance in front of his trainer. Taishi joined him in a flash of bright light, looking very small in comparison to the 3ft tall beetle. All the same the Rowlet was clearly excited for his first battle and turned his head 180 degrees to give Monroe a happy look before turning back to the matter at hand.

    Monroe quickly pulled out his PokePod and gave the owl Pokémon a scan, he couldn't go into battle with it and not know what moves the little fellow knew. Icy wind, growl, peck and tackle. That wasn't half bad considering he was unlikely to have received much training at the lab. Only problem now was that his opponent had a fire type and both his Pokémon were weak to it....Ah well, he certainly couldn't give up now.
    "Ready when you are."
  33. Angel dug her hands through her bag, desperately searching for the things she'd packed earlier today. "Come on... where are they?" She muttered. Her hand felt a glass jar and she smiled, the jar contained many pokesweets, all different kinds. "Now Blair, which one do you like best?" She asked, pouring the conents of the jar into eher lap. Blair hissed happily and flickered her tongue on the sweets, tasting them. She looked up at Angel and nudged the green, sour sweet. "Oh, so you like sour ones?" Angel said, Blair nodded and gave a happy hiss. "Well then, here you go!" Angel exclaimed, pulling a few more sour sweets out of her bag, "They're all yours"

    Blair's eyes widened and she jumped onto Angel's lap, she gobbled up the sweets and yawned. She curled up in Angel's lap and fell asleep. Angel giggled and gently picked her up into her arms, she then noticed Greyson and another trainer starting a battle and she went over to watch, picking up the other sweets. Maybe she could give some to the other trainers, so they could find out what kind of food their starters liked. Angel was deep in thought, watching the two trainers start to battle. Maybe their was some sort of aspiration that involved taking care of pokemon...
  34. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Fletcher thanks the professor and steps outside, not knowing what to do. He now had Ralts and an Amiraq. Amiraq and Ralts both seemed shy but now they were talking to each other. Fletcher liked seeing the two get along and see Ralts not be the timid freak it was. Fletcher observed the map on the Pokepad. The region was very different to the region he was from. Fletcher sat on a bench to try think of the next step. He wanted to co-ordinate but he also wanted to battle gyms. He was wondering if he could do both. It would be challenging but for some reason, Fletcher was motivated to try. Fletcher gazed into the distance while the two Pokemon introduced themselves.
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    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Alrighr!" Greyson said giving into Monroe. "But we have to get a move on after this battle. We need to cover as much ground as we can while it's still bright."

    "Vivi, Inferno, you guys are up and ready!" Greyson said calling out to his Pokémon. "Vivi, I am going to need you to protect Inferno as much as you can." Greyson said. Thinking strategically, Inferno is going to be an important component since his enemy has an Ice and Bug type. "Ready!" Greyson called out signaling the battle had started.

    The two were on a grassy field and they took they took their stances for battle. Greyson immediately took the first initiative. "Vivi! Helping Hand now!" Greyson called out. The Evolution Pokemon's paw began to glow as she does a little dance. A slight of then, her team mate Inferno has now got a boosted attack. "Inferno! Use Ember!" The Coburnt jumped up and threw mini spits of fire at the enemy team. Deciding to do some contest moves at it, Greyson called a combination move. "Vivi! Use Swift!" Vivid charged up a Swift and aimed it at the enemy's team. The Ember fused with the Swift, making the stars give off a bright orange glow. It was aimed directly towards Scamulet.
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  36. "Woah!" Angel said quietly, looking at the combination of Swift and Ember. "He'd make a pretty great co-ordinator, don't ya think Blair?" Angel exclaimed, looking down at Blair. "Oh yeah, you're asleep" She said, laughing. Blair gave a little snore, a poof of smoke erupted from her mouth. Angel snorted and burst into laughter, "Oh Blair, what will I do with you?"
  37. Monroe was taken back for perhaps a fraction of a second by the way his opponent quickly strung together moves like that, he certainly wasn't expecting to see such a dazzling combination so early on. However the boy didn't let this display of skill wow him too much, he was still participating in a battle after all. The oncoming attack was going to be impossible to avoid, swift never missed after all, so he only had one real option to stop Dusty from taking the full brunt of this attack.

    "Dusty, entomb right now and block that attack!" He called out to his partner who reacted with lighting reflexes, summoning pillars of stone from the ground to surround himself from all angles. The rock took the combo attack directly, cracking slightly under its impact so that the bug Pokémon underneath was revealed. It would appear a bit of the damage had still taken its toll on Dusty but he was still kicking and that was all that mattered. Time to counter attack.

    "Taishi use icy wind on the ground, freeze it over! Now Dusty follow it up with a rollout attack!" Monroe commanded, pleased to see Taishi respond quickly and effectively despite it being the Rowlet's first proper battle. Taishi flapped his wings once in an effort to simultaneously lift himself off the ground and send a chilling wind over the battlefield, leaving it glinting in the sunlight like some kind of giant mirror left in the grass. Dusty responded to the sudden change in environment by curling up into a ball and pelting across the battlefield, his speed increased by the slipperiness of the ice. The Scamulet was evidently aiming for the Coburnt as it was currently the number one threat on the field.
  38. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Slide and Dodge!" Was Greyson's immediate response to the attack. Monroe was quite good. There was evidence that he and Scamulet were together for a long time, and the battle definitely showed their bond. The rollout was coming in really quick due to the glossiness of the newly found ice field. But that was an advantage for them as well. The evasion was nice and quick due to the ice field. While Scamulet was busy with his rollout, Rowlet was left wide open.

    "Eevee, come in close then Tackle!" Vivi turned itself around doing a little twirl since it couldn't help itself and changed it course of direction at Rowlet. "Inferno! Slam your tail down onto the ice for a jump boost, then Ember from above!" The Coburnt immediately responded to his trainer's beck and call. With a little flashiness with its front flip, Inferno spewed out more balls of flames. Both direction of attacks were coming from the East and West of Rowlet.
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    Fletcher began to observe the double battle. It looked like a lot of fun. Ralts and Amiraq were fighting over who to go for. Fletcher found that annoying and made them stand on opposite sides. Amiraq cheered quietly. Ralts hid behind his leg. Fletcher was feeling excited about the battle. He walked closer to get a better view.
  40. Angel noticed a boy she hadn't really introduced herself to. She walked over to him and smiled. "Hi there, I'm Angel and this is my Coburnt Blair" She said, pointing to the snake dozing in the grass.
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