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Ask to Join Fakemon and Pokemon High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Mar 6, 2016.

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  1. Hi guys! I'm now doing a Fakemon/Pokemon high RP!
    1. You may have one Fakemon character and one pokèmon character
    2. No Legendaries
    3. No Pokèmon/Fakemon that's the same

    Here's what my two look like, click Here:


    Star and Ribbon walked into the school for the first time. Ribbon smiled and looked around, her ribbons flying around everywhere. Star warily looked around as they entered the classroom and took a seat across each other. The empty spaces beside them screamed for someone to take them as Ribbon looked around proudly. Star skittishly looked around to see who was her classmates.
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  2. Heres mine)) Glitch walked in the door, hoping to see NOBODY that looked mean. She didn't want to be made fun of again for being an unheard-of pokemon. She saw Star and Ribbon, and, assuming they were nicer than that, sat between them.

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  3. she actually has longer ears just like espeon's but whatever) "Hey-" She paused to guess Star's name- "Star." She hoped they would be good friends.
  4. Star turned and smiled shyly at Glitch. "H-Hi Glitch" Star said and Ribbon laughed "You should be my friend, not hers" Ribbon said as she wrapped a ribbon around Glitch's chest.
  5. She looked at Ribbon. "I was planning on-" You interrupt me:
  6. "Oh C'mon, she a loser! I'm so great!" She said and smiled. Star looked down "Y-Your W-Wrong...." Star said.
  7. She glared at Ribbon. Glitch got up and sat on the other side of Star. "Just because we're different they always think we're... well, a glitch! I personally LOVE your fur." Glitch smiled at Star.
  8. Hey can you draw a better detailed version of my fakemon sometime for me? I cant draw well on electronics.))
  9. (Sorry, I didn't do the art!)

    Star smiled "Yours too!" She said with a hint of joy in her tone.

    Ribbon growled. Wait, why am I competing against Star, She's my Poison type sister after all
  10. She glared at Ribbon, then got up and sat on the other side of Star. "They think just because we're different we're.... well, glitches! I personnally, like your fur. It's nice." She seemed to transform into code, then into an Identical version of Star with blue eyes.
  11. Sorry had to rewrite it))
  12. "W-What? N-No! Change into something else, I want to be me! Not you be me!" Star said and jumped into the Extended Ribbon's fellers and paws.
  13. Shhe jumped back, startled. She didnt know how to control her glitching, and glitched back. "I... I'm sorry." She got feirce. "YOU think Im a glitch too!" She transformed into code, then was gone.
  14. Star shook her head "No I don't, I'm just like you..." She mumbled as Ribbon ran her feeler up and down the Haunteon's back.
  15. She rematerialized in the courtyard, then ran and ran and ran. "If only she knew....."
  16. She stopped in a field and sank to the ground, almost wishing Star would come so she could explain. "No, its... its a secret.... nobody can know."
  17. She fell into a deep sleep, and lie there. Hoping. Dreaming. That someone would come and tell her she was amazing or something, not a.... a Glitch! She hated that name. She wished the event that gave her her name hadn't happened the way it did.
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  18. Star ran into the Courtyard and saw Glitch lying on the floor. Star came and layed beside Glitch. "Your Amazing, just the way you are..." Sha said before Ribbon came and sat beside Star.
  19. She woke up and looked at Star, reminding her of that horrible day when she became... a... glitch. She stood up, then backed away. "You have no idea..."
  20. Star stood up and walked towards Glitch. "I felt the same way when I evolved, the only one that still stood beside me was Ribbon..." She said and Ribbon followed closely.
  21. She looked afraid and upset, like a wild animal before a hunter. "I... cant explain much right now." She gestured to Ribbon, who was in earshot. "She wouldnt understand..." she mumbled.
  22. She looked feirce. "EVER." Then she looked at Ribbon. "I dont mean to be rude... but this is something only Star would understand."
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  23. Ribbon sighed "I'll go then" She said and ran out of ear shot. Star looked intently at Glitch "Soo?" She asked.
  24. She sighed. "I wasnt always like this. And... the reason Ribbon was the only one by your side after evolution... I had run from the scene. I evolved, then I... guess ... I glitched. Then I got that horrible name... I couldnt bear it."
  25. She sank to the ground. "I wanted to have a fresh start. We were best friends when we were eevees. Then... it all changed."
  26. "Don't worry, also, I hate to be called Star, belive it or not, people teased me with the name, I prefer being called Venom" She said with a smile.

    Ribbon sat down patiently as the two Fakemon had their lil' conversation.
  27. She buried her head in her paws. "You can go. I know you wont want to stay."
  28. She jerked up. "Wait!"
  29. She stood majestically, head held high. She focused then breifly tranformed into a white version of star, just instead of stars there were gray-blue crescent moons. Instead of yellow there was dark blue. Her eyes were silver with golden specks. Then she relaxed and glitched back. "Thats me. For real."
  30. Venom blinks "then why don't you stay like that?" She asked as she walked closer to Glitch.
  31. She called to Ribbon. "You can come back! Venom... Im a Light type. You can tell ribbon. I would love to see my half-sister. Oh and me and you.... we are twins."
  32. "My name is Charm." She smiled.
  33. Ribbon ran back "Yay!!!!" she screamed.

    Venom smiled "I'm a Galaxy Type" She said with a smile "plus a poison type" She said as she hugged Charm.
  34. "Hey me too! Galaxy and Light." She hugged Venom and then started transforming. Venom backed up, and she permanently transformed to her true self. "Thank you." She whispered as Ribbon came close.
  35. "Hi Ribbon." She whispered shyly. Ribbon didnt know who she was.
  36. "INTRUDER!!!!!" Ribbon screeched and used MoonBlast on Charm. Venom growled and GalaxyBlast on the MoonBlast, smashing it. "It's Charm for godsake!" Venom hissed and Ribbon calmed down "Who's Charm?" Ribbon asked and Venom face-pawed. "Your Half-Sister and my Twin, Idiot!" Venom said and Ribbon's mouth formed into a 'o'
  37. She suddenly got defensive. "I can defend myself thank you!" She calmed down. "Both of you use your best move on me."
  38. The two sisters turned their heads away from Charm saying "Never".
  39. She stared at them. "Now."
  40. hey I reaaaaaaaaaaaally want a good picture of my fakemon Charm do you draw good? just wondering not trying to be greedy or demanding lol))
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