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Open Fairylight Forest Village

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Welcome, one and all pokemon, to Fairylight Forest, a peaceful and happy place, just bordering Ninfia Town, in the Vitala region. Trainers like to come here to try and catch the many grass and fairy-type pokemon living here, in preparation for their next gym badges, and look for the legendary pink nectar, which is said to attract shiny pokemon.

    But there is a part of Fairylight Forest which only the pokemon living here know about. Tucked away behind the trees is a quaint little village, run by pokemon, for pokemon. There's restaurants, and sweetshops, and music, and dancers... Life here may not be busy, but it sure is happy.


    (Here's the character sheet, which you need to fill if you want to join! I'll use my character as an example)

    Name: Satomi

    Species: Slurpuff

    Gender: Female

    Works at: Delice Sweets Patissierie

    Occupation: Pastry chef and owner of Delice Sweets Patissierie

    (If someone owns a business, you can be one of their employees, if you like. Just PM them to ask them if it's ok first)


    "And there... We... Go! Finished!"

    With a final touch-up on the vanilla shell border, and a sprinkle of edible glitter, the cake that Satomi was working on was complete. It wasn't one of her creations, it was a one-off design that she'd made for someone's birthday, but she'd enjoyed making it all the same.

    She boxed up the cake, and went to put in on the counter, where it would wait until the person who'd ordered it came to collect it. In the meantime, though, Satomi had some honey jelly to check up on...
  2. Name: Houdini
    Species: shiny Sylveon
    Gender: male
    Works At: Delice Sweets Patissierie
    Occupation: cashier and deliverer(?)

    "Hello there, sir!"

    "How are you?"

    "Have a nice day!"

    Many phrases such as these were spoken by a lively Fairy-type as he bounced down the street, light on his paws, a content smile plastered on his face. The happy-go-lucky shiny was on his merry way to his job, since there was a small something he had to take care of before he went down there, and he, as usual, greeted everyone he passed by as he went. His home in the quaint, little town in the heart of Fairylight Forest was unlike anything he could ever ask for-

    -and he could not be more grateful.

    Here it was. Like he always did, the Sylveon read the name of the shop that was displayed outside, squinting a bit due to the loss of one eye in a freak accident (which was now, thankfully, covered by a large leaf), humming to himself as he did so, before pushing the door open and entering the building.

    "Oh, Satomi~!" Houdini called in a sing-song voice into the pastry shop, the door closing behind him, "I'm here~! Good morning!" The smile not once faltering from his face, he hopped over to the front counter, where a new box holding a cake was placed, and took his usual spot behind it. "Ah, that looks simply delectable. Although, that is to be expected from you~." Laughing his melodious laugh, the shiny Sylveon stretched his limbs, since nobody was in the shop at the moment, and extended his ribbons all around his body, making him seem smaller than usual. "Who is this cake for, hm?" he asked the Slurpuff, now standing up straight once again with his head cocked to the side in wonder. "When will it be picked up?"
  3. "Ah, you're here at last, Houdini," Satomi called, carefully setting her trays down on the work surface, "And to answer your question, I actually don't remember! All I've been able to think about for the past three hours is that shell border, and these honey jellies. Terribly fussy things, they are."

    The slurpuff often forgot exactly who placed custom orders for her creations, but fortunately, that was made up for either by the customer reminding her when they came to pick up their order, or by her employees. That was probably a good thing, since that meant that she could put everything into actually making the requested item. Satomi's perfect sense of smell meant that she could pick out the freshest ingredients every time, and her skill in the kitchen could hardly be matched. Every last item, from the frasiers to the cookies in the front window was uniform, each one as perfect as the other, or else she wouldn't dare sell it.
  4. As Satomi began to speak, Houdini bowed his head in respect, perking his ears up to endure that he could hear everything she said. Once she had concluded her words, he replied to her. "Yes. I am sorry for taking so long to get here. Something had happened not far from my home, but, thankfully, it has been sorted out and everything is alright. I must say that I'm quite surprised with myself for not remembering about your little tendency to forget easily, though. That was not supposed to be taken in a bad way, mind you," he held a ribbon in front of himself defensively as he realized that his choice of words might not've been the best to use in this situation, but he quickly recovered, moving the discussion back to the cake. "Well, I suppose whoever's cake this may be will be coming for it soon enough. We must simply be patient." Smile growing slightly, the shiny Sylveon tapped a button on the cash register before him, satisfying himself as he heard the oh-so-familiar ding! as the front drawer popped open. Closing it back up, he looked outside for a moment, curious to see just who had ordered this custom-made cake from the small pastry shop.
  5. The silvery chime of the doorbell rang a moment later, announcing the arrival of someone else, presumably, not another employee of Satomi's.

    Just as the slurpuff was headed to kitchen, to check on a very delicate batch of concerto cakes, a tsareena entered, with a steenee and a bounsweet at her side.

    "I'm here to pick up the cake I ordered," she greeted, swanning up to the counter.

    Satomi disappeared into the kitchen, quietly ordering Houdini to take care of the customer.
  6. Houdini's smile never faltered as he gazed up to the Tsareena, who sashayed her way over to the front counter. "Good morning, ma'am, kids!" he greeted the three of them, gesturing over to the cake that sat on the countertop not too far away from where he stood. "Is this your cake? You really did come at the best time! It was just finished up for you! Feel free to check it out, make sure it is to your liking, alright?" Before he allowed the Grass-type to do so, however, he stole a glance at the sticker on the side of the box, reading the price of the pastry so he could punch the numbers into the cash register, which he did as he chatted casually with the children. "And what might your names be, hm~? Mine is Houdini!" For a moment, his smile grew open-mouthed, showing off his pearly white teeth to the young Pokemon, eyes closed. "It is a pleasure to meet you!"
  7. Name: Carolyn
    Species: Leafeon (shiny)
    Gender: Female
    Works at: Still looking for a job
    Occupation: Not yet

    Carolyn walked in Delice Sweets Patissierie because she ordered a birthday cake for a party. She walked behind the Tsareena, waiting.
  8. "I'm Ivanka," the bounsweet greeted through a soft lisp, hiding behind her steenee sister.

    The steenee came forward proudly, spinning around on one of her thin little legs. "And I'm Natasha!" she chirruped, "I'm turning 11 today, and mom's gonna teach me stomp, so I can evolve into a big, strong tsareena, like her!"

    The tsareena pored over the cake for a few seconds more, quite satisfied that it had been made exactly to order. It was huge, and covered in thick vanilla frosting, which was of course, Natasha's favourite, and it had a delicate sprinkling of green and pink glitter around the shell border on the bottom. Pecha berries sat between whippy frosting rosettes, and Natasha's name had been written in pink sugarpaste. And then she turned her attention back to her daughter.

    "Yes, you'll be strong and beautiful, just like me, when you evolve, won't you?" she assured the steenee, ruffling her calyx before she turned to Houdini.

    "The cake looks wonderful," the tsareena complimented, "Knowing Satomi, I'm sure it'll taste wonderful, too. Now, what do I owe you for it?" she asked as she rooted through her purse.

    Satomi arrived back at the front desk a moment later, carrying yet another birthday cake, which she assumed was for the leafeon behind the tsareena and her daughters.

    "Oh my, looks like we have a lot of birthdays today!" she commented.
  9. "Sure is." Carolyn muttered to herself. She smiled at Satomi. "Ooh, that's my cake." She said gentley with a big smile.
  10. Satomi made up a large pullbow, and wrapped it around the box for the cake, finishing with a slurpuff shaped sticker, and a glitter tab, to seal the box shut.

    "Ah, now, this is one I actually remember," the slurpuff said with a smile, "Since I had to stay up all night making the sugarwork for the top! Carolyn, this is for your birthday party, right?"
  11. "Yes, and I got to get going soon. I still have to get presents and complete the decorations before the guest arrive." Carolyn said.
  12. "Alright, alright," Satomi chuckled as she shook her head, "Then that'll be..." She paused for a second to crunch the numbers, "Thirty four pokedollars, and fifty cents!"
  13. "Okay," Carolyn said taking out her purse. "Here you go." She gave Satomi Thirty four pokedollers and fifty cents.
  14. Satomi slid the money into the register, and was pleasantly surprised that she had no change to give.

    She got out a pretty paperboard bag from under the counter, decorated with Delice Sweets' logo, and pink and white stripes. She placed the cake delicately inside, ensuring that the box was secure.

    "Alright, there you go," The slurpuff said with a smile, "I'm sure your guests will love it!"
  15. "Thanks." Carolyn smiled. She left, running to the store to get a present. Searching across the whole store, she finally found a cotton candy machine. "Perfect, just perfect. The last one. She always wanted this!" Carolyn sighed in relief. When she finished she rushed to the water park because that's where it is.
  16. Name: Cece
    Gender: Female
    Work: Owns Antique shop "The Rusty Gallop"
    Occupation: Merchant/Trader
    Cece dusted the shelves one last time before opening up the shop. She arranged the antique silver ware and antique posters. She walked behind the counter and emptied the TIP jar. She cleaned the glass out and put it back on the counter. She reached the door to her shop and took a step out side. She peered down the street to see the pastry shop as busy as usual. She opened up the shop and sat behind the counter waiting for a customer.
  17. "Ah, what beautiful names for such beautiful girls!" Houdini replied to the Bounsweet and Steenee, before turning to look up to the Tsareena. "That will be thirty-one Pokedollars and twenty-five cents, please!" he chirped, pressing that button on the cash register once again, so it would open to reveal the empty drawer. "You are absolutely right, you know! These cakes of Satomi's are simply divine!"

    (OOC: I'm sorry this is so short...)
  18. Name:Blade
    Species:shiny grovyle
    Occupation:thief If possíble

    Blade jumped in the cece shop roof and thinked "here sounds like a very old place to sell something, I Will take a watch" he said jumping off the roof and entering in the shop
  19. "What can I say? You can always rely on a slurpuff's intuition when it comes to food!" the tsareena chuckled, handing over the pokedollars handful by handful, "Oh, if only I had the time, and the money, I'd swing by here every day for a frasier!"

    The tsareena finally took her cake from the counter, motioning for her daughters to join her, "I'll be by next month, for Ivanka's birthday cake!"

    And the small family left the shop in a hurry, with the steenee bouncing about with excitement.

    Satomi simply smiled and went to prepare new batch of frasiers. Even without the tsareena's offer, frasiers were one of Satomi's most popular creations, aside from all of the cakes that she made...
  20. Name: Merkyury
    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Female
    Works at: the blacksmith shop
    Occupation: Mainly as Blacksmith(can fix things and create some items)but can help out with odd jobs

    "Heya, Satomi!" Merkury walked into the bakery, looking rather grubby after having to deal with the light house. "Mind if I get a cake? Yours are the best that I can get!" She grinned. "And if you want I can look at your oven and fix any kinks!"
  21. Satomi stopped in her tracks as the luxray walked in, pleased to find yet another paying customer there. The bakery was tremendously expensive to run, so any and all business was much appreciated.

    "Of course!" The slurpuff said with a smile, "What'll it be today, Merkrury?"
  22. "I guess chocolate's great! And if you need anything to fix, I'm your gal!" Merkyury grinned as she slid a few notes on the counter.
  23. Satomi shook her head. "My ovens are working just fine, but I appreciate the offer," she simpered sweetly, reaching for a pastry box, "Alright, that's one chocolate sponge, coming right up!"

    The slurpuff chose a huge chocolate sponge, which had been decorated with a thick layer of bettercream and modelling chocolate, marking it with a glittery seal, and a slurpuff shaped sticker as always.
  24. "Aye, thanks! I'm thinking of going on a trip to get some materials, so anything you want, be it berries or items?" Merkyury asked as waited for the cake to be packed.
  25. "Oh, well, if it's not too much trouble, could you get me some pink nectar?" Satomi asked, "I'm kinda running out... But I'm not strong enough to go out into the main forest alone and get it. I'll get caught if I do!"

    Pink nectar was what Fairylight Forest was famed for; the sweet, sparkling liquid delighted all who tasted it... And was said to attract shiny pokemon. Out in the forest where humans roamed, humans with captive pokemon, that was, it could be harvested in the flowers... Getting it often meant that battles with a trainer were inevitable. And the risk of being caught was very high...
  26. "Sure sure! I know just the spot to get some! I wish I knew how to make human repels, though. They do get a bit pesky at times. Oh well, at least I have good sight. If I'm not back by morning you can sound the bell for me." With that, Merkyury waved before walking back to her shop.
  27. "Oh, ok," Satomi said as she left, "Thank you!"

    Trusting that Merkrury would be able to fend off any humans looking to catch her, Satomi went back into the kitchen, to do her frasiers... Oh, and start on that huge party cake, that someone had ordered. Five layers, and five different flavours... That wasn't going to be easy to make...
  28. Blade leaved the shop and saw Merkury "heya kitten" Blade Said "alright salamander is Better stop run!" One Pokémon Said to Blade
  29. Name: Jasmine
    Species: pansage
    Gender: female
    Works At: anywhere there's a job
    Occupation: is open for small part time jobs

    Jasmine walked over to delice sweet pastries who's had loads of costumers "hey guys need some help" he asked smiling
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  30. (Note: I'd rather that you post actual occupations here. Theif is no longer acceptable)

    "Hm?" Satomi cried as she came back into the main shop, to put her fresh batch of frasiers on display, "Well, things have been getting a little busy around here recently. Every pokemon seems to have been ordering cakes from me recently. I can afford to hire someone else, if that's what you're looking for."
  31. (Might want to delete that post)
  32. (Aye. Sorry. Done so.)

    "Heya again!" Merkyury popped her head back into the bakery. "How much of the pink nectar did you need again?" She asked, already packed and ready to go.
  33. "A large jarful should do!" Satomi responded, looking over the pansage's shoulder at Merkyury, "That'll last me a good month or two!"
  34. "Aye! Sure sure!" Merkyury nodded and grinned. "And help me keep an eye on my shop, if you don't mind!" She walked out again, heading to the forest just beyond the village.
  35. "Oh, sure!" Satomi called, "I'd be happy to pop by, between baking, of course!"

    And the slurpuff went back to the kitchen, for the last of her pink nectar. It was the secret ingredient in her honey jelly; the thing that made it sparkle softly, and that made it taste absolutely divine...
  36. (OOC Was I supposed to write about how Merkyury got the pink nectar? Oh well. BIC)

    Merkyury walked through the forest, before getting a glance of a group of humans incredibly close to the village but as they seemed to be walking away she dismissed them. She continued her walk, getting her daily essentials such as berries and firewood, and finally got to the spot.

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