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Fairy Tail!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Zachary, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Fairy Tail is about a group of mages with intriguing personality's in a guild called Fairy Tail(named after the ever lasting mystery if faries had tails or not) and they go on missions to get money so they can make a living, it follows a team of five mages and their adventures in the land of Fiore. I personally find it brilliant because of all the awesome characters and great plot lines for a battle manga.

    My favorite characters have to be hands down Natsu Dragneel due to his striking similarity towards myself and Lucy Heartphilia just for being the sanest person in the manga thus making her the odd one out half the time. All the characters are epic, except for Jellal and Mystogun.(They're fucking EVERYWHERE X.X). Every character has a backround to them so they have something to their meager secondary existence x3

    Fairy Tail has to be my favorite manga ever and I have to say I'm the biggest nerd out there for it :x

    So what are your favorite characters/arcs/magic and some theories for it?
  2. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I quite like most every character. Natsu is hot headed and awesome, and he uses some very interesting and imaginative offensive styles when in battles. Gray is a beast because he uses Ice magic, and his arc and backstory as a whole are wickedly cool. Lucy is Lucy, she's herself and the one glimmer of sanity in the crazy ass guild. Erza is just a freaking beast (although I didn't care for the fact that Edos Erza was about on par with her... made me angry for some reason... :T) Some of the less important characters that I like a whole lot are Marijane and Elfman, as well as Gajeel, Leo, and Master Markorov. And Mystogun was awesome at first...then they went and ruined him by showing his face. :T

    For my favorite arc thus far...I'd have to say it was either the festival one with Luxus taking over the city. It had some cool fights and Luxus has always been a cool character.
  3. Sir Red my hat goes off for you. You took the words out of my mouth Mirajane and elfman have a very interesting backstory. I didn't really like the most recent arc even though it is gives mistguns backstory.
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  4. Out of all the arcs, the Oracien Seis is my favorite arc. It's just so badass, we get Gray and Leon teaming up against Racer and just owning him, Lucy vs Angel and just wiping the floor with her with that high level spell that escapes me, Natsu vs Cobra and destroying him completely with a scream and we cannot forget Natsu vs Zero. GURREN HOUO KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN <333

    Overall, Mirajane is a badass <333 She is just so much love overall I want her past to be revealed, and i've noticed a pattern with the arcs. They each have dealt with a person of Fairy Tail to an extent. Like, no joke. It's very scary in a thought that each arc deals with a person's development, it took me a year to realize it but i did XD
  5. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Probably one of the best parts about the Oracien Seis arc was that it made Lucy look very strong, which is something they don't usually do. It annoys me when they treat her as an incompetent damsel type. I want Lucy to keep looking like a worthwhile ally and not have to start every single arc over and over again as nothing more then a "lolz, fail" type character.

    And I really hope the next arc centers around Marijane, Elfman and their dead sister's past with Natsu and all of that. It would make for interesting stuff and development of all of three of them. Also, we'd get to see awesome Marijane again. :'D
  6. I think they already did Mirajane was a badass that surpassed Erza. And because of her the sister died, they also explained that Natsu and the sister were friends who found happy after he hatched
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  7. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    This is all stuff that has simply been mentioned, we haven't gotten the full backstory about the events that went down. Also, Natsu and her were more then friends, he was in love with her. And we've only seen Mirajane recently be her insanely powerful self, I'd like to see then events that caused it in full detail and then that could branch out into a present day arc that could further highlight Natsu, Marijane and Elfman.
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  8. Damn it now i'm confused gonna have to read the series from the start again

    edit here they actually do Elfman tried to take over a monster called the Beast and he lost control and smacked her into a mountain.
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  9. Red, you also have to remember that there have only been hints to Natsu's love for Lisanna. I think the two most promient ones were when Gildarts asked Nastu about his relationship and Natsu was like "Shes dead dude" then tried to walk away was a huuuuuuuuge hint. The other one is when Levi and Cana tell Lucy that she reminds them of Lisanna and how she is a close girl friend to Natsu.

    Overall, LucyxNatsu is going to happen after the Lisanna arc happens >>;;

    EDIT: http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/50575907/1 new chapter, i've decided to help out and post the newest chapter here for you guys. :)
  10. HAHA you should make a fuuny fairy tail story!! :)

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