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Fairy Tail :||: To The Sky! [Sign Ups]

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Platinum_, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. .......... well.

    [ thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fairy-tail-to-the-sky.22264/ ]

    ALRIGHTY!! So it's been ages since I've been on 'Charms, but this quarantine has given me a plethora of hours of free time, so it's bitter sweet! I've been dying to get back into a good roleplay, and since I've been in such a Fairy Tail mood I figured why not!


    In the World of Earthland, magic freely runs all throughout nature and even the veins of a certain amount of the human population! Magic is used daily and certain individuals who are gifted with using magic are Wizards, many of who align themselves with guilds where they can take quests and use their abilities as a job! Our story focuses in the beautiful city of Magnolia, within the country of Fiore, where a certain chaotic but wholesome guild stands pridefully - Fairy Tail! All kinds of adventure will come to the wizards of this guild, are you willing to embark on them?


    So, as most RP's based on anime series go, none of the main canon characters exist in this timeline, everything will be custom to us! The only canonical things that will exist in this roleplay will be the magics (such as Dragon Slayers) and the locations!

    Although I already have one cool ark/event for this roleplay in mind, I am TOTALLY open to any cool ideas for story that you guys might have, so don't hesitate to drop some ideas in this discussion board!

    Basic Rules:

    - Standard PokeCharms Rules Apply
    - Please post AT LEAST ONE (1) PARAGRAPH in each of your posts! Not only are 2 sentence-long posts hard to work with, but they could also get the roleplay shut down!!
    - Swearing is fine but not with unnecessary excess.

    Magic Rules:

    - As far as Slayer Magic goes, I'll allow a decent amount of 5! This can include Dragon Slayer, God, Slayer, Devil Slayer, etc. and they can be canon or designed by you!

    Slayer Positions Open: [ 3 / 5 ]
    Celestial Spirits Open: [ 8 / 12 ] ❖

    - If you wish to have a Celestial Mage, you may also have your custom designed spirits. If you want to have any of the canon spirits, I'm going to say for now only 3-4 of the Golden Zodiac Keys allowed per person. [This can change depending on the amount of characters with Celestial Magic]

    - In battles and fights, please do not be the one who's always able to dodge attacks 24/7 and land every possible hit... it just becomes unenjoyable for everyone else involved.


    Okay now that that's all out of the way, we can finally post our Character Sheets!! Forms in the spoiler below.

    Character Sheet:





    Personality: (Optional)

    Guild Mark Locaiton: (If in one)
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  2. Character Sheet:

    Name: Shouta Akamine

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Shouta is a young male with shaggy, but styled, black hair and distinct cyan eyes. He is thin and of average height. Usually seen wearing a white bomber jacket with light washed jeans. On one side of waist is an attached pack of leather, inside holding an array of keys.

    Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic - Golden Keys; Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries || Silver Keys; Caelum, Fennec (art cr. to respectable owners)

    Personality: Shouta is a lively and confident individual. He is very much extroverted and enjoys the company of people, but does have times where his battery can drain after long amounts of time and can becomes irritated by even the littlest of things. Most of the time he has good discernment, and usually tries to act according to logic - but when it comes to those he loves, he'd do anything possible to make sure they are safe and cared for.
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  3. Can I reserve a space now when I have time to make a bio later? Brother's GF coming over and we're going to an Easter Brunch so don't have time now.
  4. Yeah man of course! Happy Easter by the way!!
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  5. Name: Guzan Scalbond
    Age: 18
    Appearance: A young man with a well toned physique and a bit on the tall side with rough "fair" skin. Has spiky black hair and piercing golden eyes and wears a single sleeve (left) black top with golden outlines and a golden phoenix design on the back. Wears a pair of black and gold pants and his hands and feet are covered with athletic tape.
    Magic: Elemental Magic (Proficient with Fire Magic, has some advancements with Air Magic and still developing skills along Water and Earth Magic)
    Personality: An individual who is very much a "free spirit" in its truest sense. He doesn't believe in exerting himself in areas beyond what is deemed important or what he has interest in. This very much means he is a level headed figure who can keep cool in most situations, but that also brings with it a natural laziness to things and someone with a disconnect to most people. Though behind this surface level personality is someone who clearly has something to prove and seems to search for something of greater value. Something he himself has yet to get a sense of just what that may be.
  6. Name: Drake Dragoneye
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Giant Storm Devil Slayer magic- Lightning Path (This is one of three paths that a Giant Storm Devil Slayer can take, it focuses on Lightning type magic, his is similar to Third Generation Dragonslayers, where he was both taught by a devil and said devil went into him to prevent as much of the changes as possible.)
    Guild Mark Location: Forehead
    Personality: Drake is highly protective of his allies, somewhat friendly, he also can be very cruel, only if his magic causes trouble.
    Appearance: 1.8 Meters (5'11") with black hair and blue eyes, a blue long coat with a silver shirt and a pair of black pants, boots are commonly seen on Drake.

    And my second Character

    Name: Izumi Fitzgerald
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Guild mark Location: left side of Neck.
    Magic: Requip: The Shielder (She can Requip Armor and Shields)
    Appearance: She Stands 1.55 meters (5'1") with reddish-brown hair and green eyes, wearing a blue dress.
    Personality: She is very shy, sweet and caring once she gets to know you, she is also very affectionate towards Drake.
  7. Name: Noelle "Noel" North

    Age: 18

    Appearance: A young women with an average height and a slender but strong build. Has pale skin with short, snow white hair she carries a ruby braid over and is seen with a pair of crimson red eyes. She typically wears a dark green tank top along with a pair of yellow sleeves along with a short dark green skirt that covers over a pair of black bottom shorts along with a pair of black boots with yellow streaks through them.

    Ice God Slayer Magic

    Personality: Noel is one who always takes everything seriously and believes one must work to be the best of themselves and tries to bring it out of others. She can be seen as a little on the strict side though in spite of her tendency to dismiss "silly" situations can be a bit of a dork when she doesn't want to be.
  8. Accepted!! Welcome to Fairy Tail!

    Always accepted my dear homie :blush:
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  9. Name: Theodore Shelby
    Appearance: A fairly small boy, Theo doesn't appear to be much of a threat. He's not particularly muscular and stands at only about 5'9, his motherly demeanor doesn't help. Pale skin paired with lightly dusted freckles, gives Theo a childlike appearance. His features are big and bright, with a round nose and typical content smile. Theo's eyes are large and round, a honey-brown color that sparkle when he's excited. His hair is a light shade of pruple, nearly lavender and it's slightly curly texture gives it a messy look.
    Magic: Diamond Dragon Slayer Magic
    Personality: Theo is what you would call a pushover, especially when it comes to his friends. He is gullible and easily manipulated, making him an easy target for anyone with a slightly-higher-than-average IQ. Theo is extremely kind and patient, an overly compassionate fellow who really doesn't know how to stop giving. He's not very good with money- due to his tendencies to give it away- so he's never been one able to indulge in luxuries. Overall, Theo is confident and fairly skilled- not as timid as you would assume from hearing stories about him- but his over sized heart leads to him often being tricked into losing battles. Although a strong magician, Theodore relies heavily on others and will avoid combat as much as possible when by himself. But, when given something to protect, Theo will fight with his life.

    Name: Celina Fort
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Celina is youthful in most way, but has a certain womanly charm to her body. She's on the short side, standing at 5'3, but has a curvy shape to her body. She's fragile, overall with little to no muscle on her body. Celina's skin is a sun-kissed olive color. She has sharp, cat-like features with a pointed nose and thin lips. A beauty mark under her left eye accents her face, her pupils being a sparkling shade of bright blue. Her hair is a light shade of grey, cut bluntly at her shoulders with choppy bangs at her eyebrows.
    Magic: Mirror Magic and Glass-Make Magic
    Personality: Imagine every mean, queen-bee, stereotypical high school girl and you've got exactly how Celina wants to be. The only flaw in her plan is that nobody cares. Celina has always tried her best to stick her nose up, make rude remarks, and take charge of others- but unlike a high school setting Celina has gotten nothing but the occasional glare out of her attitude. At best, people would see her as a spoiled brat- not at all the image she is going for. She has a sharp tongue, and is fairly witty with her sass- putting positivity and compliments below her and choosing only to critique others. She is easily flustered, especially on the topic of strength (which she is very much lacking without her magic) and honestly fairly timid once you break down her facade.
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  10. Love these character forums! Very original - Accepted!!
  11. @Platinum I've got another character who I'm just itching to use- I haven't been in a fairytail RP in a while- so I'm asking not only for permission but also a bit of insight. I'm use to Rping multiple people, so that wouldn't be a problem for me- but do you think having three characters would be a bit much for the RP?
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  13. Name: Eliza
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Eliza is fairly average looking in most ways. She stands at 5'6 with a fit built, lean but not obviously athletic. She sports creamy, dark skin of a creamy chestnut color. Eliza's slick hair is long and silky, a jet black color that reflects the sunlight, she leaves it down most the time in a simple middle part, and it swings at just about her hips. She has a mature face, overall- with a general lack of expression between her thin black eyebrows and honey-brown eyes.
    Magic: Teleportation Magic, Transformation Magic (can transform into other people), and Thought Projection Magic
    Personality: Eliza is... quiet. Though not mute, she may as well be and her general lack of expression doesn't help with communicating with her either. A recent addition to the build, her past is a mystery but blends in perfectly fine with the rest of fairy tail. Eliza is extremely stealthy, managing to blend into any scenario and keep perfectly silent through almost anything. She is, looking past her apathy for most things, an amiable person- and a good listener, too! She, for the most part, just agrees with anything anyone tells her and she does just about anything that anyone tells her.

    Ok..Ok- last one. Hehehe, I'm excited but I won't be able to get a post up in the thread until a little later; it's din-din time over here.
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  14. @Platinum_ Snake Horn was Drake and Izumi's previous guild, destroyed by unknown assailant.
  15. I hope it's not too much that I caused a bit of a scene with the pigs. It is in order to draw some characters together other than Shouta's bandits- we don't want everyone crowding around one scene, after all. I can tone it down if I was out of line.
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  16. @Godjacob Yes! Sorry bro I really thought I had added you in the earlier replies! Everyone has been accepted! I'll hold off on posting again until you get a chance to get an introductory post in too.

    @Barefoot_Kittens No problem at all! It's not a good Fairy Tail rp without a good sense of chaos :D

    Also everyone, I totally forgot to tell everyone that we should each make it known who exactly is in Fairy Tail and others who aren't yet (just so we know all of who knows who), since I realized not every character is in Fairy Tail yet.

    If you guys don't mind could you just drop here if each of your characters are in Fairy Tail, and how long they've been in it.

    Shouta joined Fairy Tail only 6 months ago, so he's just recently began to get the hang of things.
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  17. Drake and Izumi had just stumbled into Magnolia for the first time, actually looking for the Fairy Tail Building.
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  18. Hum. I think Noel will have been with the guild already let's say...4 months, or so.
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  19. Eliza's been in the guild like 3 days. Theo has been part of the guild since he was a kid, at least 10 years. And Celina has been a part of the guild for 2-3 years, although both her parents were guild members before her.
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  20. My guy will be a newcomer to the Guild.
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  21. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Can I reserve a spot?
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  22. Alright cool, thanks guys. Usually we wont take turns like this but I'm gonna wait to continue the thread until Sarah and Godjacob get a chance to post, just so we dont get swept up in the story without them two at least introducing their characters lol
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  23. Yeah sorry, working on it ASAP ^^'
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  24. oh nah you're perfectly fine, just didn't want you guys to be left out lol
  25. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Ikumi Arashki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18

    Appearance: Ikumi is quite tall for her age and gender, standing at about 5’8”. With her honey tan complexion comes her hazel eyes and ombré hair ranging from black to purple. Her attire consists of a black leather jacket and a plain yellow tee. Upon her hands are some fingerless gloves with an extra silver bracelet with the 4 card suite. Her lower appendages supports ridiculously small denim shorts and black high knee boots.

    Magic: Playing Card Magic - Unlike Cana’s cards where it’s tarot cards, Ikumi’s deck consists of playing cards, the ones for gambling. This magic is surrounded by luck. As a holder’s spacial magic, the user summons thirteen cards at random from the full 52 card deck. Playing different variations of cards grant different spells, this is where Ikumi’s magic is similar to Cana’s. For instance, if a singular Jack is thrown out, then an elemental spell would be granted. And if a straight is played, then a creature can be summoned. Again it’s all circulated around the premise of the “heart of the cards.”

    Personality: Ikumi is a go with the flow type of gal. She’s loud and potentially obnoxious during many instances. But her hearts in the right place. Ikumi can sometimes be brutally honest as well as “feelings” really isn’t her forte. She doesn’t know the concept of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it.” If she doesn’t like something or she thinks you’re bad at what you do, she blurts it out. As her magic is surrounded by playing cards, she is also quite a gambler, granted also being quite good at it.
    TLDR; Straightforward, Go with the flow, Obnoxious
  26. Character Sheet:

    Name: Aria Verletzt

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Aria stands at 6'0 and weighs 124 lbs. She has heavily tanned skin, silver hair tied in a bun and blue eyes. Her clothes are...less than stylish, being stitched together from different clothes she liked but she either outgrew or tore, causing her to be quite the eyesore with clashing colors everywhere. Although the clothes look like garbage, she refuses to get rid of them and prefers to fix them over getting new ones.

    Magic: Shadow Magic.

    Personality: Aria, in stark contrast to her magic, is a very optimistic and happy-go-lucky person and tends to look for the good in people and actions. Although she might come off as a bit obnoxious, she means well and respects the personal space of people. Usually. She sometimes uses her magic when bored to scare people, though she means no harm.
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  27. I feel like given the number of mages who may appear in the bandit scene, we either need another intro spot for others or beef up the bandits cause these three seem like they'll be outnumbered and overpowered leaving some of our characters without chance to flex a little for it.
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  28. And the fact two are slayers.
  29. I mean, we can either say they have some hax items on hand to beef up their power or are part of a larger gang to give more mooks to beat up. Or I can toss in a wildcard with my character to help with this.

    When I post. Sorry, lot of tests this week working on it bit by bit when I can ^^'
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  30. Oh! You guys don't have to have them involved in the bandit scene if you dont want :o
    I just did that as a chance to intro mine and probably a couple others, you guys can introduce in whatever way you'd like, I just wanted you guys to be able to get a post in, haha.

    You're more than welcome to be more involved with the whole giant pig scenario Barefoot_Kittens has going on, because soon after Shouta's bandits are dealt with the boars will most likely be overrunning Magnolia for a little bit, so that could give us all a chance to work together (if thats what Barefoot_ had in mine!)
  31. ....or this works too lol

    I should have waited to post that XD
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  32. I see. Well then others who have yet to introduce go to the giant pig area, think we have enough for the bandit thing as it is.
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  33. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    @Platinum_ , is my character accepted? Just making sure before I can actually start roleplaying
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  34. The pigs are at the edge of town- feel free to make as many or make them as strong as you want :D
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  35. Accepted !
    ye ye accepted u are
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  36. Maybe a touch hypocritical given I just posted but maybe we should wait for Crimson before going too far ahead to give him a fair chance to get involved with the action?
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  37. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    That would be nice, but it shouldn’t be too bad Bc I’m writing up a post right now
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  38. Okay so which of the three bandits is Theo going after @Barefoot_Kittens as one teleported to a roof but your post implied all three teleported so are you attacking the two in the town or the one up on the building? Or all 3?
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  39. @Sarah316 none :D Sorry for a confusing post, Theo's just kinda chilling on the sideline. When I wrote "both teleported" I meant that the bandits did, Theo didn't go anywhere. If you want him too- I can totally have him head after the one in the building; but as of right now that one is still open, I believe.
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