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Ask to Join Fairy Tail RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by solitaire524, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    (To join or talk about this roleplay, please go to the discussion thread here)

    Hana stood in front of the requests board, looking each job over with a keen eye. An exact copy of her stood beside her, examining the jobs she missed. This copy was not a clone or a twin, but her favourite Celestial Spirit: Gemini.

    "What about this one?" Gemini suggested, pointing to a piece of paper with a hand exactly like Hana's, right down to the scar on her thumb. Hana reached up, cursing her below average height and taking the request from the board. She skimmed over it. It was your standard job request, except it had a rather large reward for such a simple job. All she had to do was defeat a monster who lived within the woods next to a village, so why were there so many jewels on the line? Not that she was complaining!

    "Nice eye, Gemini." Hana grinned, only noticing the rhyme after she'd already spoken. Gemini smiled back, copying the way one side of Hana's lip curled more than the other. The Celestial Mage sighed happily and turned away from the board, looking around the Guild Hall. Perhaps she should ask someone to come with her...

  2. The front doors of the Fairy Tail guild hall opened, and out appeared three silhouettes, each shining so radiantly from the light from outside. I was almost a beautiful sight, but then...

    "WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE TO DISTRACT ME DURING MY FIGHT, GREY!?" Nashi exclaimed, slamming her fist unto Grey (Jr)'s head.

    Grey (Jr) glared back at Nashi, and exclaimed, "You were the one who brought the monster we were trying to defeat into the village we were suppose to protect!"

    Nashi slammed her head unto Grey (Jr)'s, and said, "I could've defeated the monster faster if it weren't for you making that Water Wall, or whatever! So, it's all your fault!"

    Aspen looked at the two wizards, and said quietly, "G-guys, it's o-ok now. We m-managed to defeat the m-monster and get the r-reward."

    Grey (Jr) sighed, and then said, "Aspen's right, let's quit this squabble, and get back to doing whatever."

    Nashi humphed, and said, "Fine. See you two later."

    And like that, all three wizards parted ways.
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  3. Meliai walked into the guild hall, cupping the small amount of jewels from her previous travel. The jewels were not enough for the book she wanted, so Meliai decided to go to the job board and find whatever was both easy and would make a lot of money. She ripped a pile of request form the board and began to skim through them. "Uggh" she audibly groans, not caring who hears her. she carries the stack of request to a corner of the guild hall and began to carefully study the papers while eating a pre-made salad.
  4. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Lucas was casually having a drink at the bar and arranging his collection of Celestial Spirits, until the guild's silence was broken. Of course, it was the rowdy duo of Grey (Jr) and his sister, Serafine. It was better off to not interrupt their rowdiness and wait until it dies down. The argument luckily didn't turn to one of those huge famous Fairy Tail fights and died down quickly. As Serafine separated from the Fullbuster twins, Lucas quickly moved in and intervened. "So, how did the mission go?" Lucas asked his sister. Having adapted his father's side of the family, it was quite common to hear destruction coming from Serafine. "Destroy anything?" Lucas asked with a raised eyebrow.
  5. Nashi looked up at Lucas, and said, "The mission went great! If only it wasn't for Grey, I could've defeated the monster much easier!"

    Nashi might've been the rowdy type, but she greatly respected her brother, and had never been rude to him before.

    Lucas then mentioned if she destroyed anything, and she started to get quiet. "Um..." she said, "Nope. Nothing at all. Everything was peachy."

    Then out of nowhere, a random guild member said, "Did you hear how half a village got destroyed? Apparently they said it was after a Fairy Tail member finished their job. I wonder who it might've been?"

    Nashi started to look away, and sheepishly laugh.
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  6. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Serafine." Lucas said sternly. "You know how mom would react if she found out about this. Dad may be more lenient, but mom is more strict." Lucas gave a slight sigh to see how much more trouble Serafine may have caused. "What was your mission though?" Lucas asked curiously. It wasn't often, well.. shouldn't be often that Grey and Serafine would go on missions together. Those two working together is quite shocking actually.
  7. Nashi looked down, and said, "I know. I got way over my head. I'm sorry, Lucas."

    Lucas then asked what the mission was about, and Nashi said, "The mission was to deal with some Ice Demons in some village. They were missing with the forest and fields, or whatever, and their crops weren't growing. I wanted to ask Uncle Grey for help, since he's an ice wizard, but Uncle Grey went on a mission with dad, mom, and Aunt Erza. So I decided to ask Aspen, since he was the closest to an ice wizard, but then Grey had to come along. Something along the lines of 'do you really think I'll let you alone with my brother'. So yeah, I found all the demons, and was easily able to take them down with the help of Aspen and Grey. But then suddenly, all of the demons fused into this one gigantic monster thing! It was crazy, but I was able to defeat it like it was nothing!"

    Grey (Jr) popped out of nowhere, and then said, "Yeah, if you call destroying half a village 'nothing'."

    Nashi glared at Grey (Jr), and said, "You wanna go, Grey!"

    Grey (Jr) glared back, and said, "And what if I do?"

    The two then slammed their heads unto each other, glaring at each menacingly, and had their magical aura surrounding them.
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  8. Cassandra looked over at Grey (Jr) and Serafine from one of the bar stools "your back huh" Cassandra said as she got up and walked over to Lucas "you had no chance of stopping this from happening" Cassandra said as she watched Grey (Jr) and Serafine "want me to step in?" She asked Lucas with a small grin on her face
  9. Arya smiled as she walked into the guild, per usual Serafine and Grey were fighting- otherwise though the guild hall was quiet. With a hum she examined the request bored before shrugging. She didn't go out much, not unless another member asked her to go- she liked working t the guildhall though so it wasn't a big deal. She lifted a brow as bickering once again broke out, yet she smiled... in a way the guild needed their loudness. Everyone had their role and it kept the guild what it is today, she was fine with it.

    Imizu growled as an older man shoved him out of the way. "Hey! Where's my pay?" he yelled but the man just pretended to ignore him, darkly tinted water swirled around Imizu's hand but he managed to control it, "I defeated that thing with my bare hands and you saw it!" he ontinued to argue even though it was pointless, the man wouldn't pay him because apparently his pay was the fact that he 'flooded their home'. With a huff Imizu walked away muttering to himself, once back to the guild hall Serafine and Grey fighting was the first thing he saw, "Shut up!" he yelled at them as his already short temper grew more apparent
  10. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Lucas gave another sigh as the rivals were back at it again. Suddenly Cassandra appeared behind Lucas. Lucas gave a slight shrug. "It's inevitable. If my dad and Grey Senior are still arguing up to this day, it's a no brainer that the Fullbusters and Dragneels would compete." Lucas said to Cassandra. "If you want, by all means go ahead. I was planning to ignore them, but be my guest if you want to stop them from fighting." Lucas and Aspen were practically the only sane siblings. Grey Jr and Serafine were always butting heads. And there was Ara Fullbuster too, but that's a different story.
  11. Meliai racked her brain over the ridiculous "conditions" these request had, some require to be a master chef. One said only tall wizards allowed. The jobs she could apply for had basically no jewels to get. Meliai was starting to get irritated and hearing fullbuster and dragneel fight definitely did not help. She began to loudly chew on her salad and proceed to touch the table. The wooden grain helped her to relax and helped to remind her there was nothing to worry about. Hopefully, she thought, they will stop before i even need to do anything.
  12. Cassandra smiled and then turned to Grey (Jr) and Serafine "ok now it's my turn to have a little fun" Cassandra said as a dark aura began to surround her "let's think, what should I do with you two?" Cassandra said before widening her smile "how about I give you to the count of ten to stop" Cassandra said "and trust me you don't want to know what happens when I get to ten" Cassandra added threateningly
  13. Nashi and Grey (Jr) ignored everyone around them, including Cassandra, and were still glaring at each other

    The two mage's fists then flared up with magical energy, and they started handing out blows at one another. Each blow shaking the guild hall.

    Nashi dodged one of Grey (Jr)'s punches, and landed a "Sun Dragon Crushing Claws" kick straight to Grey (Jr)'s face.

    The blow caused Grey (Jr) to fly across the guild, but then he quickly got up, and made a "Water Make: Giant Fist" and landed a blow to Nashi's face, causing her to fly across the other direction of the guild.

    The two then started sending blow after blow once again.
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  14. Cassandra gritted her teeth and began to count "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!" Cassandra said before she let out a sigh "why arn't I surprised" Cassandra said before the dark aura surrounding her grew stronger "Satan Soul: Aosoth!" Cassandra yelled as her body began to change two big grey horns came out of her head and her arms, legs, chest and face began to become scaly and purple, Cassandras fingers on her right hand became claws while her left hand began to radiate a feint purple and her eyes began to glow purple, Cassandra then attempted to grab both Grey (Jr) and Serafine by there hair "when your being talked too listen!"
  15. Nashi and Grey (Jr) charged themselves up to the point where their magical energy had covered their whole entire bodies, and they were both about to land there finishing blow, until, suddenly, Cassandra grabbed the two of them by their hair.

    The two mage's started grunting out of pain, but both showing their aggression differently. With Grey (Jr) saying, "Ow ow ow ow ow! Come on, Cassandra, let go of my hair!" and Nashi spouting out, "You wanna go Cassandra! I'll fight you too!" All the meanwhile, she was spitting out fire.
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  16. Cassandra grinned "if you want to fight me your welcome to but I can't guarantee that you'll come back in one piece" Cassandra said before turning her head away "and say it don't spray it, jeez" Cassandra said before throwing them out of the guild hall "now come back in once you've learnt some manners!" Cassandra exclaimed before turning back into her normal self and walking back towards the bar passing Lucas on the way "there done" she said before getting back to the bar to continue her drink
  17. As Grey (Jr) and Nashi were being thrown out, they were still continuing their bickering.

    "This is all your fault, Grey!" exclaimed Nashi, "None of this would've happened if you hadn't butted in!"

    Grey (Jr) glared back at Nashi, and exclaimed, "You're the one who got mad over something so petty!"

    The two of them then started rumbling outside of the guild hall, and into the streets of Magnolia.


    Aspen sighed, and thought to himself, Onii-san sure does like to fight with Nashi a lot.

    Aspen then went up to the request board, looking for a job for him and Grey (Jr) to do.
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  18. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    The guild door, once again per usual, kicked open, showing off that someone came home confidently. In came Lauren Dreyar and Lilac Strauss, two of the Take-Over cousins in Fairy Tail. "We're back!" Lilac called out confidently. She gave out a giant smirk to show that they were successful. "Yes, we're home." Lauren exclaimed mildly, not like her loud cousin.

    Lucas just having from recovered fro the Dragneel and Fullbuster fight turned around from the bar once again to greet the members. "Hey Lauren, Lilac. How was the mission?" Lucas asked. Lauren was about to answer the Celestial Mage when Lilac suddenly rusted aloud. "The mission went great!" Lilac boasted. "We defeated the monster and I gained a new take-over along the way!" Lucas, being younger than both the cousins, just nodded along to whatever Lilac was spurting aloud.

    Lauren then cleared her throat. "Well the giant Vulcan wasn't really much to deal with." Lauren said as she made her way behind the bar, where she took over her mother's job. "It really was just disturbing a nearby village, and we just had to make it stop from rampaging." Lucas gave a smile of amusement. "Well, I'm just glad everything worked out alright."

    Lilac, still overly excited about her new take-over form, couldn't keep her mouth shut. "I gained a new take-over!" Lilac said excitedly. "Which I completely did on my own!" Lilac then exclaimed a spell for her to transform. "Fairy Soul: Undine!" Lilac basked in a radiant light and transformed into some sort of floating mermaid. Her legs disappeared and reappeared with a mermaid tail.Her arms disappeared too, replaced with wavy glossy fins. The form hinestly looked gorgeous. Plus it was almost as if she was levitating. "Well what do you think?" Lilac asked confidently. "Impressive is it not?" Lucas, knowing better to disregard Lilac, gave a small smile. "Impressive indeed."
  19. Arya took cover behind a newly made shield just in case the fight got out or hand. A flash caught her attention as Lilac used her take-over magic. She looked amazing, Arya's magic wasn't very cool, or pretty, or flashy but she liked it. Cassandra broke up the fight it seemed, to her relief- some of the mages here were a force to be reckoned with. In the corner sat Melaiai, she never did much interaction with the rest of the guild. Arya walked up to the seemingly crossed female and agave her a brief smile "Find a request you like?" she asked.

    Imizu growled when he was ignored, "Such annoying brats." he muttered before slouching in a chair, "I need alcohol!"- he didn't even like alcohol, it was too bitter but it was the thought that counted. Once thrown out Imizu rolled his eyes as yet another loud guild-member walked in- out of all the guilds he was instructed to go to the most obnoxious. Although the youngest in the guild, he may be one of the most mature members. Heaving himself upright Imizu gruffly mumbled something inaudible to himself before a new request caught his eyes. "1,000,000 jewel-" he gaped before ripping it off the wall so nobody else could see it. But after ready Imizu scoffed, the flyer read that it needed a team of at least 4 wizards.
  20. Meliai turned to her much more tolerable guild member. "Its moments like these that make me really not like being in the guild. I mean, those guys make a mess and then just run out for some else to clean it." Meliai puts her foot onto the floor and begins to merge with it. The broken tables and the door begin to awkwardly fix themselves with unrefined wood. After the hall looks somewhat better she stops merging and turns to Arya with a job request. "So far all i found were these stupid missions." The flyer said Emergency mission, flying lightning wizards needed. She glances over a the board and Imizu. "Yo, Imizu, bring over some of those request. And make sure they don't have stupid rules to them.
  21. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Hana looked up curiously as Imizu snatched a request from the board. She frowned thoughtfully before rising from her seat in the Guild hall and walking over, sword and keyring stuck to her belt. She'd always liked Imizu, if only because he was the only member of the Guild who was shorter than her, even if it was only because of the age difference... She was going to enjoy being tall for once in her life!

    As she drew close she noticed he looked irritated, scoffing at the request he'd previously seen very eager to take. The Celestial Mage stopped beside him and asked, "Is everything okay? Is there something wrong with the request?"
  22. As Grey and Nashi continued their fighting, they immediately stopped due to some blaring of horns.

    The town of Magnolia then started shaking, and all of the buildings were moving to make some kind of trail.

    Grey and Nashi were excited about this however, because they knew exactly what this meant.... Their parents had finally returned! The four mages that had left were standing their from the entrance, looking at the town. These mages being, Natsu, Lucy, Grey, and Erza!

    Grey and Nashi immediately started running towards the mages, and each went to their parents.

    Nashi immediately ran towards Natsu and Lucy, and hugged them both. "Mom! Dad!" Nashi exclaimed, "You guys are back!"
    Natsu chuckled, and then said, "Yeah, we are! Sorry we took longer than we expected, princess."
    Nashi blushed, and then said, "Don't call me 'princess' in front of Grey! It's embarrassing! But...I'm glad that you're back!"

    Grey (Jr) went to hug his dad, Grey (Sr), and said, "Dad! You're back! Mom missed you a lot, and I mean a lot."
    Grey (Sr) smiled, and then said, "I bet she did. So, why don't we go back to the guild. I bet everyone is expecting our arrival."
    Grey (Jr) smiled back, and said, "Yeah, and while we're at it, why not tell me about the mission!"


    Meanwhile, back at the guild, Aspen felt the shaking of the town, and knew exactly what was going on. "Glad to see they're all back," Aspen muttered.
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  23. Arya shrugged, "They're a handful." she said with a laugh- "But atleast we have people that can fix things." she shrugged with a still calming smile. She checked over the flyers, it seemed that request were getting more and more specific with time. She wished she could help, "I'm sure you'll find something. With a magic as unique as your's there is plenty of jobs needing of it out their. Just have patience." she smiled.

    Imizu heard Maliai and huffed, they were all low paying except for the ones in need of stupid requirements. "What makes them think I can't do this my by myself." he said gruffly, apparently all it was was to find and chase out a group of hidden terrorist in the town. Only one request suited him with his water ability, and it was a plumbing job. He looked up at Hanna before shoving the piece of paper at her, "What are they gonna do if I go alone? Kick me out?".
    By then Arya had shown up beside him, "Why don't you make a team to go with you?" she didn't understand why some guild members were so reluctant to work with the others.
  24. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    "I agree with Arya." Hana mused, looking over the job request. The job itself seemed fairly simple, so it would seem that the group part was purely a precaution. "It shouldn't be too hard to find Guild members who'd go with you. I'm open for a job right now, so you've got two people already!" She was more than open. She hadn't taken one in a few days and was really hoping for some way to get some money at this point. A job without requirements, like this one, was the answer to her prayers.​
  25. "i'm going". Meliai states, as though it was obvius. "Beating up some thugs sound pretty easy. and even if we split the jewels i will have enough for my own projects." Meliai pushes the other jobs away and contemplates on what to bring for this trip. "If its far away we can borrow my aunts wagon. That way we can carry what we need."
  26. After some time, all of the mages had entered the Fairy Tail guild hall.

    Nashi ran up to Lucas, and said, "Lucas! Lucas! Mom and Dad are back!"

    Grey (Jr) then ran up to Aspen, and basically said the same thing.

    Natsu and Lucy then went up to Nashi and Lucas. Lucy then said to Lucas, "How have things been, sweetie? I hope Nashi wasn't too much trouble while we were gone." Natsu just chuckled, and said, "It's fine if she did! Nashi's our little powerhouse!" Nashi smiled, and then said, "Dad! How about we have a sparring match!?" Natsu smiled back, and said, "Yeah! But I won't hold back!" "I wouldn't want you to!"

    Nashi and Natsu then ran out of the guild, and near the mountains (Because of the two of them always wrecking the guild into rubble after sparring, they head out to the mountains).

    Lucy chuckled, and thought, Those two will never change, huh?


    Meanwhile with the Fullbuster family.....

    "Grey-sama!" exclaimed Juvia as she ran up to Grey (Sr) with tears on her face, and giving him a big hug. "Juvia thought you wouldn't return, Grey-sama! Why do you always leave me alone!"

    Grey (Sr) smiled, and then said, "I'm glad to back too."

    The Fullbuster family then started talking about the mission Grey (Sr) went to and other stuff.


    Meanwhile in the mountains......

    Nashi and Natsu started stretching, and glaring at each other with smirks.

    "Alright, dad. Ready when you are," Nashi said. "I was born ready," her father retorted.

    In then, in moments notice, Nashi ran up to Natsu, and exclaimed, "Sun Dragon Iron Fist!" She aimed to punch Natsu in the face, but he was easily able to grab Nashi's fist. "You've gotten faster. Have you been training?" Natsu said. Nashi got annoyed, and then exclaimed, "Sun Dragon Crushing Talons!" Nashi then started sending Natsu devastating kicks, each causing craters to form, but Natsu was still easily able to dodge them. Natsu smirked, and then said, "It's time to finish this." Natsu then grabbed Nashi by her leg, and slammed her unto the floor. The impact caused Nashi to be shocked, and she couldn't move. "You've gotten better, Nashi. Can't wait to fight you when you get even stronger," Natsu said.

    Aw, man. I lost to dad, again, was all that Nashi was thinking.


    Back at the guild, all of the fight's ruckus could be heard.

    Lucy sighed, and then said, "Looks like those two are at it again." But I guess that's Natsu and his daughter for you.
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  27. "Whatever, I guess it's enough Jewel to split 4 ways." he rolled his eyes before quickly saying, "But we're not a group, we're just associates.". Imizu read over the paper, his bright blue gaze trying to find a location. "It's down south past Hargeon." he muttered- he was always terrible at geography. "I swear to god is one of you hold us back, I'll end you!" he snapped before leaving the flyer on the table, "Pack your stuff, we're leaving in an hour." he said swiftly. He wasn't one to wait about after discovering a request, besides he didn't have anything to bring anyhow.

    Arya grinned, "Hey, I can make 4!" she looked down at Imizu who twitched before releasing a sigh. She smiled and turned to Maliai, "Guess the opportunity came quicker than I though," she grinned. Arya then left the guildhall and went to her own home where she packed a in a small back-pack before returning for her mission.
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  28. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Lucas turned his attention away from Lilac and Lauren as he heard Serafine calling out for him. "Oh!" Lucas called out excitedly. He jogged over to Team Natsu where both Grey Jr. and Serafine were. "Welcome back mom, dad!" Lucas greeted his parents. Lucas then responded to Lucy's question with a smug. "Well..... Serafine hasn't been doing TOO much trouble lately. So I that's a good thing." Lucas said while looking at his sister. Before he could ask his dad how the mission went, both Natsu and Serafine had left the guild hall already for another sparring battle. Seeing that his father wasn't present at the moment, Lucas turned his attention to his mother. "Well, how did the mission go?" Lucas asked. 'Wow, have I been asking the same question over again?'

    As for Lauren and Lilac, they went their own separate ways after the small family reunion. Lauren headed towards Cassandra, a fellow Take-Over mage such as he family line. "So how have things been?" Lauren asked Cassandra hoping to make small talk, girl to girl. Lilac ,on the other hand, headed towards the bar to get herself a drink after boasting herself all over the place.
  29. Lucy sighed, and told Lucas, "The mission went like it always does. Your father and Uncle Grey went overboard and nearly destroyed more than what they had to. Ugh....I just hope nothing that crazy happened with you."

    Natsu and Nashi then entered the guild hall.

    Lucy looked at the two, and asked, "So, how did your little spar go?"

    Nashi ran up to Lucy, and said, "It went great! I lost!" Natsu laughed, and patted Nashi's head. He then said, "That's my little girl!" Natsu then remembered something, and then he said, "Lucas. Nashi. I brought you two something." Natsu then reached into his pocket, and he took out two shining purple scales with strings attached to them. "These scales are from the demon we just defeated. They looked interesting, so I thought I could give them to you two."

    Nashi was in awe at the scales, and gladly grabbed the necklace out of her father's hand. She then put the necklace on. "Thanks, dad!"
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  30. Meliai dashed out of the guild. Running past the that just came in. She quickly reached her aunts flower shop and scraped together a couple of food and her wooden staff. To her, an hour to prepare wasn't necessarily much but she made do with it and tried pacing back to the guild.
  31. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Oh!" Lucas said surprised for the second time of the day. "Thanks dad!" Lucas said as he gave a nod in acknowledgment. He took the necklace and wore it around his neck. The purple scale glistened in the lighting as it hung down from Lucas' neck. Lucas paused for a bit though. "These are demon scales, right?' Lucas asked. "Is it safe?" Lucas asked warily. Having heard stories of what demons can do from the older generations of Fairy Tail, it is safe to presume something can happen with the scale and what not.
  32. Natsu laughed, and said, "I think it should be okay! I did carry them with me through the whole trip here."

    Lucy sighed, and said, "If our kids become some sort of monsters, I'll be the one to end you personally."

    Natsu laughed sheepishly.

    Nashi, on the other hand, then said, "That would be cool! If I was a monster I'd have even greater power! Then I could probably beat dad!"

    Lucy sighed once more, and then said to Natsu, "See what you had to do?"

    Natsu laughed, and said, "What? It's fine!"
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  33. Cassandra turned to Lauren "well well well if it isn't Lauren" Cassandra said with a smile "Things have been pretty good actually" Cassandra said in reply "you know for one it was kinda calm" Cassandra said before turning to look at Serafine and Grey (Jr) "well used to be anyway" Cassandra then took another sip of her drink "is there anything in particular you want to talk about?" Cassandra asked
  34. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Lucas gave a slight chuckle at his parent's disagreement and Serafine's incompetence. Sometimes, it feels as though he's the most mature one in the house. Anyways Lucas looked at the time and remembered he hadn't done a job today yet. He wanted something simple, but not too simple for a job. "Anyone up for a job with me?" Lucas asked aloud to no one in general. He liked going on missions with friends, it's never lonely then. He's itching for a good rumble and he wanted to continue on working his Celestial Spirit Magic.
    Lauren shook her head for Cassandra's question. "No not really." Lauren said. "Just wanted to do some small talk that's all." Lauren quieted down for a bit not knowing what to say after that bit. But a sudden thought came into mind, "Hey, I was just wondering: Where did you learn your Take-Over Magic from? And how did you defeat your demon to get their soul?" Lauren asked out of curiosity.
  35. Nashi went up to Lucas, and said, "What if we go together? We haven't been on much missions since we were younger. I think it would be nice."

    Grey (Jr) drifted from his family, and went up to Nashi. He then said, "Don't lie, Nashi. You just want to beat up one of Lucas' Celestial Spirits, don't you?"

    Nashi glared at Grey (Jr), and said, "Why don't you stop butting in, Grey?" The two then started their usual antics once again.

    Lucy looked on from a distance, and sighed. Looks like somethings never change, I'm just glad Natsu and Grey are a little more mature....

    Grey (Sr) and Natsu then started slamming their heads unto each other. "What do you think your kid is doing to my princess?" Natsu said, and Grey told Natsu, "Your kid is most likely the one who started it, knowing you."

    Lucy didn't even look surprised. Or maybe not.
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  36. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Lucas gave another sigh with the Fullbuster/Dragneel argument. But honestly, Grey Jr did have a small point. "You better not under estimate my spirits Serafine." Lucas said to his younger sister. His spirits were strong too, in his opinion. "here how about this, I know you guys just came back from a mission," Lucas said to both Fullbuster and Dragneel. "Grey Jr., you're coming too, also bring your brother, Aspen, as well." Lucas claimed. Lucas headed over to the request board not wanting to hear any possible complaints from the rivals. Lucas' eyes scanned the board to see any possible, entertaining missions. Something that includes some possible sparring please. Finally something caught his eye. Treasure Hunting Guild terrorizing Town. Perfect!

    "Alright guys! I found a perfect job for you guys. It's in a nearby down." Lucas then looked at Serafine. "Don't worry, there's most likely fighting involved."
  37. Nashi humphed, and then said, "I just want to see how strong I am compared to your spirits. My dad fought them once, and I just wanna scale myself."

    Grey (Jr) sighed, and then said, "You really are reckless."

    Lucas then brought up the mission, and Nashi got excited. "Yes!" she exclaimed, "Punching people right now will be a blast!"

    Grey (Jr) looked away, and said, "I'll pass. One mission with Nashi is enough. Two is just a nightmare." He then looked back and said, "Besides, Aspen and I already found a job. So I'll see you two later."

    Nashi humphed, and looked away from Grey (Jr). He always thinks he's so cool.
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  38. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Alright then." Lucas said as he waved to Aspen and Grey Jr. as he began to walk towards the guild hall doors. "Alright Serafine, it's in a nearby town, but I'd rather get this done by today." Lucas said to the Sun Dragon Slayer. "So we are going to go by train." Lucas said cheekily. He could already here the groans and complaints coming. "Don't worry though, the reward is 400,000 Jewels though. The guild must be pretty bad then. But we can most likely handle it." Lucas took out his key chains and looked at his keys individually, planning on which spirits to summon for the request.
  39. And like Lucas had predicted, Nashi had already started groaning and complaining.

    "Ugh, fine," Nashi said, after she stopped complaining, "But those treasure hunters better be worth my time."


    Grey (Jr) and Aspen were already on a train heading to their next job.

    Grey (Jr) then looked at Aspen, and said, "So, what's the mission anyways?" Aspen looked back at Grey (Jr), and said, "I-it's a-a treasure hunting guild. T-they're apparently terrorizing a town."

    Grey (Jr) then stood their quietly. Aspen started calling out his name, but he didn't seem to pay attention.

    Grey (Jr) then thought, Don't tell me.... they must've posted that mission twice on the request board!

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" Grey (Jr) exclaimed, "I have to go on another mission with Nashi!"
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    It was an excruciating one and a half hour for both Lucas and Serafine. Serafine because of her dragon slayer sickness and Lucas because of his younger sister's complaints. That was one thing he can't ever can get used to. Luckily for them both, they have arrived to the town of Shirotsume. "Serafine, we're here." Lucas called to his sick sister. The town seemed pretty quiet. It was almost like the town was deserted.

    It was all quiet until Lucas crossed an alley where someone was beating up a young woman. With his quick instinct and hand-on-hand combat skills, Lucas took out the rouge and escorted the woman to safety. "Excuse me, but you don't happen to live here do you?" The woman gave a nod. "Yes and thank you for saving me. You must be one of those guild wizards." Lucas gave a confused look but nodded. "Yes ma'am, how did you know?" The woman gave a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness you've came, majority of the townspeople have been sending out requests nonstop, hoping they would get out as the Treasure Hunter Guild has been destroying our requests after they found out we've been asking for help."

    Lucas gave a disbelieving look in shock. "Ma'am do you have any info on this guild?" The woman nodded and began to give out the details. "The guild goes by the name of (Can't think of one), the guild is filled with hunters who knows how to use their weaponry and infamous of theft. That's all I know about them." Lucas gave a slight nod. "Thank you ma'am. Let's get going Serafine!"

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