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Ask to Join Fairy Tail RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by solitaire524, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    The Kingdom of Fiore; a neutral country of 17 million people; a world of magic. Magic is bought and sold there every day. It is an integral part of people's lives.

    And there are those who use magic as their occupation. Those people are referred to as wizards. The wizards belong to various guilds, and perform jobs on commission. There are a large number of guilds within the country.

    And in a certain city there lies a certain guild. A guild from which various legends were once born. Or rather, will continue to be born long into the future.

    And its name is... Fairy Tail!

    Yep. This is happening, people. I've seen a couple Fairy Tail roleplays on here, but they're all full and already roleplaying, so it's hard to join. And since nobody else seemed inclined to make another, I'm doing it!

    OC Form
    Guild Mark (colour and location):
    Love Interest:
    Magic (only one type; Celestial Keys go here):
    RP Example:


    Guild Master

    Laxus Dreyar

    S-Class Wizards

    (S-Class must be earned in this roleplay. If your character wishes to be an S-Class wizard, let me know so that I can start to plan things out)
    Lauren Dreyar // Thunder Devil Slayer/Take Over: Satan Soul // @Crims0n
    Rea Yuuko // Solid Script Magic // @SamCats

    Hana Akira // Celestial Mage // @SamCats
    Samantha Burke // Sand Dragon Slayer // @skycaptain
    Serafine Dragneel // Sun Dragon Slayer // @SS-I Never
    Grey Fullbuster (Junior) // Water Make: Magic // @SS-I Never
    Aspen Fullbuster // Snow Magic // @SS-I Never
    Shiro Hiraga // Celestial Mage // @Platinum_
    Meliai Fraxer // Great Tree Arc // @Sentorus67
    Arya Gian // Wood Make: Magic // @9012_dirt
    Imizu Katstini // Water God Slayer // @9012_dirt
    Lucas Dragneel // Celestial Mage // @Crims0n
    Naomi Clemente // Ring Magic // @Dapper_Cat
    Cassandra Slade // Take Over Magic: Satan Soul // @Lil Eliza123
    Lilac Strauss // Take Over: Fairy Soul // @Crims0n
    Karsi Eidsness // Requip: The Knight // @Satokuye
    Draxon Eminy // Command T // @CosmicDreams

    A Quick Note
    I am not allowing any more of these!

    Celestial Wizards: I'm not allowing any more of these.
    To keep things simple, you can roleplay your Celestial Spirits. Also, to make things fair, you are allowed to have a golden key even if someone else already has it. You just can't summon them at the same time as someone else is.

    That might just be the longest post I've ever written. Took me at least half an hour. Man, I really like this show. Anyway, I hope to see a bunch of you joining and roleplaying here!

    Have fun!​
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  2. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Name: Hana Akira
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Boop
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Very dark blue, on her upper right arm
    Personality: TBRP
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Love Interest: Open
    Magic (only one type; Celestial Keys go here): Celestial Mage; Virgo, Gemini, Lyra, Caelum

    Rea Yuuko
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Boop
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Dark purple, on her lower back
    Personality: TBRP
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Love Interest: ^^
    Magic (only one type; Celestial Keys go here): Solid Script Magic

    RP Example: Hana stood in front of the requests board, looking each job over with a keen eye. An exact copy of her stood beside her, examining the jobs she missed. This copy was not a clone or a twin, but her favourite Celestial Spirit: Gemini.

    "What about this one?" Gemini suggested, pointing to a piece of paper with a hand exactly like Hana's, right down to the scar on her thumb. Hana reached up, cursing her below average height and taking the request from the board.

    She skimmed over it. It was your standard job request, except it had a rather large reward for such a simple job. All she had to do was defeat a monster who lived within the woods next to a village, so why were there so many jewels on the line? Not that she was complaining!

    "Nice eye, Gemini." Hana grinned, only noticing the rhyme after she'd already spoken. Gemini smiled back, copying the way one side of Hana's lip curled more than the other. The Celestial Mage sighed happily and turned away from the board, starting towards the entrance of the Guild Hall.​
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  3. Name: Samantha Burke
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (Attached)
    5'6, 120 lbs
    Guild Mark (color and location): Orange, left shoulder
    Personality: Sam is quite hard on herself and she constantly seeks ways to better herself. She is prone to pushing herself too hard. While she is not opposed to grouping up, she can be frustratingly independent frequently declining peoples offers to help her with anything that she only sees as "her problem". She respects versatility more than mastery of a single aspect. Not very analytical, prefers a straight forward approach. She is an honest person, she can be a little blunt to how she goes about it though.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Love Interest: TBD
    Magic : Sand Dragon Slayer
    RP Example: Sam let out an annoyed sigh as she stood in the market place staring down at the grocery list. She wasn't sure why and Old ladies shopping list counted as guild member job material, but she was one that agreed to do it so she could only blame herself. She picked up some eggs and milk and kept looking around the market to complete the list. She didn't like that she had to buy everything with her own money but there wasn't anything she could really do about that.

    "I really need to go on some more exciting jobs." With the whole list complete she carried the collection of bags to the address on the list and knocked on the door to the small house. As she waited for an answer she couldn't help but notice how close the house was to the marketplace. Finally and with no warning at all the door swung open exposing a small but pleasant looking old woman who smiled up at the girl at her door.

    "Ah you must be from the guild, thank you dearie. Come in and set those on the counter." She lead Sam into the house and directed her to the kitchen counter. Sam did what she was told and turned around to find the woman sitting down. There was a long pause, Sam was awkwardly standing in this woman's house who wasn't paying any attention to her now. Finally the woman gestured for her to sit.

    "Come have a chat with an old woman for a minute, I promise haven't forgotten your payment yet. What's your name dear?"


    "Maven, It's nice to have someone to talk too." Samantha sat and talked with her for several minutes. She was surprised how much she enjoyed talking to this lady. She was handed her meager payment and finally started toward the guild with a small smile on her face.

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  4. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Accepted! :)
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  5. Is the RP going to take place on this thread? I just want to know
  6. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

  7. Name: Nashi Dragneel
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (I'll show it later)
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Scarlet, Right Hand
    Personality: Just like her father, she is rambunctious, and likes to take risks. She loves fighting more than anything, and especially loves it when she fights strong opponents. She might have her rowdy side, but unlike her father she knows when she has to be serious. She takes pride in her guild and it's members, and does everything in her power to make everyone happy.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Love Interest: None at the moment
    Magic: Sun Dragon Slayer
    RP Example:
    "Woo-hoo! I'm back everbody! Did I miss anything?" A voice exclaimed from afar. But who does that voice belong to? Why, it belongs to none other than that of Nashi. She finally came back from a mission, and was ready to finally relax.

    But....there was something Nashi had to do. Something really important....

    Nashi quickly ran up to guild's bar, and wasted all of her money on food. "Ah, this is so good," Nashi said as she chowed down on her meal. But then....(go to next character bio)

    Other: Daughter of Natsu and Lucy, and is Grey (Jr)'s rival
    Name: Grey Fullbuster (Junior)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (I'll show it later)
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Dark Blue, Left Upper Chest
    Personality: He is calm and reserved, and doesn't want to fight for a resolution. But...if something annoys him way too much, then he loses control, and his calm personality goes away.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Love Interest: None at the moment
    Magic: Water Make: Magic
    RP Example:
    "Are you seriously spending all your reward money on food?" another voice said. The voice belonged to Grey (Jr).

    Nashi glared at Grey (Jr), and said, "What's it matter to you, Grey? It's my money. I think I can do whatever I want with it!"

    Grey (Jr) looked away, and then said, "Humph, It's childish. Try spending your money more wisely."

    Nashi got up, and smashed her head against Grey (Jr)'s head. She then said, "Oh, so I'm childish? Then why don't you tell me that to my face!?"

    Grey (Jr) glared at Nashi, and said, "I don't have time to fight you."

    "Oh, really? Or is it because you're scared of losing against me?" Nashi smirked.

    Grey (Jr) sighed, and then said, "You're on."

    And like that, the fight between the two mages begun. They begun lunging fire and water attacks at one another. Destroying parts of the guild in the rampage. (.... Go to next character for more)

    Other: Son of Grey and Juvia, Nashi's rival, and twin brother to Aspen
    Name: Aspen Fullbuster
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (I'll show it later)
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Light Blue, Right Upper Chest
    Personality: Aspen is really shy, and doesn't like conflict. Even though he's shy, he still tries to cheer on his brother, or whoever's side he's on. There are times however, when he let's everything loose, and he goes berserk. In his berserk mode, he attacks whatever made him go berserk. He gets extremely shy when he is around those who he is attracted to.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Love Interest: None at the moment
    Magic: Snow Maagic
    RP Example:
    "G-Go Grey! I know y-you can d-do it!" A voice shouted from a distance. It was Aspen, trying his best to cheer on his brother.

    Grey (Jr) looked at him, and smiled. "I will! Don't you worry!" But then Grey (Jr) was punched straight in the face with Nashi's Sun Dragon Slayer Iron Fist.

    "Don't let your guard down in a battle!" Nashi exclaimed.

    "Don't have to tell me twice," Grey (Jr) muttered.

    And like that, Grey (Jr) and Nashi clashed fists once more.

    But then [Grey or Natsu] stopped there clash with his bare hands. "Alright, alright. (Natsu Response): Why didn't you guys were going to spar!? I would've loved to join! (Grey Response): Calm down, before the guild just becomes rubble."

    Grey (Jr) and Nashi looked down, and they both said in unison, "Sorry." Nashi then muttered, "I still won, though." Grey (Jr) glared at Nashi, and then said, "You wish!"

    (Either Grey or Natsu): Looks like some things will never change in this guild.

    And like that, everyone then had a merry time. Forgetting the chaos the two young mages had ensued.

    Other: Son of Grey and Juvia, and twin brother to Grey (Jr)
    Can I also RP as Grey, Juvia, Lucy and Natsu? Or are seven characters too much?​
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  8. Name: Shiro Hiraga

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Here Fam

    Guild Mark: Color - White | Located: Back Left Shoulder Blade

    Shiro is a very happy and playful person, as well as often an overbearing flirt. He tends to make friends and cherish them when in a good mood, but often has times of self-doubt and can gain a gloomy disposition. He does have a spirit of resilience, and most of the time he craves adventure, and gets himself into trouble + sticky situations, but still has no regrets.

    Magic: Celestial Spirit Mage :: Taurus, Aquarius, Cancer, Nikora (Plue)

    Sexuality: Bi

    Love Interest: N/A

    RP Example: (that is very off the dome and last minute, sorry if it sucks :'| )
    It was chaos. Everything was happening so quickly around him - war. The young celestial mage couldn't help but be intimidated by all of the fighting and outbreak of violence around him...after all, it was the first actual job that he had been on as a member of Fairy Tail. Shiro held an intricately designed golden Gate Key in his trembling hand as his eyes darted all around him. Everywhere the amber-eyed teen looked, he noticed some new enemy striking down the allies around him. The boy was frozen in fear until a terrifying opponent started charging towards him.

    "O-Open, Gate of the Golden Bull...Taurus!" The boy yelled, thrusting his arms forwards and squinting his eyes closed, as if not willing to see whatever would happen next.

    However, just as he called, a large golden magic circle materialized to life before him, and the enemy grunt stopped as he began to get caught off guard. Soon enough, amidst the shining light, a large 8 foot bull emerged, wielding an incredibly sized axe in tow. The muscle-bound bull leaped forward with a huge smirk and began hacking away at the large crowd surrounding his summoner with a plethora of slashes, strikes, and full-body bulldozing. Shiro opened his eyes slowly to see the Celestial Spirit hacking away, releasing loud "Moo"s of victory.

    Shiro had to admit, seeing the Zodiac Spirit hack his way through the enemies almost effortlessly was quite the surprise to him. He had never seen the cow-humanoid attack with such vicious movements - but then again it could just be his adrenaline. He watched in awe, but then soon realized that spacing out was a bad idea when he was shot by a magic bullet from behind. The pain was immense and felt like a tiny sun searing into his back.

    "A-Agh!!" The boy called before tumbling forwards. He looked to see it was a sharpshooter from an enemy guild, cocking his requipped gun once more and smirking. Two could play the long distance game. Shiro called back for Taurus to continue doing his thing and not to worry about him - the celestial mage was about to attempt something he hadn't done too many times before, but he knew he could pull it off. He stood back to his feet slowly while gripping one more golden key from the ring hanging from his beltloop.

    "Open, Gate of the Scorpion! Scorpio!"

    And with that little chant and a golden flash, a radical tanned man, adorning a large metallic tail, appeared beside the shaggy blonde summoner. Shiro panted, already beginning to feel the toll of a double summon such as this, but he was grateful to have been able to pull it off. It was as if he already knew his task, because it only took a quick glance at Shiro and a rock-and-roll laugh before Scorpio's large tail was aimed at the Gunner.

    "Lets dooo this thang!" Scorpio called out, before a rapid wave of sand bullets jetted out towards the shooter. The sand bullets blasted not only the gun user, but a good percentage of the area around him.

    "Hey Scorpio, how about you say we mooove this party to a more intense level?" Taurus called out from amidst a crowd of opposing grunts.

    "Hell yeah, my guy!" The scorpion spirit responded.

    Shiro laughed as he watched the two spirits collaborate - this was quite the interesting remainder of the day.
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  9. Name: Meliai Fraxer
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: long, unkempt black hair, with somewhat of a pale complexion to her, she tends to hunch so people thinks shes shorter than she really is. she wears droopy brown robes and carries a wooden staff with her

    Guild Mark: Green, Left eyelid
    Personality: Meliai is a very self-interested person. Unless she finds a reason to help, she will always choose what is the most beneficial for her. She has a high interest in art and loves to talk about types of paintings and plant life. Her aunt runs a flower shop in which she occasionally helps with.
    Sexuality: Asexual

    Love Interest: N/A
    Magic : Great Tree Ark

    RP Example: Meliai tossed the last bouquet onto the wagon. "Careful with those, they are very delicate petunias" her aunt says, carrying a bag of food. "Our customers paid a high price for them". Meliai shrugs and grabs a bonsai tree from the wagon.
    "Someone paid a high price for this?" she thought the tree looked cute, but not something you would wait a week to be delivered. Meliai hops onto the wagon while her aunt gets on top of the horse as they start their travel. As they enter through the forest path Meliai begins to dose off, thinking about her own private garden when she gets back home. At some point she felt the wagon comes to a halt and she woke up abruptly, only to try and doze off once again without checking why.
    "Well hello there madam what do you have there" she heard some people talking to her aunt. Must be bandits she thought, but decided not to do anything in hopes they would just leave. "Come on. If you just give us a little a little something we will be on our way." this was another voice,but still Meliai tried to be willfully ignorant and not act. Then finally her aunt shouted loud enough for her to hear "Meliai, please, do something." This convinced Meliai to actually get out of the wagon while holding the bonsai with her. "Can you guys go away? It's just bunch of flowers so go and rob someone else." The remark seemed to anger the bandits as one pulls out a blade while the other prepared a lightning spell. Meliai holds up the bonsai tree.
    "Auntie i don't think anyone will be mad if they didn't get this thing." As a bandit begins to attack she tosses the tree at him, immediately the tree grows to half the bandits's size, wrapping around him and rooting the bandit to the ground. The other bandit charges his lightning spell, but then trips over a root that begins to bind his legs together.
    "I'm sure they wont miss it" Meliai says, as though the bandits never even existed. She walks over the fallen and trapped lightning mage and grabs a fully bloomed purple rose "I'm sure they will love roses more, roses look much prettier." Melial hops back onto the wagon and they continue their travel, leaving the bandits to whatever comes across them.

  10. Can my character know God/Demon slayer magic?
  11. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    OK a lot of people just applied while I was asleep so sorry if I miss any of you!

    Serafine, Grey and Aspen are all accepted. Yes, you can play the parents, as long as you're able to juggle seven characters.

    Shiro is also accepted, and don't worry, the RP sample is fine :)

    Finally, Meliai is accepted. If I missed anyone, just let me know, okay?

    9012_Dirt, I'm going to say yes, but you're the only one I'm allowing.​
  12. Thanks so much! :D

    Arya Gian
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Click me!
    Guild Mark (colour and location):
    Dark green mark on her left cheek
    Personality: Arya is a kind and sweet person, she loves to please others and never complains. Although she is not a pushover, with a simple request one can get Arya to do just about any of their chores or errands. She always smiles and tries to put as much positive energy into the atmosphere as possible, she often has trouble fighting opponents weaker than her and can never bring herslef to actually harming anyone, just capturing and threatening. Arya loves children and animals, and her favorite thing to do is bake treats for the guild.
    Sexuality: Bi-sexual
    Love Interest: N/A
    Magic (only one type; Celestial Keys go here): Wood Make Magic
    Other: N/A
    RP Example: (A little bit of her past)
    "Please!" giggled Arya as she hung onto the sleeve of her older brother's coat. Only 5 at the time, she couldn't sense the fear in his eyes. "Play one last round..." she pleaded and ran to face him with a grin, but as she was met by his tears her smile immediately dropped. "D-Don't cry, I promise I'll go easy on you this time." she muttered and walked towards him attempting to laugh again, but at her approach her sibling grabbed her and squeezed her against his chest. Unfamiliar with this kind of hug she simply stood there wondering if he would ever let go, finally her brother took a step back and rested his hand on her head of dark brown hair.
    "Good luck Ary." her brother wiped a tear from his eyes before standing up and leaving, and like that there was 1. In her small cottage in the middle of nowhere she would sit and wait for her brother's return. She knew he would never leave her, because he loved her. Right? Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months when Arya decided to get up and find him. She sported a smile as she walked out into the sunlight and picked a path in the woods, even though she had nobody to play with- the hope she had fro her brother coming back still kept her heart light.
    "Hey there little guy!" she grinned as a butterfly landed on her shirt, but a loud sound startle the creatures causing it to fly off and she looked back to see smoke coming from her home.
    "Wait no!" she called with an outstretched arm as she raced back to her cottage, but it was already burning. The people responsible had vanished and left her with nothing but ashes. Several months later Arya had finished digging out all of the remaining valuables that belong to her and her brother, it wasn't much though. And the only thing that didn't crumble at her touch was a book, a book of Wood Make Magic.

    Imizu Kakstini
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Bleh (Just imagine it a bit younger, he is also slightly shorter than an average 11 year old)
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Black mark on left ribcage (typically not visible due to the abundance of clothing he wears)
    Personality: Imizu doesn't talk much, but when he does talk ti always either some sort of criticism or telling someone else to shut up. His overall negative personality is topped off by a cold edge which blocks out his emotions. Even in battle he either stays completely silent or denounces his opponent. Imizu believes that his own magic is quite strong, but he respects that other's magic has better qualities- however when taking into account the immaturity of the other members in fairytail he mostly sees a bunch of weak kids. He also doesn't understand that he is younger than most the members in fairytail, and he is constantly trying to order a beer or gamble due to the fact he thinks the members his age are lame.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Love Interest: N/A
    Magic (only one type; Celestial Keys go here): Water God slayer
    Other: The only thing known about his past is that he was sent to by a former wizard
    RP Example: (A little bit of his past)
    "Don't be stupid get out of the way!" Imizu screeched as he fought his way out of the small hole his former teacher had put him in. But the old man just looked at him with shining eyes, "If we fight together we can beat him, he's just going to incinerate you!" Imizu felt rage building up inside himself. "Stop trying to be the hero, it isn't working. You're just being selfish. What am I suppose to do with out you?!" the young boy fought back tears as the rocks around him began melting from the black tinted water that came from Imizu's body. As the cave's entrance crumbled and made room for the boy to crawl out of his eyes grew wide, a large black beam shot across the sky in the direction of his master.
    "No!" he screeched and ran to block the attack, but he tripped over himself and fell down only to be eye level as his master was torn apart by the blast. Imizu gasped and sat upright to extend a palm and shoot a hurling blast of murky water at the opposing beam, he panted as his arms grew weak sweat beads dropped down his face. Then suddenly the distant beam stopped, Imizu fell backwards with a huff and lay staring wide eyed at the sun, unable to move. "Master?" he coughed but got no response, "Master!" this time he yelled. "Get up you stupid old fool!" he lifted himself up and ignored the throbbing sensation in his head. "This isn't funny, get up!" he whispered this time as he dragged himself over the man's body to see the lifeless stare and smile of his trainer. Imizu blinked before standing, and walking back into the cave his master had built for him, there he brought his knees up to his chest and let out a silent whimper. By his feet there was a note that he didn't dare open, but he could read the first couple letters which started with 'Fair".
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  13. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Arya and Imizu are both accepted!

    I think we have enough characters by now, if everyone is okay with starting without a Master.
    Now is the time to let me know whether your character wishes to become an S-Class Wizard.
  14. There is still room here, yes?
  15. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Yes, Dapper_Cat, there is
  16. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    May I ask you to reserve that Celestial Spirit spot for me

    I'm about to sign up but just don't have the time to make a sign up sheet yet
  17. I'm okay with juggling seven characters,

    and I think that Laxus should be the master of the Neo Fairy Tail Guild.

    And, in my opinion, I think it would be best to move this thread into the discussion thread. If you want, I can contact Stellar Wind (but just to be safe, I think you guys should all credit the artists of the pictures you guys used).
  18. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Lucas Dragneel
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (Shall be draw by @SS-I Never)
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Royal Blue; Left Shoulder
    Personality: As the oldest sibling in the Dragneel family, he is obviously more mature than his younger sister Serafine. Complete opposite of his hot headed sister, he is more "grown-up" in many aspects. Taking his mother's strong-willed heart, and his father's courage, Lucas is a smart, caring, and daring may I add. Though, some downside aspects is that he could take things too seriously, whether that's fighting, or simply with a joke.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Love Interest: None as of right now
    Magic (only one type; Celestial Keys go here): (I believe you did say that multiple people can have the same spirits) Celestial Spirit Magic - Eclipse Spirits: Virgo, Aries, Taurus Silver Spirits: Pegasus, Aquilla

    RP Example: (Not Cannon of RP) Lucas had just entered the guild hall, only to see a ruckus had already ensued. Not caring for who started it and what not, Lucas padded over to the request board, starting off the day with a job. He found one that particularly caught his eye. It read: "Mages with Summoning Magic Needed!" It wasn't everyday that someone would request a specific type of mage for a request. Neither was it intriguing for a summoning mage. There wasn't really anything that could possibly require a Summoner specifically. Grabbing the request, Lucas went over to the mark to receive the mark of approval for the job. As soon as he got the approval, Lucas went on his way out the guild halls to begin packing and prepping for the request.

    Questions: Shall Eclipse Spirits have different keys? Can my OC have Eclipse Spirits?
    Other: Older Brother of Serafine Dragneel, Son of Lucy Heartfillia and Natsu Dragneel
  19. Are we RPing here or in another forum? And if necessary I don't mind making a master.
  20. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Lucas is accepted. And yes, he can have the Eclipse spirits. Should make things interesting.​
  21. Also I agree with SS that we should move this thread to discussion. This is thread just ooc and applications.
  22. Thirded. This should be moved to the Discussion boards. I also went through several quizzes to try and find a good magic I wanted to use, lol. I gave up and decided to just browse through all the magics on the wiki (ripperonis to my eyes) until I found one I liked.

    Name: Naomi Clemente
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Naomi is on the shorter side, standing at 5'2". She has a fair skin tone and long, messy brown hair going down to her hips. She has bright green eyes. She wears a black leather jacket with a white T-Shirt under said jacket. Naomi also has dark grey jeans and black sneakers. She wears multiple rings on her fingers, but she changes them up a lot.
    Guild Mark: Right side of her neck, burnt sienna.
    Personality: Naomi prefers to keep to herself, and as a result, she normally only takes Quests that require one wizard. While she's not unwilling, she usually prefers to go at it alone. She cares for her Guildmates deeply, despite the lack of time she usually spends around them.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Love Interest: To be decided.
    Magic: Ring Magic. Naomi has multiple rings. Right now, she has the Fire, Wind, and Storm rings.
    RP Example (This is how she got her Storm ring):
    Naomi leaned against the counter, bored, as she waited for the shopkeeper to fish out the ring. She was at a dingy little shop in Magnolia. Naomi needed to get a new ring, considering as of now she only had the Fire and Wind rings. A third one wouldn't be too bad, for sure. The merchant had offered a trade, if Naomi took care of some bums who raided his shop and ran off to Mt. Hakobe, she would get a magical ring in return. Admittedly, Naomi was a bit skeptical, but she accepted nonetheless. After the quest had been completed, she returned to the shop and was waiting for the merchant to find the ring.

    Naomi began to tap her fingers on her knee. She liked being on her own, sure, but there was nothing to do in the shop. Finally, much to her relief, the merchant came back to the counter, holding a gold-colored ring. However, the ring's adornment looked to be a gem, mixed grey and blue colors. A Storm ring. The merchant handed the ring to her.
    "Thank you." Naomi murmured, before she turned and exited the shop.

    Questions: N/A
    Other: N/A
  23. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    When shall the role play be starting
  24. Name: Cassandra (Cas) Slade
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Cassandra has long flowy white hair and ocean blue eyes, she's around 5'8", she usually wears a pair of black leather pants, a purple open front dress with a silver lining (like what Natsu wears), a silver shirt with a black leather jacket over the top, a pair of black heeled boots, a pair of fingerless gloves and a tatto of a purple dragon around her right eye.
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Electric purple, left side of her neck
    Personality: Cassandra is very kind and is very kind to most people unless you make her snap in which case run. Cassandra can get very competitive at times and can sometimes be a bit over enthusiastic and go a bit over board with things.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Love Interest: N/A
    Magic (only one type; Celestial Keys go here): Take Over magic: Satan Soul
    Take Over souls: Satan Soul Aosoth, Satan Soul Zagam

    RP Example: Cassandra walked through the thick forest whistling a high pitched tune, dead grass crunched under her feet with every step, the moon light faintly shon through the tops of the trees giving Cassandra just enough light to see where she was going, Cassandra went to take another step but stopped her foot just before it touched the ground to hear the sound of crunched grass behind her "found you" Cassandra said as she span around to see a man dressed in a black cloak, "well played" the man said as he walked up to Cassandra "why are you here? Most people try to avoid the forest" the man added, Cassandra smirked "maybe I'm not like most people, but in reality I'm here looking for a monster," Cassandra said "do you know where I could find one?."
    Questions: N/A
    Other: N/A
  25. When will this RP begin?
  26. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Whenever everyone is ready​
  27. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Everyone has been ready though, we're all just waiting for you to initiate the post to start off the rp
  28. Also i asked stellar wind to move this one to general discussions so this thread will get moved.
  29. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    May I ask to take up a devil/demon slayer magic? I believe no one has taken that particular slayer magic yet

    It's for one of the next generation children that I'm about to make
  30. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

  31. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Lauren Dreyar
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (undecided if drawn or not, if it won't be drawn, I'll describe)
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Silver; Left Waist
    Personality: She had gained the nice and docile composure of her mother while gaining the intensity and confident nature of her father. She has the strong will to protect her loved one, just as her mother did. She has that motherly feel towards everyone. Though, in battle, she does go serious and goes all out.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Love Interest: None as of rn
    Magic (only one type; Celestial Keys go here): Thunder Devil/Demon Slayer (main); Take-Over: Satan Soul (rarely used though, just following the take over family line)
    RP Example: I don't think I would need to do this again do I?
    Questions: Can Laxus be the next Fairy Tail guil master? Following in his grandfather's footsteps and all
    Other: Daughter of Laxus Dreyar and Mirajane Strauss


    Name: Lilac Strauss
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (undecided if drawn or not, if it won't be drawn, I'll describe)
    Guild Mark (colour and location): Violet; Right Chest
    Personality: Very sassy and confident from her mothers side. She doesn't take much from her father's side except for the fact the she used his variation of magic. She is very confident with herself always seeming herself better than other people, just like her mother of course.
    Sexuality: Heterosexuals
    Love Interest: None as of yet
    Magic (only one type; Celestial Keys go here): Take-Over: Fairy Soul (Changeling, Driad, and Undine)
    RP Example: I believe I don't have to do this again
    Questions: None
    Other: Daughter of Elfman Strauss and Evergreen
  32. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    Both accepted, and I like the idea of Laxus being the Guild master :)
  33. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Also I think Lauren Dreyar should be S-Class for being the daughter for such powerful parents, but it's up to ou honestly
  34. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Does everyone have to be the child of someone from the anime and have more than one character? Just wondering.
  35. solitaire524

    solitaire524 Previously SamCats

    You can have as many OCs as you can handle, and no, they don't have to be next gen characters​
  36. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I think I'm gonna pass, everyone here seems really good and know a lot about Fairy Tail, and I'm just a noob who recently started watching the series.
  37. Sorry being so late! Was swamped with starting school the past couple of days. Posting now!
  38. I edited Serafine's name, she is now Nashi (as it was confirmed by Hiro Mashima (the creator of Fairy Tail) that Natsu and Lucy will have a daughter named Nashi)
  39. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Wait really?! Where, and when did that happen?

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