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Ask to Join Fairy Tail New Gen: Rebirth of Evil Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Tokki_Boki, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Many years have passed by in peace and the original Fairy Tail members are all grown up with families of their own. Not surprisingly at all though, the children of the infamous guild were naturally as rowdy as the original destroyers of buildings. But sadly life would be too perfect if it was peaceful for too long, so naturally evil rises once more in the form of an ancient curse that has brought back the shadows of their parents past. Will the new generation of magic users be able to defeat their parents past enemies and claim victory once more, or will they fail and let Fiore fall to the ground.

    I'd like for all our characters to be the children of existing characters so that we dont have to alter the story at all. And please make sure that your character has a limit to their powers considering they should still be fairly young, somewhere in their teen years. Also if somebody has already chosen the couple you want as your parents, kindly ask if it's alright that your character and theirs can be siblings!

    - All rules apply here
    - Balance out your character
    - Keep this moderately PG. Meaning a bit of hush hush romance is allowed, but keep your hands to yourself most of the time if you decides to have a romantic relationship!
    - I'll allow cursing, but only a bare minimum


    Character Sheet:
    Name: (first and last)
    Guild Mark: (location/color)

    Leila Heartfilia Dragneel
    Age: 17
    Parents: Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Personality: an outgoing young girl who loves to read and is a bit vain considering she was blessed with amazing looks just like her mother. Just like her mother, she's smart and enjoys flaunting her beauty from time to time. But like her father, she has sheer determination when placed in a tight spot and it always proves to help her when sparring against the older kids of the guild.
    Appearance: a slim teenager with pink hair that's slightly lighter than her fathers and big brown eyes like her mothers. She stands at around 5'3" and sports a doll like face. Leila typically wears a pink high waisted mini skirt with a black ribbon blouse, thigh high black socks, and pastel pink ankle high boots.
    Magic: Celestial Magic and Fire Dragon Slayer Magic (she trained with her father to help with her Dragon Slayer magic but she prefers to use Celestial Magic even though Lucy only gave her two golden keys, and she has only made her own official contract with Libra)
    Guild Mark: Same place as Natsu's guild Mark except in pink
    Backstory: she was born in the old Heartfilia estate after it fell under her mothers name once more, allowing Lucy to see her late mother everyday. As tribute to the late Layla Heartfilia, Lucy and Natsu named their daughter Leila Heartfilia Dragneel. Just like her mother, Leila became very talented in Celestial magic. And so Lucy gifted her beloved daughter two of her golden keys. They keys being; Aries and Capricorn. Naturally Leila herself has gone in a search to find Aquarius's new key in order to return the water spirit to her mother. On a certain job request that needed a Celestial Mage, Leila was gifted with the Golden Key of Libra as a reward. So of recently, the young Dragneel own three of the thirteen Zodiac keys.
    Other: unlike her father, Leila's motions sickness was only mild. So she's able to be on a vehicle without dying, she'll only end up throwing up and 100% will complain the whole time.

    I'll discuss the plot further on when people start joining. Until then everybody will meet up in the guild hall and just do what Fairy Tail does best, destroy things.
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  2. This RP looks cool, And By the Way i haven't watched the anime yet so i really dont know what's going on so-
  3. It's fine, it's pretty straight forward and I can just fill you in on whatever you need to know. And if you want I can give you all the key episodes to watch just to understand all the villains. Also if you need help figuring out your characters parents, I can help
  4. No, Actually i've heard about it lol, But not too much. I kinda know one of them I think it was Gray or something not sure But i remember him having ice magic i think
  5. I see! Well do you know who Grays love interest is? If you dont its Juvia who uses water magic. And Gray is a ice Demon Slayer
  6. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Character Sheet:
    Zerek Nix
    Parents: No one from the anime
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Personality: Zerek's main trait is his jolly yet stubborn demeanor. His main goal is to help people, whether they like it or not, and they can't say anything about it. He prefers to work on his own, but he works well in a team, save for his stupid need to sacrifice himself for others. Skilled in combat, but rarely gets serious, preferring to annoy the opponent thoroughly first, but he is awfully reckless due to his confidence in his regenerative ability.
    Appearance: 5'9/ Tan skinned/ Lean yet surprisingly muscular, although his clothes hide it.
    Wearing a beat up white T-shirt, scuffed sneakers, and slightly torn pants, Zerek is far from elegant, or even presentable. The fanciest things he wears are the black and blue gauntlets over his hands, which have four slits in the knuckle area that hold blades. There's a noticeable amount of patches stitched onto his clothes.
    Magic: Storm (a.k.a Lightning) Phoenix Slayer Magic.
    Guild Mark: Black and on the back of his right hand
    Backstory: Zerek was born into a very poor family. While his parents loved him, they could barely manage to feed him and themselves. Without an option, they planned on taking him to an orphanage, before suddenly being interrupted by a Storm Phoenix, apparently looking for a disciple, and sensing potential in their son. His parents agreed when he promised to care for Zerek, and tearfully left him with his new surrogate father.
    At least, that's what he was told. His pheonix father couldn't have lied right?

    After 15 years of training under the Phoenix, Zerek had been told that he must join a guild. Confused, but not one to argue, Zerek agreed. The next day, the dragon was gone.
    Without many options, Zerek casually made his way towards the nearest guild, which just so happened to be Fairy Tail, and was accepted as a member. While he enjoys doing jobs, sometimes overworking himself doing so, is main goal is to find his biological parents, wherever they may be, and be part of a family again.
    (Bleh, this is bad. My brain hurts. I'll have to flesh this out later)

    Hope this works.
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  7. I'd accept it but can we alter Phoinex Slaying magic to maybe Dragon Slayer, God Slayer, or Demon Slayer so that the RP can still hold truth to the real story in Fairy Tail
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  8. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    I don't think I understand what you mean. Phoenix Slayer Magic is a thing.
    Changed it to dragon slayer anyway.
  9. Oh my god I'm so sorry! I didnt know it was a thing because I may or may not have skimped on the anime and the manga! You can change it back if you wish! Now I feel stupid since I watched all the movies and the whole series
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  10. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    It's fine XD, friend of mine didn't know existed either. Only found out when I looked up slayer magic types.
  11. ACCEPTED! You may reply to the official RP whenever you want! Enjoy!
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  12. Character Sheet:
    Name: White Fullbuster (I guess-)
    Parents: Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    A Loyal, But laid- back personality, And will not let anyone stop him from protecting his friends or family, And will not let anyone stop him from helping them.
    Appearance: 4'9/Light Skin/Not that muscular, But still very strong
    Wears a white Long Coat, With a blue shirt underneath his coat.
    Magic: Ice/Water. (Prefers to use his water magic) Demon Slayer Magic
    Guild Mark: Black. Behind his Ear
    Backstory: When he was a small child, He had a nice house, And always practiced with his mother Juvia, Who helped him train his Water Magic, Sometimes he would be trained by his father to improve ice magic. After 12 years of training, His dad had told him about his old guild. Fairy Tail, they lived a few kilometres away, So he went and got himself accepted

    (I did alot of resarch on both of my oc's parents and oh boy was there alot and it was pretty crazy in the wiki, BUt atleast i finished it-)
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  13. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

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  14. Of course! May I know who your desired parents are?
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  15. I'm so proud! Accepted!
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  16. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Hmmm, should I? Maybe, maybe not.
    Will I? Definitely. Time to look up some controversy in terms of ships lmao

    Character Sheet:
    Eres Fernandes (sometimes goes by Eri, her mother’s nickname for her)
    Age: 16
    Parents: Erza and Jellal because yes. Wholesome.
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Personality: Tends to be rather aloof, but actually enjoys the company of her guild mates. She’s not the best at explaining her feelings, but does give good advice. Is kinda quirky, but will fight to the death for her guild if need be. In terms of romance, she pretends to be clueless, but she knows what the signs are and are scared of them. Her greatest fear is not on the battlefield, it’s in her own heart.
    Appearance: Looks a lot like her mother, but maybe a little shorter. However, she got her father’s eyes. She cut her hair short, so it comes down about to her shoulders; that way it wouldn’t get in the way of her training. Usually has scrapes, bruises, and bandage wrappings all over her body from accidental injuries when training.
    Magic: Heavenly Body Magic. Learned from her father. Can also somewhat use Erza’s magic, but did not have the same affinity for it, and as such generally uses it only to boost the power she received from her father.
    Guild Mark: On the left side of her neck. A silvery white.
    Backstory: (Okay folks if you don’t like headcanons don’t read this) Erza and Jellal had travelled together for a few years when Jellal found out his daughter would be born soon. So the two returned from their travels to Fairy Tail, the place Erza still called home. As Eres grew up, she realized her affinity for Heavenly Body Magic, and her father taught her well. He still often comes and goes, but never for more than a month at a time. Despite this, Eres bonded more strongly with her father than mother, and they were both present when she received her guild mark. After she turned sixteen, however, they told her that they would travel abroad, and left her in the care of Fairy Tail. She does not resent them for it, as she, too, can hear the call of the wild, often resulting in her getting lost in nature instead of doing the job she chose! Which is why she usually goes with a partner or two.
    Other: TL;DR looks like Erza, acts like Jellal. You can guess who the parents are.
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  17. Accepted :3
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  18. @NotAPokemonRanger the shadows havent left yet. I'm waiting for more people to join before a few Shadows actually start terrorizing the new generation crew
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  19. @Tokki_Boki would you please allow me to make a sibling for your character? It's fine if you don't want a character to have the same parents as you do.
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  20. I dont mind lol. I'm happy to have our characters share the same parents :3
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  21. fixed it
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  22. alright! I'll make him a younger brother
  23. Name: Lucas Heartfilia Dragneel
    Age: 13
    Parents: Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel
    Guild: Fairy tail
    Personality: He's a bit less determined than his sister, Leila, but he's courageous, not jumping head first into battle but thinking about a strategy at first, he's a little shy towards new people.
    Appearance: He has a slim and slightly muscular build.He's got short blond hair but a little darker than Lucy's , he stands at 156 cm. He wears a black jacket that has some yellow at the edges, baggy black pants and sandals. He has a yellow scarf around his neck.
    Magic: Celestial Magic and fire dragon slayer magic (trained with natsu)
    He only has Taurus, the gate of the golden bull
    Guild Mark: (location/color) It's red hot on his shoulder.
    Backstory: About four years after his sister, Leila was born, Natsu and Lucy gave birth to Lucas, as he grew up he showed to be quite versatile with his father's magic and pretty good in celestial magic, he was then given the key for Taurus, he was quite happy at this.
    Other: He doesn't have motion sickness, and he's way less skilled than Leila is.
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  24. Accepted. Feel free to post whenever you feel like it
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  25. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Benimaru Dragneel ( or just beni)

    Age: 16

    Parents: Natsu dragneel and Lucy heartfilia

    Guild: Fairy tail, duh

    Personality: With a slightly hot headed and easily irritated personality, Beni is always finding ways to get into fights. With a determination some have said is greater than his father's, he never backs down from a fight. Sure he may butt heads with his sister but he adores his younger brother, being highly protective of both of them. His loyalty is to fairy tail, keeping them close like family. Beni has a sharp tongue and will not be afraid to call people out. Though his main personality flaw is the fact that he gets too violent, leading him to sometimes access the black marks of a devil slayer. He also isn't the brightest bulb, often being per say academically challenged. But Beni makes up for this with quick witted strategies.

    Appearance: Having his father's body build, with dark pink spiky hair, dyed black at the tips. His eyes are a dark brown, similar to his mother's. Being 5'7, a lot taller than his sister, he normally stands out in the family. Mostly sporting a sleeveless top similar to that of Gajeel Redfox with a fur mantle that goes over his shoulders. On the bottom he wears black cargo trousers and a pair of combat boots. He has the devil slayer's black mark on the top of his left arm, normally covered in a bandage.

    Magic: Fire devil slayer magic(beginner) and simple fire magic

    Guild Mark: (location/color)

    Backstory: Born to Lucy and Natsu, Beni was the first child of the pair. Well for a couple minutes before his sister decided to appear. This was his sister, Leila Heartfilia Dragneel. He was brought up in a slightly different setting, often staying around the guildhall with his father Natsu Dragneel. He grew up knowing all about rough and tumble fighting and even joined at the young age of 8. He was never as skilled in magic as his sister, only managing simple fire magic. But that wasn't a bad thing, in fact it was a good thing. He became highly proficient with fire magic, always coming up with new moves for his already massive arsenal. His missions were simple, from finding lost pets to help with gardening and sometimes fighting wild boars that kept going into villages. Growing up in the guild meant he wasn't educated as well as he could be. His sister was by far, much more smarter. When his brother was born he thought he was going to be jealous of him, but could only find love for the boy. He often brought back little gifts for him when he came back from missions. It wasn't too long ago when he stumbled across the book of zeref, a dark magic artefact that teaches dark magic. Beni was lucky enough to stumble into the Fire Devil slayer magic book, and after months of practise soon became slightly familiar with the magic. Though only his mother and father know of his little exploration into the dark side, meaning that his sister and younger brother have no clue about his new skill.

    Other: He is the twin of Leila and the older brother of Lucas. His mantle is fire proof to the point where he himself cannot burn it. Beni also has a gray thing going where he normally just goes in very few clothing. He will reveal his Fire devil slayer magic when the shadows attack ( @Tokki_Boki are you okay if he reveals it then?)

    (Also I put too much work in my Ocs and I should probably stop lmao)
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  26. Accepted, and I'm okay with him revealing it then
  27. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Man, Lucy and Natsu got busy XD.

    Triple hotheads woo!
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  28. They only got busy twice! Leila and Beni are a buy one get one free combo!
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  29. It's a triple threat for the evil doers!
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  30. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    because I have a feeling that I chose the wrong guy to fight off first, I'm gonna explain what he can do:

    Basically he melts the ground beneath him so it acts like putty or play dough, he makes rocks soft not melt them
  31. what do we want next to happen? just so i know what to do
  32. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    We have to fight off cobra and hoteye, right now it's me, eres and zerek vs hoteye and I think it's you and Leila and Lucas against Cobra
  33. i was thinking if they were to be defeated, What if they were captured or something, and they have to escape former oracion seis or something like that, Just seems like a good part of that right now since they probably dont have a lot of control over their magic. Only a suggestion
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  34. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    We would've been killed then XD. I think these guys were out for blood and not for prisoners.
  35. like as a hostage or something like that
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  36. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    I find that for hostage situations, it makes sense to think of a motive beforehand. Like, why would they want to capture younger members of Fairy Tail? What would they want with them? Where would they take them, seeing as they’re just shadows of their former selves come back from the grave? What is their point? Without a good reason for it, hostage situations tend to get hollow real fast; that’s how one of my earlier roleplays died. I implemented a hostage situation without a motive, and people lost interest just autoing bad guys.

    Just some things to think about, you don’t need to take me up on that advice.
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