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Ask to Join Factory of the Dead-Escape from the Factory RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Please sign up first at the discussion page: http://pokecharms.com/threads/factory-of-the-dead-rp-escape-from-the-factory.14578/
    On the 943rd floor was a long hall with a number of rooms on the sides. These rooms were originally taken up with caretakers but now the caretakers had gone, all there were was spare parts, many dating to as old as 300 years. James Stone awoke in one of these rooms.
    "Arg...where am I?" James cried. He wasn't sure where he was, but then he saw a steel table-he was large and flat. "The...factory..." He realised where he was. The door opened. It was automatic and two large robotic machines came in. "Shhiit..." James whispered and he rolled towards a box and hid behind it. He peeped up from it cautiously as the machines, the Zombots, as they were called, marched in carrying a green body. The two zombots themselves seemed full of components stuck onto them-the main material were a group of metals. James glanced at the green body. He recognised the race-Harge. James remembered that he been told about them before. His mind was racing. He remembered he was in his tribe of humans when the zombots attacked, these same creatures. He glanced up to see a buzzsaw appearing from on of the hands of the zombots. It was about to cut the Harge when James looked into the box in front of him, grabbed a gun-it looked like a handgun or pistol to him, and he fired it at the two zombots. The bullets hit their chests, going into a glass cover in the centre of their chests. It pentrated them and one of the fell down. The other one's armour broke off and a machine gun appeared instead of it's hand. It fired and James panicked, grabbing a shotgun in the box and he fired at it, causing the zombot to fall to the floor. He looked towards the Harge.
    "Are you..." Then suddenly a small creature came onto his face. It had many cuts on it's face, screaming at James. James was very frightened and the creature pinned him down to the floor. He realised this was one of the zombies within the zombot armour. The creature was soon gone though, as the Harge had awoken and threw the zombie off of James.

    "You all right?!" He shouted

    "Yeah, just about. Thanks..." Said James, looking towards the defeated zombie on the floor.
    "What's your name, i'm called Jax Dorungo. I've been wandering around this factory for about a year now. I originally entered during the attack on the factory but...i got lost..."

    "James Stone. The last thing I remember is my tribe next to the factory being attacked by those things...the zombots, I remember people calling them...then my mind goes blank..."

    "They must have sedated you." Jax said. "We need to stick together. I normally survive by grabbing supplies from these kinds of rooms. See if you can grab any more weapons."

    They both searched the room for supplies and found a rocket launcher, a laser gun and a large axe was stuck to the floor. Jax grabbed the large axe.
    "This'll be mine!" He shouted. "The Zombots took this from me about a week ago. Yep, this is my old reliable. Got me through some several battles."

    "How do you kill a zombot with an axe?" James asked

    "You'll see, just you wait!" Jax roared.

    "Wait, what's this?!" James asked, as he looked into a box and found a strange sphere thing. He picked it up and instantly it flew out of his hands and came to life.

    "Greetings, I am BLIP0001. How may I help?!" He shouted.
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  2. Steven was walking on the same floor as max and James he peered around a corner and saw them there "hey what are you doing" he shouted at them "you destroyed one damm your good " Steven said as he walked down the corridor
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    A zombot appeared behind Steven. "Watch out!" Cried James.

    A machine gun appeared instead of its hand. Jax jumped into the air and hit the Zombot in the chest with his axe before the zombot could react. It short circuited.

    "That is how you kill a zombot with an axe." Jax commented.
  4. The houndtrekker growled in disdain as the maintenance door closed and locked itself shut with an audible click. The lower level doors had been being more and more finicky lately; this would decidedly be her last supply run to the lab.

    Through trial and error, the mutant dog had discovered that the lower fifty floors were rarely patrolled, and when they were the units were few; a flash of her ID was enough to send them back on their way. The unfortunate part about the bottom floors, however, is that they usually only stored scraps of weapons and tools or those that were relics by today's standards. It took a lot of searching and luck for Ace to find anything useful at all.

    In this case, Ace had the latter on her side… to an extent.

    Amidst the rusted scrap parts of weapon and machine alike was a tool she recognized; a flamethrower. It was likely out of power or fluid, but Ace didn't care, having experience with one nonetheless. Plus, fluid was relatively useless to some of the outside desert tribes. Content to leave with only that and her busted sword, she turned to leave, scanning her ID on the roster.

    No response.

    After multiple fruitless attempts, Ace gave up. She was locked in. However, there was another option. The houndtrekker turned to the rundown elevator that had most likely been out of commission for who-knows-how-many years. Much to Ace's relief, it slid open and closed with a loud screech. The hound put in the coordinates for the thousanth floor and waited.

    "One, two, three, four…
    …nine hundred thirty-nine, nine hundred fourty, nine hundred fourty-one, nine hundred fourty-two, nine hundred fourt-huh?"

    Ace was partially relieved that the elevator had jammed. She was sick of counting floors as the numerous buttons blinked on and off. What exactly was her plan to get to the hatch on the top floor anyway..? In hindsight, everything she had tried was stupid. The elevator wasn't going anywhere, and anyone with half a brain knew not to fall for any of her japery. Everyone had seen how the Ace of Spades ruse had gone down.

    However, sitting in an elevator and doing nothing wasn't going to solve any of Ace's problems. She shuffled out from the back of the elevator… and proceeded to slice the pad of her paw on an uplifted elevator tile.

    With a hostile growl of pain, the mutant dog forcibly pried open the large metal door enough to fit her fur-coated body through. She braced for the worst, only to find the floor near completely decimated.

    Rebels. Two of them.

    Ace momentarily panicked, they may not know what to think of her. After all, the houndtrekkers did tear apart many families. She stood like a deer in the headlights, forgetting completely about her paw which was slowly going numb.
  5. " Thanks" Steven called back to jax "how do we get out of here" Steven asked jax? "Cause this is scary mate" Steven said calmly as he blasted a zombot as he dropped from the roof
  6. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "That is what I have been trying to search the answer for. I have read multiple datalogs on various computers and they all refer to some kind of 'grand lift.' However, I doubt we'll ever find it. In one year, I've only been able to get from floor 960 to floor 943, this floor. Name's Jax Dorungo by the way." Jax explained, before raising his hand towards Steven for a handshake.

    "I'm James Stone...I don't know how I got here, but my last memory was being attacked by Zombots in my tribe outside of the factory. Who are you?" James asked Steven.

    Meanwhile, a line of Houndtrekkers passed the room swiftly. Luckily, they did not enter it. They were servants of the Lawson Core, an entity Jax and James had been told about, but they dared not to go to the 1000th floor where he lay. Jax warned James and Steven about this. James agreed that, although they were close to the 1000th floor, this would probably end in their doom: both. Jax and James had heard stories of people making it to the 1000th floor and never coming back.
  7. The "grand lift" the humans described certainly wasn't as grand as they would've imagined.

    At least the houndtrekker assumed they were humans. It was quite possible that they were some sort of mutant or robot and she just didn't notice it. Ace decided to go with the notion of them being human for now.

    The houndtrekker wasn't entirely sure what to do. She could stay back and find a way to patch her foot and risk being caught by guards, or she could take the shorter route and run up to the humans, who may or may not be affiliated with the corporation. Taking route B could also get her stabbed and/or shot in some form or fashion. No infiltrators ever came without weapons.

    Ace swore under her breath as she found herself unable to make a decision. Deviating from the group was the worst idea, for Ace was really terrible at giving herself orders. She would, however, have to make a decision soon. Her cut paw was beginning to sting and was most likely infected with some sort of lab bacteria; sanitation wasn't exactly first priority in a place like this.

    Taking her chances, she approached the the ragtag group, stowing her sword and probably-broken flamethrower on her back and in a sheath respectively. If worst came to worst, she could probably toast them, but… maybe there was another way besides resorting to violence.

    Best not to think about that now. At this point, the mutant dog's priority was to not get mistaken as personelle, unlike what she would usually want.

    God, this plan just kept getting progressively worse and worse.
  8. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "I think I will call you Blippy." Jax said as BLIP0001 inspected his wounded body.
    "Why is it that you are helping us?" James asked
    "I was originally a Cyclops Drone created by the factory dealers. Then, the rebels stormed the factory and reprogrammed me to understand human emotions and to help those who would come across me from the Zombots. My creators sadly perished, but the factory deizens decieded to keep me. Little did they know that the first touch of a non Zombot entity would make me come back to life!"
    "If get oughta this thing, I promise you, you will be free." Jax said to Blippy. Blippy just floated there.
    The robot hovered in the air for a few more seconds. "How may I help?" He asked enthusiastically.
    "Well our main priority is to get out of here so...." Then Jax thought of an idea. "The factory itself is actually one big supercomputer. You were reprogrammed to hack into computers, so maybe if we find a way to hack in and then find a map so we can find this 'grand lift' i've been told about."
  9. " Yeah" Steven smiled "that's that's a great idea.... or we could try break our way through this wall it seems much weaker then all the other parts
  10. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "Thing is, if we break the wall...the Zombots will know and come after us. They can detect vibrations!" Jax cried. "Let's try and not get detected, okay?"
    "I shall go and find a mainframe to hack into. I will report back when I have found it." Blippy said.
  11. Kathleen hid behind the corner with her scythe in one hand. 'This is what you get for not being careful' She though as the zombots chasing her ran past. Kathleen quickly swong her sythe catching two of them and cutting their heads off. The others turned around to the sound of the crashing bodies but it was too late as she cut the others down. She sighed and wiped the goo of the zombots off her face. "gross" Kathleen breathed before running up the stairs. She paused as she heard voices up head. They weren't zombots, from what the girl could tell, so Kathleen headed over quietly to see who or what was making the noise. She truned her head around the corner to see a grup with a robot. Kathleen lessoned and found out their plan before hiding from site. 'Where would a grand lift be?' She though leaning against the wall thinking.
  12. No turning back now.

    The houndtrekker walked up to the ragtag group that, upon closer inspection, wasn't all human. Instead, it consisted of only two humans, an old BLIP model robot (Ace didn't know they were still being produced. She'd thought they'd stopped production ages ago… or the model was really old), and a… yellow skinned human? Or could it be green. Danged partial-colourblindness. The humanoid wolf didn't have time to think as she patched up her foot with a strip of cloth and strided further towards the gang of escapists.

    A paw was set near the handle of her sword in case something went haywire, and she could also use the flamethrower as a last resort, though it would certainly attract attention. The houndtrekker continued progressing, not noticing the rope nearby that could be used to trap her as well as the sheer number of pistols the humans carried. Ace took a second to listen to their plan before fully infiltrating, standing near them with a scowl on her fur-coated face.

    "Looks like someone's trying to get out of this place."
  13. Steven turned and aimed his gun at ace "state your name and reason to be here" Steven shouted at ace "you shouldn't be here"
  14. The houndtrekker gave a low growl at the gun. Unfortunately, she'd have to be polite if she wanted any help from these morons.

    No one had told her she couldn't be sarcastic, however.
    "Your name and reason to be here," Ace stated bluntly, giving a snort of amusement. Technically speaking, she was saying exactly what the human was yelling at her to say. However, the look on his face told her that he didn't have a sense of humour… that or just a very slow reaction time. There were a bunch of more possibilities, but the houndtrekker didn't entertain them, instead deciding to give a slightly less sarcastic snappy comeback… even if that was a huge oxymoron.

    "What do you mean I'm not supposed to be here, you should look at yourselves! You've probably infiltrated to raid for supplies and gotten stuck here somehow, only to trash the lab and all the zombots on the floor. If I were to guess, you plan on heroically taking out the Lawson Core to save your girlfriends and the rest of the world to fulfil a prophecy some drunken Hogari came up with in his sleep. And yet I'm not supposed to be here."

    So much for being polite. Ace took a deep breath, slowly letting it out before trying again. Third time's the charm, right?

    "I'm probably here for the same reason as you. Unless you are saving your romantic partners on the top floor. That's stupid," she didn't give them her name, and unless they planned on leashing her like some dog then dragging her along for information as they galavanted around the lab, they weren't going to get it. Admittedly, she had never really been asked for her name before (and when she was, it was normally from personelle, to which she was to reply 'Squadron LK9-207, unit 413D (or Delta)'), but that didn't mean she was giving her chosen name OR dogtag number to a random group of rebels who may/may not be any help.

    The houndtrekker finally silenced, waiting for a response from the gang she had barged in on.
  15. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "Hang on a minute, slow down!" James cried.

    "She's a Houndtrekker. That means she could be working with the Zombots!" Jax roared. The light from a glass panel could show off his look clearly: green emerald skin and steel armour, with bits and bobs taken from around the factory, making it look like the Harge had taken random junk. "What is your real name Houndtrekker?" Jax finally asked."If we are all trying to escape, we may as well help each other."

    Blippy suddenly appeared. "I've found a mainframe to hack into!" He shouted. Then his cyclops eye studied the Houndtrekker. "I don't want to alert you sirs but this. Houndtrekker is a danger!"

    "No she isn't!" James shouted to Blippy. Blippy hovered around Ace and started doing scans of her. A blue laser appeared and came down towards her. Blippy wasn't using this laser to kill her but to scan her.
  16. Kathleen glanced around the corrner before quickly moving back as a scaning laser appeared. 'Shit' She though as the light of the scaner past and shut off. She sighed quietly and glanced back. Kathleen noticed that the band had a houndtrekker with them and the hallway behind them. The rouge quickly came up with a plan as she set her scythe on her back and pulled out a dagger. 'Time to go' She though as she spinted around the corner. Kathleen lepted onto the wall and did a wall jump over the group just as she landed she sprinted down the hallway, looking for a way up.
  17. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "Follow me!" Blippy cried
    "Now look what you've...after him!" Jax ordered. He charged for Blippy, pushed ace out of the way.
    "Wait for me!" James shouted.
    A group of Zombots followed them. This group split into two as soon as they saw Kathleen and started shooting from long black machine guns coming from their hands. They looked like clumps of tubes attached to their hands.
  18. Steven turned a corner and used it as cover popping zombot head with every shot but when a bullet strikes his arm all he can do is hope the others can kill the rest
  19. "What the- hey, watch it!" Ace was visibly displeased as she was rudely shoved out of the way (notably in a panic). Soon, the source of such a panicked gesture was spotted by the houndtrekker; approaching zombots. In a knee-jerk gesture, she whipped out her Laser Sword™, which flickered to life with a low whirring noise that probably shouldn't have been present. She held up the blade defensively, ready to attack if any of the robots were to persue.
  20. " help meh I've been hit" Steven called out "oh snap I'm gonna hafta do this meself" Steven though as he crawled to a medkit and bandaged his arm while under heavy fire
  21. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    James turned round as he heard Steven's plead for help. "We need to help him, he'll never get out..."
    "But we need to...BLIPPY Stop!!!" Shouted Jax.
    "What is it?" Blippy's sothing voice came. "Oh is one of you humans hurt, allow me!" A thin metal arm extended from where Blippy's cyclops eye was. The arm came for Steven. "Allow me to disconbobulate you." He said.
  22. Kathleen quickly moved side to side, trying to avoid the bullets as she switched her knife with her scythe. She started cutting down the zombots in her way as she ran down the hall. The hallway very soon took a slit as she took a left. Kathleen instantly regretted it as she looked back down the other way to find the stairs. The rouge was about to run back but the bullets made she thing twice as she slumped againt the wall, bullets swishing by. 'Your an idiot k' She thought as she glanced at her wepain. Kathleen was not a long range fighter and was now regretting not getting a gun when she had the chance. "Get those gun off me" She called before adding quickly, "the stair to the floor above us is this way!"
  23. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Jax saw Kathleen. "Watch out!" A heavy machine gun came from his hands and bullets took out all the Zombots surrounding them."Follow me, girl!" He shouted to Kathleen. He then ran and followed James. However, James was waiting for Blippy to heal Steven.

    "Get your crap together people!" Jax roared. "The Zombots will know we are here and more of them will come!"

    But before he could say anything, a large, long metallic snake thing slithered across the floor. It saw the destroyed zombots and, strangely, consumed them, opening it's mouth wide.
    "What is that?!" James cried.
    "My database says it is a..."
    "That that...." Jax started "is..."
    "A Constrictor." Blippy said. Blippy's arm that had come out of his eye was now extended.
    "We all need to run now, it's detected us!" Jax shouted. But before they could move, the Conscrictor accelerated it's speed and it's mouth engulfed the stationary Blippy.
  24. "Stupid snake" She yelled befor useing her scythe to cut its head off. Kathleen didnt stay still as she continued to destroy the last zombots. She then headed to the stairs, ignoring the other people (?) she had left behind. 'At least to made it this far' Kathleen though as she ran up the stairs. At the door she paused.
  25. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "Thanks!" Blippy said, as the Constrictor's armour was destroyed and it flew out.
    "Where are you going?!" Yelled Jax to Kathleen. "They'll destroy you if you go any further up there! I know what you want-you want to destroy the Lawson Core. Well that ain't happening anyway, even if you do get up there, they'll kill you!"

    At least 50 floors above them, stood a Hogari. He wore a terrifying cybernetic eyepatch-it was basically an iron square around one of his eyes with green glass on it. He also wore thick steel armour, with black metallic boots and gaunlets. In his hands were two nunchucks. His name was General Gravegrosh, one of Lawson's most hired bounty hunters and then bodyguard, until he was handed control of much of the factory as Foreman. Gravegrosh spotted Kathleen in a CCTV camera on the stairs and also witnessed the destruction of the Constrictor-there was also a camera attached to it. Normally, as soon as a Constrictor was destroyed, Gravegrosh would command zombots to find and kill the one who did it. The Constrictors were used in the factory as a way of cleaning the area-getting rid of unwanted zombots, before disposing them in large compressors and a series of other processes. Constrictors also were used to locate intruders, this particular one had failed.

    "What do we have here?!" Gravegrosh grunted to himself. Then, another Hogari wearing similar, but much more toned down clothing, appeared. This was Venishca, Gravegrosh's servant. The two Hogari stood watching the CCTV recordings in the room next to the Lawson Core-they were both forbidden to enter it and a number of security combinations were needed to open the door anyway.
    "What will you have me do?" Venishca said to her master.
    "We have information saying they intend to hack into the database using that old reprogrammed Cyclops drone. I want you to make sure that when they do, they will get a nasty surpise! Tehehe!" Laughed Gravegrosh.

    Of course, Venishca didn't know entirely what this meant, only that she had to do something to stop the intruders, whether that was to escape or to destroy her master's master.
  26. Kathleen just laughed. "I want to leave not destroy the stupid core" She called back shifting her scythe in her hands. Kathleen then pushed open the door to the next floor. Surprisingly the door opened up to a storage room. She quickly killed the two bots by the door without making a sound, other then there headless bodys falling to the ground. Kathleen placed her scythe on her back as she folded her hands and looked around. She started rummaging through the boxes as she pulled out a couple throwing knifes. She tosted on in the air for test and noticed a camera. With persition, the rogue hit the camera in the lens making it usless. Then, Kathleen put them in her pokets as pulled out some headphones. "My goal is to leave and make it back to my family" She said sternly to the group as she set the headphones on her head, "you can join be if you want but in all i dont care what happens to you all"
  27. "I'm coming with you" Steven shouted at Kathleen " I came here expecting a run of the mill shoot some stuff and walk out but after what I've seem I'm gonna go home and never come back" Steven said with some tears in his eyes
  28. "I dont care" Kathleen replied as her headphones started playing music to herself. She looked over and noticed the tears in his eyes. "Your gonna die with that softness." She said as she looked at the storage room, "anyway I would like to warn you that i am not going to save your but or whatever. You get hurt or cant keep up, I will leave you" Kathleen knew that it sounded harsh but that is the way she learned it. She grew up with the knowledge that it you stop moving you will be left alone.
  29. "Do you realize what you just did?" the houndtrekker started… before realizing the woman was completely ignoring them. 'Oh, of course. Stick those stupid earbuds so deep into your ears that you can't hear a thing before I can give you fricking briefing. Great etiquette, miss too-good-for-you-I-can-take-out-an-entire-facility-by-myself. Ace thought, irked by the gesture.

    After a moment of silence and pinching the bridge of her canine snout, she figured she may as well continue to those who at least had the fraction of a brain to listen. "That was a constrictor! Yes, they're easy to destroy, but they are also equipped with cameras, databases, and often razor blades. By destroying it, you just destroyed one of the thousands of viewport monitors, and, oh, I don't know, but maybe when there are thousands of screens and one goes out that warrants an investigation?!" Ace wasn't taking to anyone in particular (as the root of the problem had her headphones strapped onto her ears), but she showed no signs of stopping. "You may have just summoned a general to our location, but no, you think you can just prance out of here unscathed like the protagonist in some low-budget zombie movie. I think not!"

    She then saw Steven banding up with the girl as well. Did anyone around here have a single brain cell to show for? By the looks of it; no, no they didn't. The houndtrekker ran the fingers of both hands through the fur on her face in exasperation. The humanoid dog simply couldn't take this much horsecrap. She stopped her ranting, but didn't feel obligated to join or abstain either way. Ace didn't particularly want to join, especially with the girl. Anyone who talked like that was clearly either selfish or an arrogant pushover in her eyes, and the boy, Steven, was probably going to be the first to die judging by the waterworks he was currently producing.

    "Good dog. What is wrong with you people."
  30. "From what it seems you where a farmer before you came here am I correct " Steven asked Kathleen " with the scythe and way of thinking only people I know who think like that are farmers"
  31. Kathleen had heard what the houndtrekker. She wasnt stupid. "The snake would have seen us anyway. Do you want the people to see who we are and what wepain we have?" She asked curious how the dog would react, "and i am not a farmer. I just like using a scythe."
  32. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    James walked over to where Kathleen was. "She seems to know what she's doing..."
    "The Houndtrekker is completely right, by the way!" Jax cried. "You don't know what you're doing!"
    "Guys!" Blippy interupted. "We were on our way to the one of the computers, remember?"
    "We need everyone on our side-we're all in this together!" Jax shouted so loud, another group of zombots felt the vibrations and came after them.
  33. " ok whatever now let me pop you head" Steven joked "nah that would be gross so ya shoo if you want to go alone be my guest but right now we've got zombots come for us so ya"
  34. "Well I am pretty sure that yall dont know what your doing either" Kathleen replied before she started to climb one of the tower of boxes. As soon as she reached the top the zombots started to swarm in from one of the entrances. She looked around as saw what she was looking for. Kathleen stepped back for a long run area as she ran and jumped of the boxes on the top walkways. She sttarted running as soon as she jumped as the zombots started to shoot. "Yall with guns you guys gotta hurry up and get up here" Kathleen called from above as she pulled out her throwing knifes.
  35. " I can do that but I can do this" Steven though a E.M.P. Grenade a destroyed all the zombots " that should buy us some time" Steven told jax James and ace
  36. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "You do realise Scythes aren't going to be very useful against the zombots, considering that guns make the kill faster and that they have guns!?" Jax pointed out. "I've been in the factory for at least a year now...nothings changed...I know this place..."
    "Well I like your Scythe, what is your name? I am James Stone." James said, moving over to Kathleen. He was sure Jax had her wrong.

    In a secret room, a tube spat out the ever tiresome Venishca. She drew her dagger, then realised that Gravegrosh hadn't given her a cyber core. These were glowing spheres which were invented by Lawson. They could be placed into weapons, making them stronger, linking them to the machines. Venishca was granted one of these 'cyber' weapons, a 'cyber' dagger. Due to the fact Venishca didn't have a cyber core, she couldn't use her cyber weapon. Therefore, she came to the conclusion that she needed to use her laser gun or laser pistol as she called it. Venishca approached Blippy, who was on his way to hack the mainframe. He had become fed up of the organics and decieded to go on his own, without telling anyone. He had reached the computer station on the same floor, at the end of the hallway. Venishca grabbed him with one decisive grasp.

    "Who is this? Aaaahhh!!" Screached Blippy. Venishca pressed a button on the back of him which completely muted his sounds.

    "You're not getting away this easily!" She cackled, like a witch. "Let's see who's been tappering with you..." Blippy was now on the ground. Half of him had been taken off and a series of circuits, wires and cables could be seen. Venishca pulled out a recording box. She plugged in a memory stick from it into the computer next to her. Video had been recorded from the Cyclops eye of the others.

    "It's that no good Harge! And let's see...he has...friends...humans...and a Houndtrekker?!" There was a hint of confusion in the last word. "Why would a Houndtrekker betray us, they're practically the master's slaves like me! Bound to him, not just by machinery or this so called 'dark magic' but...a loyalty...." Vanishca was used to being so loyal, she questioned other's unloyalness.

    Meanwhile, Jax had noticed Blippy was gone. "Where's the godamm robot?!" He roared. "He's gone!!"
  37. "Thank you!" Ace gestured to Jax. "Someone in this joint actually understands that you can't just sing a little song, throw a knife, and expect this nightmare to be over. Bravo." The entire sentence was dripping with sarcasm, but at least the Houndtrekker knew that one of the humans was experienced in some sense.

    However, Ace's feeling of knowing someone may be decently intelligent dispersed as one of the humans; Steven, probably, had thrown a bomb in order to vanquish the zombots. It seemed to work…
    Except for the fact that it caused more vibrations.

    "Dog dangit, you're going to attract more with that display!" As much as the houndtrekker hated to admit it, she was going to have to stay with the group. At least this way they wouldn't kill themselves immediately in the first two seconds. "Fine. I'll come along with Farm Girl and Niagra Falls, but only because there is strength in numbers, got that? As soon as we get out of this joint, I want nothing to do with you guys OR your levitating tin can."

    Ace whipped out her sword once more (which was no longer glowing), preparing for the next imminent threat.
  38. "Hey this scythe is still be there then any regular weapon" Kathleen argued to jax, "saw your bot go that way" She said pointing to a hallway as she jumped down from the point. Kathleen swished her knifes with her her scythe on her back. "It gives my focus" She replied to the houndtrekker. The music playing made the rouge pay more attention to her surroundings since she cant hear anything. Her father tought her and it works for her since she had gotten used to it.
  39. The repetitive sound of hurried steps, followed by the groans of machinery and tortured souls, echoed throughout the monotonous halls like the sounds of gunshots. The Zombots had flooded the halls in search of a group of imminent intruders too thick to operate and execute a proper plan when they'd stumbled upon Atticus, carrier bag stuffed greedily with rusted machine parts. He feverishly pushed a metal canister of what could only be assumed to be viral warfare in their path.
    He yelled profanities as he turned the corner, legs not equipped for the exercise required to run as he did. In a drastic attempt to relinquish his commonwealth enemies, he threw himself against the stairs, clambering up two at a time.
    When the engineer reached a juncture on the nine-hundred-and-forty-third floor in which a group of impoverished insurgents produced enough sound to awake the dead a second time, he leaned against a sterile wall with his elbow and forced deep gulps of stale air into his lungs.
    "Are you all out of your fuckin' heads?" he demanded furiously, a furrowed brow tainting his already ragged face. He pointed a wavering finger to a fixed point behind himself. "They're storming the building, you idiots! Mind having a little compassion for the other thieves in the office before deciding to wage war on every Zombot you see?"
  40. 'Wow why is everyone so stuck up' She though. "It wasnt my falt" Kathleen replied to the other person and poined to steven, "It was that idiot. He used a Grenade" She shifted the scythe in her hands before continuing. "Its not like we want this much attention." She replied before looking around thinking. 'Storming building so escape route' Kathleen thought as she looked around. "Well we could find the ventilation system." She suggested to the group ignoring the other person.

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