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Ask to Join Fables: New Beginnings (RP Thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DevVoid, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Link to the Discussion Thread if you wanna join: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fables-new-beginnings.22125/
    @LunarSilvally @Merciless Medic @Shadow_Pup @Captain Cardboard @Red Gallade @EmoKitty21
    (think that should cover everyone, sorry if i forgot anyone-)

    Fabletown, New York.
    The day started just like every other generic day for Fabletown's Sheriff; in a dark room where he slept inside a run-down apartment of an apartment complex building. Being a Sheriff was hard work; he maybe didn't do much paperwork, granted that was more left to the deputy as the role of the Sheriff more revolved around making sure this little community of Fables would remain peaceful, but every now and again Wolfgang had gotten involved in a fight or two. He tries to avoid them, but most other fables are either too cocky or angry to back down. But hey, that's just what life was like in Fabletown. That, and well.. this lingering eerie feeling, as if a hidden organization was dealing with some fables and doing illegal business right under the nose of the Fabletown Police Department. ..Atleast the mundy's aren't getting involved, otherwise Wolfgang and the deputy would be working more than just overtime.

    Getting up out of bed, Wolfgang did his usual morning routine, and put on his fancy black suit, aswell as his other accessories, such as his necktie and gloves. He approached the door in his bedroom and walked out into the hallway of the apartment complex, making his way out of the building. He took a cab to the precinct, but before entering, he stopped by a café to get himself a coffee cup to go. He could tell this was bound to be a long day, as usual. Sipping on his coffee, he entered the precinct.
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  2. ~Bundt~

    As dawn crept up through the windows of the deputy's makeshift den, a groggy Bunyip awoke. It was a peaceful morning, to say the least, but he knew it was all going to change. He had paperwork to do though. He didn't mind it, and it kept him in good company.

    He got up and, stretching, he gathered his clothes, put them on, did his morning routine, and then transformed into his dog-like form as he ran across to the precinct, wasting no time in getting there.

    As he made his way there, he found Wolfgang. Ah, yes, such a tall man filled with justice... Oddly enough. He knew why he changed, but he always thought it as strange. Well, no more strange as to why he himself changed, but that was from crippling loneliness and with nothing else to do besides play the "scary, dreadful monster in a river" for almost 400 years.

    As he got closer to Wolfgang, he transformed back to himself, his clothes melting back to their original form as he gave Wolfgang a friendly wave. "Hello, my dear friend. How are you? That coffee doing its job?" He walked alongside the tall figure, having to crane his neck upwards to look at his face. Well, as creepy as it looked.


    As the sun shone throughout a particular Deer Lady's house, she was nowhere to be seen. Of course, she had a job to do. She wasn't going to stay at her house until noon. She strutted through the streets towards her hair styling boutique, her eyes fluttering to those who walk by, making some uncomfortable or they would give a complimentary flirtatious look back. She knew that at least half of the males in this town thought about her, whether they wanted to admit it or not.

    As she opened the doors to her boutique, she canned the flirtatious behavior in favor of fixing up her store for business. While she didn't have a whole lot of customers, she did enjoy seeing those that go through Fabletown in need of refreshments and whatnot before leaving and doing their thing. While she liked to explore as much as the next person, she wanted to stay rooted here. It was a lot more peaceful.


    Adam was not as lucky to have a good morning. The case of the Mondays got to him on a Tuesday to make up for his actual good Monday. He left for work, grabbed a coffee which was then spilled all over his nice shirt by some passersby, who didn't even turn around to say sorry as they walked hastily away from the accident, then Adam's car got towed due to late payments, and he got to work late... With a stained dress shirt.

    And the lady he wanted to impress? Yea, she worked on this day, too, making this even worse.

    The boss showed up and offered him a doughnut, which Adam denied. He didn't want to make this day any worse by choking on anything. The boss saw his absolute distress, but he didn't seem to care, as he was wondering why he was so late.

    Adam didn't want to talk about it, merely shrugging it off and going to his work desk. While he was supposed to be doing work for the newspaper today, he had other things on his mind.

    His parents' accident.

    Sure, they hit a deer and the force of said hit at 60 mph killed them. The deer went through the windshield, the airbags malfunctioned, and their heads and chest were pummeled to the seats they were sitting in by the hooves and a panicked deer.

    But how come, when the officials arrived, they were wondering if it was a murder? And most importantly, where did the deer go? It was nowhere to be found. All the blood that was identified was his own parent's but no deer. The only reason why the officials said it was a deer was because they were driving through an area populated with deer.

    But how did it even get away from the crash site, much less get away without dripping with blood? All the forensic scientists gathering the evidence found tufts of deer fur, but that was it. No blood. Nothing.

    He was looking up reports of accidents involving running deer over and he never found anything like this. Yea, sure, he wasn't done with the grieving cycle. It has only been a year, but he felt like it was just yesterday. He sighed, not sure what he was going to do for the day.

    He needed answers.

    Yet, he didn't have anyone to help him or make this easier.
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  3. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    A skeletal man woke up in his dingey apartment with no windows. He stretched out his arms and then git up and got dressed, he looked in the mirror as he shifted to human form, Grim Reaper preferred this form, it was definitely a lot better than being a generic looking skeleton. He then picked up his cane and exited his apartment. He walked from his apartment to his bar, he entered and turned on the lights, before making his way behind the bar where he started to idly hum while he wiped the bar of any dust build up from over night.
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  4. Manti reluctantly woke up to the annoying sound that was his alarm clock, compared to many of the run down apartments, his seemed more decent and well organized to say the least. He out of his bed and went to the kitchen to eat his breakfast which consisted of mainly a bagel alongside his favorite coffee as usual followed by fifteen minutes to get dressed and make sure his clothes looked nice, once he was dressed he walked over to grab his keys, his phone and a pack of cigarettes paired with his lighter. He walked over to the door and grabbed his coat which rested on a rack right next to the door so it was easy to grab for when he returned or left, the moment he stepped outside his apartment and the skyscraper itself, he immediately got out a cigarette to put in his mouth while he lit the end.

    The walk to his bar was nice and quiet for him, from time to time he gave a friendly wave to any familiar people he might have seen at his bar and took his cigarette out to exhale a cloud of smoke. Before he knew it, his bar--The Winged Lion--was already close, he walked inside and looked around to check if everything was still tidy and organized, the first rack he passed he used to hang up his coat.
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  5. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Wolfgang took another sip as he entered the precinct, and soon looked down to find none other than his fellow worker, the Fabletown Deputy Bundt, chatting him up. Wolfgang shook his coffee cup a bit and looked to Bundt. " Mornin' Bundt. Coffee's doing some sort of work to say the least. Certainly won't cheer me up enough if I end up getting into another fight like with the last case.. " Wolfgang said, sighing. The last case he was out on duty on was about some ruckus going on in some hotel between two fables; a fairy and a werewolf. Entire room was trashed when the werewolves' feral side took over and he lunged at Wolfgang. A bother to fight, too. Werewolves are tough when you don't have their weakness available. Wolfgang cringed slightly remembering that he lost some tendrils in that fight and had to wait until they re-grew. Didn't take long at all, yet it was still a painful process, like having an arm torn off and growing another one. It was one hell of a report to write, too. All the accounts of property damage alone.. Atleast, the original victim, the fairy, remained unharmed. And that was all that mattered, that the innocent weren't hurt. Wolfgang shook his head, shrugging the memory away. That was days ago, its in the past. He looked at Bundt as he walked down the hallway to his office. " I'm doing fine, how about you? "
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  6. ~Bundt~

    The bunyip nodded in understanding. He remembered that case. He rushed in as soon as he could to help, but Wolfgang got it done fairly quickly. But he had to get some serious medication for the pain. Though he wasn't sure if he took any. He looked at his back, as if to see something there like tentacle stumps.

    God, the paperwork was brutal.

    "Well, if you get anything that gives you a tickle in the gut from the bad feeling, you can always ask me to do it. I'm fine with getting my hands dirty if I need to," he reassured him. He was, of course, partners with the strange being.

    At the question of his well-being, all he could do was shrug. "Eh, had a nice morning to wake up to. But I'm more concerned about the gossip I have been hearing. About one of our own." With the way his face was contorted, he was quite worried. His brow was furrowed and he held concern in his gaze as he looked straight ahead.


    As she got everything set up, she flipped her hanging door sign around to show she was open. Now, all she had to do was wait. She styled her own hair in the meantime, trying to make curls in her more human form.


    Adam spent the better part of his day doing research that had nothing to do with the newspaper. The boss found out about what happened to him that morning and, like an actual good boss, spoke with him about in his office, sectioned away from the more open environment where all of his employees worked.

    His bass voice rang out as he tried to assess the situation. "My little birds have told me that you were having trouble this morning. Sit and we can talk about it."

    Adam wasn't so sure. Fearing the worst, like a reprimanding, he cautiously and slowly sat down, his entire body tense, coiled up as if to flee.

    "What happened, Adam? It's not like you to lose things, much less your car," he asked, concerned. He knew he was paying him enough for that car. He had that car for years. How did he lose it?

    Adam stayed silent. The boss was like a father figure to him and his coworkers but he felt ashamed for telling him. He took a breath in as he prepared to say what he wanted to say, but his breath hitched. He couldn't get it out. His eyes stayed glued to the floor, like a 5-year-old getting ready for a verbal assault for drawing on the walls.

    But the verbal assault didn't come.

    Instead, what he got was more concern. "I noticed you were not working on your newspaper headline. You were more concerned about your parents' accident?"

    Of course he knew. He always knew when something happened to someone. Just how far does his 'little birds' reach? Still, silence, but the boss got a wince out of his employee.

    Sighing, he continued. "Look, I can't help you if you don't talk. Please. Maybe I can help you with something. Like getting your car back."

    Adam looked up at that. Intrigue was now in his eyes. He finally spilled the beans of what he had been holding for all this time.

    "It's been almost exactly a year since my parents' accident. I miss them. I am grieving. I have been forgetting to make my car payments because I enter this depressive haze and I don't know where my money goes. I thought that what the coroner said was fishy, so I was thinking that if I had checked around, maybe I could find the truth."

    His boss nodded a bit and looked distant as he looked out at the approaching darkness through his window. "Well, I'm certain you don't want to let this go. Here's what I'm going to do. You finish that newspaper headline and I'll give you a paid vacation. Just, be careful what information you are getting yourself into. I don't want to have your dead body be on the first page due to gang activity."

    Mentally ecstatic and yet physically stoic, Adam nodded, though one could tell the weight from his shoulders was lifted quite considerably.

    He went home that day, finally seeing the light through the dark clouds that clogged his vision of hope.

    The next day, he got to work on that headline and got it done faster than anybody could have ever done.

    Now, in the present time, the journalist spent the first day on his vacation roaming around New York. Nothing can befall him.
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  7. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim had finished his morning cleaning, so he went outside for a quick bit of fresh air before the customers arrived, he glanced up at the sign, on it were the words "The Dead End" and a picture of an near empty hourglass. He liked his bar, he was asked many times whether he felt threatened by the presence of other bars in the area, such as "The Winged Lion", but he didn't really view other bars as his rivals, he got along quiet well with other bartenders, after all like attracts like, or so they say. He took a deep breath of fresh outside air before heading back inside, where he stood behind the bar, a skeletal mouse dressed in a cloak and holding a scythe appeared on the bar, "Hello, death of rats, how's the work load for the reapers", the rat looked up at him and made some speaks and other ratty sounds, "ah I see, well that's good to hear, remember if the workload becomes too much, I can always step in and lend a hand" he said as the death of rats disappeared again. Grim sighed and went back to cleaning a glass.
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  8. Lara

    She had woken up early but not too early as she did her daily morning routine before she had gotten dressed in her usual clothing. She grabbed her camera and small bag that held her photo album where she had took so many of the pictures and printed them. She hoped to meet with JC on her way around the city as she made her way out to the cafe hoping to find JC there as she made her way through the city.


    She was already out of her house into the city of New York as she stopped by the cafe for some coffee to keep her going. It was going to be a long day for her so had to remain awake until later in the afternoon. She sat at a table opening her laptop as she was going through the objective for today in her Graphic arts department. She only had looked up once however, to see Lara come in just at the right time. "Lara, over here sweetie" she called to her as she saw her run over quickly to her. "Morn...info JC..." She said gently. "Morning Lara, are you here for coffee?" She asked her. "Um....yes...is that...extra one for me...?" "Oh..yes it is have a seat" she added seeing Lara sit in front of her. "Did you sleep well" "um...yes I did...after my swim....it calms me before sleeping for the night..." She said looking to her with a sweet smile. "Oh that's good to hear" she said as JC and Lara made a small conversation to each other for a bit before their day started.
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  9. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Campi cut through the water like a fish, her iridescent tail flicking minutely yet still propelling her horselike body quickly. She breached, sending dewdrops glinting in the air like tiny diamonds. Realizing it was almost time for her to go to work, she beached herself and shifted to human form.

    The disguised hippocampus, once arrived at her job, stood with human arms crossed as she observed the playful creatures in the water. They have no idea what they’re doing, Campi thought idly. That’s not how you swim. Stroke your arms, don’t hit the water like an agitated sparrow!

    To be perfectly honest, Campi wasn’t really thinking about her duties as a lifeguard. Her mind was wandering to the book she was currently writing. Creatures of the Deep.

    Maybe I should have the main character with a love interest,
    she thought to herself. Or maybe—

    Her thoughts were cut off by a scream from the water. Campi blew her whistle before walking over. “What the heck are you doing?” she demanded of the offender.

    Someone else responded. “He made a—“

    “It’s a Baby Ruth bar,” the kid said sullenly. “I’ll go throw it away.” He got out of the water, and Campi glared at his retreating form.

    “Don’t come back,” she muttered.
  10. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Wolfgang thought for a bit. While the offer seemed enticing, the fights did bring some excitement in his life, and kept his old self tamed, not to mention that it was just a natural part of being the Fabletown Sheriff. He proceeded to take another sip from his coffee cup and raised an eyebrow when Bundt mentioned some kind of gossip going around. Gossip, about a Fable? Maybe it could be something Wolfgang could look into, if it was a serious situation, or atleast, if it sounded serious. After all, behind every lie is a bit of truth, and who knows what kind of horrible truth one could pull from an even more horrible rumour. " What gossip, about who? Might be something worth looking into. " Wolfgang asked, looking down to Bundt with his eyebrow still raised.
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  11. Ryan had taken his time to get up that morning. He had only one thing to do, and that was to go see the salan. He wanted to have his styled. He was dressed and had his bag and out the door in short time. Ryan had his hair pulled into a low ponytail as he walked. He made weekly visits to the salan to get his hair in order.

    When he made it to the front of the salan, he smiled as he say his favorite stylist. With a cheerfulness, he walked in and waved to the others there. He walked up to the counter to wait for service.

    Raven had a great night. She spent the time writing down new spells in her book. The book contained a lot of spells on how to control, curse, and flat out torture others. Raven got dressed in her usual outfit for work. She had on a bar t-shirt, along with black skinny jeans. She had on a pair of boots that looked like they could be lethal.

    Raven was out of the door as she needed to be at the bar to help set up. She ended up being there five minutes before she was supposed to. When she walked in, she waved to Grimm and started her duties. She started to wipe down the tables, clean the floors, and check the bathrooms again to make sure they were clean.
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  12. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim glanced up as Raven entered, she was a hard worker. He turned to check the stock of Alcohol behind the bar, they were running low on a few things, he went to the storeroom, still not what he was looking for. He came back into the main bar, "Hey Raven, I'm just gonna pop outside to make a call about ordering some more alcohol, be back in a few minutes" he said and stepped outside the front door, he pulled out his phone and set to calling the right company. He finished up the call rather quickly, and then went back inside, "see told you I'd be quick" he said before returning to the his spot behind the bar to await the delivery.
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  13. JC

    She left the cafe with Lara before turning to her. "Alright Lara, I have to go now so please enjoy your day and be careful...try to relax alright and be aware of your surroundings" she told her gently patting her head before she made her way to the Graphic art building to open up for today but had looked behind her one more time seeing Lara smile sweetly at her before disappearing into the crowd.


    She watched JC disappear in the crowd as she held her coffee with both hands. She started to walk alone finishing her coffee along the way but felt thirsty due to her being a Hippocampus she had to drink some water. The only closest thing around was a store that others gather which she didn't know what it was. Curiosity got the best of her as she approached the entrance walking inside slowly looking around as her high definition camera hung around her neck. She looked around until she saw a guy behind a counter cleaning a glass it seems. She felt embarrassed asking what this place was but JC had told her that asking others will get you information you are unsure about. She approached the counter shyly speaking up. "Um.....excuse me.....um....what is....this place....I'm...still kind of new here...." She asked in a soft voice. @Shadow_Pup
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  14. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim looked up from what he was doing as the girl entered, "oh hello, this is my bar, welcome to The Dead End, can I get you something to drink, you look a bit dehydrated" he said gently, he poured some water into a glass and offered it to the girl, "I'm Grim, Grim Reaper and that there is Raven" he added with a kind smile. This girl seemed very timid so he was making sure not to scare her.
    @EmoKitty21 @LunarSilvally
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  15. Lara looked to the male that introduced himself as Grim, Grim Reaper seeing him offer a glass of water to her as she blushed shyly but managed a shy smile. "Yes.....thank you Grim...for the water....um...I...well...I haven't gotten use to "being"....out of the water for as long as this....sorry....did I really seem that dehydrated.....?" She asked looking up to Grim but had shyly looked away. "A bar.....ok...I'll remember that......" She added drinking some of the water as some of the color seemed to have returned to her face as one hand held the glass while the other held one side of her camera. @Shadow_Pup
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  16. ~Bundt~

    The bunyip simply gave a cautionary glance outside and sighed a little. "I'd prefer to talk about it when we get to your office. I have been getting way too many reports about this and I want to make sure that the rumors don't spread around the precinct like a wildfire in my homeland." He took a look at the approaching sherriff office before talking in a low grumble. "It's about that flirtatious deer lady in The Clippin' Cloppers, her salon."


    There were only a few people here by the time Rayan showed up. He was the regular here at Clippin' Cloppers and Lady was all too eager to see him. She had taken a break from her hair curling to then curl another fable's hair. Looking over as the door chimed, she smiled at the young fable and gave him a suggestive wink. "Why, welcome to Clippin' Cloppers. I will help you in just a second. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yea," she then continued to talk to her customer about some far fetched tale about luring a mundy business owner to the forest before she realized he was too important for the human race to lose. She doesn't kill indiscriminately, and this was back in her glory days. She had stopped that now, or so she says.

    When she was done, she gathered payment from the fable and wished her a good day before beckoning Rayan to come forth with her finger. "Now, what will you have Rayan? A trim? The usual? Or something more crazy?"
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  17. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim smiled "so your a hippocampus right, is there someone in town that you know, did you lose them or haven't you met up with them yet" he had assumed she knew someone as she didn't seem like the type to wander round town for the fun of it. He then realised he had asked what she was without making sure she was aware of what he was, "oh and in case it was obvious but I'm the Grim Reaper, you know the physical embodiment of death and all that scary nonsense people say about me, just thought I would tell you that, seeing as I asked what you were" he said, doing a little bow.
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  18. Raven-
    "Yeah he is a real slave driver sometimes. Has his little reapers working all hours of the night. Some of them pop in from time to time give the old guy updates." Raven gave a bit of a smirk as she started to restock the shelves. She loved a good joke, and the new girl seemed like the gullible type. The black haired girl thought it might be fun to have a bit fun at the girl's expense.

    Ryan had always hated the flirty nature that lady had. Though it always made him smile that she never caught on to the fact that he was no where near interested in girls at all. While he waited, he took the time to look through a hairstyle book. He loved the styles, but did not want to cut his hair to do so. The golden color had somewhat became a staple for him.

    When Lady asked what he wanted done, he kind of cringed at the thought of cuting his hair. His hair actually natural and healthy without it needing to be done. His hair grows really well, to. "Actually I am not here for a trim. You should know that by now though. I don't really want to color my hair. I would love to have it styled, and a little help with it. I actually bought some flowers to put into my hair this time."
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  19. She was actually a bit surprised Grim had guess she was a Hippocampus as she seemed a bit embarrassed. "How did you guess so fast...?" She asked him as she gave a shy smile. "But, I was with someone...a moment ago but...we had to separate...since she had to open her Graphic design business I mean....she works as a Graphic Designer....for 3D and is the manager of the business so...she has a big responsibility.....oh....how rude....of me...you introduced yourself to me...and I didn't do so in return....I'm Lara....and as you guess...I am a Hippocampus...but in a more human form....I'm a Photographer....as you can see with the camera around my neck...." She added giving a gentle smile. "Um.....I have...a question....? You think you....may he able to... answer it for me...?" She added taking another drink of water. @Shadow_Pup
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  20. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " You sure you don't wanna talk about in your office, the business office? Fine by me. " Wolfgang said, drinking his coffee cup empty. As the two got to his office, he opened the door and entered the room. He made sure the blinds were closed and Bundt had closed the door when he would follow him in, and his arm that was holding the coffee cup stretched outward so that he could conveniently throw the empty coffee cup into the trashcan in the right-hand corner of the room. Then his arm retracted back to normal portions and he sat down in his office chair, turning it to face Bundt. " Right, what's the deal with the rumours? "
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  21. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim turned slightly to Raven "oh yeah Raven don't prey on the poor girl" he said simply "anyway what is it you wanted to ask Lara, and for your information I knew what you are because I can detect peoples life forces, they tell me who you are, what you are, how old you are, how healthy you are, you know that sort of stuff" he said leaning against the bar as he awaited her question.
    @LunarSilvally @EmoKitty21
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  22. She sat in the chair that was high enough to see behind the bar as she placed the glass of water on the counter which was empty. "Oh....so you know my age....then your probably surprised....by how young I look.... despite my age...but um....my question is that....since your the From Reaper....do you help the souls....into the.....afterlife....or is it...the other way around....you don't....have to answer...it..I was just curious....since I never met the Grim Reaper in person....until today...um....would you mind pouring me more water....um...please..." She said shyly but gently. @Shadow_Pup
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  23. ~Lady~

    Realizing who she was talking to, she slapped herself on the forehead. "Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot you don't like your hair being cut. My apologies. But I may style it. How do you want it, hun? Come, sit here." As she talked, she got the combs and some daisies and other such colorful flowers in place before she started her work.


    Bundt wasn't concerned about which office he was in. His office was further along the complex anyway, and Wolfgang's office was nearby. As he walked in, he shut the door behind him and walked over to the chair across from Wolfgang's sitting visage and sat down. He seemed to be in some visible stress.

    "I have been getting more and more reports about Lady. Our hairstylist at the Clippin' Cloppers. She apparently has been boasting about having killed a couple mundies a year ago. The story went about how she was minding her business crossing the road as a deer, and a car came rushing at her. Instead of jumping away, she allegedly got hit on purpose and smashed through the windshield, kicking the two humans in a "panic" and left. I had done a bit of digging and found that she had left tufts of her fur behind, but no blood. Naturally, she wouldn't bleed from a simple car crash. No, what really got me was that those two mundies were parents to a young man, who is a journalist. Not sure if he still is one now, but that drive to find out what happened in any story is probably exacerbated. I'm worried he'll find the existence of this town and put our existence in danger." He sighed once he got everything out and leaned back in the chair. Had he been leaning forward this entire time? Whatever. He ran his fingers through his short hair before continuing. "I'm afraid I don't know what he looks like either. All I know is that he's male and a mundy, and that he wants to find out what really killed his parents."

    He really shouldn't be worrying this much, but he couldn't help it. It had been bothering him since he first heard of this rumor, but decided not to tell Wolfgang about it until he had all the pieces he needed. Plus, he wasn't going to explain how he got the rest of the information that required 'digging'. His methods were a bit... Unorthodox, but it worked.

    He looked back up at Wolfgang, clearly stressed about this whole 'rumor' business. "If this is true... I don't know. We should talk to Lady. She spills out stories, true, but most of her stories are real events, not imagined. Which is why this bothers me so."
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  24. Ryan-
    Ryan had to roll his eyes as he walked over to the chair. It was the same story every week, and really did enjoy the company that she gave. Ryan sat in the chair, and sat the basket that he brought with him. It was filled with different flowers. From shades of pinks and purples, to some that were gold, and a few white roses. "These are the flowers I was telling you about Lady. With the style, I was thinking we could do a braid that comes from this way, and back. Then we can pull the rest into a nice side ponytail. If there is anything else you want to do, besides cutting my hair or dying it, then you are more then welcome." When he told her the direction of the braid, he used his hands to point to his side part, and moved it along to the other side. When he was done talking, he took his hair down. It fell in waves down to the floor. The color almost seemed to glow in the sun.

    Raven had to laugh when Grim told her not to prey on the girl. She gave a small pout, and looked to the fable. "Oh come on Grim, can't I do just a little bit? I promise I won't do any permanent damage to her. I promise I won't go over board like last time." Raven knew that Grim would probably not allow it, but she had to try. Besides, she thought it might be a bit of fun to play with the girl a little.
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  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Wolfgang listened and put his feet up on his desk. He thought. Though this was maybe a minor thing in this community, it certainly isn't a minor inconvenience when it is being told to every customer that is coming into the barbershop, fable or mundy. Though the population of Fabletown is all Fables, there certainly can always be the one rare case of a mundy wandering into the community. Wolfgang removed his feet from the desk and stood up. " Right-o. I'll clear this up. You're gonna have to take care of the people standing outside your office, though. And at mine, too. If someone ever comes to my office, that is. I'll be off, then. " Wolfgang said, waving to Bundt before straight up vanishing into thin air. Using his teleportation powers, he teleported from his office into a dark alley next to the barbershop. Walking out of the valley, he took a turn and walked into the barbershop, waiting for Lady to notice and approach him. He took the time to look around the barbershop while he was waiting.
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  26. Fenris stepped out of his house and looked around the neighbourhood. He started walking in the direction of a bar he had heard of, but he had no idea what it was called. As he looked around he saw people looking weirdly at him, probably because of the way he dressed. He was currently wearing a Slipknot Tank Top, or actually it was a t-shirt that he had cut the sleeves off of. He fished up a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lit one. He continued walking, ignoring the people whispering and insulting him, because he really needed a drink right now. When he finally arrived he put out his cigarette and threw it on the ground. "The Dead End" the bar was apparently called. It didn't look half bad, so Fenris opened the doors and entered. He saw the bartender chatting with a girl, maybe in her early twenties. Fenris walked up to the bartender and said:
    "Hey, bartender, give me something strong."
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  27. Manti's bar looked decent to say the least; most of the interior structure was polished wood with the walls littered with a few paintings and a dartboard that appeared to have been used often, the bar itself had up to eleven wooden stools with red leather on the top and a few tables nearly arranged around the area. Near the middle of it was a stunning pool table with the balls already set up in case anyone who entered wanted to start playing, ever since he turned back on his violent ways he appeared to have a thing for pool, it felt relaxing to him.

    The fable looked around his bar with a smile before he walked behind the counter where the drinks were, he got out a cloth and began to wipe on the counter's surface, he was always determined to make sure his place was nice for any customers despite how quiet his place tended to be.
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  28. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim listened to Lara, "yeah, I help the spirits of those who have died pass on peacefully and deal with those who refuse to leave, well I used, my Reapers do most of that for me now a days, oh and of course, but after this I'm gonna have to start charging you miss, this is a bar after all" he said before pouring her another glass and then proceeding to walk towards the back room, "hey Raven, keep Lara company while I check on some of the bottles in the back" he said to Raven "and maybe you can tease her just a little, she got to learn that this town isn't full of just lovely people, not that your not lovely" he whispered as he passed her, smirking slightly.
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  29. "Ok..."
    Lara took another sip of her water seeing her complexion return to normal before placing her cup down sitting on the stool in the bar. She sighed before pulling out a bill to pay for the water. "-The life of the city isn't always filled with lovely people so be careful-" JC had said to remind her. "-I know JC....I'm not that naive....it just...sucks you know....but I can't always assume that everyone is lovely dovy...-" she smiled gently to herself as tears fell from her eyes as luckily she was facing the counter of the bar as she has a flashback of an incident as a Hippocampus that proved not everyone was friendly and that the world can be cruel at times. @Shadow_Pup
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  30. Raven fully intended to tease the girl, though when she saw the change, she stopped herself. Walking over to the girl's place at the counter, she rested a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Hey it is ok hun. The name's Raven, would you like to tell me what's bothering you? I don't know if you know this, but I can be a pretty good listener." This was out of character for Raven. If the regulars saw, they would not have known how to deal with how she acted.

    When the guy came in, Raven had to have a little smirk. She winked to Lara, and then stood behind off to the side. She reached under the bar, and pulled out a large safe. With a twist of her wrist, she opened said safe. Pulling out one of the bottles from inside, she shut the safe again. Pulling out a glass from the stack behind the bar, she pulled out a shot of the stuff. There seemed to be a green smoke that came up from the drink. "Here you go sugar, this aught to quench your thirst for something strong." What she did not tell uim was that she pulled out on of the strongest drinks that they had. She sat the drink down in front of him.
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  31. Lara looked to the girl named Raven tears resting on her cheeks. She gently wiped her tears before she spoke quietly but quite enough for her to hear her voice. "You will....really listen to me?" She asked as only her friend JC listened to her problems no body else. "I don't...want to think I am forcing you to listen to me...because...a lot of people think that way...when I...." She hesitated for the moment looking away from her slowly trying to think of what else to say as she held her camera firmly which was around her neck. "Talk...with them...." She finished. @EmoKitty21
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  32. Fenris took the glass and sipped a little on it. He could already feel the alcohol, but he liked that feeling. He drank a little more, and it was obvious that this had to be some of their strongest stuff. After he had swallowed the last of his drink, Fenris stood up. But he could not, because of the alcohol. He sat down again and handed the glass to the bartender. This was a great feeling, so he wanted to order another one. Would it be good for him? No. Did he care? No.
    "More." he said. He really wanted a lot of drinks.
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  33. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim had received a call and teleported to the desired location, something about one of the Reapers getting in a bit of a tricky situation with some violent souls, he dealt with them and sent the Reaper on his way before teleporting back to the bar, materializing in a tornado of shadow, he looked at the obviously drunk guy at the bar, "For gods sake Raven, how much has he had, I don't want another patron dying of alcohol poisoning again, it took for ever to clear that mishap up with Wolfgang and Bundt, we were closed for weeks" he said, sighing slightly as he pulled an hourglass from the void and examined it, "he's alright for now, I don't see him dying yet, he's got too much sand left for that, but don't give him much more, that could easily speed up the process" he said.
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  34. "Don't worry, I can take more." Fenris answered, unknowing of who he was talking to. "Just hand me another drink, my neck is really hurting today." You could clearly see the marks on his neck, it looked like he had tried to hang himself. "Alcohol is really the only thing that helps, since when I'm drunk I barely feel anything." Fenris added. His neck usually didn't hurt this much, but the marks from Glaupnir had always been there and would probably never go away.
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  35. Raven just smiled and pointed to the shot glass. "He has only had one drink, a shot glass I might add. He must be a light weight if he can't hold that much." She comically leaned on the bar, and slide the bottle behind her. The guy did say give him something strong, he did not say how strong, and that is just what she did. "You know some people just can't hold their apple juice."

    Turning to Lara, Raven gave her a smile. "I do not mind listening. Go ahead and tell me what you need to. Haven't you heard we bartenders are like therapist, we just charge for your drink instead of the office they all rent."
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  36. "Light weight?" Fenris said, offended. "Of course I can't hold much of this if it's that strong, and it's not made for drinking much of." Fenris was starting to get mad. But then, the marks on his neck started hurting even more, and he had to focus to not scream. "Please, my neck is hurting really bad, I need more alcohol. Just give me something." Fenris said, and he could feel the wolf inside of him wanting to come out. He wasn't trapped in this body, but he had adapted this form to be able to escape from Glaupnir. It was made to fit any size, but the dwarves had done something wrong so Fenris had been able trick it. He didn't know how he had gotten the power to transform, but suddenly he just could. That was something that Fenris did not understand and it pissed him off.
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  37. She looked to Raven. "Well....ok....if you really want to hear it....I will tell you....um Raven...right..." She said looking to her before grabbing the glass of water and drank from it until it was empty. "Well....I was reminded of what my only friend told me....that life in the city isn't always filled with lovely dovey people....and...because of that....She told me to be careful......but I know that already......because I am not that naive....because....the accident I had way back in my past proved to me that not everyone is as nice as they seem...so...I cry since I always have to be protected by someone....which can be a headache for them....but not to my only friend.... pathetic huh...." She finished managing a smile to hide her sad emotion. @EmoKitty21
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  38. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Grim sighed and crossed his arms, "right, Raven next time a customer asks for something strong, don't give them the strongest alcohol, that I usually save for myself and my dearest friend, also while you deal with Lara, I will have a word with our friend here" he then walked so he was leaning against the bar and facing Fenris, "right, I know you said you wanted booze, but are you sure, I mean there are other ways I can relieve the pain, I mean of course it would be temporary but, when I reap a soul, I put said soul in a state of peace and calm, if I was to do this to a living soul, it would relieve pain or negative emotions for a period of time, then I would advise you to get that checked out, or you can buckle and go down the rabbit hole that is drinking to deal with pain" he said looking at the man.
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  39. "Oh Grim you are no fun. It's not like I gave him a full glass of the stuff. You also have to admit that the guy deserved it. I was only doing the world a favor." Raven's face was a mix of pouting, and very mischievous glee. It seemed that she really enjoyed messing with people when she could. Though she does have a soft spot for certain people. Turning to Lara, she listened to what she had to say. Given that most of the time that she did not care, it could come off as someone who is trying to trick some girl.

    "Well Lara, I will be glad to be there for you. I know that life in the city can be rewarding for most, which is why I love it here. Not everything is cheerful, but that just serves to remind us of our goals, and how best to achieve them. Your friend is right, there are people in the city that would rather do harm then be kind. I would stay away from some of the more shady areas of town, a girl like you would be easy pickings." Raven used a kind voice to speak. She may not be the most kind person, but she had her moments. Besides the girl was obviously hurting, which kind of struck a part of Raven she did not see coming.
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  40. She looked to Raven and just gave a gentle smile. "Thank you Raven...really....I appreciate it....but yes.....I know....I always avoid conflicts...with people that argue....or feel that they are dangerous....so I keep my distance from them....which leads to me not talking much....then it gets others difficult to speak me with since they don't know what is on my mind...and I know a couple of shortcuts home...like my friend showed me...so I should be ok....but not too careful......." She said before looking to Grim. "Um.....Grim.....you think I can get another glass of water.....I will pay for it....honest...before I leave here....and I have...a question I like to ask...you...too?" She asked before turning back to Raven. "Hey....Raven....can I ask you a question?" She asked gently as it was the same question she had for Grim. @EmoKitty21 @Shadow_Pup
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