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F2P games you've put money into?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, May 31, 2017.

  1. Linkachu

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    If you've ever put money into free-to-play (or freemium) games, which emotionally manipulative lovely games did you throw your money at? And, if you're comfortable sharing, roughly how much did you sink into them?

    I think the only F2P games that I've shoveled out money for were Nintendo Badge Arcade, Pokémon Rumble World, Pokémon GO, and most recently Magikarp Jump. None of the Pokémon titles received large amounts of cash from me (under $2 for GO and Magikarp Jump and maybe $3 for Rumble World?) but over time I admittedly did sink between $5-10 into Badge Arcade. Likely a bit more. The weeks that offered bonus home themes if you purchased plays often won me over if nice badges were on offer. ;_;

    I did have my limits with Badge Arcade, mind. As soon as they hiked up the cost in CAD I immediately stopped buying plays. It just wasn't worth it to me anymore at that price.

    I'm fairly certain that I didn't put money into Pokémon Duel but it did heavily tempt me for awhile. I'd also have happily supported Fire Emblem Heroes if the costs in CAD were cheaper. I'm fine throwing a buck or two at a F2P game that I'm enjoying but anymore than that turns me away.
  2. Shiny Pyxis

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    I'm what some people call a dolphin. I spend some hundreds of dollars on these games which I can 100% play for free, but I just.... need that nice new card. Or some better equips. Or something. Not to be confused with a whale, aka people who spend more than $1000 on games, or fish, aka "cheap 2 play" or those who spend maybe like $20 at most.

    So obviously I've spent much on Love Live, probably around $400 and counting (I plan to spend another $50-100 for my birthday in a couple weeks). I've gotten some great cards! But was it worth the money? I mean.... the game brings me joy. I think it's okay to spend a couple bucks on something I like. Right?

    Then there's Maplestory, which during one WEEK I spent over $150, not to mention the other however much I spent over the years I played the game. To be fair, I've been playing the game since I was 13, so $300 over 9 years isn't too bad. Still... that $150 from that one week constantly haunts me.

    There's a newer rhythm game called BanG Dream, which has a premium pack for 3000 JPY (about 12 USD) that you can buy every 30 days. I've bought 3 of them, and the gamehas been out for 3 months. Do the math.

    Other games I've spent money on, I only spent like $10 at most, so they're not worth mentioning. But basically, I suck at self control.
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  3. I'm mostly a total cheapskate, although I have caved a few times. I just find it really hard to justify spending more than a few dollars at a time, probably because I don't have a huge amount of money to throw around.

    So the most I've thrown at a game was probably $20 at Dream Girlfriend. I know that sounds super cringy, but trust me when I say its basically just a more elaborate dress up game, and I adore cute dress up games. Most of the time I'm pretty content to use the resources I earn in game to get new outfits, but sometimes they'd have like a special on where they'd lower the cost and give you bonus outfits if you played a certain number of times and just... oops >>

    Other small amounts are probably sinking a total of like $10 in Dragon Story, and maybe $5 into Doomsday Clicker. Honestly I should put more into Doomsday than I have because its such a charming little game and I adore it. I mean, just listen to some of the music in the game. Plus the prices are actually really reasonable.

    The only other F2P game I'd consider putting money into Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. I really like the game, its a lot of fun, and I feel that its worth a bit of money, but its pretty expensive, at least by my broke standards. If you want to get a reasonable amount of resources in a purchase you'll need to fork out at least $23, or if you want almost enough to try for one medal carnival (the gacha basically), you'll need $31. I've put money into games like this before sure, but they're usually only a max of $5 at a time. I just can't justify it.
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  4. I have put money into Love Live (around $300), BanG Dream, Idolm@ster, Pokemon Rumble World, etc. Boy, do I regret some of it.
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  5. Shocari

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    League of Legends.

    And that is literally all that needs to be said on that matter.

    Other than that, yeah maybe $1-5 at a mobile game every now and then, never more than $25 total during the entire duration of me playing it, though.

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