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Extended Member Profiles for the Wiki

Discussion in 'Organised Play Archive' started by Linkachu, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    After discussing this with Alex, we'd like to extend the Charms Organised Play profiles by adding a couple of new sections:
    * Member bios
    * Signature Pokemon or teams

    Wiki editors who feel comfortable doing so can create their own pages, but for everyone else - post your information here.

    -> Give me an avatar or some sort of image to include on your extended profile page to represent yourself.

    -> Write a brief bio about yourself. Can be anything you want but should have a Pokemon WFC theme (ie. why you joined Organised Play, your battling or Pokemon gaming history, your favourite style of battling, favourite types of Pokemon to use, favourite WFC-related activities, etc.). Use Bal's wiki page as an example of what we mean.

    - > Showcase your choice Pokemon teams or signature Pokemon, including each members' species, name, gender, and shininess if applicable. These should be teams you actually have on your games, not made up teams or your 'favourite Pokemon' and stuff. See this post by Alex for more info.

    If anyone can think of another section to add, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I hope everyone has fun with this! :)

    This is completely optional! You don't need to take part if you don't want to.
  2. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Guess I'll kick this thread off with my information. :3

    Avy: You can use the lovely image that Magpie drew for me of Ignis. Seeing as he's a staple of my competitive teams, it works very well. -^^-

    A Very Brief History of Pokemon and Me

    I first got into Pokemon when I was very little when I was given Pokemon Blue as a present and I immediately fell in love with the series, and more importantly Wartortle. My obsession with the series continued strong through the second generation of games as I owned both Gold and Silver and have played those two more times that I can even begin to fathom.

    I briefly fell out of Pokemon, the time period that some like to refer to as Generation III, but as Diamond and Pearl came out I wanted to get my hands on a copy to see how they played and to bring back fond memories of years gone by. And from the very first day I played Diamond I was once more madly in love with the Pokemon series.

    It wasn't until I bought Pokemon Platinum that I truly learnt about the metagame of Pokemon and I quickly took a keen interest in it, even though I didn't immediately understand EV's and IV's. Then, after some experimenting with things, I came to grasp the concept of EV training and began to build competitive movesets and teams.

    A few months later I decided to test my new found knowledge of Pokemon by joining the Pokecharms Organized WiFi Play group. After the hiccup of not being able to find the chatroom, I began to show up to every Saturday meet that I possibly could and I met some incredibly awesome people there.

    Once the Leagues were announced and put into motion I jumped at the chance and immediately joined them, and as a result have had some incredible battles and look forward to many, many more of them with some terrific battlers. Nowadays I can pretty much be found in the WFC chat room so long as I'm home and conscious.

    Other Facts

    I really don't think that I have a battle style, per say. What I do during battle really depends on which Pokemon is out on the field. Like if I have my Gliscor out there, I'm going to try and Swords Dance and sweep like no other, but if I have my Meganium in battle I'll stall and sap away the opposition's health and avoid as much direct battling as possible. So it all really depends from match-up to match-up for me. Although, I suppose I generally like bulkier Pokemon as opposed to the proverbial "Glass Cannon" type Pokemon.

    When I battle I generally use Pokemon that interest me, or that I really like. I don't always go after the ones that are considered to be "the best". I use what works for me and my unique, unorthodox style of battling and it seems to have worked well enough thus far. I often use the types that are considered to be "bad" in the metagame (namely Ice and Grass), but I love those two types and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future.


    Probably the one Pokemon that I would choose as my mascot is Wartortle. Dating back to R/B/Y it was one of my favorite Pokemon and my fondness for it has only grown over the years, so I would more or less consider it to be my signature Pokemon. (Although, in Competitive Play it could be argued that Charizard is more or less my signature Pokemon. :x)

    My current team that I've been using in the League is doing pretty good, even with some holes here and there, and I plan to keep these Pokemon together for the time being. That team is:
    - Gliscor (Divum) Male
    - Charizard (Ignis) Male
    - Vaporeon (Umine) Female
    - Mamoswine (Gaia) Female
    - Metagross (Streig) N/A
    - Meganium (Aster) Female
    (Wouldn't be opposed to HG/SS sprites, but not needed if too much work for Wiki editors and staff :x)

    Monotyped Flying Team:
    - Gliscor (Divum) Male
    - Drifblim (Atzei) Male
    - Togekiss (Ventus) Male
    - Gyarados (Vallum) Male
    - Skarmory (Loricatus) Female
    - Charizard (Ignis) Male

    I think that's about it...for now. >:3
  3. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    What a nice idea. I shall do mine once it's on Wiki :D
  4. I've been thinking of what to put in mine for a bit now... its harder than you think :o

    I think I'm just gonna have to start writing and see what comes out the other side xD

    I'm curious as to what this list you'll be creating is, as well, Katie. What information have you been hoarding about me D:
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Katie knows everything >:D


    Not completely sure what I'll write either, but I'm sure I'll be able to whip something up~
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Basically this was my idea originally.

    We'd have the complete members list from the other thread on the wiki, then we'd either include the extended details with it or link them as separate pages. I'd like to create some sort of template to showcase people's teams with images, tho, but I'll probably need help with that one.

    Now that I've actually slept, I'll try putting the list together again and show you what I mean. :)
  7. Now that I have a spare few minutes I might as well attempt to write my section for the member profiles so here goes :p (I will probably use Magpies picture if she doesnt mind)

    Sup all the names Balakai (or Bal to most of you). I am a avid battler here at charms and enjoy having random chats with everyone. So.... what can I say about myself... well I am best mates with KoL one of the moderators IRL and we have always competed against each other in most games which Pokemon is no acceptation. He has been whooping me for around 10 years now hehe but I guess I am the battler today because of those beatings :D. I am a Games Design Graduate, an avid sportsman and a musician (What has been known as the almighty Tri-Force) so there isn't just one side to me. I very competitive and love a challenge but don't like to be put on a pedistool which is strange but even though I love to win I love to play against people who are constantly getting better or who are alot better than me because I love to improve as well.

    Battle wise, I am well known for the use of my Sandstorm team and especially Hippowdon which has some how become my signature pokemon. Another signature pokemon of mine is my Bronzong because of its "Boom factor" hehe. Thanks to the Manchester Tournament my love for Explosion (AKA the red button) became a sort of meme if I could say that (hence the picture of Hippowdon blowing Bronzong up). I tend to use bulkier pokemon in my teams (not stallers like people think lol) and have been known to have some LONG!!!! battles (over an hour lets put it that way) but they have all been fun on my end (mainly because I am patient hehe).

    Currently my pokemon achievements are firstly wining the mono type doubles tournament here at charms and coming second at the Manchester tournament which was also a doubles tournament. My specialty is 6 vs 6 single battles but through some lucky miracle my doubles average is a lot better and I have done quite well competitively at it (so may have to re-think my specialty :p).

    Well that's all from me, hopefully I will meet more of you in WFC chat and we can have a battle or two.
  8. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    If you would like your profile on the Member's List to be like mine, you need to provide us with the following information:

    1) To include the team information, you need to give us the details on up to 6 Pokemon, bare minimum amount of data we'd need is the species and (nick)name of up to 6 Pokemon (can be anywhere from 1-6, doesn't need to be a full team). You can also choose to include their genders. If you give us their National Pokedex number as well, it would make it a lot easier on the editor's side of things, as they'd only have to look it up anyway - but it's not necessary.

    2) If you want a sprite with your profile, you can choose any sprite from any of these three categories:

    Just pass on the filename of the sprite you wish to choose (DpTrainer 1-0.png for [​IMG] for example) and we'll slap it in to your profile.

    Although this is specifically referring to the members list itself, you could also have these on your extended profile if you want, just let us know that too if that's what you want us to do.
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  9. Hm, looks like I need to get this done ^^

    A short bio

    You can just call me Carmen. I've been into Pokemon since I was in elementary school, but I officially fell in love with the games during the Gen II. Back then all my battling was done in-game and it remained that way throughout Gen III. Sure, I flirted with the idea of competitive battling in Gen III, but nothing ever came into fruition because for one, I had no friends to battle (I didn't know about Shoddy-like programs, leave me alone XD). Then Gen IV came along and a little thing called wifi made the possibility of battling competitively real. Granted I never believed I could do it, but Ruko finally convinced me to give it a shot ^^;

    I don't consider myself a spectacular battler by any stretch of the imagination, but I've greatly improved. All I ask of you is to not underestimate me and my team, because I get better with every silly mistake and every loss. Interestingly enough, I tend to underestimate myself a lot and I consider that my biggest weakness. I've been working on it though; I no longer feel like a failure at life if I lose--I just pick up and carry on. My team and strategy are fairly balanced between offense and defense. I don't feel I have a signature Pokemon, but I adore my Meganium named Megan because people underestimate her so much and Allison my Swampert because she's the first Pokemon I've EV'd in a very long time. I'm not sure how my team came together but I modify it as I see fit--that includes changing Pokemon and movesets around.

    My crew ♥

    260 Swampert: Allison (Female)
    478 Froslass: Yuki (Female-obviously XD)
    437 Bronzong
    448 Lucario: Megumi (Female) I'd like to use the Diamond sprite for her ^^
    154 Meganium: Megan (Female)

    The others can get the HGSS sprites.

    HgssTrainer 36.png

    And as for my extended bio avatar: I'd like my current avatar of Paul ♥
  10. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Just took care of all of your stuff, Carmen. Seeing as I had nothing better to do I decided to go ahead and do this for you. -^^-

    My apologies if anything is wrong or what not.
  11. Well, it's now or never.

    A Bio of me!

    Just call me Drew! Or Kera, either works. I’m not normal. It’s as simple as that. I’m a Pokémon addict, and I have skills. I just don’t know where they are. I’m fairly good at archery, and I can either hit a person perfectly, or miss and hit them by accident. I’ve been into Pokemon since fourth grade, and started with the cards, and worked my way up to the games. Johto and Sinnoh are my favorite regions. I can play most percussion instruments, mainly piano, and my favorite song is Bring Me to Life by Evanescence. I live in Florida, and I ain’t afraid of nothin’. Except spiders. I hate spiders. My favorite Pokemon is Lucario, and I’m fond of Raichu. Other favorites include Gardevoir, Mightyena, Absol, Clefairy, Milotic, Froslass, Luxray, Darkrai, Cresselia, Mew, Suicune and Celebi. I have ADHD, and I’m so smart, my IQ is in the very high triple digits. I’m also a writer. I have a Fan Fiction account, and a Fiction Press account, both with the same name. I may change my identity soon, so anticipate it! I love LEGOS, and I could become an architect. I am the Mad Hatter. No exceptions. I can’t ever say no to a trade or a battle, ever. I love the books by Rick Riordan Stephen King. Lady Gaga is one of my all-time favorite singers. I guess that’s all you need to know about me. Now, who would like some tea? There’s enough to go around!

    My team: Kera's Team of Insanity!

    Ares- Lucario (Male.)
    Ah, Ares. My powerhouse, my favorite. He was raised from an egg and was always my favorite. Motto: There’s nothing I like more than beating someone at their own game. And chocolate. Sweet, sweet chocolate...

    Alice- Altaria (Female. The only girl!)
    Alice, sweet, sweet Alice. The only girl, and a sweet singer. Caught at Route 210, she slowly made her way into my team. Motto: Singing isn’t a hobby. It’s a way of life. And a great source of income!

    Milos- Milotic (Male.)
    Milos was the hardest to obtain, caught in Mt. Coronet as a Feebas. He made it in once he learned Ice moves. Motto: I know, I’m gorgeous. Any questions? I thought so.

    Sparkster- Raichu (Male.)
    Sparkster has been in my team for as long as I can remember. I caught him in the Trophy Garden. Motto: I’m electrifying. And I can take your breath away. Want a little sample?

    Leonardo- Camerupt (Male.)
    I got this little guy as a Numel from Stark Mountain. He worked his way through the ranks and made it into my team. Motto: So what if I’m slow? I can give you your own personal Earthquake, you know. Just you wait, bub.

    Grace- Shaymin (Genderless- I like to think it’s a girl and a tomboy. If possible, female?)
    Oh, little Grace. Obtained from an event, she makes me happy with Seed Flare. She never ceases to amaze me. Motto: Flowers are the beauty of the world. So don’t mess it up with your pollution! Wanna see me fly?


    I would like my avatar to be my forum profile pic, the epic Lucario with a rose. When I change my identity, I’ll let ya’ll know what I want my new pic to be. And for all my Poke’s, I would like to use the HG/SS sprites.
    And, I would like to use this sprite for my profile made by the fabulous Tun! [​IMG]
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  12. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Alright, I've finished your profile and team template, Kerauno. Your profile is here.

    Let me know if anything is incorrect or what not.
  13. It's great, but I wanna change my team real quick. I'd like to replace Shaymin with Froslass. Here is her bio:

    Frostina- Froslass (Female.)- Frostina was obtained from Route 217, after hours of searching. She helps with her Ghost moves. You should never underestimate her. Motto: Don't fear the ice. It won't hurt you. But the ghost will...

    Could you do that, pease?
  14. I edited it for you, Kerauno :) Double check it at the link Red gave you, everything should be in order for you now.
  15. It's perfect. Thanks LoN. But, it wasn't changed on the members page. No rush, though.
  16. ...I knew that, I was just testing your observation skills :D


    I gave you a Rotom by accident but I changed it to a Froslass - thought you might want to know, I found it kinda funny xD
  17. yashua

    yashua Guest

    people what is doing on[color ;)
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  18. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Try proper English next time as opposed to gibberish that no intelligent human could hope to understand.

    Warned, read the rules and try some common-sense before posting Yashua.
  19. I would like to be a wiki editor!

    Hi! my names James! or perferably ''Moose''. I'm not the biggest popularity known to man! I was first introduced to pokemon in the year 2006 just after the release of Daimond and Pearl in Japan,the next year i was a total pokemon freak knowing the first and second generation pokemon names like the back of my hand. The next year i decided to expand my pokemon knoweledge,by knowing facts,trivia,etc. then i was a strategy wiz,i was winning wi-fi battles like crazy and i still am,then a year later pokemon heartgold and soulsilver was announced! I was so excited,i bought the japan version the day,it was available for pre-order,i bet the game in just 5 months.know with black and white's release drawing closer i have a whole new knoweledge of pokemon to expand in my learnings!My favorite band is Linkin Park,my favorite thing to do is draw pokemon,make music,and of course play Pokemon games!

    Sneazy (sneasel)
    Yes,my most beloved pokemon! it has pulled through for me and i luckily caught it in mount silver!

    ahh,parfonkus,not knowing moltres would be found in mount silver,i was searching around and found him!

    my best powerhouse!

    my second greatest powerhouse! evolved from the evee bill gave me!

    i would like to use the hg/ss sprites!!!!!!!
    i would like to use this as my trainer sprite!

    Attached Files:

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  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Err... That's all well and good, Tsutarja, but who are you and when did you become a Charms Organised Play member? Being a member here does not equal being a wiki editor. :X
  21. About Me/Biography Thing
    Hi! My name is Andrew! My first Poke'mon experience was with the American release of Poke'mon Red/Blue (I got Blue, of course, because of the water-cannon spouting turtle of awesome) when I was just a little youngin'. People tend to know me, I suppose, for my love of Jynx and many other Poke'mon classified as "odd" (or as Sem would say, "ugly" and "hideous", but he's a butt so don't listen to him).

    Like most people I'd think, I started playing Poke'mon games, as I said, when I was very young and didn't quite grasp the concept outside of completing the games. I will also shamelessly admit to having move sets that comprised of 4 moves of the same type on all of my Poke'mon. What do you want from me? I was like /four/. Anyways, around the time of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum I pre ordered the game (and didn't have a DS at the time so I begged my mother to get me one!) and learned as much about them as I could, for I was extremely psyched about this brand new generation. This is when I learned about the ability to connect via the internet and have battles, a concept that was mind blowing at the time for I didn't have any friends to play Poke'mon with physically. I was then, therefore, introduced to the meta game (it was also around this time that I became a member of 'Charms, not thinking much of it, but happily made many new, great friends) and, like most, did my best to be the best I could be. Of course I was terrible for I while, but I got better- and for all of you want to be battlers, don't give up! You will lose but, even when you do lose, you will win as well- and you will have learned new strategies, hopefully, to take out your opponents more often.

    Outside of Poke'mon, in the real world (which, to most nerds like myself, doesn't exist) I am sixteen years old and openly gay. I love, love, love video games. Some of my favorite video games are: Poke'mon, of course, Silent Hill, The Lezend of Zelda, and Professor Layton. But most of all I am OBSESSED with World of Warcraft. It's a bad obsession to have, I know, but I'm pleased with it. I do also enjoy my jams like most people. Most prominently I listen to: Emilie Autumn, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Yazima Beauty Salon, Nami Amuro, Heartsdales, Roisin Murphy, Moloko, Utada Hikaru, The Hush Sound, and quite a few more. Another thing I enjoy doing is doodling and spriting on MS Paint- you can find my respective threads in their proper sub forums if you'd like to see them.

    I think that's about all there is to need to know about me- of course, if you want to know more talk to me! I'm a very friendly guy. :-)

    My Team Choices/Favorite Poke'mon
    Unfortunately for you baddies out there I'm not going to give you my /actual/ competitive team but my Battle Frontier team- I'm often finding myself lost there with these three Poke'mon, my best companions in the Poke'mon world, beating down other teams in all of the facilities. Of course, when I'm in the Battle Factory (which is very often) I let them relax with some delicious berry smoothies at the beauty parlor.

    Latias is an absolute powerhouse and a real trickster. She can take out just about any Poke'mon with her Draco Meteor and, if not, will snag the rest with Surf or Thunderbolt. But if she feels like being real sneaky she'll hand off her Choice Specs to the opponent and refuse to be locked into a single move again.

    Garchomp, much like Latias, is a big, bad powerhouse. He will take you down and out with STABd moves that are boosted sky high with Swords Dance.

    Registeel is probably my favorite of the bunch, being able to resist everything that Latias and Garchomp cannot with ease. His typing makes him the perfect tank and his defenses are sky high. But be warned, though often known as a sloth (in the deadly sins kind of way), he does have an.. explosive attitude.
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  22. I was about to go and do your profile, Andrew, but then I saw Red had already beaten me to it.

    You can find it here: http://www.pokecharms.com/games/Andrew

    Let us know if you want anything changing or what-have-you :)
  23. [​IMG] For my avatar because I actually like it the most of all my other avatars thus far. XD


    The first time I ever played over the pokemon WFC was once while I was parusing the GameFAQs board. I took six pokemon, my six "best" and challenged some guy that used an evil-hearted Sandstorm/Trick Room. I was promptly destroyed at 6-0, and I took my shattered hope elsewhere. I later joined a dumb Pokemon League, boasting about how I could do wonders with normal types (In actuality I had hardly ever used them, save for the occasional HM Slave.) and they signed me on as a Normal Gym Leader. In short, I sucked. I was the worst one there, and because of this I hardly ever showed up or took challenges. Mostly Shoddy Battle was used, and it was here that I gained most of my skill and practice. I would constantly take challenges, and try to make myself better. I repeatedly failed, until my first victory. I was so happy and excited, most of the next hour was spent with me in hysteric joy. I had already joined Pokecharms at this point, and I ran back trying to get critique on my team. I couldn't do much with it, but I assembled a team I was proud of. After that, I was shortly dropped from the original League and migrated most of my time to this place.

    When I heard about the league, I was really excited. I rushed to beat my Heart Gold, and got my good pokemon from Pearl over onto my new game. I'm still running that same Normal Gym team, but this time I'm kicking butt. Ruko helped me assemble the team with a lot of help, and set me up with my two favorite pokemon, Crobat and Rotom. Once I joined the league, I found out my secret power.



    Crobat Male- My lead and I'm positive that it's the bane of most battlers' existences. He's a heavy annoyer, and I love to watch him Air Slash a confused opponent to death. He is my favorite pokemon in this team!

    Rotom - Another annoyer, built with double status and two STAB moves. He's not used much, but when he is, he's EVIL.

    Snorlax Male- A basic Curselax build. He Curse's up for a few turns while absorbing some damage, maybe Rests, and then lays into the enemies over and over again.

    Porygon-Z - A special sweeper with the rarely-used Download. Pretty awesome and sweeps well.

    Tauros Male - Subsalac set built for win, with insane hax, usually never missing a single Stone Edge.

    Kangaskhan Female (only girl) - A strong girl almost guaranteed to kill any dragon that flies her way.

    And if it wouldn't bee too much trouble, I'd really like this [​IMG] sprite.
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  24. Oki Doki...

    Bio: Hello, My name is Anthany, From the UK. I've liked Pokemon Games for a few years and I got into the Anime when it was the First gen. After that I loved johto and Hoenn bored me to tears. I currently have many favourites of pokemon some including Magmortar and Minezumi. My favourite games of the Pokemon Trend has to be Diamond through to Soul silver (Forth Generation more specifically). I have also longed for the chance that I may get Wi-Fi, this chance has arose once, and it went in two minutes flat! (Not going into details, too saddening xD). But I like to battle people using the Colloseum upstairs in the Pokemon Centres, they quell my thirst for battling good people instead of noobs programmed into games ^^
    Down below is my Teamss :D

    Team 1: This is my super-ultra-mega-indefinito good team (What I use for my Colloseum battles with friends).

    Gliscor ~ Scorpion ~ Male ~ Shiny ~ My Stealth Rocker :D
    Porygon-Z ~ Crazies ~ No Gender ~ Shiny ~ My Little Physical Sweeper
    Spiritomb ~ 108 ~ Male ~ Shiny ~ No idea what this guy does, I just like him.
    Sceptile ~ Reptile ~ Male ~ Shiny ~ I just Like him, plus he has a good speed.
    Infernape ~ Sunburnt ~ Male ~ Non Shiny ~ My Quick Physical Attacker
    Kingdra ~ DracoQueen ~ Female ~ Shiny ~ Use in Emergancies

    Team 2: This Team is just for my in-game purposes.

    Torterra ~ Gay Turtle ~ Male
    Luxray ~ PussyTat ~ Female
    Alakazam ~ BrainDude ~ Male
    Blissey ~ NurseJoy ~ Female
    Honchkrow ~ ScareKrow ~ Male
    Vespiquen ~ Vespiking ~ Female

    And as the Trainer sprite may I use.. [​IMG] Because it shows my Magmortar Likeness :D
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  25. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Sorry about this taking so long for me to get around to, but I've finished your page Kal. ^^

    Let me know if anything is wrong, or needs changing. Kal's Profile
  26. Bio of Pokekid:
    ive loved pokemon ever since silver and now ive come to love it still. for me pokemon has been a way of life. my all time favorite pokemon game is soul silver. im also kind of a battle frontier fan. i men i love the battle frontier. and that is where i spend most of my time in pokemon emrald and soul sillver, the battle frontier. and the ression i joined was to battle other trainers from around the globe, and gain the skills i need to be a better trainer from them.

    my sprite, by trainer j:[​IMG]

    my sig team:
    Typhlosion, male
    latias, female
    Flygon, male
    Aggron, male
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  27. Bio:
    Hello quys,my name is Alek and i'm pretty new around here.I've playing this games since i was a 4 years old kid (sorry,my bad english).I knew this game since 1998 but the first pokemon game i ever play is Ruby!After that i spend most of my time hunting every single version the release/released.I love to have my first Wi-fi match with anybody!

    I don't have any favorite pokemon,I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF IT!
    I have about...5 teams(maybe)

    Ok,here is my 1st team:
    Porygon2,N/A.I have this one in Firered.
    Dusknoir,female.This one is from Emerald.
    Lapras,male.From Leafgreen
    Blissey,Female.Hatch her is a pain,catch her is my terible nightmare!She remains me some memories (good times,good times)

    My second team...:
    Scizor,Female.From Diamond...urg!
    Registeel,N/A.I can't find those Regis since 2007 :d.
    Tyranitar,Female.She from Firered...
    Rhyperior,Male...Another one,from Leafgreen...Yeah...

    My 3rd team (I'll keep other 2 in the darkness :d):
    Milotic,Female.I'm Lucky enough to catch this in Sapphire after team Aqua leaving...
    Metagross,N/A what do you want?More power?

    Also my sprite
    CustomTrainer 260.pn

  28. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Errr... Alek? This is for Organised Play members, and you aren't a member yet so it's kinda meaningless to you... XD

    It's also not really meant to be a "meet and greet" thread, moreso a way for Organised Play members to tell more about themselves. Even if you do become a member, this isn't quite what we're looking for in the extended profiles.
  29. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    Anyone want their profiles updated with their Unova teams? :)

    If so, let us know which 1-6 Pokemon you'd like displayed, their genders, and their nicknames if applicable, and someone will edit it on your standard profile. We can also add stuff to your extended profile pages. Just let us know what you'd like added.

    While we're at it, feel free to update your profile's trainer sprite, too. Here's a listing of the B/W Trainer Sprites or you can choose from the HGSS Trainer Sprites or our Custom Trainer Sprites. Just tell us which you want to use and it'll be added.
  30. This looks fun :)

    A small bio:
    At first my parents wouldn't allow me to play pokemon, but after convincing them that it's not all bad, i got fire red when i was 7 years old. After being formally introduced to the pokemon games, i shortly, year after year, started learing more and more about pokemon. now i am aiming to be an expert and I'm almost there!

    My Pokemon Team:
    Ninjask, Soul Eater, Male.
    Soul was my very first lvl 100 that i trained from lvl 1 to 100! He is one of my most trustworthy pokemon and his swords dance-substitute move set never seems to fail me.

    Mismagius, Witch Hunt, Female.
    Witch is my honorary bamf. being able to survive a brave bird from a guts swellow with a burn orb and taking down a lugia Witch Hunt has earned the very strongest role in my team. She has had so many close cals it makes me so happy.

    Swampert, Rhino, Male.
    Rhino was an exception at first and i wasn't sure how many times i would use him, but he has been a great physical attacker and i will sure be using him in the future.

    Heracross, BlackStar, Male.
    Yet another Soul Eater reference and yet another physical attacker, Black star is one of my pride creations in the world of competitive battling.

    Jolteon, Bolt, Male.
    Ah, Bolt. I haven't been using him a lot but he is a great Pokemon. Having used to be a Volt Switcher, he is now a special kickbutt. I am proud to have him serve me and he will serve greater purposes in the future.

    Vaporeon, Aquana, Female.
    Aquana has been with me a long time. Although Being bolt's sister(Yes, they did come from the same parents, trust me), she and bolt have not served any battles together. I hope to fix that as they would work very well together.

    As for my trainer sprite, can it be just a regular Pokemon Ranger sprite from Black and White?

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