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Ask to Join Explore the Bloka Region | Generation II

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gpig5, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Discussion thread and sing ups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/explore-the-bloka-region-generation-ii-discussion.15965/#post-425081

    Seppo was a fresh eager trainer, impatiently waiting for the ship he was on to arrive at the Bloka region where his Pokemon journey will finally begin and flourish. Where endless amounts of stories and emotional rollercoasters will happen, making every venture interesting and exhilarating. However, he found himself in a room in the ship, where there was someone showing a lesson on the recent history of the Bloka region. Seppo heard a handful of information about the fact that something happened in Bloka a couple of years ago, but he was too busy playing with his mates on the streets of Hearthome to bat an eye towards the reports on television about them. There was a person at the front of the room with a presentation being projected onto the wall behind her as she spoke to the rest of the people in the room. "So...it all started with a group of aspiring trainers..."

    She then went into a detailed explanation of the events of what happened all those years ago.

    A man called Def, who had lived in Bloka for a number of years. Had previously been affiliated with the evil organization, Team Rocket. He had befriended a group of trainers before his secret was somehow released and broadcasted across the entire region. This caused a mob of civilians to hunt down Def and get rid of him any other Team Rocket affiliates. However, a group of people sided with Def and defended him from the rioting mob. This caused a kind of civil war within the region, that even split members of the government like the Gym Leaders. This caused an uprising and the region went into chaos, it wasn't purely because of the incident with Def. He was merely the trigger of the civil war, there were other controversial political events and other reports of multiple evil organizations being based in Bloka.

    Using the cover of the Civil war, there was this evil man, named Alderic. Who used this to distract all the people in power, to get himself in a position of power. He also managed to get the multiple evil organizations within the region to do his bidding. The region's economy was in collapse because of the civil war and the uprising, there was a man that ruled some of the most powerful evil groups at the top of the political hierarchy. It was a bleak time for the Bloka region. It turns out that Alderic was at work for a while before revealing his intentions, such as experimenting on Pokemon in the basements of Pokemon Centers, making a lot of the Pokemon Centers corrupt and many other national services.

    However, the same group of trainers forged a rebellion and fought against the forces of Alderic. The two sides met at the region capital, Raynsford. There was this powerful moment before the battle began where this trainer stepped forward in front of the rebellion, his name was Marin. Alderic did the same and walked in front of his minions. Alderic held hostage a Pokemon that belonged to Marin. It was a Buneary named Rory. He dropped Rory in front of him for Marin to collect, as Marin stepped forward... Alderic killed the Buneary in front of Marin. This triggered the fiercest battle of the Civil war to take place. After a while, the battle stopped and the only people that were left fighting were Marin another trainer named Will Whitman and Alderic. It seemed that this battle was going to decide the fate of the battle.

    The battle between the two trainers and Alderic was fierce. However, the battle was stopped by a sudden appearance by a Bibarel named Chuckron. If you don't know, Chuckron was a Pokemon that single-handedly won the entire Pokemon League without fainting once and his trainer never used any other Pokemon. They became champion and they disappeared not long after. Chuckron was arguably one of the strongest Pokemon to ever grace this earth, it disappeared over 50 years before the events of the civil war, and it appeared at this moment. It stood between the two trainers and Alderic. Every Pokemon and human that was within a mile radius, stopped fighting and stared in awe at the sight of Chuckron. The living legend. In their very sight.

    Chuckron assertively stared at everyone that surrounded it. It then looked at its bionic arm, before punching the ground to create a large, immense explosion. After, the smoke subsided, no one was harmed, but... Chuckron, Marin, Will Whitman and Alderic was no longer there. They had disappeared.

    At that moment, the battle and the Civil war ended. The region steadily rebuilt itself and healed the wounds of the Civil war. The economy was rather weak for a long time after that event, but the economy was only showing small signs of having the strength it did before the war. The End.


    Someone who was listening to the presentation, put their hand up to ask a question. "Yes, sir?" The presenter asked. The person who raised his hand stood up and coughed. "What happened to the people that disappeared and Chuckron?" The man asked. the presenter simply shrugged her shoulders and sighed. "Many people asked that question constantly and still do to this day, and will more than likely, ask that question indefinitely until that questioned is answered. If that answers your question," The presenter replied.

    Seppo sat in awe at the most amazing story that he will ever hear in his life. Ulti9matley, making him even more impatient to explore the Bloka region. "In memory of all the lives that was lost during that time, a statue of Rory the Buneary was built in Raynsford. The battle was called the Battle of Raynsford," The presenter added. The room was silent for a moment, it was a mixture of people that was also in awe of the emotional story and people doing a moment silence for the lost lives. The silence was broken as an announcement was said through the speakers of the room.

    "Can all passengers, please collect all their belongings as we are approaching Quinten City,"
    Seppo looked down at his partner Natsu the Turtwig with a beaming smile. "We're finally here, Natsu!" Exclaimed Seppo in excitement. He packed his things and the ship docked and he left the ship, taking in a deep breath of the Blokan air. Natsu sat on Seppo's shoulder as he made his way off the ship. "The Professor said that she'll meet us when we come off the ferry," Seppo said to Natsu. He searched around and heard a distant "Seppo!" being drowned out by the loud crowd chatter. He turned towards the shout and he saw Professor Maple waving her arm, trying to get Seppo's attention.

    Seppo went over and shook the Professor's hand. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Professor," Seppo said. "Please, call me Maple," She replied. "Seppo then gestured to Natsu on his shoulder. "This is my partner Natsu," "Turt!" He cheered. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Natsu," Prof. Maple said. Professor Maple then looked at the leaf on Natsu's head that was in a sahpe of a love heart. "You know, you and Natsu, reminded me of a trainer I knew from a few years ago. Anyway, we're also meeting with other new trainers as well, so we should probably wait for them before we head to my lab," said Prof. Maple.
  2. Kat Stepped Out Onto The Dock, Haun Hoped Off Her Shoulder, He Said
    "Alright! Finally Back In Bloka! Man, Its been Such A Long Time! Right, Haun!"
    "Vapour!" The Cheerful Vaporeon Replied, Kat Said
    "Let's Go Visit The Professor! last Time We Saw Her Was During That War! The Only Good Thing, In My Eyes, To Come Out Of That War, Was Your Evolution!" She Ran Towards The Lab, Only To Find That The Professor Wasn't There Yet, She Started Waiting, because Unlike her Brother, She Had Patience. Then Realised where She Was MEANT To Meet The Professor, Then Hurried In That Direction. Haun Struggling To Keep Up, As he Kept Tripping On His Scarf.
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  3. "Brother?" A passenger near the back of the ship whispered in disbelief "all these years you've been gone... you were"
    He thoughts about Will's untimely fate at the end of the war, 'he can't be dead' he thought, shaking his head 'he's to strong to be beaten just like that'

    It was understandably hard for him, seeing his older brother and childhood idol dissapear into a cloud of dust.
    "Char?" he felt a tug at his shirt, and turned to see his Charmander
    "How did you get out again?" laughed the boy. It was a hollow laugh, obviously strained. "Come on, let's go see the professor"

    He stood up and began to walk out of the boat and to the lab. He saw the Professor and walked up to her
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  4. Cassie sighed as she got off the boat, she was glad she hadn't been in that war and decided to remain travelling around her home region. Her hand ghosted over her two pokeballs with a distant smile, she looked about the deck for Professor Maple whilst Sloane hovered right behind her on her left, his large eyes watching to keep his trainer safe; his face had no expression.
  5. Professor Maple spotted Cassie coming off the boat as well, she attempted to get her attention by waving her arms around. "Cassie! Cassie over here!" Maple yelled. Maple the turned to Tom, Seppo and Kat. "I think that's the last one, after Cassie gets here, well head to my lab," Maple explained to the rest of the trainers.
  6. "Interesting. Who knew this place had such history. Hopefully there's some good history books somewhere." Leo remarked as he stepped onto the docks. He walked around for awhile, trying to get used to the city, before sitting down on a bench wondering what to do before he went off to explore.
  7. Cassie felt something smack her lightly on the back of her head and turned it just slightly to check up on her pokemon. "Ron zor, ron bron onzor, bronz." She raised a questioning eyebrow at the floating scrap of metal and was rewarded with a heavy shove to her side, forcing her head to look over to her left. Her mouth fell into an 'O' shape. "Thanks Sloane." She muttered, grabbing ahold of the pokemon roughly, she pulled him up against her chest, his face forward looking ahead of her. He wasn't the quickest pokemon, and he always insisted on being out with her, so she had no choice but to carry him around with her when travelling longer distances. Cassie was just glad that he wasn't particularly heavy. "Hey Professor Maple!" She called, reaching the group quickly with Sloane firmly against her. the steel type making strange 'hmm'ing noises like that of a machine.
  8. "Hey, Cassie. Okay, it seems everyone is here. Let's head off now, it's not too far a walk," Professor announced to the group. She the gestured them to follow her and headed towards the Pokemon Lab. Seppo pondered in thought as he followed Maple. Natsu looked up at Seppo from his arms. Seppo looked down at Natsu and gave a heart-warming smile. Natsu returned the favor also.

    "Professor, do you know why Chuckron was gone for so long before the Battle of Raynsford?" Seppo curiously asked. Professor didn't reply as she thought of what to say. "Well, Seppo. I'm sure everyone is asking a million questions just like you are throughout the region. I don't know, perhaps you'll find the answer yourself," Maple replied. They started to get close to the resident area of Quinten City, where Maple's lab would be.
  9. Cameron Marx, a young Aura Guardian, in training, got off the boat to the Bloka Region. It was a nice day, as Cameron, along with his partner Striker, walked towards the Professor.
    "Professor Maple! It's me, Cameron Marx! I was told to meet you here!" He called out cupping his hands around his mouth. Striker mimicked his trainers movement and did the same. "Riolu! Ri Riolu!"
  10. Maple turned around after thinking that she heard someone call her name. She looked towards the people coming off the ferry and noticed one of the trainers that she was meant to meet up with. "Oh shoot! I completely forgot, about Cameron," She exclaimed. She waited up for the young guardian.
  11. Cameron waved his arm and ran over. He clutched his knees when he arrived, stopping to catch his breath. "I was supposed to meetcha when I got off the boat," he said after he rose.
  12. Maple nervously chuckled and scratched her head. "Yep, your right. It was my bad, I kinda...forgot about you," Maple said before immediately changing the subject. "NOW, since everyone is here we can finally go to the lab once again," Maple said as she walked towards the Lab, shortly arriving after. Inside the lab, it was a large building with a high roof, computers covered the walls and other machines that aren't recognizable. Assistants walk around hastily as it seems the entire lab is hard at work. Maple entered and approached a large desk that had a large array of gadgets and items on top of them.

    I know some of you are already well-experienced trainers, but for the newcomers. These are the vitals for any trainer, such as Pokeballs, Pokedex, etc. Feel free and help yourselves,"
  13. Kat Nodded, And took A Pokedex, She Said
    "I brought My Own Pokeballs!" She Pulled Out A Stash of Pokeballs, Pink ones, With Sparkles And Love hearts, She Said "Thanks Professor Maple!" She Started Out The Door.
  14. Seppo approached the table and inspected the array of items for offer. Seppo picked up a handful of Pokeballs and a Pokedex and placed them in his bag. "Turt!" Natsu cheered. "Okay, buddy. We'll head off now. Thank you, Professor," Seppo said before heading out of the Pokemon Lab. "No problem, good luck on your journey," Maple replied.

    Seppo then started to head towards route 2 and Natsu was peacefully just sitting in Seppo's arms. Natsu looked up at Seppo and noticed him pondering in thought again. "Tur?" questioned Natsu. "Oh, nothing really. I was just thinking about what the deal with Chuckron is, where was he for so long and where is he now. Along with a dozen other questions," Seppo explained as he entered route 1.
  15. Kat Was Already On Route One, She Saw Seppo, And Said
    "Hey! Professor Maple Called You Seppo, Right? My Name's Kat, And This Is My Partner, Haun!" as She Said That, Haun Hopped Out, And Tried Doing A Flip, And Tripped On His Scarf, Kat Picked Him Up.
  16. After Uberto had gotten off the boat a little later, he made his way to the Pokémon Laboratory at a brisk pace. Knowing that Kyle was not as fond of being in his ball, he held him in his arms with a modest grip. He saw some others that were already inside when he took a quick glimpse through the glossy door from a few meters away. He quickly opened the glass door with the metallic handle that was cold to the touch, as he said to the Professor while quietly panting, "Hello Professor, I apoligize for being here a little later than usual, I kinda had to deal with a situation earlier since my little guy can be a bit fussy at times. I just need to talk to this red and blue guy over here since I need to have my device upgraded to have the map of this region."

    Kyle glanced around at the Laboratory, as he saw the assistants rushing around hastily. He noticed the Pokémon that Uberto was talking about, as he saw the Pokémon typing in numerous lines of code on a computer. He saw Uberto walking to the table full of items, as he scanned at what the table had to offer. There were capsule-like spheres that were red on its top half and white on the bottom, as there was a perfectly circular button on its center. A black stripe divided the two halves and kept the button in check. He also saw some machinery that appeared to be Pokédexes from what some others have mentioned out before, though he did not seem to take one oddly enough. He stood near the Professor while holding Kyle still, as Kyle quietly moved his stubby arms and legs in an attempt to convey a message to him.
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  17. Cassie stared about the laboratory with wide eyes, this place was pretty cool, even if she preferred Professor Rowan's. She stroked along the ridges of Sloane's head and pulled out her 'Dex quickly, to show she already had one. She did grab a few pokeballs however, forgetting to stock up on them before heading to the new region. She quickly placed them in her backpack and wondered about what she was supposed to do now. She didn't know anybody here and they all looked pretty solitary.
  18. "It's no problem, Uberto," Maple replied to Uberto's apology. She stood and waited for the trainers to collect anything they need, with her hands in her large pockets of her lab coat. "Crab!" an unknown cry was heard from another room of the lab. After a couple of seconds, a Crabominable walked out holding a mug of tea, wth steam rising from it, showing it's recently made. The Crabominable approached Maple and handed her the mug of tea. "Thank you, Crabominable," Maple thanked the ice type Pokemon as she crouched down and scratched the top of the Crabominable's head, in which the Pokemon seemed to enjoy. She accepted the mug of tea and took a sip of the beverage before turning back to the trainer and the unknown Pokemon. "This is my friend, Crabominable. He's been helping me out for a number of years actually," Maple explained. As Maple raised the mug towards her mouth to take another sip of her tea, she noticed the Pokemon that Uberto was holding. Maple recognized the Pokemon and intrigued her as she knew how rare that species was.

    "Wow, you have a Kurusu. They are incredibly rare. This must have been the "Little buddy" you was on about a moment ago. It's a pleasure to meet you," Maple said as she leaned forward towards the Kurusu to inspect it slightly. Maple finished by taking another dip of her tea. Maple then noticed Cassie showing a bit of concern with what to do next. "A couple of trainers that have already headed off to route 1 if that's what you want to do next. I'm sure you want to explore the region like a lot of other people do. Especially with the history of this nation,"

    Meanwhile, in Route 1. Seppo was then approached by a trainer that he recognized from the group that was with Professor Maple. "Oh hey, Kat. It's nice to meet you, this is my partner, Natsu," Seppo replied. "Turtwig," Cheered Natsu as he waved his arm. "So where are you headed? I'm a bit clueless with where to go, in Bloka," Seppo added.
  19. After a quick snack that Leo had eaten, hungry after the trip, he decided he should move onto Route 1.
    He got up off of the bench he had perched on, and looked around for the gate to Route 1.
  20. Tom nodded gratefully, picking up a Pokedex and a few Pokeballs.
    "Thank you" he muttered, turning away and leaving the lab, entering Route One
  21. "Well," Kat Started To Say, "I Am Planning To Head To The Next City, Because I Hear That The Next Pokémon Contest Is Being held There! Me And My Pokémon Can't Wait!" Then Kat Got An Idea, She Blurted Out "Hey! Maybe We Could Travel Together!?"
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  22. Seppo raised his eyebrows at the sudden suggestion from this trainer he had just met. He then pondered in thought as he tried to think of a reason why he shouldn't with Kat. It wouldn't hurt to have someone to go along with you for now at least. Natsu looked up at Seppo in anticipation on how her master will respond."Yeah sure," Seppo replied. "Turt!" Natsu cheered. Seppo then started to walk through route 1 and toward Cronk city.
  23. Uberto said to the Professor, "Well, I just need to get my device upgraded from the Pokémon over there so that I can have the map of the area. I'll go to the first route once he's finished most likely, though Kurusu does seem a little fussy now." He held Kyle with a tighter grip when he saw him squirming and attempting to break free from his grasp. He walked over to a Porygon that glanced over at him with suspicious eyes, as he quietly said, "Pory, gon?"

    Uberto said to the Porygon while handing the lightly tan, handgun-shaped device to the Porygon, "Well hello Porygon, I just need you to download the map of the region onto here... and yes, this is not what you think it is."

    The Porygon closely examined the unusual device that Uberto gave to him, as he replied, "Porygon... Pory Porygon." He placed the tip of his feet onto the wire ports on the bottom of the device, as he smiled and said, "Pory, Porygon Porygon." He patiently waited for the map to download with absolute precision and haste, as he excitedly said to Uberto when the download was finished, "Porygon Porygon!"

    The Porygon gave the device back to Uberto, as Uberto replied, "Huh, that was pretty quick... well, before I go out with those strange balls or something, I'm gonna give this baby a nice spin." He flicked on a small switch that booted up the device, as a green light emitted from the status diode. A small, LCD monitor popped open from its left side, as there was a black bar that gradually filled up. Once the bar was fully loaded, a map of the Bloka region swiftly popped up, as he said to the Porygon while gently patting his lightly red head, "Thank you Porygon, I suppose that I'll be off to explore now."

    The Porygon gave a content nod at Uberto, as he saw him taking some Poké Balls from the table and said to the Professor, "I'll be going off to the first route now, thank you Professor, and also... thank you too Porygon." The Porygon gave off a vague nod to Uberto before he walked out of the Laboratory, as he went back to fixing the much needed computer that could not seem to boot up whatsoever. Uberto walked onto Route 1 after getting out of the Laboratory, as he enthusiastically said to Kyle, "So buddy, are you ready to go over to the nearest city? It's Cronk I believe, and it's not too far of a walk."

    Kyle's ears perked up to the sound of someone sobbing rather loudly after what appeared to be a thunderous thud, as he said to Uberto in shock, "Kurusu, Kur... Kurusu!"

    Uberto replied after hearing the crashing sound that came from not too far, "Huh, what was that loud crash? Did somebody hit something that hard?! Maybe we should investigate Kyle, it came from that way where those trees are!"

    Kyle replied while Uberto rushed towards the site of the noise, "Kurusu... Kur, Kurusu!"
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  24. As Seppo walked ahead, he heard the bushes rustle beside him. He turned and the bushes matched the sound and the leaves seemed to be being animated by something in the bushes. Natsu whispered. "Turt-Turtwig," Seppo nodded and carefully stepped towards the bush. As he got closer, whatever was in the bush jumped out of it, fleeing from Seppo. It ran towards Kat, as Seppo pulled out his Pokedex and pointed it towards the wild Pokemon. The Pokedex scanned the Pokemon and read out its information. "Helioptile, The Solar Power Pokemon. They make their home in deserts. They can generate their energy from basking in the sun, so eating food is not a requirement."

    As it reached Kat it looked up at Kat and screeched of terror, assuming it was being captured and was being cornered. "Helio!" it screamed as it curled up and shook in terror. Seppo rushed back to Kat and the Helioptile. "Why is a Helioptile here? The Pokedex says that it should be in a desert terrain. Not here,!" Seppo said.
  25. Kat Panicked, She Blurted
    "I Don't Know! Maybe It Got Lost!? We have To Help It!" She Carefully Prodded The Helioptile. And Saying "Hey Little Guy, Are You Alright? Are You Lost?" Haun Tapped It With His Nose
  26. The Helioptile slowly untucked his head and looked at Haun, with his watery eyes. He gulped as he hesitantly inspected the Vaporeon. He then slowly panned his head to Kat, which only filled him with more fear. For whatever reason, he came to the conclusion to Haun was a friendly and he trusted him. He suddenly moved away from Kat when she prodded him, the Helioptile flailed around for a moment since his feet skidded along the floor a lot before jumping behind Haun. Curling into a ball again, continuing to shake like before.

    Seppo watched the reaction of Helioptile to Kat. "Perhaps, his fear for humans has something to do with being so far away from his natural habitat. Luckily it seems rather comfortable with Haun," Seppo suggested. Natsu jumped down from Seppo's arms and slowly waddled over to the terrified Pokemon. He gently tapped Helioptile'sback, trying to reassure it. "Twig-Turtwig,"
  27. Kat Sighed As She Looked At it, She Said To Seppo
    "Well, Yeah, I Just feel bad for It... When We Have The Chance, We Should Get it Back To It's Home. I Think It Would Like That." While Haun Was Trying To Explain That Kat And Seppo Were Good, As Were MOST Humans
    "Vap! Porian!"
  28. Helioptile slowly looked up at Haun who was trying to assure him that he was safe with the humans. He sniffled as he hesitantly glanced up at Seppo and Kat, with his petrified eyes. He got the message that they didn't have evil intentions but he certainly sill felt anxious and scared around humans regardless. Helioptile slightly nodded his head, whilst still shaking, confirming that he understood. "Helio!" Replied the Pokemon. Making sure he still didn't want to go near them.

    Seppo looked at Kat with a confused face. "I'm not sure what we can do, to be honest Kat," Seppo said. Feeling a bit down as he might not be able to help the troubled Pokemon.
  29. Kat had An Idea, She Said
    "You Know, I Have An Idea On How To Do It, But It Might Be Dangerous Considering The sky." She Pulled Out Something Similar To A Poke-flute, She blew It, And A Few Bird Pokémon Came, She Said "These Are Brothers, Although I Can Call Them Anytime, Put Helioptile On Pidgeot, I'll Go On Fearow!" She Hopped On Fearow.
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  30. Walking into the tree filled road ahead, Leo took a deep breath and smiled, as he let Greninja out.
    He remained silent for a good minute or two, listening to the trees above, as the wind blew through the leaves.
    "Hopefully there's some good Pokemon in this region. I don't have very many good ones. We'll find some though." Leo said towards his partner, who nodded in agreement. They kept walking, not hearing the short commotion that had just passed.
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  31. While other trainers moved on, after they gathered their gear, Cameron stayed behind, still on Route 1, arguing with Striker.

    "Okay, we need to go to Cronk City, so we should get going," Cameron concluded, while tugging on Stiker's arm. The fighting type didn't budge.

    "Ri, Riolu!" Striker shouted pointing to a tree that was over their heads. Dangling from a branch was a bundle of fruit.

    "C'mon Striker, we can eat when he get there," Cameron complained, before his stomach gave a loud growl. He glanced down at his stomach, and then back up at the tree. "I guess one little snack couldn't hurt, right," he said before beginning to climb the tree.

    "Riolu!" Striker shouted happily before beginning to climb the tree, like his trainer.
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  32. "Umm...I guess that could work," Seppo replied nervously. Seppo turned to the Helioptile but came to a halt as he got reminded by the terrified body language of Helioptile. Natsu approached Helioptile and gently ushered it towards the Fearow. "Turtwig," It explained. Helioptile gulped and went over to the Fearow and got on it whenever the Fearow was ready.
  33. It took forever for Angel to finally convince her father to let her travel throughout Bloka, but he finally relented. Finally, she could travel throughout a Region, looking for something to do with her life. She had to admit, she was rather interested in the history surrounding the last five years of the Bloka Region. As she pondered about that, she couldn't help but notice a boy and a blue Pokemon climbing up in a tree. "What are you two doing up there?" She inquired, with a small smile. In the little time she spent outside of home in Goldenrod, the short girl never once saw people try to climb trees, so she was partially amused at the sight.
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  34. Seppo stepped back and sighed in a nervous way. "Well, it seems it's out of my hands now. It's up to you to return Helioptile back home," Seppo said to Kat. "Good luck, Kat. It was nice meeting you Helioptile, I hope you make it home," Seppo added. "Turtwig-Tur!" Cheered Natsu as he waved his short stumpy arm.

    Seppo noticed a couple other trainers approaching Route 1 as well, assuming they were new to Bloka. He'll talk to them after Kat heads off. Seppo pulled out his Pokegear and searched up any desert habitats in Bloka.
    "It seems that there is a desert in between Swart City and Dunt City. There's not much there apart from a road connecting two cities. I mean there's the usual desert stuff like dunes and sandstorms and that. It seems an appropriate home for Helioptile," Seppo explained.
  35. Silently, Tom walked onto the road, Pokedex in hand. Where his brother would have stopped at every slightly interesting sight, Tom tracked on for a few short minutes, seemingly uninterested. Even the sight of a Helioptile atop a Fearow didn't seem to faze him.
    Honestly, inside he was going crazy with excitement, he was about to begin his own journey! But he wasn't going to let that show
  36. Liam was hurriedly running to the lab and greeted professor maple "i am sorry professor maple that i am late!" his liligant, rose got inside second "li-ligant!" she went to Liam "i am so sorry for leaving you there rose anyways professor maple im gonna get my pokeballs and a pokédex" he gets a bunch of pokeballs and a pokedex then left going to route 1
  37. "I wish you guys luck, bye," Seppo said waving as he made his way to Cronk City. As he entered Cronk City, he immediately turned his attention to the crowds of people that filled the plaza, jumping from shop to shop and stall to stall. It seems you can buy anything under the sun here. As Seppo walked through the crowds, joining them in eye shopping at all the random and interesting goods on offer. Seppo then felt a tugging on his trouser leg. He looked down and saw Natsu trying to get his attention. "What's up, Natsu?" Seppo asked. Natsu then pointed towards a stand that was selling Pokemon biscuits. That varied in flavors such as orange berry biscuits and some were just chocolate. Seppo sighed chuckled. "Fine..." Seppo replied. "Turt!" Natsu cheered as she sprinted towards the stand and leaped up onto it, inspecting all the different biscuits. The only way that Natsu can show any more joy was as if he had a wagging tail.

    Seppo approached the stand and picked up Natsu before he couldn't hold back the urge anymore and started to eat this poor guys business. "How much is those Oran berry biscuits?" Seppo asked. The man behind the stand checked the tag on the bag. "$7" Seppo nodded and handed over the money and took the biscuits and put them in his bag. "Pleasure doing business with you," Seppo said. "Have a nice day, sir," Replied the shopkeeper. Seppo headed towards the Pokemon Center and noticed there was a bench beside the battlefield next to the Pokemon Center. Seppo placed Natsu beside him and pulled out the packet of biscuits. He took two out and handed them to Natsu. Natsu didn't hesitate to snatch them from Seppo and chow down on them. Seppo took a deep breath in the fresh air and looked at the forest beside the Pokemon center. Couldn't help but think of that Helioptile from earlier.
  38. Ken walked out of the lab. "Time to start our journey, are you ready Bass?" he asked his Squirtle who gave him a nod. "Great let's go." Ken said as they walked to route 1.
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  39. Cronk, a massive shopping town filled with any goods imaginable, but Tom was uninterested as he walked through the stalls.

    "Great" he said at last, finding the Pokemon Centre "something I can use"
    Charmander timidly raised his hand beside him
    "Char (uh)" it squaked "Charmander "(I didn't fight anything on Route One)"
    Taking his Pokemon's reaction to be one of excitement, Tom entered the Pokémon Centre and returned Charmander to his Pokeballs, handing it to Nurse Joy.

    He sat down in the lobby waiting for Charmander to heal
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  40. Seppo was rather thirsty and when he gulped it felt like sandpaper in his throat. He picked up Natsu and entered the Pokemon center. He went up to the tap on the side of the Pokemon Center and picked up a plastic cup beside it. He filled up the cup with water and drank some of the water. Natsu was perfectly happy eating his biscuits on his own, but he couldn't help but feel thirsty also.

    Natsu looked up at Seppo with cute, glimmering eyes. "You don't need to do those Poocheyna eyes with me mate. You can have some water," Seppo scoffed. He lowered the cup to Natsu's mouth. As Natsu placed her lips on the cup, Seppo tilted the cup so Natsu could drink the water. Natsu took a couple of gulps before Seppo stopped. "Turt!" Natsu greeted.

    Seppo hadn't really talked to many trainers since arriving here at Bloka, he thought that it would be a bit more interactive than he thought. He glanced over and noticed a trainer sitting in the Pokemon Center lobby. He walked over and gestured towards the seat beside him. "Is someone sitting here?" He asked politely. Natsu didn't really take any noticed and continued to nibble on her snack.

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