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Ask to Join Explore the Bloka Region (Anime style) Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Gpig5, Oct 26, 2016.


Should there be Z-Moves?

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  2. yes, but later in the RP

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  1. Welcome to the Bloka region. It is an Island that is located fairly far away from all the other regions so they don't have much contact with each other. However, the Pokemon that live on this nation also, live at all the other known regions. (Meaning that you can encounter Pokemon from any region.) You are a trainer that has decided to travel this foreign region and fulfill your dreams. Whatever that maybe: A Powerful battler, breeder, ranger, gym leader,etc. The possibilities are endless. This will be similar to the anime. As in Pokemon battles can be as creative as they want but reasonable, a Pokemon can start off with any move from their move pool (again keeping it reasonable,) you get the idea. If any questions please ask. Also be as innovative and interesting you can make your characters and Pokemon. I don't want 15 people hoping to become champion. You still can be having your character hoping to become champion it's just, if there's already 5 people with that same goal, then switch it up. Even though I probably will be XD. Also, there's a league, you can't challenge the elite 4 and the champion.

    I would recommend starting off as a basic trainer, if not a brand new one at least. Or maybe you're starting over and leaving your Pokmon at your hometown. (Like Ash). I will be active when it comes to creating scenarios and events in the story as well as controlling my own character. Submit your character form and I'll be sure to make the RP when a few people have joined.

    Submit your Character form and wait for me to accept it.

    at least do a paragraph with every post.
    - Make sure you've read and follow the RPing rules
    I don't want this RP to get locked when it gets good :(
    -Don't get too graphic
    We do appreciate good description but keep relationships PG, and don't be describing every detail of somebody's limb flying off their body.
    -Don't be god modding/ In order to be accepted you have to put "sandwich in your character form.
    No one wants a cheat
    -Don't be overpowered
    We don't want anyone that is catching Bagons in the first route and has a full party of Pokemon before the first gym. This is a journey. It isn't gonna be like the games.

    Have fun RPing :)

    Pokemon: Name (optional), species, personality, appearance, other.

    Here's mine.
    Name: Marin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6ft
    Personality: Funny, sarcastic, chilled out, never stressed,
    Dream/Goal: To prove that he can become a successful trainer and can become greater than his brother, who lost the final of the Sinnoh league.
    Appearance: black parka jacket, black jeans, brown shoes, black watch on right wrist, brown messy hair medium length, green eyes,
    Other: used to live in Sinnoh and has moved to the Bloka region.
    Pokemon: Name (optional), species, personality, appearance, other.

    Asura, Chikorita, She's very kind, a cry baby, reliant and clingy to her trainer, gets anxiety attacks occasionally, shy, doesn't like to battle, she has a pouch on her at all times which she keeps her possessions in, her leaf on her head is heart shaped with a pattern on it too.
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  2. Sorry for the lackluster profile, but I'm so much better at actual writing than I am with making profiles :p

    Name: Tormey Jobs
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Height: 4'8
    Personality: A bit shy, defiant, knowledgable, optimistic, really happy, daring to try new things, non-argumentative, unconfrontational, kinda lonely, and strong in the face of weakness.
    Dream/Goal: To subvert and overcome his illnesses and become something great, whether that be a masterful trainer or something else. He doesn't have the details like that set in stone yet.
    Appearance: Short, lanky, pale, brown hair, always wearing at least warm clothes if not winter clothes, really light blue eyes, top-of-the-line trainer gear, and vaguely sickly-looking.
    Other: N/A

    Pokemon: Name (optional), species, personality, appearance, other.
    It's really cold and robotic, as Porygons tend to be. However, it is also very calculating and skilled at making strategies on a whim due to being able to calculate and compute.
    Appearance: It looks like a normal Porygon.

    He's a really big prankster who always finds a way to have fun in most situations. He will play small practical jokes on most of everybody, and these tend to be just giving people or Pokémon a small jolt to startle them. He can also take over any electronic device, which leads to lots of shenanigans.
    Appearance: It's a bit smaller and the outsides are a lighter blue than most Rotoms. He also glows in the dark.
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  3. This sounds pretty fun!

    Nolan Jacobson
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Height: 5'2
    Personality: Nolan can be considered an awkward, but outgoing kid. His need to make friends, clashes with his nervousness of meeting new people, and can often leave him to be seen as shy and possibly cold. This is the main reason behind his very tight bond with his Pokemon, and his lack of human friends. When he does open up to people, however, he can be quite the loyal and supportive friend.

    Nolan wishes to prove himself capable of being more than just a small town pokemon breeder, who come from a long line of just that. He has no real or one desire, just to be seen as a strong trainer and adventurer.
    Appearance: Nolan has very short brown curly hair, faded around the sides. He has dark skin, brown eyes, and is always wearing a t-shirt and jacket. His favorite outfit to wear currently is a purple button up shirt, with a plan white t-shirt underneath.
    Other: he can get overexcited when talking to new people, and often rambled and stutters.
    Name: Amaya
    species: Umbreon
    personality: rash and quick to judge, and alot of times acts like the mom to the rest of Nolan's pokemon.
    appearance: regular umbreon looks.

    Name: Sonn
    species: Cubone
    personality: very shy and nervous, acts likes like a young child would.
  4. [​IMG] This is the layout of the region.
    Black = City
    Red/Pink = City with a gym
    Blue = Additional area
    Green = City with League/Tournament
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  5. The RP is up and running now! :)
  6. Name: Will Whitman
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Height: (I'm in australia... we use metres and centimetres... go internet!) 5'5
    Personality: Although he can be a bit intimidating at time, will is really quite nice and willing to do what is right. sometimes he can be a bit clumsy and isn't the smartest, but tries his hardest. He is a loyal friend and a great one to have in a time of crisis, as he would never abandon a friend, even if he has to put his own hopes and dreams on hold
    Dream/Goal: To prove that he is a great trainer! His goal is to at least get into the League.
    Appearance: Tall and thin, with dark hair and eyes.

    Squirtle, Is quite intelligent and gets annoyed easily when others are not as smart at him, A normal Squirtle

    Wynaut, ???, A normal Wynaut, was born from an egg Will was given by his dad before moving to Bloka from Kanto.
    ( please PLEASE tell my if you don't like puns before we begin. If not, you will be consumed by them )

    Finally, someone else that agrees that you cant catch a full team before the first gym!
  7. Please go ahead with the puns XD
  8. Def super loves his Arcanine, Growlie, so I hope it's ok for him to still have him despite being a strong pokemon, i'll have all others be new pokemon he found to train up on the island. Also hope his backstory on why he's at the island is ok, feel free to tell me if it's not.

    Thought it could possibly be fun for the newbies to pester him for knowledge and/or training or something seeing that he is older and has his big fluffy Arcanine following him around haha!

    : Defaeco, Def for short
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10"
    Appearance: Like in signature and avatar. Not with the TR uniform, of course.
    Personality: Def tends to keep to himself merely because of his past and wanting to keep a low profile, but he is in no way shy and would only ignore someone if he was having a bad or busy day. He is fairly blunt and will tell someone his true thoughts even if it isn't what they want to hear, so this can easily make him seem pretty rude and cruel. Despite this and his past with Rocket, he is very protective of his pokemon and pokemon in general and wouldn't sit by and watch a trainer or their pokemon getting picked on or in trouble.
    Dream/Goal: Def is a former Team Rocket member and was quite known for all the wrong reasons during that time. When hearing of the Bloka region, he found it the perfect opportunity to get away from it all when Team Rocket disbanded, less likely someone will recognise him way out there. While still having access to all his pokemon (just in case someone does try to cause trouble!) he only carries his loved and loyal Arcanine and other pokemon he finds on the island to raise. Currently, he has been seen with a Growlithe, Cubone, Eevee and a Totodile. You could say his goal is just to live a peaceful and normal life as possible, though he grows more and more curious of the pokemon league and the determined spirit of the new trainers that come to the island.

    Nickname: Growlie (from when he was a growlithe)
    Gender: Male
    : Loyal, Brave. Arcanine is the first pokemon Def ever have and he cannot be without him. He is a calm and friendly pokemon though can be seen as quite serious from not being very playful. He has often got the attention of the locals and doesn't even mind kids climbing all over him. He is sort of the 'mamma dog' when it comes to Def's other pokemon and becomes very protective of them.

    No nickname, male
    : Cubone was the first pokemon Def found on the Bloka island and was in pretty bad shape. Now that he is fully healthy, he is quite the daredevil and often tries to size up pokemon that are way bigger and stronger than him. He is pretty curious and energetic.

    No nickname, Female
    While having no nickname, Def often refers to eevee as 'lazybones' as she loves nothing more than to be laying around snoozing in the sun. She is pretty lazy but happy and cuddly.

    No nickname, female
    Friendly, a bit timid when it comes to strangers. Totodile is very clumsy and often trips over her own feet. She loves to get her paws on berries and would eat and eat until she felt sick if allowed to do so.

    No nickname, male
    Growlithe is very energetic and loves running around. If he finds a ball or a stick, you better expect to be throwing that thing for him for hours! If anyone is talking to Def while he's around, he will constantly paw at them wanting to be pet.
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  9. yeah that's fine go ahead
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  10. Also, since I guess this is the discussion page, I'm
    About to go to bed, so I won't post anymore tonight.
    Good night!
  11. Alright, this seems very interesting. I'm just going to say that my Dragonite is actually a baby since he's very young. (It's also for balance, but that's the main reason.)
    Like @Defaeco, I'm also going to include a backstory on my character.

    Trainer Character
    Name: Charles
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'7"
    Personality: Taciturn, leader-like, determined, is very protective of his Dragonite.
    Dream/Goal: He wants to make his Shinra Squad known again since they have been forgotten long after a great battle that occurred around a decade ago.
    Backstory: He had been part of the Shinra Squad for a while, as he had battled against Team Magma in Hoenn to secure the peace. He fought with numerous trainers to fight off every single grunt and leader, as he had decided to go to the Bloka region a while later. He had wanted to spread the word about his squad, as it had been long forgotten after the battle between Team Magma.
    Appearance: Has grayish hair, light skin, as he wears a blue turtleneck shirt, brown leather recon pants, and black boots. He also wears a black type II balistic vest around his chest and back, as it's typically for show now, since it doesn't really protect against many Pokémon moves.
    Other: Carries a handgun-shaped device that can scan other Pokémon and monitor Dragonite's health and status. (The device does have a name, as it is: Scanner... yeah how original of me. :p)

    Pokémon Character
    Name: N/A
    Species: Dragonite
    Personality: Loyal, slightly brave in battle, timid especially around strangers, can be a crybaby at times.
    Appearance: Is a lot smaller than the average Dragonite, as he is only two feet tall, while his head to body ratio is slightly bigger.
    Other: Carries around a rattle which comforts him and keeps his power down to a lower degree.
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  12. This rp seems so great! May I join?

    Name: Yolie
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2"
    Personality: Close-minded, unamused, irrational and hasty. Tends to be quite superficial, and has not experienced life outside of her circle of peers who are all quite similar. Has a very clear and loud voice; subconsciously enjoys paperwork and factual debates.

    : A teenager born in Goldenrod City, Yolie enjoys showing off to her peers at school. She often feels she must use dishonesty to fit in. She hangs with the popular girls, but is unknowingly kept around as a joke. One uneventful morning, her group of friends were saying how difficult it must be to become a trainer, when Yolie opened her big mouth, proclaiming it to be the easiest thing ever. Her goal is To get 8 badges in order to prove to her friends that she can become a pokemon trainer if she wanted to, but thinks it looks boring. However, she lacks any experience raising or even interacting with pokemon.

    : Apricot skin, and blond hair curls down to her waist. Eye color is brown. Her glasses are silver and rounded, often glaring when she doesn't understand something or feigns disgust. Freckles swim from cheek to cheek. She dons a yellow unbottoned sweater over a white buttoned blouse. She also wears a brown checkered skirt and leg warmers, along with brown designer shoes. Her bag is a red satchel poorly fit for adventuring.

    : Her pokegear is always in hand and she tends to be checking on her friends or fiddling with it to seem busy.

    : Trubbish (Male)

    : Knope (nope)

    : Kind, caring and patient. Despite its negligent trainer and unattractive outwardly appearance, Onope wants nothing more than for its trainer to be happy, and for its trainer to love it. When Yolie told her parents about her plans to be a pokemon trainer, her father laughed and said he would have the best pokemon for her by the time she began her trip. Knope will do anything for Yolie.
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  13. ((morning guys!))
  14. Name: Gavin
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1
    Personality: Quite weird mostly, but up for any pokemon battles, and is smart, is mostly defensive. He is very crazy.
    Dream/Goal: Win the league, and successfully become champion.
    Appearance: Dark tan skin, a blue greenish- baseball cap, dark green shoes, his cap reminds people of electric types, with a electric symbol on his cap. He has blue-striped white special jeans, and a green and white striped t-shirt.
    Other: He also went on a journey in Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos
    Pokemon: Eevee, Vulpix, Shinx, Dratini,

    Species: Eevee
    Name: Destiny
    Personality: Will mostly be shown in role play, but it caring and loving.
    She isn't that shy, but she tends to look away at people.
    Appreance: Normal
    Other: This isn't the start for Destiny's journey. She also was with Gavin in Sinnoh. Will evolve in Sylveon.

    Species: Vulpix
    Name: Viking
    Personality: Very tough to deal with, but to his allies, he is he protector over all of them for the team. Somewhat stupid, but funny.
    Appearance: Normal, look at other.
    Other: There is a spiked bracelet on his right front leg.

    Species: Shinx
    Name: Lightning
    Personaity: Very tired. He is a fan of basically everything but bad things, and tends to wander around new areas.
    Appearance : Normal Mostly, look at other.
    Other: The stars on his ears are actually purple.

    Species: Dragonair (changed due to people having evolved pokemon.)
    Name: Indigo
    Appearance: Shiny
    Personality: Quiet, somewhat sly, tricky, not to mess with.
    Other: none
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  15. Name: Sam
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'1
    Personality: Sam always feels like she must prove herself, which makes her quite competitive. However, this does not mean she is hot headed. She is quite conscientious actually, and cares for her friends and Pokemon well. She acts tough around strangers and often ends up bragging to feel like she matters. She can be a little annoying and hard to handle, but give her a chance and she can become a great friend and powerful ally.
    Dream/Goal: Sam dreams of opening a breeding centre for Pokemon. Strange for a child so competitive, but it is her dream.
    Appearance: Sam has pale skin and striking short, shaggy cobalt hair. She wears a black tank top, camo shorts, fingerless gloves and black hiking boots. Her eyes are a warm brown and she wears a black and blue backpack, where she keeps her pokeballs and other items. She also has a white and blue cap with a pokeball on it that she wears often.
    Other: Visited Kanto and Hoenn regions.

    Species: Meowstic
    Nickname: Ayano
    Personality: Ayano is protective of her master and quite fierce to strangers. However she is kind to those who are deserving of her affection. She was quite hard to bond with.
    Appearance: Normal female Meowstic appearance
    Other: Sam's first Pokemon. Has been with her the entire journey.

    Species: Flareon
    Nickname: Hotaru
    Personality: Hotaru is a bouncy little Pokemon, cheerful and careful. She is quite cautious but is otherwise quite friendly and happy.
    Appearance: Normal Flareon appearance
    Other: Sam's second Pokemon. Often aggravates her.

    Species: Umbreon
    Nickname: Sora
    Personality: Sora is the only male Pokemon and quite often finds himself 'babysitting' Hotaru. He tries to act responsible but really just wants affection from Sam.
    Other: Sam's third Pokemon. The first Pokemon in her team that evolved.
  16. Okay here I gooooo :D

    Name: Lisa
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Height: Errrr I'm bad at Height stuff :<
    Lisa is often lost in thought. She may be fast, brave, strong, and hard-working, but her mind is sometimes settled on something else. Lisa tends to mess around and be less serious unless something really bad happens. She doesn't give up, and battle until the end.
    Dream/Goal: Her goal is to be a strong trainer. By that, she wants to enter each league from each region. But the only regions she went to were Kanto and Kalos. And now she is here.
    Appearance: Tan skin, red headphones. She wears a red scarf, white hoodie, and Red Sneakers. She has long brown hair and emerald green eyes. She also carries around a white bag which holds her stuff.
    Other: Like I said, she visited Kalos and Kanto. She uses two of her pokemon to compete through regions. Her other ones she dropped off at her home before going to the next region. XD

    Species: Greninja (I like calling Greninja "Gekkouga" since its the Japanese name of Greninja.)
    Name: Masked
    By the way, errr... Masked just evolved into a greninja. So he's only Level 36. So no, he isn't that powerful >->
    Personality: He's always serious. He doesn't like puns, and gets mad at his trainer or other trainers when they make a pun. He will most likely do a Water Shuriken to the leg. Masked trains a lot. He just evolved INTO a Greninja, so he's not used to being a Greninja.
    Appearance: Same for a normal Greninja's appearance, except he has a bracelet on his right arm.
    Other: He was Lisa's first ever pokemon. That's why he's a Greninja now XD

    Species: Treecko
    Name: Leaf
    He's only Level 10.
    Personality: Adventurous. It's either explore, or miss out. Leaf loves to wonder off to play around and adventure places. Leaf acts like as if it was "Hide and Seek." Which he thinks is funny to his friends Lisa and Masked. Sometimes, when he's mad he will try to do something to get on your nerves.
    Appearance: Normal Treecko look except he wears a Dark green bandana.
    Other: Lisa's second ever pokemon. She didn't battle much with him, so that's why he's not evolved.
  17. The lists of gym leaders:
    Grioru Gym Leader
    Lenox - Ground Type

    Lopya Gym Leader
    Marge - Normal Type

    Raynsford Gym Leader
    Lolo - Flying Type

    Langlow Gym Leader
    Bernard - Steel Type

    Scave Gym Leader
    Ann - Water Type

    Plume Gym Leader
    Julia - Fairy Type

    Wuye Gym Leader
    Roi - Fire Type

    Yoven Gym Leader
    Kai - Dragon Type
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  18. Can you tell what pokemon they have?
  19. Also, do the gyms run like Pokémon origins, where they accommodate their party depending on your number of badges?
  20. Also, I'd need a interaction, I'm dead :0
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  21. The team will vary depending on the amount of badges the challenger has
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  22. I wasn't sure where you were vulpx. Wanna come travel with me? Or vice versa?
  23. Ooh the gyms... the dragon one would be so interesting since both their Pokémon and my Dragonite would be essentially having almost NO resilience since dragons counter others.
  24. Ok so maybe this:

    No badge: Bunnebly, Wormadam, Krokrok.

    And probably my Dragonair (changed due to people having evolved, it'll evolve later) would be a Dragonite, beware.

    Also, since Destiny will be a Sylveon, it's a clear shot for Gavin.
  25. yeah that works
  26. So who will be RPing as the leaders? Would you? Or could we all control the leaders when we battle them
  27. I'll be up for RPing the leaders since im quite active anyway, but if anyone has a problem with that then I won't
  28. No problem, but it might be too much writing for you-- we can do it.
  29. okay yeah, thinking about it, i don't want that weight on my shoulders, you control them XD
  30. So do we control them individually, including when we battle the gym ourselves or are we splitting the task amongst us? Sorry, I wasn't too clear on it.
  31. Like would I control one, then someone controls the next?
  32. no you control who you battle
  33. Oh, OK! Sweet.
  34. Going to bed, see ya
  35. Well, alright see ya... also just a note, my baby Dragonite is a higher level, and he was made a lot younger due to a past event that happened when my character battled with him in the fight against Team Magma.

    Most of the doctors and scientists he met up to check on the baby Dragonite deemed his power from his hidden Trance Mode to be rather too powerful, so they made him a special rattle that not only calms him, but also drastically lowers his power so he can't just be reflecting some attacks just by swinging his arms at them.

    And a fun fact, his trance mode is where he can reflect various attacks back at the target or just deflect them away. However, he does lose control of himself as he won't obey his trainer and he would be doing his own thing. The rattle also prevents him from tapping into his trance, so he can't really be more powerful in battle yet.
  36. I think Gavin just mastered math. Look at my recent post. I searched it up, and say it wasn't in the map.
  37. Name: Jackson

    Age: 10

    Gender: Male

    Height: 4 ft 10

    Personality: Jackson is friendly, optimistic, enthusiastic, kind, confident, funny, and very passionate about Pokemon. Especially battling.

    He enjoys battling with his Pokemon and will battle any opponent, even if they may be out of his league.

    Despite his love for Pokemon battles, his knowledge of them is very limited. He is still challenged by type advantages and can often let his confidence in himself lead to a wrong, predictable and even foolish move. And his lack of knowledge doesn’t stop there. He’s very poor at math, history, science, philosophy, and pretty much anything that doesn’t involve Pokemon battles.

    However, though his lack of Pokemon knowledge is well known, so his care of them. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his Pokemon and is constantly speaking to them as if they were a real person. This extends so far that even his opponent will openly insult him, he is only fazed when they insult his Pokemon. He deems no Pokemon is weak and any Pokemon can be made strong.

    Even when faced with defeat, Jackson is determined to battle to the very end. And even in defeat, Jackson always honors his opponent, going as far as to compliment them in battle.

    With his carefree personality, its very easy for Jackson to make friends. And his competitive nature and his willingness to battle anyone makes it equally as easy for him to make rivals.

    Dream/Goal: As a new Pokemon trainer and a lover of Pokemon battles, Jackson wants nothing more than to climb his way to the Pokemon League to take part in the greatest Pokemon tournament. To face off against the best trainers in the region and possible of all time. To prove he has what it takes to stand with the best.

    Appearance: Jackson wears blue jacket over his white t-shirt. White and Black shoes. Blue jeans. He has short black messy hair. Green eyes.




    Gender: Male

    Personality: Like his master, Bulbasaur enjoys battling. However, unlike Jackson, Bulbasaur is a bit more down to earth. Taking things much more seriously instead of joking around like Jackson does.

    Despite this, Bulbasaur also has a very cynical sense of humor. He is very open with his fellow teammates and is loyal and completely trusts Jackson, despite his poor decisions sometimes. Is the glue that can hold his fellow Pokemon team together when they have a spout.


    Nidoran (Male)

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Unlike his master, Nidoran is a loner and distant Pokemon. Rarely seen interacting with his teammates. He is extremely prideful and hates losing. Does not make friends easily due to his lone wolf, tough guy, and sometimes disrespectful attitude.

    He is, however, a powerful fighter and will never give up a match unless his trainer asks him to. He is completely loyal, if not always kind, to his trainer.



    Gender: Female

    Personality: Spinarak is a bubbly, friendly and loving Pokemon. She is always upbeat and positive and wants to be every Pokemon’s friend, when not in battles. Though this personality trait tends to cause her to hold back against opponents.

    However, off the battlefield, she loves everyone and every trainer. Though Jackson is her favorite. This has made it difficult however to accept rejection when someone doesn’t like her, because she’s a spider and a bug.
  38. Alright, since I have @Gpig5's approval, I am now going to make a second character in this RP. The OC form might look different since it's only a Pokémon. As always, if there's any issues, please feel free to discuss it with me.

    Name: Unknown
    Species: Minun
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Appearance: Is a normal Minun, nothing unusual.
    Backstory: He is known as the fabled thief, as his most famous heist is sneaking into the Murkywater warehouse. He stole five bags of cash, a painting, and blueprints for making max exilirs. His identity stillremains unknown to this day, as police are still on the look for him for years now.
    Personality: Timid, mischievous, cunning, secretive.
    Skills: Stealth work, invisibility, able to see infared heat signatures and hear better with sharpened focus. (I will explain these more in depth if the RP creator requests me to do so, as they are tweeked to balance him.)
    Other: Wears a blue scarf around his neck that also goes invisible with him if he becomes invisible.
  39. This is the trainer card for the Grioru Gym Leader if you have no gym badges (which is all of you XD)

    Sandile Moves: Crunch, Sand Tomb, Dig, Torment
    Rhyhorn Moves: Horn Attack, Stone Edge, Protect, Bulldoze,

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  40. one question, where is everyone right now?

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