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Ask to Join Experiment 78

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by BurbleBurble, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. ((In this RP, we are pokemon who get turned into humans with pokemon attributes, also known as gijinka. After the experimenters let us go/ we escape, we have to adapt into our new lifes. Just fill out the form and post it here/ message me and your golden. It'll close once we all are free from the lab, and no more people will be allowed to join. Heres the form.))
    Pokemon you were previously:
    Appearance (If you want, picture, but make it yourself, no unsourced art.):
    (Heres the filled out form for me, a good example what your form should look like)
    Name: Goll
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon you were previously: Noivern
    Backstory/Bio: Was taken away from her mate a few days prior to the experiment. Hates these scientists as a result, and would do anything to get her back to her mate.
    Personality: Calm under most circumstances, but recent events has caused her to become easily aggravated.
    Appearance: Noivern ears and tail, 6'2, Black hair, Green eyes.
    ((We can begin after 2 people join, I'll edit this post to begin))
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  2. Name: Wisp
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon you were previously: Shiny Ninetales
    Backstory/bio: Wisp was a wild and free Ninetales, she was neglected by her family for being a shiny, and was even slightly exited to get to see the lab.
    Personality: calm, collected, doesn't care about anything
    Appearance (If you want, picture, but make it yourself, no unsourced art.): Shiny ninetales ears, and tails. Gray dress with light blue trimmings, same for her boots. Silver hair blue eyes
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  3. Name: Alia
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon you were previously: Umbreon
    Backstory/bio: Stolen by the scientists soon after her trainer abandoned her, causing her to be fond of the scientists but still wanting to take revenge- she would do anything for others to leave her alone.
    Personality: Harsh, Calm, Neat, Serious
    Appearance: 5'3, Umbreon tail and ears, Yellow markings around her arms and legs. Red eyes. Black hair with blonde tips, wears a necklace, but only the chain itself is see able. (Sorry, I forgot to put that. And excuse me for my bad drawing skills)

    Attached Files:

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  4. Name: Yuri
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon you were previously: Gardevoir
    Backstory/bio: Head scientist's main pokemon, giving him knowledge on all the experiments and tests, it was Yuri's own choice to be apart of the procedure.
    Personality: Cool headed, uses logic and statistics in most of his decisions, will do what he feels is right,
    Appearance: emerald green hair, red shirt, Gardevoir green sweatshirt with a white stripe horizontal across the middle of the body and arms, grey cargo pants and sky blue converse shoes.
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  5. ((OOC: Cool, we have more than enough to begin. Considering @Art3mis role, he can choose to start inside the chamber the other pokemon are held or not.))
    It had been at least a couple hours since the experiment took place. And Goll was not taking well to it. Standing felt awkward to her, and she wasn't used to the arms either. She had wings before this, but they worked differently. Now she was an insecure wreck, silently breathing in a corner of the black tiled chamber the test subjects were held in. She had talked to one of the other subjects, maybe two, but now was not a time for socializing, as far as she thought. Unless someone wanted to.
  6. Wisp hated these scientists, she wanted to be free, even with her abusive family again, she began to wonder what would happen. She looked at Goll "Hi!" she said
  7. "H-hello?" Said Goll, surprised. How could anyone sound chipper and curious in the moment? Turning her head, which was one of the only things that she felt was the same. "W...What do you want?" She coldly stated.
  8. Yuri opened the door into the chamber, pulling comfy mattresses into the chamber, and the door closes behind him. Looking at the other test subjects,"I brought something comfier then the ground, I hope it would make your surprise of the change easier." Yuri let go of the mats as he arrived in the middle of the room. He lied down onto a mat and used is psychic powers to levitate it above the pile and started drifting around the room, almost running into a few of the subjects.
  9. Now Goll was confused. Was this person someone new? Did they bring...a gift? Overall, she was confused. "Who...are you?" She asked, gazing at the levitating gijinka.
  10. Yuri, thought for a moment and responded, "I'm Yuri, I was a gardevoir," Yuri said being probably more relaxed then all of the test subjects combined.
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  11. "Oh..." She responded. She didn't know this fellow, where ever he came from, but her interest shifted to the mattress. She was sick of sticking to the cold, black floor, and these welcoming, white mattresses caught her attention. She attempted to get up, but fell down the first time. Getting up and attempting again, she stumbled over to one, and fell on it. "This is nice. I'm...Goll. I used to be a Noivern. But now, I'm one of...them."
  12. Still floating around, Yuri stopped moving and dropped by Goll, "Well, it's natural to feel weird after the transformation, but in time, you'll get used to it," Yuri said attempting to give Goll some hope and reassurance.
  13. "Oh...Thanks." Said Goll. She sat up and stared blankly at the ninetales gijinka. "Are you going to tell me what you wanted?" The more she stared, the less interest she had in her.
  14. Yuri hovered up a little bit more and continued flying around, being bored, he flew in lower until he was on the ground next to Goll. "Since it's my job to see how you feel right now, I must ask, do you feel any strange tingling in your body?" He asked

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