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Open Expedition force.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. It has been twenty years since humans learned that they were not alone in the galaxy. Now with the help of their Quzacion allies a small task force has been created to seek out new life and explore new worlds on board Earth's first interstellar ship the Excalibur . In their travels they'll meet foes and friends alike as they discover the secrets of the galaxy.

    So yeah this is based off of a series of stories I've been working on. I actually tried starting working on an RP version of this series but it died off. Hopefully this one might stay around a bit longer.
    Fallow charm rules
    You can have multiple characters Just make sure to remember them all.
    Be respectful

    While my idea is to have multiple species in this, but for now there are only two that are available when more are introduced they will have a thorough description
    Humans: what we all are.
    Quzacions: They have the same appearance as humans though there are a few distinct differences between the races. Once they hit twenty they age at .3 the speed of humans, While hybrids age at .6 the speed. They primarily have white hair and either purple, black, and red eyes. Lastly they are able to control energy being able to manipulate to their will allowing them to do just about anything. Though it makes them powerful they are able to lose stamina a lot fast then humans can
    Military, science, civilian
    Rank/Why your on board
    Short history

    Here are mine
    Name: Seth McNav
    Age 40
    Species: Human
    sex: Male
    Appearance: Greying black hair, Stands at five eight, He has well built body. He wears the standard Human-Quzacion Alliance Military uniform of Navy blue with red lines going across his shoulders. On his left is a patch of the Expedition
    Rank: General
    During his teen years his farther was stationed at Ft. Benning in Columbus Georgia there he met his closest friends. When he turned eighteen he joined the Marines. During Contact day and the Human Quzacion war he showed his valor and respect to his brothers in arms. He was quickly given the rank of cornel at the age of twenty one. Soon after the war ended with the battle of Seattle he was given the rank of general becoming the youngest General at age twenty two. Since then he has done his best to lead the Earth forces and eventually Alliance forces. He has two children one named Triston named after a close friend of his who died in the battle of Seattle. The other named Sarah after her mother's mother.

    Name: Joshua Morriland
    age 40
    species Quzacion
    Apperance: White hair, Appears like a young man . He is well built and stands at six two. He wears a blue shirt and pants.
    Why he's on the ship: Being an old friend of both General Morriland and Queen Kathryn of Quzac he was able to obtain passage on the ship. He does what he can not to be dead weight.
    Though born on Quzac he spent his years on Earth (Columbus Georgia to be exact) protecting then Princess Kathryn. From there he learned how to fight from his Master Johan. Over the years he became more respectable in the eyes of others. When the rebel quzacion arrived he joined the US Army. From there be learned about tactics and strategy leading to multiple victories. After the war ended he left his positon and became a lawyer. He married his high school sweet heart Clair O'riley and had three children. Though over the course of sixteen years only his youngest son Chris was left alive.

    Name: Chris Morriland
    Age 16
    Species Human/Quzacion Hybrid
    Apperance: Has his mother's brown hair and emerald eyes. He stands at five ten. He wears a white t shirt and slacks.
    Why he's there: His farther made him come along.
    History: To be revealed.

    @X3n0 Jake I said I was going to redo this. This takes place five years prior to Wraith War
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  2. Character
    Name Jake, Harrison, Pierce
    Age 21
    species human
    sex Male
    appearance orange hair that is well combed sometimes but usually a curly mess, Green eyes, peachy skin, tall, has a Xenomorph tattooed on the back of his right hand. Usually wears a Black hoodie with Green flames on it paired with black jeans and blue shoes.
    Why he’s on board: Wants to explore the cosmos, works as a technician on the ship to help with maintenance.
    Short history: Ex military, now a technitian on the expedition ship.
    (D juhdwhu uroo lv bhw wr frph iru klp.[3 letters back])

    Gonna tie up some loose ends @Jagson
  3. Eh... maybe? I'll make a more in-depth post and ask questions later.
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