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Exactly why are you teaching?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Carmen Lopez, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. I was perusing the Misc. Discussions forum and I saw a thread I wanted to reply to. Unfortunately it died in 2005 so instead of getting myself warned I decided to redo it.

    Have you ever had a teacher that made you want to ask: Why the **** are you teaching? Or have you just had a unlikable or uh "weird" teacher. I had some bad (or just strange) teachers over the years but I'd like to highlight three.

    My seventh grade health teacher who once punished our class because we didn't laugh at one of his jokes. He says it was because we were half asleep. Hmm...wonder how we got that way. This was also the teacher that remained a virgin until he was 41. Nothing wrong with that; I just found it interesting.

    My eighth grade science talked in a monotone voice. It was very boring. And it didn't help that I strongly disliked three of my fellow classmates.

    And finally my Chem teacher who played favorites. And her favorites cheated on tests in front of her face. Now she's known around school for being the teacher who plays favorites. BTW I wasn't one of the favorites.

    Here's hoping this topic doesn't get locked.
  2. Our high school is pretty small, so we only have on physics teacher. The guy's a bit eccentric, that's for sure. He has a habit of showing up to school in some pretty weird getups. One time he dyed his eyebrows, hair and beard bright electric red and wore a sarong. (Is that what they're called? Those wraparound skirt things some girls wear to the beach.) He's also worn a pirate costume and a bunny suit. Let me tell you. A grown man hopping towards you is not only a very bizarre image, but a kind of frightening one.

    As far as incompetence... yeah, I've seen that. XD One of the chemistry teachers is still pretty new to teaching, so he's kind of bumbling. Everyone just takes it in stride, though, because he has this witless sort of charm and loves to tell the most pointless stories about his cat. "So my cat got loose one night and my wife was pretty upset. But then the next morning I woke up and the cat was waiting right outside our door."

    Our seventh grade homeroom teacher was a bit off. She used to date the cousin of one of the girls in my class, and even though the guy was married by then she still always asked the poor kid about him and such. She would always hit on our drama teacher/8th grade homeroom dude/any available male who happened to be of legal age. Showed up to class with miniskirts and hooker boots.

    We didn't give that poor lady an ounce of respect. I'm pretty sure we drove her to tears at least once. After that year, she decided to teach third grade instead.
  3. Well, my seventh grad Geography teacher used to be the lead guitarist of an 80's rock band, and he'd let us request songs for him to play when he brought in his guitars and amps after all our work was done.

    My seventh grade English teacher was obsessed with penguins. Seriously. She had three different bookshelves stuffed full with plushies, drawings and posters of them splattered on every available inch of wall and/or flat surface, and bought tickets to the premiere of any movie based on the little critters.

    My sixth grade Math teacher hated me for no apparent reason and purposefully tweaked with my grade to keep me off the honor roll, and admitted it herself and didn't get punished. However, her house caught fire a few days later, so that made me feel better.

    My eighth grade History teacher thought it was funny when I strangled my teammate for ruining our project on purpose and boosted our grade from a C to a B because of it.

    And it just goes on and on. I get all the funky teachers, apparently. :p
  4. My 11th grade English teacher was bad. He vanished for days in the middle of the semester before we were told he was arrested for having an affair with a student.

    I guess this doesn't belong in this thread, though, 'cause it's obvious why he was teaching...

    I get to do some teaching of my own once the summer's over. I'll be doing it because I love the subject, but I'm not much of a public speaker. If any of you want to help me, I'd be forever grateful if you'd read through my website and let me know what I can do to make it easier to understand.
  5. Just make it fun and relateable. Make em' want to learn. I should know. I'm a student dammit! ;D Good luck with that.


    Yeah, I had a 4th grade teacher/monster who taught Math. Ugh. One time I wrote down an "D" for the answer and she said, "It's a cursive 'A', don't try to trick me, I'm smarter then you."


    WHY again are you teaching? *gasp* Thats what this thread is about!
  6. I've had some scary teachers in my day =D I havent been going to school very long, only since 7th so I'll start there.
    I wasnt in America to long, I didnt know the language either...Not really. I did understand some though..
    The first teacher I saw..His name was Mister Pain....I was kinda freaked out because I knew pain was bad Lol.
    The next with Ms. Hellsith..........
    I knew what hell was..So I figured my life in america would be odd..
    I was real wrong about these two teachers..Mr.Pain Loved me, he called me to the board all the time..Mrs. Hellsith was obssessed with me..I was walking to school and she pulled over and offered me a ride..Scary scary shit..

    8th grade was worst with my obssessive teachers..It was going pretty well..I knew the entire language by then..Some of my teachers where kinda scary like Mr.Lucion but I got over it..Then a sub that would be taking over for my science teacher Mr Brown (This is so cool..His first name is Charlie..HAH..Kawaii..Charlie Brown) His name was Mr.Webb..One of the scariest moments of my life happened with this teacher...

    He was..overly nice to me..All the time..My friend Priscilla even joked he liked me..Well I had detention (Not unusal for me) this time in his class because Mr.Lucion (the other science teacher) told me to pass out papers and I told him to shove it. So I was sitting in the class and Mr.Webb was doing paperwork, he came over to tell me it was time to leave and as I get up we get caught inbetween these two desks and he just stares at me smirking..I never felt like a deer caught in headlights till then...Then he said, "Your hairs long..How do you get it to be so pretty?" ANd he looked like he was going to touch me so I bolted out of the class X_X

    9th grade...Mrs.Schler..she was obssessed with me..told me I didnt have to do work or tests..Uped my grade all the time..I had a 106 in that class..Freaked me out but eh..Not as scary as something else..

    On the tour of the school..My old Gang breakfeast club had disbanded because we all go to different schools now, but I still new every junior and senior in the school because I was pretty damn popular. Me and my adopted assumed big brother Eskimo
    where walking..when I walked past a teachers door..the paper on the gym teachers door..the teacher is Mr.Webb..I thought "Kay..theres lots of Webbs in the world..." Then he walks past us..He gives me that same smirk he did before and waved, I stopped and just looking at him, probably mortified.

    Then he said "Look forward to seeing you next year in my class Homma."
    So now..Since my 9th grade year is finished..When I go back to 10th..I have to take physical education..and be all alone..with Mr.Webb...In a locker room..T_T I need more big brothers...
  7. O_O


    Sue the Pedo! Sounds like your first few years in America were...ehh...awkward.

    I used to have a Gym teacher who used to mispronounce my last name till' I yelled at him near the end of the year...then he said, "Now THATS the spirit!" And he passed me because "I showed a little backbone"


    Good luck in 10th grade Musashi (I'm going too :D). Remember: Hit him where it hurts!
  8. My strangest years in school were DEFINITELY years four, five, and six. My teachers names went exactly like so-

    Miss Long, Miss Short, Miss Gutridge.

    I couldn't help laughing when I went into Miss Short's class, due to the fact that, come on, I just had a teacher called Miss LONG!

    Now, for a teacher that shouldn't teach... By then, I'd moved from England to America, and was in my third American year. Was a math teacher, which I always had trouble with- All my math teachers have been insane- And the first quarter, he gave me an F-.

    ...An F. Minus.

    Well, I mean, sure, I didn't do the work, but come on, an F MINUS?!

    So, I did work the next quarter, got up to a C.

    next quarter, stayed a C.

    End of the year? F minus. Why?

    "I don't like your voice, it distracts the class." he said.


    The year after that, of course, my math teacher changed to someone I thought was kind of cool...

    ...Y'know, before he began flirting with my best friend who was female.
  9. F-?!? If your circumstances were different I would consider that quite an achievement (math is my least favorite subject). But because he thought your voice was distracting...that's strange.

    I remember my ninth grade math teacher was not only a bit corny but he was a bad teacher as well. I think we only spent one day on each lesson, he gave us homework (he never explained it well), and he gave us a quiz when we walked in the next day. I learned more from one of my classmates than I ever did from him. I'm surprised I made it out with a B. I got lucky on the big tests. Thankfully he's no longer teaching at my alma mater and the next two math teacher I had were great. Calculus was whole different story for another time.

    The was one gym teacher that many students found a bit pervy. But alas he is no longer teacher either at my former high school.
  10. Still have the British accent. I guess he thought that the other kids paid more attention to that than his teaching... Although, he never really did like me... Neither did my parents. He insulted them in a parent-teacher conference.

    Very good skills sir, very good.

    Ah, P.E. teachers... I totally forgot about those... My latest P.E. teacher was sexist beyond belief. She let the girls do whatever, and punished the guys for pretty much anything.

    "You're not sitting on your numbers! Girls, go play basketball, guys, fifty pushups!"

    Or, best yet, playing Baseball around August. It was supposed to be half the guys against the other half, and then the girls against THEIR other half.

    The guys played the whole hour, and we were all dehydrated. I missed a day of school due to vomiting and dizziness... I'm not too great with heat...
  11. hehehe, where to start...

    third grade... a chinese woman named Mrs. Chung (kinda obvious >.>...)
    anyways, this lady hated me with a passion... she'd tell me to hand out papers, then yell at me when i didn't do it fast enough.... she said i was retarded and recommended that i be put in the special classes T_T*

    sixth grade my science teacher named Mrs. Stubbs
    a nice lady, but... not all the way there... for one, she claimed straight to the class that her grandmother was reincarnated from a peach, and she was reincarnated from a whale (uh huh, yeah...) she also had a broken blood vessel in her eye, so her right eyelid sagged... it was creepy when she looked at you... was also the class that my dog actually ATE my homework (and a library book T_T) and i came in the next day with it, she gave me an f for it (also had to pay the library $15 for the book...)

    tenth grade social studies teacher named Mr. Wade
    monotone... need i say more.... within 5 minutes, it was guaranteed you'd fall alseep since all he EVER did were notes on the overhead...only three people in the entire class passed... and that was because two of them were taking the class again and the other had a private tutor...

    eleventh grade math teacher named Mr. Robinson
    somehow he could be monotone, yet his voice would rise and fall in volume continuously... noone respected him (i just sat there and dealt with it...) and one day, he yelled to the class "if you guys don't shut up, i'll fail everyone in here!" and guess what.... they didn't shut up.... and everyone got zeroes on their final exams (he didn't even hand them out... he just sat at his desk the whole time doing whatever) and when we asked him about it, he claimed there "was no final exam paper to hand out"... yeah... that's BS... though he stopped teaching at the end of that year, so i felt kinda better as i sat in summer school getting a 92 in the class >.>

    twelfth grade art teacher named Mrs. Price
    i was taking a pottery class with her, and made what l thought was my best work... a couple day later, she told everyone that she'd be collecting peices to put outside in the display case... i figured, hey it's probably safer with her than in my cat ridden house, where it'd get broken in an instant, so i gave it to her.... a few weeks later, art was in the case, but mine wasn't there. I wnet to ask her about it, and she said nonchalantly "oh, it got crushed under another piece"... i waited for her to apologize for breaking it, but she just looked up at me and said "don't you have some work to finish?"
    oh, how i was pissed, not only did she break my favorite pot and not tell me about it, she didn't even feel bad about it!
  12. I wonder why my current Geometry teacher is teaching this stuff, sure he gives us less work than other teachers, but he picks favorites. I'm not one of them. Neither are a couple of my friends. We ask for his help, he starts walking over, then someone calls him over to talk about whatever and he goes over to that kid and doesn't comeback to me and my friends! Frankly, he'd be better off as just a girls soccer coach (which he his....I heard he doesn't teach them much. They just hang out in his room most of the time...the girls hate it. How do I know? I've stayed in his room for tutoring due to my F.)
  13. I was essentially teaching my fifth grade class. I mean, I was in front of the class, reading the teacher's edition, while my teacher was sleeping off a hangover. Didn't learn too much in that class. As for my ninth grade speech teacher,...she got into it with a student and got arrested. So yeah, not good.
  14. I dont get why My DUMB math teacher is a teacher! All he does is cus at you when you have an "excuse"! He told me that my "excuse " was a bullshit excuse, so I got mad and told him "No your just a bullshit teacher", Dumb ass teacher.... Oh yeah and he is a freaking fake! At a conference he acted so sweet and my parents dont beleieve he is a total.... URH! *Grunt* I am to mad to say.......
    NO~ONE HAS IT AS BAD AS ME! I would tell you more but then I would take to many pages................ :-X :-X :-X
  15. I've had too many teachers like this, but one in particular was when in 6th grade, our teacher could not control our class. He called us "morons" (which most of the kids were, but that was highly unprofessional) and he was very...flamboyant. Not to mention he was stupid. He basically reviewed everything we learned in the fifth grade (I would draw everyday in class and he never noticed. We learned nothing -_- ). He even believed me when I told him I was from Sweden. It took awhile to explain to him I was joking...

    Oh, and in that same year, my math teacher for the first half of the year was...disgusting. Not just physically (when she would walk through the isles and then stop, it looked like she was sitting on a desk when she was standing...I won't go into detail X_X). She called my class sexist (a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds sexist...get a life) because she claimed that we listened to our other teacher and not her (which is not true. My class never listened to anyone -_- ). And right before Christmas, she made us do a project which involved baking HER cookies. Also, the school's firewall was down and the computer she (she was also the computer teacher) could not figure out how to get it back up. She then got fired, because it turns out that she had took it down to look at porn in school. She was creepy. The end.
  16. My history teacher, who's a freakin' fatso(The biggest dude I've ever seen) is becoming less and less of a teacher. Plus he makes us do something completley usless for history....NEWS articles for homework due every Friday....anyway, how he "teaches" is stupid. He just makes us write notes and expects us to read the notes and book and learn.He also makes us to group work to make presentations that no one even pays attention to.... Plus when everyone shuts up so he can talk, he goes on a rant. Yesterday he went into a rant said "The reason we keep stopping and your always late is because people like ones in the groups stopping to figure out what to do...kids like you guys starting side conversations, people like..." Then I was fed up with him making us late, so I said "Like you?!" The class was surprised the anime nerd white guy said it. I was surprised myself...it wasn't supposed to come out that loud.I just went along with it though....heh....at least he's a nice guy. I didn't get detention...he's either nice, or I'm one of his favorite students...
  17. To be fair, it depends what sort of "history" class you're in, and what precisely you have to do with them.
    [quote author=iEmpoleon link=topic=2316.msg45742#msg45742 date=1201368237]anyway, how he "teaches" is stupid. He just makes us write notes and expects us to read the notes and book and learn.[/quote]
    ...okay, you're just coddled. ::)

    Let's see... the worst teacher I can remember having was my Calc teacher who had perfect handwriting, assigned fair homework, didn't play favorites, and whose only talk setting was "thick French accent mumble". Such a shame, he was otherwise pretty good, but when every class is an hour and a half of the teacher writing equations and graphs without any explanation you can hear, the results were... eugh.

    Is it bad when this thread makes me go "geez, I really got lucky with all my teachers"? I think most of the ones I despised were just very strict and gave a lot of homework/projects (my bane).
  18. My science teacher is kinda... off. :c
    Once she told us that when she signed up for MySpace, a stranger sent her an "intimate item".
    Remind me how this has to do with solutes and turpentine? D:

    Also, my history teacher got arrested the other day for getting it on with an 18-year-old.
    I was just, "18 is legal, right?" And my spanish teacher gave me a referral.
    On the subject of her, my spanish teacher, Mrs. Sand, hates everyone and whines about how she has to teach us "whiny little brats". Then she told me off for doing my Spanish homework in class. ; n; Yet when everyone else is listening to music/texting their friends, she all "LALALA INGORE U!!1"
    She retired once, but she came back for just this year. /cry
  19. Oh, now this looks like a fun topic! Now, lemmie see what I can recall...

    In fifth grade, I had a teacher named Mr. Walter. He enjoyed football a lot and was generally a nice guy, except he gave too much homework (but what 5th grader wouldn't?). However, he had a million and one different random things to say while we were taking a test that were catchy to the point that they were annoying and haunted me in my sleep to this very day...

    "David stuck his head in a lil' skunk's hole and the lil' skunk said 'Well, bless my soul!'"

    When I was in the ninth grade at a new school, I naturally took the art class to see how cool the art teacher would be, since my previous school had the best art teacher ever. However, the art teacher here was horrible- I am a person who takes his time with drawing and don't like to be bothered. However, there were these group of kids all over that loved to harass me to no end. I often times tried to ignore them in art until I sometimes flip out on them. Then they run behind the teacher, kiss-ass to her and I would be the one getting in trouble instead! God, my old teacher would've ripped those kids a new one if they did that kind of crap in his class! (Of course, that's why I loved my old art teacher- he always ripped kids a new one if they did not take art seriously. It was good to watch because I strongly agree)

    Ah, yes. I never had this teacher, but she was the gym teacher for girls. Though our gym class was mixed with boys and girls together, we still had a teacher for each one who worked with them. Well, the gym teacher for the girls is highly believed to be a lesbian- stories about of her coming into the girl's locker room and asking if anybody needed help changing.

    The principal of the school that I attended that crappy art class at, he told me himself that he used to date that lesbian of a gym teacher several years ago. I just about cracked up on the spot.

    And lastly, in the fifth grade there was a teacher named Mr. Simon. Now, mostly everyone believed him to be gay because he always smelt like a basket of strawberries and wore glitter on his lips. So, needless to say, we tried to avoid him as much as we could.
  20. Oh goody! School story time. I go to a charter school, and ours is pretty artsy. Soooo...our teachers are kinda kooky, but most of them are cool. Except one.
    My Biology teacher. That man cannot teach, I swear. Most of the time, he gives us packets and stuff, and just has us take notes. The notes are pretty close to being exaclty the same thing I took when I was in 8th grade. And now I'm in Junior year. YEAH.....huh. ALSO, one time he rearranged the class seating, and since I had a dentist/doctor appointment, I wasn't there. When I asked him why, he wouldn't tell me. all he said was "go sit down over there."
    "It doesn't matter, just go."
    "But why?"
    I dunno about the rest of you, but I at least .like to be given a reason for why i have to do something. Oh and I failed because I was missing 4 or 5 worksheets. Uh-hum. nope. I HATE HIM.

    My Third grade teacher couldn't really teach, or she just mumbled. Our sub was some crazy strict lady. I didn't like her. She sent me to peak for yawning. I WAS TIRED. Not of class just tired.

    Oh yeah, guess what I got to do these past few days? Helping my Bio teacher with his rain garden, that his landscaping class is supposed to do, and THAT NO ONE IN BIO IS IN......oh, and each day is worth like 10 points. My friend asked "If we don't do this, will we fail?" "Yeah, the year is to short to not do this." So considering everything.....It would 20-30 points....if I worked one day and didn't the other....yeah, I dunno, I might fail becasue I didn't want to dig. @#$#$*( BIO MORON. I HAD BETTER PASS YOU @#$%tard.
  21. I don't know about anyone else but no matter how much I disliked my regular teacher I always prefered him/her over a substitute. Whenever we had a substitute, a)the class would go beserk, b)the substitute was nuts/incompetant/mean, c) both a and b.

    This one goes back to 1st grade: we actually had a sub who let this one kid chase another kid who was screaming and terrified around the classroom and if I remember correctly the sub did very little to stop them.

    In more recent times: the class would just talk and be generally unruly. Not to mention the regular teacher would nearly always leave some busy (pointless) work. I don't like overly strictness but I do like some kind of order. You know kinda like these forums...

    Let's just say I can count the number of good subs I've had on one hand.
  22. >> these stories killed me......I swear...anyway
    My third grade teacher was a frickin bcth!!! She made me have detention for having bad handwriting one one word in my paper. yes. One word...and when I was little I was really sensitive...so I cried for three days....and she didn't even care....-kicks her-
    and my fourth grade teacher....she sucks too....she gave me an F for writing my paper on a piece of notebook paper instead of filler paper...WTF!?! She was so mean!! She played favorites...there was this project we had to do at the end of the year and I worked extremely hard on it...I mean like it was flawless....and she gave me an A+....not bad right? But my friend who just squashed some random stuff on a piece of paper got an A++...I was all WTF?!
    my 7th/8th grade science teacher, Mrs.England...she's crazy!! I Mood swings AND favorites...thank God I was a favorite but..this one guy didn't have his homework and she had this gianormous rant..I swear the guy was about to cry..then it turned out that my friend (A girl) said she didn't have her homework either and she said,"That's alright sweetie, just turn it in tomorrow, ok?" And she smiled and walked back to her desk.....
    Let's see.....actually the rest of my teachers were/are nice :)
  23. My one science teacher (who happens to live a few minutes away from me) hates the human race. She actually called kids mistakes to their faces and stuff. She's a tree-hugger.. in the sense that she actually wishes trees were the dominant species on the planet and wishes her son would have been born from her and a tree so he'd only be half a mistake... yeah... I'm being serious. She's really messed up.

    My history teacher from last year was a really fat lazy angry italian guy, who I promptly nicknamed "Wario".
    He let us get away with anything, and didnt teach us any of the shit we actually needed for most of our tests. And we caught him just writing random grades on our tests... he didnt even look at the tests... he just graded them whatever number he felt like putting on them. My friend wrote an essay about slaying dragons when we were supposed to be writing about america in the Depression, he got a 90 on the test. I study Japanese culture, and I got the lowest grade in my class on a test about Japan. I confronted him about it and discovered i should have gotten the highest grade in the class, and when other people wanted to get their tests checked, he freaked out and put them away and only gave me +5 on my test for pointing out I got more right. instead of like +25...

    oh i could go on forever with the messed up stuff that happened at my highschool (i graduated in 07) but i wont.

    the sad thing is, when people complained to the board of education and the district office about these people... nothing was done. and believe me, half the teachers in that school have been reported for stuff.
  24. I've had quite a few insane teachers...My French teacher is the one I dislike the most though.. She has this stupid list of things that people are thankful for.. And it's not the fact that the list is about thankfulness, but the fact that she erases some things that pisses me off... The other day, someone wrote "Liquid Cancer"...I'm not sure what they meant, it might be a band or song or even a drug, but obviously they were thankful for it, and that's what counts (lol)..but anyways, my teacher took one look at it and pratically had a heart attack before erasing it off the board...I told her its probably a band, and she said if it was a band it shouldn't be up there...yet she leaves up Nirvana and Flogging Molly...I think she's crazy, and I really hate it when people can't respect the effect music can have on people...

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