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Private/Closed Eviterna Region Discussion thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Blue moon, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. The Eviterna region, an archipelago with a incredible collection of islands where almost every pokemon could be found, even the rarest of all, and that not to mention the beutiful landscapes and culture diversity.

    Incredibly, this island isn't as famous as it should, in fact, the trainers it hosts get fastly bored of it, probably because of the absence of Gym Leaders and a League.

    Amanda Blue, one of the few Professors living in the island, starts a campaign to turn the island into a place where people and pokemon can develope a special bond. To do this, she searches for six young promises from every region in the world to give them the chance to start a pokemon journey in this magnificent region, even managing to get some trainers to take caro of some new improvised gyms.

    The afortunated ones get a grant including the next starting pack: a starter from any region, a pokedex, five pokeballs, three pokeballs and a map of the island, in which are pointed every study center around the region--which have been enabled for being used as pokecenters-- and gyms.

    These are the pokemon available:

    Charmander (FREE)
    Bulbasaur (@Storybook Avivi Cadence)
    Squirtle (FREE)
    Cyndaquil (@Blue moon Carah Moore)
    Totodile (FREE)
    Chikorita (FREE)
    Torchic (FREE)
    Trecko (@Obelisk Monarch Brian Ayumi Misuko)
    Mudkip (@OmegaCarvineplays Omega Carvine)
    Chimchar (@Almas Rei Almas Aurora)
    Turtwig (FREE)
    Piplup (FREE)
    Tepig (FREE)
    Snivy (@Chrono~ Chrono Lavender)
    Oshawott (FREE)
    Fennekin (FREE)
    Chespin (@BurbleBurble Quint Everta)
    Froakie (FREE)


    Some rules for the RP:

    ~Reading the General RP rules first
    ~At least two paragraphs posts
    ~Your character can start it's journey accompained only by it's given starter
    ~Submit the next form to aply:

    Home region:

    (Optional) Future team:

    Here's mine:

    Name: Carah Moore
    Age: 17
    Appearence: Dark skin and black hair usually braided. Dark brown eyes covered by big hipster glasses.
    Wears a long beage coat and black leggins, along with short brown boots.
    Personality: Charismatic, sassy and always making jokes to people. The kind of oerson who always wears a smile all the time.
    But her humor isn't just funny; it can be really dark if she wants it too, she's not afraid to say the truth when necessary.
    Highly curious and creative. Is into photography and writting, has a journal where she writes down everything about her pokemon travel.
    Home region: Johto
    Starter: Cyndaquil
    Future team(evolved): Typlosyon, Jynx, Liepard, Bibarel, Dedenne, Tropius.

    One is reserved to @Chrono~ (If you changed your opinion, please tell me so I can free that spot, you still have to submit a form)
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  2. Name: Omega Carvine
    Age: 14
    Appearance: A fairly tall kid who has long ginger/brown hair starting to turn white, mildly athletic build, wears a black shirt and jeans with a yellow hoodie, a black SnapBack adorns his head.

    Personality: Quiet, reserved, loyal, mistrusting of certain individuals
    Home region: Hoenn
    Starter: Mudkip (Swampy, is he allowed to be shiny?)

    Future team: Swampert, Gengar, Milotic, Electivire, Gliscor, Magmortor (Swampy, Alpha, Siren, Blitz, Torn, Inferno)
  3. Name: Ayumi Mizuko
    Age: 19
    Appearance: (I don't own this picture)
    Personality: A bit of a serious and down-to-earth kind of person that always tries to find the logical way in and out of a situation, over the more morally-correct resolution. Tends to base her decisions of of knowledge and not instinct, and takes a long time to warm up to others, and can be a little insensitive and rude by first impression.
    Home Region: Hoenn
    Starter: Treecko
    Future Team: Sceptile, Gastrodon - East Sea, Beheeyem, Chandelure, Vespiquen, Steelix
  4. Looks okay!

    @OmegaCarvineplays I'd say no just because it's your starter and getting a shiny pokemon to give free in a grant sounds a little unbelievable to me. I'd say yes to another shiny your character would catch later in the RP.

    +I'd like to ask to keep in mind that shinies are really rare pokemon. I'm completely okay if a few RPers would like to have one but, please, not more than one or it will become rather unrealistic.
  5. Name: Almas Aurora
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Dark blue
    hair that reaches his shoulders and amber eyes. Wears a white jacket with two black stripes on each arm and a blue shirt, black pants, and brown short boots. (like the ones the male character has in x and y)
    Personality: A normally calm person who cares greatly for pokemon. He won't hesitate to help a pokemon in need or hurt if he has to. Enjoys battling and learning more about pokemon. Tends to get too into things that he finds interesting or when he concentrates, sometimes causing him to become oblivious to his surroundings.
    Home region: Sinnoh
    Starter: Chimchar
    Future team: Infernape,
    Meowstic(female, shiny), Lilligant, Garchomp, Clawitzer, Magnezone
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  6. That brings me to my question, of can Ayumi's Gstrodon be shiny? I mean it's just a bit of brighter color.
  7. Ok could siren be shiny please?
  8. Sorry I was late to post I kinda fell asleep and slept in :)

    Name: Chrono Lavender
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Honey brown hair comes down to collar length, scrawny build with sea blue eyes. Wears a black leather jacket which comes down to his waist with cuffed sleeves that are a slightly lighter shade than the main jacket with gold buttons. Also wears a pair of black skinny jeans followed by a light grey t-shirt with a dark grey Pokeball design over the right breast area of the shirt. Long skinny legs with a pair of high tops as shoes.

    Personality: Often lost in though he is loud, impish and carefree around people he is good friends with however around others he can appear anti-social or quiet. In battle he takes time to think about his next move carefully often preferring a Pokemon that is skilled in dodging to buy him valuable time to think so he can unleash a truly ruthless winning strategy often striking his opponent with brutal combo attacks that are hard to escape.

    Home region: Unova
    Starter: Snivy
    Future Team: Not sure, the only thing I have planned is Teddiursa

  9. This probably isn't the best idea since I'm in like five already, four of which require lots of time and dedication, but I need something to do that's semi new...

    Quint Heverta
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Lanky and tall, Quint lacks in muscle which his height makes up for, clocking in at 6'. His hair is Auburn and quite long, tied into a ponytail, while his skin has been tanned thanks to the harsh Orre sunny weather. His clothes consist of a maroon shirt, with short sleeves stitched on. His pants are jeans that have been messily chopped down.
    Personality: Quint has had little interaction with Pokemon themselves, thanks to living in Orre, which is almost impossible for those creatures to prosper in, and the few locations that Pokemon can live in is mighty few and far between, unless you count shadow Pokemon...who haven't been seen for years. Not to mention that Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos native Pokemon hate the warm climate.

    That being said, he's always up for meeting new Pokemon, whether or not he owns them. This may occasionally run him into trouble. He is also a horrible judge of character, thinking that a monstrous creature like a Hydreigon is a good fellow, while being scared of a Dedenne.

    People is a different story. He doesn't know what to think of them. Despite being from the same species in fascinates him everyday that they all have different personalities and feelings.

    Not to say he's not nice to them. He likes to spread around his own cheeriness, whether people like it or not. He's very loud, impetuous, and may ramble for hours without getting to the point. And he has this undying optimism, that everything eventually gets better.
    Home region: Orre
    Starter: Chespin
    Future team: Chesnaught, Galvantula, Slowbro, Rhydon, Roserade, and Goodra.
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  10. Whoops I put hoenn instead of Blessed. My bad. His family are from Johto but he's moved from Johto to hoenn to Unova to Kalos to Blessed.
  11. I feel so bad all of the original starters are not taken. And all the water types except swampy have been left free. I am the water type SAVIOUR LOL

    On a side note if we don't get anyone else should we have the characters get to choose another starter when they get to maybe the first gym town or something? Just so the little guys aren't forgotten.
  12. Yeah, maybe we could come with something like that. Anyways, I was thinking about giving a Ivysaur to Amanda (the professor) just for her to have a company, would that be okay?
  13. Can I make another character? Sarah Denito. Omegas best friend and soon to be girlfriend. She'll probably take Piplup.
  14. I'd prefer to keep just one character per player. Anyways, I'd be okay if you added her like a secondary character (she may visit sometimes or stay in one of the laboratorys, or as Amanda's assistant.

    (This applies to everyone, you may create a secondary character as far as you keep it secondary)
  15. Ok so I'll just add a trainer card of her instead of a description. Maybe she's like an assistant from another region who's just visiting.
  16. [​IMG] There she is
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  17. Orre isn't my "custom" region, but is canon.

    Orre is from Pokemon Colesseum and it's sequel XD (no, not the emote), which is a wasteland unsuitable for pokemon inhabitable, sans the grand total of nine wild ones. Yeah, no kidding.
    Here's the wiki page on it.
    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Orre (Orre - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia)

    Edit: What I meant by Shadow Pokemon, basically in exchange for the lack of wild Pokemon, you could catch these "evil" ones instead, from the main antagonists.
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  18. Oh! I got it XD I've never played pokemon colesseum so I don't actually know a lot about it, just that it existed... I usually play more fanmade games than cannon ones (the last one I played was Black, but I manage sixth gen pokemon because of pokemon reborn--my favourite pokemon game ever you should search it).

    And, Omega. I wanted to ask you if you could put up a longer post, I asked for at least two long posts.
  19. So, um... out of curiosity (defiiinitely nothing more than that) is this thread open or closed? I'm getting mixed signals, and I may or may not have been stalking it but presumed it filled up before I could actually do anything.....
  20. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    I second that, I find this an already interesting Roleplay, even in it's early, developmental, if you will, stages. I'm totally interested in joining. I read what you wrote about it being closed, but I'm already loving the story. So, is that a possibility? Thanks

  21. Guys, I know I should say no because I said I'd only accept six characters but I don't feel like saying no to you so... okay! You may submit a character if you are disposed to follow the rules above.

    Okay, now we're definately closed and if someone wants to join I think they could but as secondary character (maybe a gym leader or something).
  22. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    Actually, I'm afraid I will have to bail. I just don't have the time right now. Sorry for wasting your time like this. Apologies,

  23. Mmmm...... now I kind of feel bad for asking XD I hope I won't be too much of a trouble ;P
    Name: Avivi Cadence
    Age: 16 Years
    Appearance: Avivi has a sort of frizzy, tussled, light hearted yet confused look about her. She has short, tangled, chestnut hair that looks as if the wind has constantly ruffled it into a bedhead state and darting almond eyes, almost constantly simultaneously confused and engaged, swallowed by her large black glasses. She's rather tall and sort of lanky with thin, bony fingers, and her skin is as equally mangled as her hair, cheeks hollow, peppered by freckles. Oftentimes, her eyes cradle long bags. Her attire is colorful, wearing a bright t-shirt and jeans, but these are often covered by the soft grey cloak she wears, its colors akin to a drizzling sky. She carries with her a small bag with a white lotus adorned on it in stitches that is just as threadbare, frazzled, and pale as she is, always worn on the outside of her coat as if welcoming the world into it. She carries a larger, pale chestnut pack for when she travels.
    Personality: Avivi has a form of dementia due to a multitude of severe strokes when she was a child that caused irreversible brain damage to the memory center of the brain- thus, she has sever short term memory loss and a hard time dealing with all things vocal, whether that be paying attention to someone speaking or just recalling what they have said. It's easier for her to remember images, especially if they are striking or hold explicit character, than words or facts, but more often than not, day to day things slip the frazzled girl's mind.

    That aside, Avivi loves drawing and photography, although she isn't currently in possession of a camera. It's her goal to capture the world and share what she has captured with others. Inspiration fascinates her, and it is this that drives the girl at her core. She holds within her a mix of determination and a silly spirit- of her and her sister, she is the bright, creative child, while her sister is the soft, poetic young woman. The problem is simply remembering it all.

    She hasn't quite gotten ahold of herself in the brain department, but she does understand how the world can think of her and her fragmented mind. Patience, humility, and an acute will to ignore things create her light, silly, and optimistic approach to how the world reacts to her. Although specific facts can be hard to recall, she knows what is going on and, through both the journal and sketchbook in her small bag, she tries to reclaim her hold on the world. Unfortunately, she has fallen into a bout of severe self doubt within herself that is the shadow of her optimism, almost what it is trying to hide, and though the girl, at her core, has accepted who she is, she still has trouble admitting it.

    Avivi dreamed of travel- of seeing new things and new images and new people and discovering the reason behind it all. She hasn't the lost the dream quite yet, but it has become much more, now, of a dream than a goal. Perhaps, however, this will allow the perceptive young girl to finally achieve her goal and, in addition, allow her family, who haven't the money or time to stay at her side, to rest easy, knowing that she has a Pokemon by her side. On an alternate note, she finds sleep and dreams themselves fascinating, often keeping a journal of her own night time excursions within the brain, and is glad that there is something which holds as much mystery and forgetfulness to everyone else as it does to her. Her art reflects her in the moment attitude, precise attention to detail, and engrossing fascination towards the dream world.

    Although the girl often forgets the past, she lives in the moment and works for the future, as is only fitting for an aspiration towards inspiration and imagination, and has a keen ability to notice things in great detail and react quickly towards it, albeit often missing a few links in the chain along the way, that is a great benefit in battle and attribute to a travelling life in general. She feels physically sick when watching a sundown because it reminds the girl that the one thing she treasures- her sight- could slip away as easily as the sun slips from the earth and plunge her world into darkness, and often thinks of her memory in the same way as well. There it is, fragmented, in dizzying shades of sorrow, slipping away from the world piece by piece, its remnants evaporating in the jaws of darkness...
    Home region: Kalos
    Starter: Charmander

    I hope this will be alright- I know that the character I chose could be controversial or make others uncomfortable. If that is the case, please alert me and I will switch to someone else I need to work with. I completely understand if I need to do so and have a multitude of character bios already in use that I can replace her with- it was just a little wish of mine to play her out sometime or another.

    And yes, I did research dementia, what causes it, and how those who have it and those around them tend to react. Fun fact- The sundown thing is, actually, a phenomenon those with dementia tend to experience where they panic or feel sick when watching a sundown. No one is quite sure why, but I came up with my own reason. And yes, as per the definition of dementia, she suffers from memory loss that affects her day to day life, but I promise that she will still be able to interact and prosper on the journey.

    So... -takes a deep breath- will this work? :p
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  24. As always I just love your characters @Storybook

    And I'm sorry if I was misunderstood; I'm really glad you joined, just that I'm not good at limits :@ (I just discovered how to put faces in posts, now I'm not going to stop >:D>:D>:D>:D).

    And by the way, our characters are really similar :o except Carah doesn't have dementia. I like that.
  25. Well, I have to say, that's a mighty creative character you've got there. I wouldn't be personally offended, then again, I can't speak for everyone. Either or, Incredibly impressed at Story's character :)

    Uh, anyways, out of curiosity, is there any antagonistic force? I mean, the concept is cool already, but a evil team trying to industrialize the Island/mainstream it for profit would be pretty cool as well.
  26. Yeah! I was thinking about that and I had an idea that doesn't quite convince me, so if anyone has anything better feel free to comment it here.

    So, what I was thinking was about this great mafia selling pokemon for experiments and other stuff to Devon and other few industries and it turnes out that all the pokemon they get are from Eviterna (since it is like a forgotten region no one really puts much attention to what happens about it). There are familys already aware of this that are pbviously fighting back, but they aren't much deal since they don't have pokemon or much stronger support.

    But then a group of trainers arrive and they have to manage to a) keep their market as a secret b) Get rid of those kids so they can sell pokemon illegaly in peace.

    Another idea would be that some team is using Eviterna volcanic activity (it's a Galapagos based region and the Galapagos archipelago is one of the places with the highest volcanic activity in the world, except for Miami) as energy for something evil that would destroy the whole place.
  27. First off I love Story's character and think she will be a great addition to the RP as I like how he/she has really done their research into the condition so as to accurately represent it (very well written as well)

    Secondly, I think that plot is also a really great idea because the real Galapagos is having trouble protecting the fragile ecosystem (albeit on a much smaller scale) it also brings up a bunch of moral decisions for the characters as when act against the corporation it could effect the amount of people getting starters/ becoming trainers in their home region. Hope this wasn't just a wall of text sorry if it was but hey that's how I roll I guess!
  28. Can't add much else to that! I do really love the idea of the 'evil team' (Side note: I absolutely cracked up at so they can sell Pokemon illegally in peace. I have no clue as to why) and think it will bring great opportunities for mischief and stealth, hopefully allowing me to exercise a few good traits of my character along with the bad :p I think they would also be very confused as to what is going on, and might bash a few overenthusiastic hopes along the way XD

    I'm glad you guys appreciate my character- I was kind of interested in the fact that yours and mine, Blue Moon, were rather alike. It was kind of curious- I hadn't thought about yours when making mine. Anyways.... this will be an adventure. I set this character up as a tremendous challenge to myself and I hope that I can meet it, but we'll see :p

    I'll get a post up hopefully by the end of tomorrow, although I honestly think I can finish it before I go to bed tonight if I try. To the keyboard! :p
  29. Sounds good to me. We don't even have to be original, we can just slap a subsidiary of rocket on this island and call it a day xD

    That was a joke, but technically we could do that. (Should I even be saying we? or is it more a 'you' thing?) Um, anyways, super hype for this rp. The diversity of characters is pretty cool.
  30. Even though I just created I really bad plot about James managin to create his own copy of team rocket and moving to an island, I think the pokemon dealers are just a little bit better.

    And of course it's a we! I'm not the only one in this RP so I say it's a we. I said it.

    (In fact, the Galapagos idea was from Chrono so credits to him because I loved it)
  31. I'm good with the idea of an evil team, it seems interesting. I can't really give much in the way of ideas on it but how about having them run experiments on pokemon? It's a vast region that isn't too developed and has an abundance of pokemon. They would have a large wilderness to hide their facilities in and a large number of "test subjects" available right there. The experiments could be things like forced or hastened evolution, shadow pokemon, controlling wild pokemon in large numbers with mind control, or trying to make the pokemon stronger through things like drugs or an arena. This is all I could really think of since I'm still trying to learn about rping and stuff.
  32. OMG THAT'S LIKE POKEMON REBORN!!!! Pokemon Reborn's team had this DNA modified pokemon that were hugely more powerful than normal and they took control over cities with them.

    We could change it a little bit and say that what they wanted to do was "improving" pokemon; making them stronger than anyone has ever seen.
  33. Is it bad that I'd kinda prefer poachers? I mean, that's a fine idea itself, but the "evil team people make stronger Pokemon" is already done in canon and non-canon. Then again, so are poachers... Oh well, I'm fine with both ideas, I just prefer poachers.
  34. @Blue moon no need to thank me, you really brought the region to life

    Also I kinda like poachers more as well sorry to say because it just kinda fits with the themes of the region and is a lot more simplistic :)

    *its your choice though you created this region
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  35. Oh, then I guess the Poachers are fine, I just got excited since I was playing reborn... again and the idea popped. But you're right. Also, if the evil team plot was too complicated it would drag the whole plot and that wouldn't be the idea so I guess it would be better like this.

    Leaving that aside... I'll wait for everyone to make a first post to write a "going to the laboratory" post.
  36. Cool beans that sounds great sorry if I kinda shit you down there but I trust this won't dampen the experience however may I suggest that if you really are passionate about Pokemon reborn you make a thread about it. I for one would join and I'm sure many others would as well :)
  37. Oh no! It's okay, seriously. I'm not that obsessed with Pokemon Reborn, just got hype for a moment.

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