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Open EVICT: Villainy School.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by FrostCrispz, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. EVICT: Education of the Villainous, Insane, Corrupted, and Treacherous

    Dear _________,
    Welcome to Evict, the worlds only school dedicated completely to the teachings of Evil. Before I get any further, this is a concealed document. Do not show this to anybody.
    Now back to Introductions. I am the Professor. I run this school under LOVE, a secret organization dedicated to evil. Now, you know something about me. How about you?

    I had this idea a while ago, but didn't know how people here would think about a rp dedicated to the more 'evil' side of things. In a way, this is just an idea unless this gets enough support.
    1. Normal pokecharms rules
    2. Don't be op, but powers are allowed
    3. This is a high school.
    4. Two OCs max.
    5. You can be a teacher.
    Now, the character forum;
    Age: (this is more of a high school, remember)
    Evil history: (you weren't chosen for no reason)
    Normal history:
  2. Name: Bellezza Fama

    Age: 16

    Powers(?): water control, the ability to manipulate the shape and speed of water, so long as there is a source.

    Personally(think you might’ve meant personality): a level headed, stoic man. His quiet and mysterious way of life gives him a sense of allure, so he is rarely without company.

    Appearance: Bellezza light brown skin and white hair. His eyes are a deep brown. He commonly wears a white tank top shirt, which has narrow, curving vertical holes near his stomach resembling daggers. He is of a thin but muscular build, and wears baggy black joggers.

    Evil history: Bellezza is a man that does not kill out of any sort of greed, but rather of that
    resembling protection. Bellezza refuses to use his offensive powers without the idea of killing, and as such usually uses his power in his lonesome, testing different ways it can be used. He believed all his killings had gone unnoticed, seeing as how the law never stepped in with his way of killing people that would impose a threat to the quiet, peaceful life he tries to give himself. This, obviously, is not the case, seeing as how he got an invitation to the school.

    Normal history: Bellezza was nothing short of popular at his previous school. He is attractive, smart, and fast. He is the head of the track team at his school, and is poetic in both his writing and sense of music. Bellezza often has girls crowding around him, though this doesn’t bother him much at school. He doesn’t struggle much at all with his schoolwork, so this gives Bellezza a lot of time to practice with his powers.

    Family: father, mother

    Other: hope this is good enough.
  3. Accepted. Just I might not do this anyways. This was kinda a generic idea kinda to see how others would react. Kinda like testing the water.
  4. Spachino

    Spachino Previously El Spazzino


    Name: Dem (Short for demon, its his nickname since he doesn't need a real name.)

    Age: 15

    Powers: Goo powers, so far, they can only make themselves melt, look spooky, and make their limbs wacky or look like weapons.

    Appearance: Wears a purple T-Shirt with "You smell" written on it (Its his catchphrase.) with a black jacket on it, messy, yet short hair and wears regular beige pants.

    Evil History: As a lil kid, they had a craving for world domination (and killing), but wanted to share it with other people, AKA people he trusts (or "friends") and he discovered he was a goo monster (don't ask), 2 quarters human. He discovered this when he was about...

    Normal History: Since their, uh, ^^^^^, no one liked him and was constantly in trouble. He took this way too much and uh... massacred his parents, ever since, he is living in the orphanage, until he got the VILLAIN LETTER.

    Family: D E A D.

    well i hope you continue this, because it seems interesting


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