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Everything went a bit wobbly

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    You may have noticed that for yesterday evening and a fair amount of this morning we were offline. This was because of a DDOS attack on the server (apparently a random attack against our main IP rather than any deliberate maliciousness towards this site) and while the attack has abated, to get around it we've had to shift stuff around on the server a bit.

    Hopefully there won't be any further issues and we won't see any further attacks either, but if you do come across any errors let us know in the Feedback Forum (if you can) or through Twitter or Facebook and we can look into it.

    So, apologies for the downtime, but hopefully we're all good to go again now.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Nov 1, 2015.

    1. Renimo
      Yes I thought my chrome was broken or something I knew something was wrong:'|
    2. Stelluna
      I thought my internet was just being stupid, as it does stuff like this a lot.
    3. NightRaven
      An attack? o-o I was not expecting that to happen! I thought maybe Google and the Puffin Browser weren't working. But they worked for different sites. I even looked it up but it only talked about trainer cards. I was thinking "Maybe the internet hates me." and I reset the internet.
    4. Stelluna
      IKR!!! But who attacked tho?
    5. NightRaven
      @Stelluna who knows. I wonder who...and why. I've never been anywhere where something like this happened. It must've been tough to avoid...
    6. alolatrainer
      It was making me mad that i couldnt get on...i thought my wifi was down or something or maybe my phone was acting up...i even went on my computer to try and get on..nothing...o well..as long as everything os back to normal now:)
    7. Renimo
      Same I thought Chrome was messed up
    8. WindRyder
      I tried every electronic device in my house and when they didn't work I assumed it was the stupid Wi-Fi acting up. I'm glad that it is all better now. I would be devastated if Pokecharms was down permanently. (It is also reassuring to know that every electronic device I own is not broken XD)
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    9. Steel Seth
      Steel Seth
      Me to I was freaking out beacause I thought my wi-fi was acting up (as usual)
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    10. AlleycatIrony
      i figured there mustve been smthn to do w/ the server
      either that or my chrome was bein a piece of shit :')
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    11. NightRaven
      When I saw it wasn't the internet nor Google/Safari/The Puffin Browser, I figured something happened. I kinda thought that things were being changed or something happened that shut the site down for the time. ^^;
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    12. Rovenz
      I thought it was my internet, but then I tried it on Google and Internet Explorer (because I use Microsoft Edge) it didn't work, and then when I tried it on my iPad, it still didn't work, and so as my phone, and everything else wasn't working.
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    13. AngryBirdKid
      ok I thought my computers laggy
    14. Renimo
      Well at least everything is fixed
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    15. Frontier Master
      Frontier Master
      I knew it was either a DDOS or the servers losing power
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    16. CursedTea
      DDOS attacks suck :V
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    17. Frontier Master
      Frontier Master
      Thank you captain obvious
    18. Cugi
      yeah i thought something was wrong with pokecharms
    19. Scrafty
      This has happend more than once. I got worried. I tried my computer and my mums. But both dont work so i knew that its the web not chrome.(My Opinion). But the person whos attacking has to stop.
    20. MegaBlastoise15
      Really? I thought my Internet was crapping out on me. It's nice to know that this won't happen again...
    21. SismicFlareCharmander
    22. kyle 13
      kyle 13
      I'm glad that the site is OK and the site is still going.
    23. Alice's dead account
      Alice's dead account
      What is a DDOS (sorry but i'm too dumb to know)
    24. Teapot
      Don't be rude. You're dangerously close to a flaming warning there

      Distributed Denial of Service - it's where you get lots of computers to send loads of traffic at a website at once to overload it.

      Think of it as someone getting control of loads of computers - usually because they have viruses on them - and getting them to load 'Charms all at once and then keep hitting refresh for as long as they can. The server can't handle that many "people" trying to get on it, and it stops being able to respond to real people. (This isn't exactly what happens, it's oversimplified so it's easier to explain.)
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    25. vulpix frennekins bestie
      vulpix frennekins bestie
      i don't know what happened me and my bros weren't on then
    26. alolatrainer
      Wouldn't let anyone on really

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