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Event's Horizon

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by LaenVulpix, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. .|||..||.This ish a Private RP (complete with special caps to show how important it is, see?)
    If you want to join - or know WTF IS GOING ON so maybe you can decide if you waaaant to join, contact me. You know....online.

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    It must have been a seal that they had placed on him.

    Whoever they were.

    Otherwise it would've been of little to no concern whether or not they had means of draining his demonic energy; there were few places in the demon realm that didn't have pieces of his harvested spiritual energy tucked inside every crack and crevice. Energy that he would plant meticulously during his profound bouts of inevitable boredom, whenever he was at a loss for anything better to do. The energy, in any normal situation, would have seamlessly restored whatever expanses of power he lost as it was lost - right until the deep reservoirs ran dry.

    It had been a very, very long time since Rhorcheviliam had to cope with how frail he could be once he was starved of spiritual nourishment, and the reminder was one he could have done quite well without.

    It could've been worse, he supposed, watching as he passed through a void that could've been everything or nothing. He hadn't died, and that was what was most important to a demon such as himself. In the demon world, 'losing' was a word commonly linked with 'dying', and so the fact that Rhorche had lost and yet not died was a feat in and of itself.


    Might as well think - the griffin demon wasn't doing much else while waiting to see where he churned up through the tear in dimensions he had created.

    ...hiding in the void between realms - between worlds - isn't something that should be possible.

    Just studying his surroundings at the present was enough to confirm that - the demon's surroundings were almost on the brink of being recognizable, likely because the true nature of the space between space wasn't something his mind could accept. Something so far beyond him shouldn't be easy for other demons to manipulate.

    Which made the fact that the opposing demons that had caused this huge upheaval had just been lurking and waiting for him in the malleable nothingness hard to explain.

    And probably meant that shearing open a gap in the void with the pure force of his escaping energy, and then throwing himself into it, wasn't going to come without consequence.

    No matter....well...

    ...just as long as...

    No, the issue of finding food wasn't going to be a problem - Rhorcheviliam could already sense the vast amounts of untapped spiritual energy from the world the shifting current of the void was pulling him to.

    A shark-toothed, dark grin spread on the demon's face.


    A timid, polite smile had been present on the boy's face since he had introduced himself.

    The fragile-looking young man that was now seated across from the principal of Aki Kurose High School, smiling politely and dressed in accordance to the private school's uniform, seemed strange....somehow. The man seated behind his desk couldn't decide if the unnatural gleam in the boy's electrical-blue eyes was just his imagination or not, nor whether hair could really naturally be such a devastatingly-pale blond that it couldn't honestly be called anything other than 'white'. More than his piercing eye color or feathery hair tipped with black was the young man's presence - how bizarrely plain it was.

    Usually a student had some sort of aura - whether it be timid or outgoing, modest or arrogant, friendly or cold.

    The boy just....didn't.

    But he had all of the correct paperwork - a transfer student from England (with no trace of any discernible accent because "My parents were originally from here.") that was staying with close friends of his parents while he was in the United States. The principal couldn't recall approving an exchange student from the UK, but all of the paperwork was filled out, and all of the coinciding information was logged on the school's network.

    Maybe he had been too busy to remember? The young man even had a class schedule.

    "Well then, Mr. Williams, you look like you're all ready to go." He conceded, straightening a stack of unimportant papers and pushing his seat back from the heavy wooden desk it was situated behind.

    He stood up, and the boy, dressed in a deep blue vest, white dress shirt, and black slacks, tie, and shoes, mimicked the motion.

    "If you would like, I could get a student with the same schedule as you to show you around until you get the hang of everything." The salt-and-pepper-haired man offered, watching the boy scoop up a sheaf of papers that had been resting on his lap.

    "Could you?" The boy's light, bright eyes widened with appreciation.

    The principal returned the student's smile and moved to make a call to one of the office workers. He dismissed whatever misgivings he'd had for the naive-looking kid - it wouldn't be the first time he'd wrongly judged someone's character, and it wouldn't make sense to get hung up over it.

    "Yes, could you see about getting Mr. Rhory Williams an escort?"


    Rhorcheviliam could have sighed. As far as infiltrating, this would be easier than trying to merge in with the more wizened adult society of this realm, and it would also draw attention away from him. It was less likely for a younger human to be under suspicion than one that was older.

    Once he was completely adapted to this world, he could select an ideal cover.

    It'd be nice to have a few minions on this realm, though...

    After all, the overwhelming variety of souls on this dimension needed further understanding before he could hope to efficiently draw spiritual energy from them; it would be dangerous to carelessly deplete the humans' souls without knowing what effects it would have on them.

    But he was really hungry.


    {{DON'T JUDGE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ;_________________;

    (At least, dun judge me based on this post? Otherwise, judge away! Judging is fun! And has something to do with mental conditions. Or something. WHO DOESN'T LOVE TO JUDGE? Just ask the person next to you. If you don't have person next to you then you must be CRAZY. See? How I judged you just then? Right? See that? GOOD FUN.)

    -is shot and dragged away-}}
  2. (time to expand my horizons!)

    The janitors' closet was a rather large room compared to what one expects to see in the average school, it was completely filled with mops, buckets, brooms, and other cleaning devices. There were two janitors already working at the school; the new one makes a third. This new janitor was currently sweeping an empty hallway and wore a brown-and-white themed uniform with a variety of pockets holding sprays, gloves, and the works. The janitor himself was a man probably in his early thirties, with a thick moustache, green, hawk-like eyes, and a currently flat hairstyle due to the brown cap that held it down. The janitor's ID said that his name was Archie Palmac, and came with a picture of him in a white background to match.

    Before long, 'Archie' felt something tingling in his ear, he slipped his hand behind his ID and pressed a hidden switch to activate a small speaker in his ear, he then used his tongue to curl his moustache down a bit so it looked like it was crawling into his mouth.

    "How's the first day going 3K?" a deep voice spoke into his ear.

    "Pretty much the same as last time, what is so important about me working in this school anyway?" Archie/3K whispered, his moustache served as a microphone to send the message back to where the other voice was,

    "Some sort of impulse bounced off a satellite and send a high frequency sound into the mainframe of Nigeria's governmental computer system. We think it came from somewhere near the school. What you're going to do is investigate and see if we can find a trace of what happened." the voice explained, the tone was a little bit annoyed due to 3K sleeping during the briefing.

    "Well, that sounds like a job for me. Although I wish these kids would eat something that's actually good for their bellies, there might as well be a floor made of puke. Also, don't I get any gadgets for this one?" the fake janitor complained.

    "Keep those damn jokes to yourself for once, please?" the voice moaned, "and we would send gadgets, but we don't have anything to go for, we can't risk any getting discovered at this point. However, should you find something interesting that makes us want to continue the investigation, you might get a little something special." The voice explained,

    "Well, then you better let me get on with my chores. The sooner I get these done, the sooner I can do your bidding" 3K finished, the voice groaned, then cancelled the transmission. 'Archie' pushed his moustache back into place, then continued to sweep, humming a small melody.

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