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Event(s) Update

  1. So, that Darkrai event I mentioned here. Turns out it is Platinum only.

    In addition, Platinum players can also download Oak's Letter. This item will let people get to Flower Paradise, where Shaymin lives. It will not activate the Glacidea Flower Key Item so Shaymin can change into its Sky Forme. This Shaymin, if you can obtain the said Key Item, will change into Sky Forme.

    On the Ranger front, in the UK and US, the Darkrai Mission is available to download over the Wi-Fi. It's available till Januaray 31st of 2009. You can't start the mission until you're rank 10, but once you complete the mission, you can send Darkrai into your Diamond or Pearl game once.

    Finally, on the Mystery Dungeon (Time and Darkness) front, two new missions to recruit Riolu and Burmy. You receive items for you time as well (Poison Jab, Hyper Beam, Courage Dust, and Steel Dust).

    That's all. Anything thing else?


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Plapti, Dec 4, 2008.

    1. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Someone hit Nintendo with the sensible stick!

      I never thought I'd see the day they'd actually do any Pokemon game events in a smart, sensible fashion...

      ... 'course I miss 'em all anyway - don't have Platinum, Ranger 2 and can't get online for MD2's. >>

      OH WELL. Hopefully I'll be fine and dandy by the time the Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus events hit Platinum in Europe/America - so this is all good news either way.
    2. Plapti
      Seems they have. Of course, I don't have Ranger 2, but meh. Riolu and Manaphy can also be obtained through them, so my assumption is that the other remaining missions will also give Pokemon to import over to Sinnoh.

      And you have till after Christmas still Alex. You've got some time at least.
    3. Magpie
      I did the Pokemon Ranger Darkrai mission last night and sent him over to Diamond. The mission was easy, if not a little dull. Got to use Darkrai's field move 'Dark Power' though ^^

      I'm glad too that Nintendo are planning to allow greater access to their events. I never manage to go to where they're held, so being able to access them over WiFi will be great!

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