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DPPt/HGSS Event pokemon for trade

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Pikachufreak, May 8, 2009.

  1. Hey, i have a few event pokemon that i'm willing to trade.

    -Aura Mew
    -Movie 11 Shaymin
    -TRU Regigigas
    -Gamestop Deoxys

    i also have other events that i'm not willing to trade.So yeah anyway all these events are Legit and UT,and i only accept legit and UT although i don't mind if they are cloned ;D.I'm not so interested in PKTOPIA events just to let you know. ;D

    Thanks for reading ;D.
  2. I'm interested in your Mew & Deoxys. What legendarys do you need? (PS, I will still give you the Arceus too, but I want them sooner so I can complete my Pokedex.)
  3. Linkachu

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    I've got my eye on that movie 11 Shaymin, but depends on what you'd like in return. XD

    Since you said you don't mind cloned Pokemon, are these legendaries cloned as well?
  4. Hmm..i'd rather have events than legendaries.But i could trade you a pokemon you want maybe for a Latias or Latios?...otherwise really any sort of events really. ;D
  5. Can I have Deoxys for Latios? I don't have Latias yet, but I will.
  6. hmm.....do you not have any other events at all?
  7. Not that I can trade :(

    If you say no I'll understand though.
  8. What would you like for that Mew you have? I have a bunch of Legit Legendaries. Just name one and I'll tell you if I have it.
  9. Not that I can trade :(

    If you say no I'll understand though.

    I will have to think about it ,but i will trade if i don't get any other offers for it ;D

    @Sarge the Heavy,I really would refer event pokemon in return...do you have any at all?
  10. Like you, I have the TRU Regigigas, the Gamestop Deoxys. I have a Jirachi from the Colosseum bonus disk , but its not UT...so I guess I might not have anything of interest for you then.
  11. Hmm thats a shame, but if i dont get any other offers for it i'l take yours into consideration ;D.
  12. Ok. Well let me know if you want to trade.

  13. Hmmmm I like that Shaymin.

    I've got alot of legit legendaries.
    - Rayqaza (UT)
    - Mewtwo (UT)

    I also have an event Jirachi, not UT, but I can reset the EVs with berries if you want. It'll take me a while to grow them. Do you mind a wait?
  14. i would be interested in the Jirachi ,but i really don't want the pokemon to be leveled up at all...
  15. Ok, cool. It's still lvl 50 but it just has experience.

    I can reset the EVs with berries if you want.

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