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Event Jirachi

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Galaxite, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Hi guys! I got my event Jirachi this morning and I really want to use it in battle! I've been trying to come up with a potent, yet effective move set that has good coverage: this is what I came up with. Critique please?

    Jirachi @ Leftovers
    Timid Nature (-Attack, +Speed)
    252 HP, 80 SpA, 176 Spe
    Serene Grace (+% to added effects)
    Draco Meteor
    Water Pulse
    Calm Mind

    I suppose it's kind of a steel-psychic version of Latias with Water Pulse instead of Surf. Leftovers helps me to recover the health I lose from Substitute, which, in turn, allows me to scout and set up Calm Mind, which, in turn, allows me to Draco Meteor and Water Pulse the HELLZ out of anything in my way.

    Capiche or no Capiche?
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  2. KoL

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    Yes, and very much no. Calm Mind/Substitute is a brutal combination for Jirachi, but not with Draco Meteor and Water Pulse for offensive moves. No STAB for one thing, Draco Meteor's Sp.Atk drops will negate your setup, and Water Pulse is...alright with Serene Grace I guess, but Jirachi has far better moves available to it. Overall, all you'll want to do to change this is use any combination of Flash Cannon, Psychic, Energy Ball and Thunderbolt for your offensive moves, because Draco Meteor and Water Pulse are very mediocre on Jirachi if that's all it has available to it (and even then, Draco Meteor's quite wasted on the thing anyway.)
  3. No fun! Conformity sucks. :<

    Ah well, if it's not super plausible to use Draco Meteor than I'll just keep it on my Lati-girl. God I loves her. :>
    #3 Galaxite, Jun 26, 2010
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  4. In all honesty, Draco Meteor isn't a great move for Jirachi. It's pretty fun to use, but other than that, its uses are limited. Your best bet to get any use out of Draco Meteor on Jirachi is to use some form of Choice set, either Choice Scarf or Choice Specs. Then you can play more of a hit and run game, resulting in the Special Attack drops being off less consequence.

    Jirachi @ Choice Scarf
    Timid nature (+Speed, -Attack)
    EVs: 6 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    ~ Draco Meteor
    ~ Psychic
    ~ Hidden Power Ground / Fire / Thunderbolt
    ~ Trick

    If you can't get a Hidden Power, you'll have to rely on Thunderbolt as your means of hitting other Steel-types for decent damage. However, this does provide better damage on Skarmory and allows you to revenge kill even Dragon Danced Gyarados with relative ease. Trick allows you to cripple things like Blissey, despite being a special attacker. Draco Meteor is a more reliable means of coming in on the likes of a Dragon Danced Salamence and KOing it. Previously, you'd have to use Hidden Power Ice if you wanted to be able to do this on a special Choice Jirachi, but Draco Meteor allows you to use a better Hidden Power, or at least be able to hit Salamence super effective without the need of a Hidden Power at all if you can't get one. Psychic is just there for STAB obviously, and you might get lucky with a Special Defence lower. Although, you'll find yourself using Psychic a lot because it's actually only 5 base power weaker than Draco Meteor on Jirachi.

    Other options include running Choice Specs instead, but I don't suggest this really as I like the idea of this set as a revenge killer - though, it can still work through the method of bluffing Choice Scarf and hitting the switch-in with a powered up move instead. If you're not fond of Trick and want to hit Tyranitar for more damage, you can slap on Grass Knot or Flash Cannon instead. Other than that, support moves can become useful once you've Tricked away your Choice item. So things like Stealth Rock, Reflect, Light Screen, and Wish come into play. However, I'd rather do these on a set without Draco Meteor, which defeats the purpose of using this Jirachi.

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