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Even Moar Persona Foar

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Satoren, Sep 5, 2011.

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    Blazblue+Persona 4= Persona 4: Champions of the Mayonaka Arena​

    It's a fighting game. Made by Arc System Works. With Persona Characters. Franchise has been milked as all fuck out but OMALGAHLAGHLGHDLHAJFHFKJAHFKJH<33333333333333333333

    Also there's a P4 remake coming to the PS Vita​

    Entitled Persona 4: The Golden, it will come with the similar add-ons to the last Persona game; including new ingame events, New animated cutscenes, new NPCs and even new outfits for your party members. While there's no word of a new female protagonist yet, this game will probably be something more akin to Persona 3 FES, same story with lots of extras. And with the Persona 4 anime rolling around next month as well, it looks like those who don't mind playing through the same story again will have a lot to keep them busy until the next-gen Persona game.

    I hope it'll come out in America, I know it's slated for Summer 2012 in Japan. Because of Blazblue's success over here, I assume it will |D It looks nice from the pictures I've seen.

    And as for P4G, I would love to get my hands on it :> Not sure if I'll be able to- I believe it was supposed to come out on the Vita, and I do not have one of those XD
  3. The fighting game is apparently a sequel, and takes place a few months after the game. Teddie is holding a fighting tournament in the midnight channel and is asking the Investigation Team to participate. Aigis (and apparently several other P3 characters) will also be appearing, each with their own story mode explaining how they came across the tournament. Pretty lulzy for a plot line, but then fighting game storylines in general are. Still, don't know if it will be canon or anything. The five human playable characters are confirmed as fighters, with Rise apparently acting as referee/announcer. Once again, I am so utterly hype for this.
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    The Persona 4 announcement irked me when I first read about it. It's my own fault for not getting around to playing my PS2 copy of the thing yet, but it's sounding like this Vita version is going to be superior in multiple ways. There's something wrong with buying an updated version of a game you already own but haven't even played yet, but if I'm going to be missing out then why not buy the better version?

    Blah, decisions... D:
  5. At the same time its inferior too cause you cant play it on the big screen.
    I really dont like remade editions that come out for full price for single player games.

    Right now I own two copies of MGS3 snake eater (one is limited) and now I found out that there's an enhanced version called Substinence which adds onto the gameplay.
    It only costs like 7euros nowadays but still. Its kinda annoying.

    I heard that the changes made to Persona 4 Vita will not be as big as the changes that have been done to Persona 3 on PSP (complete control over fights, female protag etc)

    There's also shin megami tensei 3DS which is basically an enhanced version of the DS one.
    Havent finished the DS one so I might buy the 3DS one, but I wouldnt think of buying it right now if I already owned the DS one.

    What am I doing in this thread I havent even played any Persona game.
    Oh wait, fighting games! I like those!
    Its made by Arcsys so that might mean another guilty gear or another blaz blue. Would be better if it was another Guilty Gear.
    BB games have obvious flaws and a development team that doesnt like to adress those at all. It also seems as if the developers put more effort into the story than into the general gameplay and animations (one should check out something like King of Fighters. Thats some 2d eye-candy).

    Only can hope that this game will be an actually good fighting game and not a cash in.
  6. Doctor Oak

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    Handhelds are better for RPGs anyway.

    That's my sole contribution to this topic, since I have no interest in this series or the generic BlazBlue and a combination of the two really wouldn't fix the problem Blazblue suffers from in terms of characters worth giving a damn about to want to play as.

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