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EV Training: An In-depth Guide

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Shocari, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Now, Effort Value Training, or EV Training, can be a long and tedious process that many people either don't know how to do, or can't be bothered to do it. But, what those people don't know is that EV Training can be very easy as long as it is planned out.

    EVs: the breakdown
    Now, each Pokemon can have a grand total of 510 EV points, with a max of 255 per stat. Every 4 EV points=1 stat point. So, the greatest number divisible by 4 out of 255 is 252, with 3 EV points left over. 252/4=63, so that's a major amount a stat can increase, which can easily tip the scales in one's favor in a battle, competitive or not. Each Pokemon gives a certain number of EV points, ranging from 1 to 3, in one or more stats.

    "But, if I fight a pokemon with only 1 EV point, that means I'll have to do 252 battles!" Actually, that is the worst thing anyone would want to do. Who would want to do 252 battles just to make a Pokemon's stats go up by 63? It just is not a fair trade-off. This is where vitamins come in. Vitamins raise a certain stat's EV Points by 10, and a Pokemon can be given a max of 10 vitamins per any particular stat, so that's 100/252 already taken care of. Vitamins can be bought at the Veilstone Department store for a whopping 9,800 each! But who has that much money? So, Nintendo felt generous and decided to place Vitamins in random spots around the games. They can also be bought at the Battle Frontier for 1 Battle Point(BP). How cheap!

    Pokerus: Why its your best friend
    Pokerus, the Pokemon Virus, can only be obtained one of two ways: 1. Get it from a trade on the GTS. 2. Obtain it from battling wild/Trainer Pokemon repeatedly until you have it. Pokerus is essential for EV training, but it is not required. Pokerus doubles the amount of EVs received at the end of a battle, effectively turning 1=2, 2=4, and 3=6. Once you have Pokerus, it will eventually spread to your entire team through battling. Pokerus disappears after 24 hours, so keep at least one infected Pokemon in the PC so you can keep it forever, thus saving you from doing more tireless battling.

    Macho Brace and the Power Items
    The Macho Brace is an Item obtained from a person in Pastoria City after showing them all 3 formes of Burmy. It doubles the amount of EVs received at the end of battle at the cost of cutting your speed in half, but works before Pokerus does, stacking up like this: 1=4, 2=8, and 3=12. The Power Items are obtained at the Battle Frontier for 48 BP, and add 4 EVs to the respective stat at the end of battle at the cost of cutting your speed in half, but works before Pokerus does, stacking up like this: 1=10, 2=12, 3=14. If anything is required in EV training, its the Macho Brace/Power Items, because they are way easier to obtain compared to Pokerus.

    Now that the basics are covered, its time for the equations that help with EV Training, detailed in each stat. I will not cover Pokemon that give 3 EV points, as they are too hard to come by, nor will I tackle any Pokemon that give EVs in more than one stat, as they are harder to control. I will be giving a guide using Pokemon that only give 2 EVs for only one stat, because they are easy to find and it will be roughly the same as using 1 EV givers, only twice as fast. The equations are for the most commonly used EVs. I'll be telling you which Pokemon are easiest to find. I'll also say which item is best to be used.

    HP Stat
    Pokemon to Battle: Clefairy, Chansey, Noctowl, Quagsire, Whiscash, Sealeo, Gastrodon

    252 EV Points(Pokerus and Macho Brace give san EV of 8 at the end of the battle when using Pokerus against a 2 EV giver, Power Item gives12):
    1. Add 10 HP Ups.
    2. Equip Power Weight/Macho Brace
    3. Do 12 battles with Power Item, 2 without/MB=19 battles

    252 EV Points(Without Pokerus. Using Power Item{gives 6})
    1. Add the 10 HP Ups
    2. Equip Power Weight
    3. Do 25 battles with the PI, 1 without it

    180 EV Points (With Pokerus, Power Item/Macho Brace)
    1. Add the 10 HP Ups
    2. Equip Power Weight/Macho Brace
    3. Do 6 battles with PI, 2 without/MB=10 battles

    180 EV Points(Without Pokerus. using Power Item)
    1. Add the 10 HP Ups
    2. Equip the Power Weight
    3. Do 13 battles with the PI, 1 without it.

    150 EV Points(With Pokerus, Power Item/Macho Brace)
    1. Add the 10 HP Ups
    2. Equip the Power Weight/Macho Brace
    3. Do 4 battles with the PI, 1 without/MB= 6 battles, 1 without MB

    150 EV Points(Without Pokerus. Using Power Item)
    1. Add the 10 Hp Ups
    2. Equip the Power Item
    3. Do 8 battles with the PI, 1 without

    Attack Stat
    Pokemon to Battle: Machoke, Weepinbell, Gyarados, Dragonair, Absol, Luxio

    Essentially, do the exact same thing as you did for HP, only replace the Pokemon with the ATK ones, use the Power Bracer, and add Protein.

    Defense Stat
    Pokemon to Battle: Graveler, Steelix, Magcargo, Skarmory, Pelipper, Torkoal,

    Essentially, do the exact same thing as HP, only replace the Pokemon with the DEF ones, use the Power Belt, and add Iron.

    Speed Stat
    Pokemon to Battle: Raticate, Fearow, Pikachu, Golbat, Poliwhirl, Medicham, Staravia, Floatzel

    Essentially, do the exact same thing as HP, only replace the Pokemon with the SPE ones, use the Power Anklet, and add Carbos.

    Special Attack Stat
    Pokemon to Batte: Gloom, Golduck, Kadabra, Girafarig, Roselia

    Essentially, do the exact same thing as HP, only replace the Pokemon with the SP.A ones, use the Power Lens, and add Calcium.

    Special Defense Stat
    Pokemon to Battle: Tentacruel

    Essentially, do the exact same thing as HP, only replace the Pokemon with the SP.D ones, use the Power Band, and add Zinc.

    Okay, I know that got repetitive, but that's all you have to do. All of the Pokemon can be found in the wild, and I tried to use ones that ARE NOT required to be used by an in-game Trainer. But, this is EV training in a nutshell, and its what I use(other people probably use it too).

    Also, if you want to use different EVs, all you have to do is get a calculator, type in how many EV Points you want(between 1 and 63), multiply by 4, and there you go. then, divide by 8 or 6(depending on if you are using Pokerus or not), and if its a whole number, that's an exact number of battles. If its a decimal, see the closest number to that divisible by 4, see if its divisible by8/6, then that determines if you have to take of the Item/Macho Brace.

    EDIT: fixed the pokerus equations
    EDIT2: Since PI+PKRS=10 EVs from a 1 EV pokemon:
    In case anyone wanted an easier time training, the 1 EVs are listed above, and are found at much lower levels. Just tweak the equations by replacing the 2 with a 1, or the 12 with 10, and do a bit more math(there's a calculator app one the poketch).
  2. Your math is off. When Pkrs and Power Items stack the equation is this:

    1EV + PI(4) = 5 EV
    5EV * Pkrs(2) = 10EV

    2EV + PI = 6EV
    6EV * Pkrs = 12EV

    3EV + PI = 7EV
    7EV * Pkrs = 14EV

    Since Pkrs multiples at the end of a battle and the PI is a held item the PI is added first then Pkrs is multipled.
  3. Souloux is completely right there.

    By your maths, Shocari, that means half of my pokemon should be about 2/3's EV'd. And they have effort ribbons :p

    Once thats corrected, though... sticky? Its a great post and should help loads of people.
  4. Math...off? Even though it is, I have 3 whole teams EV trained the incorrect way, yet their stats are where they shouuld be after doing the calculations your way and checking Smogon/Serebii, albeit about 2-3 points off. or at least the Pokerus equations are the only faulty ones.

    Anywho, I'll take that into consideration and efit the post.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Funny. You suggested Machop for 1 Attack EV, but Shinx is by far my most used Pokemon there. Very early on in the game, low leveled, and easy to encounter XD

    Also, I'm not quite sure where you're getting that 19 battles to gain 252 HP EVs after using 10 HP Ups. Technically, with PokeRus and the Power Weight, you'd only need 15 battles + 2 more HP EVs for a 1 HP EV giver. For that reason, I'm finding your break-downs a bit more confusing than helpful, sorry. I don't think you should be mixing Macho Brace with the Power Item equations.

    Oh, wondering what you mean by "but works before Pokerus does" as well.
  6. I suggested Machop for two reasons: 1. by the time EV training starts, it'll be later in the game, not to mention that they'll want their Pokemon at a slightly decent level before starting. 2. I forgot Shinx existed... :p

    As for the equations, I spent about maybe a half-hour trying to edit them via wii, which is difficult, but I'm sorry.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Lies. I always EV train off Shinx, because generally you're EVing newly hatched Pokemon (not everyone has spare Rare Candy handy to boost their Pokemon up first). XD
    Plus, you can start a radar chain going with Shinx pretty easily with the help of a Static Ability-having Pokemon :)

    Speaking of which, you should mention radar chaining somewhere in this thread. It helps loads at speeding up the EVing process if you can get a good chain going (and that's very easy to do in the first two routes against Starly, Bidoof, or Shinx) ^^
  8. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I think we'd have to re-arrange and check the information here before stickying it. Some of the information is a bit inaccurate and misleading - instead of suggesting Pokemon for EV training, suggesting the best locations is more useful overall:

    HP Training: Bidoof is the easiest for this, and tons of them can be found at Route 201.

    Attack Training: Route 202 is widely considered to be the best for Attack training - I find this to be the case only if you happen to have a FireRed cartridge so you can dongle Growlithe into Route 202 along with Shinx, and if you don't have the Pokerus as well. Otherwise, Route 210 generally does the job quicker - with Pokerus and an Exp.Share, the numerous Machop, Machoke and Bibarel get the job done pretty quickly. Basically, Route 202 if you have FireRed or don't have Pokerus (or don't have Exp.Share for that matter either,) Route 210 otherwise.

    Defense Training: Iron Island wins here - dozens of Graveler around. Comically, if you are underlevelled for fighting them, Protect works well due to their tendency to Selfdestruct. Exp.Share works well again - it's semi-mandatory for EV training.

    Sp.Attack Training: Old Chateau blows away every other location in the game. The only Pokemon that show up are all from the Gastly evolution line, meaning Sp.Attack EVs from everything you KO. KO'ing Rotom for EV training is just...yeah, don't do it.

    Sp.Defense Training: Tentacruel on Route 223 are the best for this. They're a high level though, so Exp.Share once again is likely necessary.

    Speed Training: Starly, on the same route as Bidoof is, and with the same level of effectiveness.

    Anyway, I'll likely wrap up this topic tomorrow and add it to the already existing EV/IV sticky.
  9. I would have to disagree with the locations given for attack training; fishing at Lake Valor gives only Gyarados and Seaking both of which give 2 Attack EV's.
  10. I agree, unless you are leveling a lower level pokemon, then do shinx.

    Also, Rt. 210 (Celestic Town Side) Is good on Platinum. Syther (1), Macop(1), Machoke (1), and Bibarel (2), I use this generaly in cases where I'm doing a Higher-ish level pokemon.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've tried EV training via fishing in the past, and tbh I found it much less efficient than battling stuff in the grass (mostly due to times you don't get a bite).

    But then again, I've never had to go anywhere beyond Route 202 for attack training and can do it pretty effectively. I don't use FireRed for extra Growlithe appearance either because, as I've said above, I chain most all the Pokemon I EV train against (minus Gastly. Usually if I'm defense training something I'm doing some HP training with it, so I just attach either Defensive Power Item as needed and chain Bidoof). Radar chaining really isn't that difficult to do with a bit of practice, and Ruko's stickied thread explains how do it very clearly.

    Mind you, you need to have the Nat Dex first to use the Radar, but it's more than likely that'll already have it if you're bothering with EV training.
  12. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've tried EV'ing via fishing also, using Magikarp for Speed EVs, and it is the single most tedious method of EV training I've ever attempted. In some cases it is worth it, but only if you're extremely desparate - the overall slowness of EV fishing just isn't worth it compared to the speed at which you can EV with the ones in grass, and I was training an Elekid for this when I tried it, so it wasn't like I couldn't kill these things quick.

    EV fishing looks great on paper, but in reality it's almost always a waste of time.
  13. Would it be easier if I post up the EV training guide I developed which basically covers the major of what everyone is discussing?
  14. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    To be honest, little if any of this is really needed now that I've checked the sticky topic on EVs since the current topic already goes over everything you'd need to know anyway. I might add a few bits and pieces from this to the main topic tomorrow, but otherwise, the vast majority of this is already in the sticky topic.
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I very much agree. As nice as this breakdown is, the original EV thread did a very good job at explaining all of the important points in very plain English. It didn't have lengthy explanations on anything, but it didn't need them either.

    I think suggestions on where/what to EV train against for certain EVs is very helpful, but otherwise the original sticky gets the job done just fine.
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm bumping this topic because I'd like to update our current EV/IV guide with the information about the best places to EV train. Before doing that however, I wanted to ask if anyone had any suggestions for areas KoL didn't mention. His post can be found here:

    I'll be adding all of KoL's information, but if someone wants to give extra alternative suggestions that works, too - unless it's widely agreed on that the areas KoL listed are by far the best (ie. Old Chateau trumps everything else Sp. Attack related, and route 201 is definitely the best place to HP/Speed EV train IMO).

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