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Open Ethereal Whispers (A Slenderman RP) discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ethereal_Whispers, Mar 26, 2017.


Should other creepypasta appear? And if so, which one?

  1. Yes, and it should be The Rake

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  2. Yes, and it should be HABIT

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  3. No, they shouldn't

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  1. This is an RP that I thought up while watching a few series on youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/TribeTwelve (TribeTwelve) and I thought, "well how about an RP built off of paranoia," and the more I thought on it the more I begun to like the idea although I knew things like: TribeTwelve, DarkHarvest, MLAndersen0, and Whispered Faith are probably not really prominent, but I thought it would be interesting if anyone else wanted to do something like this.
    Now a few facts: Much like MarbleHornets this doesn't take place in the main SlenderVerse.
    A major antagonist is a being like Slender but with a few differences: The creature doesn't cause visual and audio distortion, it doesn't have the signature tentacles sticking out of its back, the creature can modify its height at will from the height 7ft - 10ft, it has the ability to influence people it follows into falling deeper down the rabbit hole and can control the minds of the runners (people who are being followed by it) when they hit there weakest mental state.

    Extra notes: the collective (better known as Slender's Proxies) does exist (however notable members: The Observer, DeadHead, Swain, Persolus, Cursur, Mr. Scars, and FireBrand do not exist).

    Story: A group of 3 friends go hiking through Yellow Stone National Park each of them recording, but what they thought was a innocent trip turned horror when one of them reviewed the footage and saw that they caught a glimpse of something horrific. A somewhat virus has planted in their minds causing them to become paranoid, they spread it to other friends. Everyone who is now infected is trying everything they can to stop the virus and get their lives back under control.

    1. Please follow all of Pokecharms rules
    2. Please do not just post once and vanish
    3. Swearing is allowed and simple gore (e.g. a bullet wound, knife wound)
    4. If you are going to be away for awhile please give an in-character reason as to why.

    Here is the form

    Age (17-24) :
    Proxy Form: (yes or no)
    How were they infected: (original 3, infected by other, or had it spread to by one of the 3)
    Extra facts:

    If you have a proxy form also fill
    Proxy Name:
    Symbol: (please use a custom character. Here's a link on a tutorial on windows: https://dottech.org/159602/how-to-create-custom-characters-letters-symbols-etc-on-windows-guide/ (How to create custom characters (letters, symbols, etc.) in Windows for free [Guide] | Reviews, news, tips, and tricks | dotTechdotTech))
    Kind of Proxy:
    1. Hallowed - Mindless puppets created by Slender Man for the harassment of runners, with no other purpose.
    2. Berserkers - Most closely resembling the traditional perception of proxies, slaves to the Slender Man, but with enough of their own will left to have superior problem solving and tactics.
    3. Sleepers - Have their original personalities kept intact, and are left unaware of their status of proxies.
    4. Agents - People who willingly serves the Slenderman
    Here's my form
    Name: Jack Harrison
    Age (17-24) :22
    Personality: Jack has always been paranoid and anti-social, but after he met his group of friends for the first time he became kind and open to them although he still has his old HABITs
    Appearance: skinny, pale skin, black hair that reaches the base of his neck and is usually uncombed and wild. He wears a black tee-shirt with a light gray jacket and regular black jeans.
    Proxy Form: yes
    How were they infected: He was infected before the hiking trip with his friends
    Extra Facts: Jack is the one who organized the trip.
    Proxy Name: anonym
    Symbol: 
    Kind of Proxy: Sleeper

    If you want to join please do but also please show your support.

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