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Ask to Join Ethari: second side of the coin

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Clite of Dragonbow, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Umm... Hello there, I may be a year in charms but I really never made my own Rp before, so... Have fun
    We have year 202X and 3rd world war is about to begin. In that time, Goverments of many countries created special humans, The Etheri, that can unlock their *Souls* power.
    20 years passed, War is over. Nobody remembered about Etheri, some of them made families and lived in peace.

    But there are people that remember Etheri strength and are afraid of them, wants them to dissapire. Some Etheri also wants to take a vengeance on humanity for what they did.

    Rules(There must be some):
    1. Follow pokecharms rules
    2. Romances are allowed, but nothing past a kiss.
    3. In this RP will be, like, a lot of battles. You can have like 4 characters Bio.
    4. There may be a characters a little OP. But don't go too far.
    Every Human has a soul and his Powers are based on who he is... Everyone souls are special. But, at the beginning they are based on those elements:
    1. Fire
    2. Wind
    3. Earth
    4. Water
    5. Light
    6. Dark
    7. Void
    To use his power, Ethari need an item called Glaive, that is a symbol of something important to him.
    Kind (Human or Ethari):
    Age (+13):
    Soul (Look, spoiler 'Souls'. Only Etheri can use souls powers):
    Name: Lune Galacte
    Kind (Human or Ethari): Ethari
    Gender: Male
    Age (+13): 15, soon 16
    Appearance: IMG_20190718_233933.jpg
    Lune is 5'11 tall, He has Crow-Black hair and Gray eyes. He usually wears black, simple shirt, light blue jacket and gray trousers.On his right hand, middle finger he has black ring with crystal with the shape like a star.
    Personality: Cold, Calm and Silent person. He don't trust easily and his only and main life task is to protect his little twin brother, Snow.
    Soul: Dark
    Goal: Protect his brother
    Other: Snow older Twin brother, (14 minutes difference)

    Name: Snow Galacte

    Kind (Human or Ethari): Ethari
    Gender: Male
    Age (+13): 15, soon 16
    Appearance: Similar to his brother, with white hair and blue eyes. He is wearing Blue shirt, white hoodie and black shorts.On his left hand, middle finger he has White ring with crystal with the shape like a star.
    Personality: Childish person, He wants to befriend everyone and he hates killing. Still, He really likes to spar with another Ethari
    Soul: Light
    Goal: He wants to travel around the world and have many friends.
    Other: Lune's younger Twin brother.

    Name: Angel Graystone
    Kind (Human or Ethari): Human
    Gender: Female
    Age (+13): 20
    Appearance: she is 6'1 tall, with long, blond hair. She likes to wear sunglasses, black jacket and black leather trousers.
    Personality: She is a cold murderer, She hates Ethari, called by her 'Monsters' and 'Abominations'. Becouse of what happend to her family, She always think only about her task.
    Soul (Look, spoiler 'Souls'. Only Etheri can use souls powers): N/A
    Goal: Angel is a member of a Assassins group, that was created to kill all Ethari.
    Other: None

    Well, hope that you will like it and have fun.
  2. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Name: Kane Sak
    Kind (Human or Ethari): Ethari
    Gender: Male
    Age (+13): 16
    Appearance: with a pair of green Nike's and black pants with a black T shirt, Kane has Black hair with white tips and red eyes
    Personality: a very dark and edgy guy, usually quiet , he can be frightening at times and also intimidating
    Soul (Look, spoiler 'Souls'. Only Etheri can use souls powers): ((Dark+Void)) the ability to go IN shadows and shoot shadow blasts
    Goal: Get a life
    Other: his quote: "don't think. Feel"
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  3. How interesting. though 20 years is not that distant for people to forget... unless it was done on purpose. Also is there anything that makes the Ethari stand out (besides their powers)?

    Still, I like the idea. so here's a bio.
    Name: Crawn Markuson
    Kind: Ethari
    Gender: Male
    Age (+13): 20

    Appearance: Slightly tan with short stubby hair, he 5'9 with a slight goatee. Likes to wear hoodies and is usually seen with glasses, even fake ones. He usually wears jeans or sweats and carries around a coin purse on his hip.

    Personality: Duplicitous and tenacious. Crawn is a manipulative man who will mess with whoever he needs to to get his way. He has no problems with doing things deemed "Immoral" as long as he can get a benefit

    Soul (Look, spoiler 'Souls'. Only Etheri can use souls powers): Earth. Mostly mud-based abilities.
    Goal: To create more Ethari
    Other: For right now ill say his glaive is his coin purse.

    Though I have a few questions about the glaive. Is it like a conduit for Ethari powers? do Ethari need to be near it to activate? Can Ethari just make a new Glaive?

    Name: Christine Locke
    Kind (Human or Ethari): Ethari
    Gender: F
    Age (+13): 18
    Appearance: 5'4 she is peach-colored with golden blond streaks. She wears little makeup and has a few cheek dimples. bluish-green eyes and wears earings with the same color. She wears sweaters and jeans most of the time even when it's hot out. she wears a multicolored string bracelet and refuses to take it off.
    Personality: Christ is very straightforward and usually pessimistic. She is very quick to insult people or situations but does have silent skater dude attitude once in a while
    Soul (Look, spoiler 'Souls'. Only Etheri can use souls powers): water, can control water and make it solid (Not ice. Just solid)
    Goal: Crawns "Henchmen"
    Other: She and Crawn are friends from college.
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  4. Its true that it isn't a big distance in years, but it was done in purpose. Maybe I will explain later (20 years is count from war end, not beginning...
    I had a really hard time with glaives, as I thought about erasing them completely. Thanks for the question. First question, first answer, yes, Glaive is an item that Ethari needs to unlock his powers, as their do this on their own. Ethari usually wear their Glaives or need a contact with them to activate them and they can make their own Glaive on two condicions:
    1.They have any emotional connection with an item.
    2. Glaive can be only one per person (You can't have a Glaive and make another one to have, untill second glaive is destroyed)

    Some Ethari may change their appearance after power unlock and after all this just remind you that you may still develop your power during the RP.

    @Hungry Badass, accepted
    @Sentorus67, also accepted
    #4 Clite of Dragonbow, Aug 2, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
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  5. Okay, I think that if nobody will join today, then it will start at tommorow's morning. Just asking if @Hungry Badass and @Sentorus67 are still interested and if you know someone that would like to join, then feel free to tag him/her.
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  6. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Name: Oleander
    Kind (Human or Ethari): Ethari
    Gender: Female
    Age (+13): 14 and 3/4
    Appearance: Oleander white hair (hence the name) that gains a pastel pink hue as it gets longer.
    Personality: Oleander is rather shy, yet very empathetic and caring. She loves adventuring and being with her friends, and sees the best in everyone.
    Soul (Look, spoiler 'Souls'. Only Etheri can use souls powers): Wind, and uses it mainly as aerokinesis like abilities, but can also control the breeze.
    Goal: To just live a normal, peaceful life
    Other: Nope!
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