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Eternally Joyous, Eternally Bitter

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Tangrow, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. "Ah...it's really pretty." The boy stood at the edge of reason as he gazed upon the life source of Pokecharms. It pulsated, glowed, and spun in place, similar to a child's plaything. Outside, the sun was nearing the end of its descent, when the moon would take its place and signal the beginning of Halloween. "Isn't it pretty, guys?" The boy spun around on one foot, barely keeping balance. His eyes were wide and his smile stretched ear to ear as he giggled to himself. The two companions with him simply stared, finding silence the best answer. "Hahah, yeah, I know!" He responded, more to himself than anyone else.

    Ethan teetered upon the edge of sanity as he swung around again. The chamber they stood within was metallic, and had many numbers and digits running across the walls, green and black. The core itself simply kept aloft in the middle of the room, expanding and contracting with the spirit of Pokecharms. Behind him lay broken pieces of metal and devices of unknown use. It hadn't mattered how they got there to him, they fell apart easily with a little effort. He laughed once more at how smart he was, and the two humanoids behind him exchanged a look.

    "Ahahahah, so much fun, fun, fun!" He waved his arms as if to accentuate how fun it would really be. "Now people will listen! Everyone will pay attention to me, heeheee!" Stepping forward, he reached out to make contact with the contraption. A hand on his shoulder stopped him, and his eyes faltered in their desire.

    "Master..." One voice began. It was soft, and feminine. Ethan turned around, meeting Tangrelle's eyes. She shifted uncomfortably, looking away. Her hand left his shoulder and fingered her long green locks. It was a nervous habit. "Is...this truly what you want?" The words came out slowly, tinged with confusion and sadness. Ethan bit his lip in response, looking away as well. However, within a few seconds, he returned his gaze to the girl with the forced crazed smile of his.

    "Of course it is! This is going to be so much fun, hahahah!" Tangrelle simply studied her shoes. Ethan placed a hand on her chin and pushed upwards, forcing her to look at him. "Really! It'll be great!" He let go before returning to looking at the core.

    "But..." Tangrelle began before she felt a hand on her side. She looked towards Tangrow, worry and doubt in her eyes. The boy returned the feelings, but with more resolve.

    "We are not in a place to question him," He said, firmly, yet gently at the same time. He looked towards the boy, who now hopped in place, excited for the trip ahead. "If this is the path he has taken, then it is our job to travel it with him." Tangrelle nodded, and he returned the gesture.

    "Ahahahaahah! Today is the day! Super day! Fun fun fun!" Ethan forced away any doubts before they popped into his head and reached out to the sphere, iridescents sparks leaping from his fingertips.


    Aboveground, the Halloween Festival was in full swing once more this year. This time, the higher-ups at Pokecharms decided that a fun-filled celebration would be more prudent compared to their last attempts, and thus far, they were in the right. Lights and pumpkins adorned the streets of the fair, whilst all manners of creatures traveled about it. Some attractions included Tun's Spooky Treats, the Candy Apple Bobbing Stand, or the large Ferris Wheel that stood out for all to see in Pokecharms.

    For all intents and purposes, it was going to be a very successful and fun-filled Halloween.

    But as we all know, intents and purposes tend to turn out horribly, horribly wrong.

    OOC: Alright everyone, listen up! Yes, I agree this is a bit short of a post, but it gets the job done and sets the scene. To join this RP, however, I have some prerequisites. I want you all to send me a PM of your post, don't post it! After a few days, I'll tally up the number of posts I have received, and pick a maximum of 10 at random, using some generator or the other. At this point, I will reply to your PMs telling you if you were chosen or not. With any luck, however, I may not have to do this. If you need help on making a post, the simple thing to do is just introduce what you've been doing at the fair! It's fun, Halloweeny, and all that. The main plot will get going once I post once more, because I do hate to dally.
  2. The air was nicely crisp, not too cold. Music from attractions all over played, from the ding-a-ling of games to the da-di-da of carousels. The setting sun seemed to have its own smell as the scents of different sorts of apples, roasted nuts, and fried confections wafted through the air.

    Stop hogging the apple! Fi exclaimed, reaching out from her perch on Secad's shoulder to grab some peanuts and caramel from their caramel apple.

    "Geez, it's not like you could eat an entire one by yourself." Secad groaned, angling the stick more towards the white gerbil on her shoulder, careful not to get the sticky caramel on her grey sweater V-neck vest with its bronze and dark blue stripes around the waist and neck. "You would either get fat or suffocate yourself burrowing into this."

    The gerbil and human symbiotic duo made their way through the Halloween carnival. Unlike the past few years, it was peaceful. It wasn't scary like the year before last, or haunted by Halloween spirits like last year's. It was just fun with a theme, candy, and costumes. The pale-skinned, elf-eared, dark pony-tailed girl was dressed as a Ravenclaw student from Hogwarts, a costume that was easily put together from her dress clothes (what little she had, anyway). She wasn't wearing the Ravenclaw robe, though, because Secad had no idea how to sew one of those, and buying one was way too expensive for her budget. It was rationalized further by the weather being 'too warm' for the heavy black robe. Fi was Secad's rat familiar, one of the pets allowed there. The red-eyed-white gerbil absolutely refused to shave her tail, however.

    *Flashback time!*

    Would you like to shave your butt for Halloween?

    "No...But the costume would be more accurate if--"

    No! If you really cared about accuracy, you would get a British accent.

    "Hey, you're the one who just has to think one to have one."

    *End Flashback*

    "Heeeeey..." Secad grinned, poking her dark, geometrically-carved-handled-wand tip at Fi. "Petrificus Totalus!"

    Fail. The gerbil responded, licking caramel off her digits. That was a fake ebony, fake heartstring, sixteen and five-eighths inches worth of fail.

    "Like I could use a real one, silly bum."

    Noticing the Ferris wheel, Fi nudged Secad suddenly, causing the seventeen year old human to almost whiplash herself to turn around to see the poker. The human's sideswept bangs poofed from the sudden movement.

    Wrong direction. Fi chided, chuckling. Want to ride the Ferris wheel?

    "Sure. I've even got two ride tickets left, which is awfully convenient, isn't it?" Secad chuckled, taunting the gods of fate.

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