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Ask to Join Escape to a fantasy world

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke stood in front of the road with his friends after going out for food together. He was about to leave as it was getting late, "Alright I guess I'll see you guys at school, later." Yusuke told them as he walked off and checked his phone, he had a message from his dad. He was asking Yusuke if he could go get him some drinks from the local convenience store. Yusuke ignored it and put his phone away. "Why can't that bastard go to the store himself." Yusuke thought as he sighed and walked up to the road. He noticed a young girl with her friends, "Why are those kids out this late, where are their parents?" One of the girls just ran into the middle of the road without looking, Yusuke saw this and then noticed a speeding car. "Wait, she needs to move, why are people just ignoring this!?" Yusuke then dropped his bags and ran into the road himself, as soon as the girl noticed the car, Yusuke had pushed out of the way, while in the process killing him.
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  2. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Thread had just witnessed somebody die. Right before his eyes. "At least the original didn't die." he thought, looking at the girl in the middle of the road. He had been grabbed by the arm into a alleyway. He was dangled by a very tall figure. "Ahaha...Lets have some fun..." the big figure said, smiling. they had gone to a nearby bridge, and dangled them over the edge. "Bye bye." they said, dropping Thread. They fell down into the abyss. "...That was way less anticlimactic than I thought." the big figure said. They walked away, smiling.
    "L-let me go!" Kumushi said, as they were being tied. "No." the stern voice said. "Your no use here. You should die!" the man said. "You are not a daughter of ours..." a woman said. The two lifted the short woman and threw the chair into the lake. "Bye bye...!" The man said, grinning. The woman looked down into the water, before walking away with the man. "She always WAS useless..."
  3. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke opened his eyes to see nothing but black around him. "Wait where in the hell am I?" Yusuke saw a girl that looked about his age in front of him, she had long pink hair with green eyes. "And who is that?" Yusuke yawned, and then looked up to the girl. "So this is a weird dream, so I'm guessing I'll wake up soon, whatever your name is."

    The girl smiled at Yusuke, "My name is Kanade, I'm a goddess." She explained as Yusuke laughed. "Wow this dream really is weird isn't it?" Yusuke said still laughing a little. Kanade looked towards Yusuke again, "Ah Yusuke this is no dream, the truth is you're dead." Kanade explained as she still stared at Yusuke.

    Yusuke stopped laughing and almost collapsed after hearing those words, "I- I'm dead! What the hell!" Yusuke screamed as he looked towards Kanade, looking more pissed off. "So you're telling me I actually died." Kanade nodded, "To be honest Yusuke me and the other gods and goddesses didn't expect you to die today, so because of that we are deciding to give you another chance at life, but not in your world." Kanade explained as Yusuke looked interested. "Wait not in my world?" Kanade nodded as he said this, "You will be sent to a fantasy world, much like an RPG and you will live out your life there, going on quests and fighting or just living normally." Yusuke actually looked kind of happy, "I love RPG's, maybe me dying isn't so bad after all."
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  4. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    He had fell from the sky, and right onto somebody else. Then another child landed. "Wow! Is this what death is like?" she asked. "Interesting." The Girl said. Looking around. The kid that fell before them was trying to get out from under the child. "...Why is this landing pad so hard?" She asked, looking at the two people she was on. "...That explains. Alot." she said. "Dammit..." Thread thought, frowning.
  5. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kanade smiled, "So Yusuke would you rather go to heaven or the fantasy world?" Yusuke took no time with choosing, "I wanna go to the fantasy world!" Yusuke shouted, excitedly this time. Kanade smiled once again, "Okay great! But first of all you need to choose one thing to take with you." Kanade then made many weapons and other objects appear out of thin air. Yusuke looked at all of the objects, until he saw what he wanted. "I'll take that katana please." Yusuke told Kanade as he pointed at it. "Well okay then, you will first arrive at the main town when you are sent there." Kanade then giggled as Yusuke started to glow and disappear. "Bye Yusuke, I hope to see you again." Yusuke looked at her confused, "What's she mean by that?" Yusuke shrugged and then fully disappeared. A few minutes later he found himself standing in the middle of a town with many people at the market and some walking around. "I'm actually here, yes!"
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  6. Farax was walking down the path towards the main town of this area, hoping for better luck with convincing the local people he wasn't dangerous. The last village he went to got him kicked out instantly and almost got a spear to the shoulder. It was hard for him to stay in one place for too long as most people's first reaction to a Kobold was to attack it. If he was honest he didn't blame them, most Kobolds did often try to attack travellers if they got to close their homes.
    "Only a little longer until i arrive, hopefully things go smoother this time. If it does i'll be suprised" Farax muttered to himself as he shifted the weight of his backpack to be more comfortable.
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy was manning the store while his boss went to smoke outside, when three teenagers wearing masks entered the one in front had a gun, "Give us the money" the boy with the gun said to Bellamy, Bellamy responded with "now, now nobody needs to get hurt if you just put down the.." "I said give me the money" the kid then accidently fired the gun killing Bellamy... He awoke in a place shrouded in darkness with a girl standing in front of him, "right then if I'm dead then you must be a goddess, so what happens now" Kanade said "You have a choice between the fantasy world or hea.." "The fantasy world" Bellamy said quickly, so the goddess created weapons in front of him and Bellamy took the bow and arrows. He looked back up at the goddess but he found himself standing in the middle of a town with many people at the market and some walking around. "Well looks like I'm here".
  8. I’m…I’m going to die. I, I don’t want to go. I’m not ready…

    Those were Kenta’s fleeting thoughts as he laid on the side of the street, as the impact of the car had been sudden and his life began to fade before his eyes. The pain oddly was never there, as all Kenta felt was a numbness throughout his body as his eyes soon closed and everything faded to black.

    When Kenta woke up, which was a surprise in it of itself, he found himself in some large white room. With only two chairs in it…and a beautiful blue-haired woman in white with silver eyes who greeted him with a warm smile. Naturally, Kenta was confused as he got up and faced the woman.

    “Where…where am I?” Kenta asked, as he began to suspect the near-death experience was just a dream or something. Or maybe this was the dream, either way he was confused and what the woman said next didn’t help.

    “The realm beyond. A pleasure to meet you Kenta Takahashi, but I am afraid to say the reason that you are here is simple: you are dead.”​
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  9. Sam ran around on the boat of his grandpa, ecstatic about the boat trip. His grandpa warned him multiple times to not run on the boat because the floor could be slippery, but what was the worst that could happen? He grinned to himself until he slipped on a wet area of the floor, causing him to fall overboard. He grabbed the edge of the boat, but had to let go due to the sudden strain and pain on his arm and fell into the water.

    He tried to swim after the boat but his arm prevented him from doing so. His vision went black a few times before finally staying black. By the time his grandparents found him, it was too late and he had already drowned. Sam himself found himself in a dark room with a girl around his age who told him that he died. What do you mean with 'I'm dead'? I fell overboard, sure but I can swim!" Sam yelled out in denial.

    "Denial, such a common response to death. Since we didn't expect you to die today, we are giving you the option between heaven and a second chance. The world that you go to with a second chance might be a little...different than what you're used to, but I'm sure that you can manage to survive here." She said with a smile. "So, what do you choose?"

    "I choose the second chance, I am not dying here!" Sam said. "Then that's settled. We can't let you run around without some form of protection, otherwise you'd die in no time. Choose whichever one you like." The girl said as multiple weapons appeared out of thin air. Sam chose a sword and the girl laughed. "Good luck Sam Jansen!" "Wait, how do you know my name?" She then sent him away to a town he didn't recognize and left him confused and alone.
  10. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke saw that he was still wearing his blue tracksuit, "I need to get a change of clothes, I don't fit in at all." Yusuke thought as he looked around for some clothes stores, as he was near a market. Yusuke eventually found one and walked over to it. He made it there and looked at his options for clothing, none of them really caught his eye, except for one. He eventually made it to the front of the queue and the store owner gave him a funny look. Yusuke was holding out some yen, "Oh shit, I'm an idiot, I'm not in japan anymore."

    The man stared at Yusuke still, "You a foreigner or something kid?" He asked as he pulled out the clothes and passed it to Yusuke while taking his money. "You know I'll let you off, I'm basically giving it for free." Yusuke smiled, "Thank you!" He then covered his mouth, "Wait I just spoke perfect English, what the hell!" Yusuke thought but then just forgot about it. He ran to a changing room and got into his new clothes.
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  11. Sam walked around the weird new town and noticed two things. Everyone spoke English and he had different clothes than the rest. "Where on earth, if this even is earth, am I? And not any less important, are there any shops nearby?" He wandered around before making it to a clothes shop, stepping inside to see if he could find some cheap clothes.

    "These things are all expensive, except these. Guess these are my clothes from now on." He made his way to the front of the queue and bought it, or atleast attempted to. "Not from here? This is not the usual currency here, but I'll let it slide." Sam didn't complain and made his way to a changing room. "Okay, so the people speak English and they don't use euros, but that doesn't bring me any closer to finding out where this is. I know that I am not in mainland Europe, but that's about it."
  12. Farax slowly walked into town staring at the ground to help avoid the usual looks he would normally get from locals. From what he could tell in this particular town the residents seemed to be mostly human in race and some other humanoids here and there. Like he guessed he couldn't see any other monstrous race's living here from what he had seen so far. He sighed and mumbled to himself in Draconic before continuing down what he guessed was main streets. The looks and glances from the residents continued but so far he hadn't been attacked by any guards or townsfolk so it was already a better experience.
    "So far so good, if this keeps up i might be lucky and be able to call this place home for awhile at least.... though money is going to be a problem, i cant exactly get a job" Farax said thinking out loud to himself.
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  13. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy was walking around the town, he had bought an outfit that was normal for him, he was keeping away from people as his purple hair, suit and trench coat caused him to get some weird looks so he kept to the shadows with his bow and arrows on his back, he had no idea what he would do but he would probably have to find some kind of job.
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  14. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke started to walk around happily, until he saw Farax. "What in the hell is that!" Yusuke noticed that he said that out loud, he got a few stares from the locals. "Crap! I said that out loud didn't I." Yusuke thought as he placed his palm on his face. Yusuke then walked over to Farax. "Uh... I'm sorry about that, my name is Yusuke Takahashi, sorry if I startled you."
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  15. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy noticed someone talking to a lizard creature, he walked over and said "Hi there my name is Bellamy what's yours" he hoped they wouldn't judge him cause he dressed different to everyone else. He looked at Farax "Your a kobold aren't you I heard some people in town talking about you".
  16. Farax turned to face the source of the yelling to see Yusuke walking to him. The yelling in shock thing he was used to was normal but having someone want to talk to him after was new for him.
    "Its fine don't worry about it, my kind get that a lot. Judging by your reaction i assume this is your first time meeting a Kobold?" Farax asked curiously, if the people here actualy wanted to talk to him fitting in may be easier than he thought.
  17. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke looked up to Farax, "I can't tell him I'm not even from this world can I?" Yusuke thought of what to say. "Um... Yes actually, you see I'm a foreigner, this is my first time here, where I come from there are no such thing as Kobolds." Yusuke explained as he noticed Bellamy walk to him and Farax. "Why is this guy coming over here, I'm probably just gonna leave now." Yusuke walked of a little before turning in Farax's and Bellamy's direction, "Alright I guess I'll see you around, bye."
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  18. Farax was suprised to see another person come over and talk, so far things were going well
    "ah yes, that happens often. We have trouble blending in" Farax replied to the newcomer. He turned to reply to Yusuke but it seems he left before he could continue. He did find it strange that he was from a place with no Kobolds, they tended to be found almost anywhere. Even if they were none surely there would be other monster races. But that was just a passing thought in his mind that he pushed aside
  19. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke let out a sigh, "Damn that was close, I can't let anyone know that I'm not from this world, I don't what the people here are like, or how they would react." Yusuke tried to find a place that he could sit down. He eventually came across a bar, "Maybe I could go in there later." While standing in front of the bar a thought came across his mind. "Wait, I wonder if there are others the same as me, ones from my world that have been sent to this world after death."
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  20. On a highway somewhere, Kenny sat in the backseat with his sister Abigail in their parents' car. They were on their way home when suddenly, the gas truck driving beside them lost control and began flailing around the road and eventually tipped over. The truck caused multiple other vehicles on the road to tip over as well, including the one Kenny and Abigail were in, which tipped on its roof. Before getting tipped over, Abigail threw herself over Kenny not protect him from the impact. "Urgh, Kenny? Are you alright?" Abigail asked after the impact. Kenny was barely conscious beside his sister and looked towards her. "Not really." Kenny responded. He took a look towards the front seat and noticed both his parents were unconscious. A sizzling sound the appeared as Abigail looked back towards the truck and noticed the gas tank had sprung a leak. She would then noticed a lit cigarette near the leak. "Oh no..." She said quietly. A massive explosion followed soon after.
  21. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    So after a few moments of explanation from a lady in the abyss of a room, the two had gotten to choose their items. Kumushi, being who she was, chose a magic book. Thread was more intent than vain, and chose fire gauntlets. "Off you two go! Hope to see you again!" the Goddess said, as the two vanished. "What the hell just happened..." Thread thought, sighing. "This-" He looked around. "How come I can't say anything? Am I mute?" he thought, shrugging it off. He had not fit in his clothes anymore. "Dangit." he thought, walking into a town. "Odd...I have money on me? I didn't last time I checked." he thought, with a confused look. He had bought a yellow raincoat and pants, looking for someplace to change. He eventually found a place, and came out looking like he was prepared for rain. "All they had in my size, apparently..." he thought. "Oh, well...Lets just hope everything will be alright this way." he added in his mind. "If I used to be dead, I might as well enjoy myself." Thread replied in his head. He didn't seem to care about his death that much.
    Kumushi, however, woke up in a field. She had gotten up immediately bouncing up. "Well, my parents might now want me..." she began to herself. "But maybe a new WORLD will!" she said happily. She had been bullied most of her life, so the new open world was wonders to her. She had ran, tripping over her shoes. "Maybe these are too big." she said, shrugging. She had no money on her, unlike she did when she was alive. "Odd..." she thought. She had arrived at a clothes shop. "Poor thing. Here, on the house." the owner said giving her a few pieces of clothing. "...What the heck..." she said, walking away. she had found a changing room in a building, quickly changing. "...Maybe this world ain't so bad...?" She thought hopefully. She quickly walked out the building. "Swore I saw somebody else in that odd room...Maybe that was just me." the thought. She got pushed out of the way of some people. "Move it or loose it, woman." a man in the group said, laughing. "Ugh...Maybe not..." she thought.
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  22. “D-dead!?”​

    It was the natural reaction that anyone would have had to such a situation. Something the goddess had seen more times than she could recall and as such had to calm Kenta down a bit. Eventually, her advice reached him as she explained the situation to him in detail.

    “You died, but given the unornate nature of your passing I’ve decided to give you the opportunity for a second chance. My name is Leena, a goddess with the power to bring you to a brand new world where you can get a second chance at a new life. You may either take this offer or chose to go on to the afterlife, where you will be sent to the “good” or “bad” place…” Leena explained as Kenta raised an eyebrow at her explanation.

    “Don’t you mean Heaven or Hell?” Kenta asked in reference to her vague use of “good & bad place” as Leena smiled at him.

    “We just use those words, different people in your world use different names on them depending on circumstances. In any event what do you choose?” Leena asked as Kenta took a couple minutes to think it over, but to him he knew what appealed to him the most as he looked Leena dead in the eye.

    “I…I want to go to the new world, I want a second chance at life.” Kenta said as Leena smiled before several objects surrounded Kenta as they were held in air but this divine energy.

    “In order to help you hit the ground running, so you don’t end up dead on day one, you will automatically be given the means to speak and understand the native language. On top of that, you will be allowed one item of your choosing to bring with you. Choose wisely." Leena advised as Kenta glanced around the room...before a dagger caught his eye. Kenta felt it would be impractical to bring a big sword or something with him as he didn't want to be seen as a threat or something and it was easier to carry anyway. Kenta took the dagger, and before he had a chance to say goodbye he was transported from Leena's lair to the fantasy world.


    With a thud, as he fell a short distance from the air to the ground. Kenta took a moment to shake the cobwebs before he stood as he dusted himself off and saw he was just outside the entrance of town. Kenta looked at his Dagger, which he held to examine the blade, as he took a deep breath.

    Alright, time for my new life to beg...

    "HALT! You with the dagger, you would not happen to be a bandit? If so I must warn you, I shall not hold back!"

    Kenta's attention shifted as he turned to an armored woman, who had a sword raised as she eyed him with a cold glare. Kenta immediately began to sweat as he realized she must think he was a thief or something given the way he handled his dagger.

    Oh...not the way I wanted this to start out...
  23. "Well that was ...... an experience to say the least, what about you? You from around this area or a tourist?" Farax asked. If Yusuke was not from around here then it's possible the locals here would have a different opinion towards him, probably a negitive opinion he guessed.He took a quick glance at the people on the street around him, they seemed to mostly notice him but they were not rushing off to the nearest guards for help which did seem promising. As long as he avoided anyone who harshly follows the rules he would be fine.
  24. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Thread walked around, looking around the great city. He swore he saw a few odd looking people talking. "Non of your concern, just KEEP walking..." they shrugged. "For the heck of it, why not!" he thought walking toward Farax and Yusuke. He let out a short little wave, without saying anything. He then seemed to stare at the two, waiting for their response.
    Meanwhile, Kumushi had walked around the city. "I need a way to get revenge on the world...But hoooowww....." she said to herself. She turned to a wall, seeing a wanted poster. "Eclipse empire...? Sounds...bad....Thats good!" she said, smiling. She took the wanted poster right off the wall, exiting the town. "Better find its base first..." she thought, looking around the outskirts of town, with a confused look on her face.
  25. "L-look, I am not here to cause any trouble or anything. Honest." Kenta said as he placed the dagger away and held his hands up as if to show the woman he meant no harm. The women eyed him curiously, but seemed to believe him or at least didn't perceive him as an immediate threat as she lowered her blade.

    "Fair enough, I don't recall seeing you before, and I've seen this town enough to get names with faces of most people. Who are you?" The woman asked as Kenta took a deep breath before he spoke up.

    "K-kenta, and that makes sense. I um, am a traveler. My first time here, came from...a long way's away." Kenta said, as he figured being vague would work to his advantage cause who was gonna believe "Course you don't recognize me, I came from another world after dying." The woman eyed him after he gave his reasoning, running her gloved hand over her chin deep in thought.

    “I see…and how far away is far away?” The woman asked, and Kenta had no idea how to answer this….nor did he have the chance as the woman grabbed his wrist and began to drag him into the town.

    “Ow! Hey what is this!?” Kenta yelled as the girl eased up on the pulling but kept a tight grip on his wrist and her gaze forward.

    “There’s been rumors going around of these….odd arrivals, and you might be able to help us piece together some clues.” The girl explained which honestly only caused more questions to raise as he was dragged through the town.

    Within his personal quarters, at the heart of the large dark castle that was known as the capital of the Eclipse Empire, an armored figure stood before a mirror. As he seemed to be making some preparations.

    This was Haru Nakamura....no, Haru died long, long ago. This was the Eclipse Emperor, ruler of the ever growing dark faction known for his unwavering conviction and ruthless, imposing presence.

    "Okay, now then should I commit to my campaign against the Reptilian race in the North? But then my forces would be stretched, and there are some Raiders to the East to be mindful of. Darn it come on you can do this..."

    However, even with his now long-standing belief that Haru was dead and his commitment to the new persona, signs of his self doubt shinned through; though he made an effort to hide this in public and quickly shook his head as he decided to take a walk around the castle which should help with clearing his mind and moving forward with whatever decisions he were to make today.
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  26. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke was standing as he didn't know what to do. He then saw a fully armoured pulling a boy that seemed to be about the same age as him along with her. Yusuke noticed something weird about the boy however, he didn't look like the other people he had seen, he looked like he was Japanese. Yusuke thought this was very strange, he took another look and then he decided to follow them. "This makes me feel like a creep, why am I even following them?"
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  27. Farax turned to look a another newcomer to this conversation. He waved back the him in a friendly manner. "He didn't say anything... what do i even say in response? Actually, why didn't he say anything? Its not really normal to start a conversation with silence", Farax thought to himself. He took a quick glance at bellamy before starting the conversation.
    "Uh hello there, Is something the matter? You seem to be very silent, if you don't mind me asking of course. My name is Farax by the way, Its a pleasure to meet you", Farax responded trying to display himself as a good person. He wanted to leave a good impression for the townsfolk
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  28. Sam came out of the clothes store with his old clothes around his waist, he refused to throw good clothes away. "Now where am I?" He asked himself as he noticed a group of people nearby and he decided to ask them where he was. "Hey, you people. Where am I? What is this place called?" He was about to ask more questions until he noticed...something standing near the group. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn't human and he didn't try to hide his repulsion. "And what is this...creature? Certainly doesn't look like anything I know."
  29. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy turned to the Kobold and said "Hello, my name is Bellamy, what is yours" he held his hand out so the creature could shake and at the same time noticed Sam, "He's a Kobold, lizard man thing" He turned back to the kobold and said "it's a pleasure to meet you as well"
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  30. "Another person? geez i seem to be a people magnet today, usually i'm left to my self. I've only been here for what? 10 Minutes? and i've already had 4 people willingly talk to me. But it seems this guy is lost or something or at least i think. He doesn't seem to be from around here"
    Farax looked at the face of repulsion of the male's face, he was fairly used to receiving these kind of face's from people. "I'm part of a race known as Kobolds, my kind typically make their homes in underground area's. I assume your not from around here? Although we are a unwanted sight we are pretty common to most place's ", Farax explained to the newcomer. He didn't know this persons name so he avoided mentioning it in his explanation.
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  31. The woman dragged Kenta to a building that had an unusual blue-heart symbol on the door as he was tossed in rather carelessly inside.

    As Kenta groaned a bit, he glanced up and saw that they were not alone. Two other women, one a little younger and one maybe a year older or the same age as the armored knight greeted him. One was a tall girl with gauntlets…and the other some cat-girl creature with a wooden staff.

    W-well, guess I really am in another world…

    “You know, when I said you need to have a little fun sometime and bring a guy home this is not what I meant.” The taller girl said as the armored one rolled her eyes before she gestured to Kenta.

    “I believe this one to be, to be one of those…outsiders. And he may be key to figuring out what is going on about these new arrivals.” The armored girl explained as this caught the attention of the other two present though Kenta had a different thought.

    Outsiders? One of those…are there others who were sent here to?
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  32. "Kobolds? Nononono, those don't exist. Right?" Sam was shocked by this discovery and in absolute denial. "This is nonsense, this is just a dream. I'm gonna wake up in the hospital and get to hear that I nearly drowned and was rescued on time, kobolds won't exist and I am back in my own country."

    After walking back and forth for a while he turned towards the kobold. "You, what is your name? If this is real, I can't think of anything more important than knowing a native." Sam was still in denial, but he was not taking any risks.
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  33. "Geez did this guy hit his head or something? He's talking like crazy". Farax moved his tail infront of Sam for him to touch to prove he was a real living creature before replying.
    "My name is Farax, I've been alive for 18 years. I assure you i am real. What are you talking about? Never heard of a Hospital or whatever your talking about" Farax replied now intrigued by this boy. Its clear he seemed to lack knowledge of the world around him but he seemed to really clueless. Farax couldn't think of a good reason to explain why the boy was acting this way so the only way to figure it out was to ask.
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  34. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke listened in to what they were saying about the "Outsiders." Yusuke was very interested with this, "So that guy might be just like me, and that means there might be others too." Yusuke then looked at the front door to try and get out without of all of the people noticing. He went when he got the chance and he almost made it out, until his sword dropped onto the ground maybe a loud clang sound.
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  35. "Don't touch me with your tail! God knows where you've put that thing?" Sam said as he recoiled from the tail. "I don't know. I was on a boat, fell overboard and next thing I know I am here!" He paced back and forth again. "Farax was it, right? What happens to people or kobolds or any other creatures that might live here when they are hurt?"
  36. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy turned to the kid and said "wait did you die and then end up here because the same happened to me" He turned to Farax "you wouldn't know where i could find work do you."
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  37. "Typically you would seek help from a cleric of some kind or the use of health potions, that's typically the best way to do it. You said you were on a boat and fell overboard correct? By any chance was the boat on a lake in a forest? If so perhaps the Fey creatures decided to play a prank on you, fey society encourages the act of pranks on others", Farax explained. In his head the Fey being responsible would be fairly believable. They usually pull fairly harsh pranks on those unlucky ones who meet them as Fey typically had no sense of "your actions have consequences".
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  38. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    He tapped Farax and said "I was wondering if you knew where I could find work" he also turned to Sam and said "I f i'm correct you died and saw a goddess who gave you a choice, you chose a second chance, so welcome to your second chance, I know how you feel I went through the same as you".
  39. "Goddess? Second chance? what are these two even talking about. And here i thought i was the weird guy.... don't tell me this entire town is like this"

    "Work? um well i guess you could ask around at the local shops around here, there might be a notice board around here with jobs on it or you could try your luck and apply for work at a guild. I'm afraid i don't know if any of those options are here at all, I'm mostly a traveller so i have little experience with the contents of this town but if you ask a shopkeeper of some sorts i'm sure you'll find a better answer to your question", Farax replied using the little knowledge he had on the town. He awkwardly scratched the back of his head, honestly this conversation with these 2 people was probably the weirdest thing he had heard all year.
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  40. "I was, that might be the reason why I ended up here. Thanks, you're okay in my book." Sam smiled at Farax before glaring at Bellamy and whispered violently. "I might know nothing about this place, but saying that will ruin any chances on a normal life here! If you know what's good for you, you shut up about that goddess!" Sam recollected himself and turned towards Farax. "You seem like the smartest one of this batch, could you show us around town?"

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