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Ask to Join Escape To A Fantasy World (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by AceTrainerGold, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Alrighty!

    Who wants to get turned into a Zombie/Ghoul/Vampire/Unded-thing~?

    I'll ask for volunteers first before my character starts trying to kill the lot of you and reviving your corpses as Undead servants~ ♥
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  2. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    I'm already dead. Go ahead and pick up the corpse of the mirror and revive it, for all I care. xD
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  3. AceTrainerGold

    AceTrainerGold Previously FullmetalShogun

    Well I just arrived but I wouldn't mind being turned into one later, as long as there's I way I can turned back

    And WOAH that bear needs to calm down
  4. I'll see how it starts first. If I'm still interested, I'll join (if that's okay).
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  5. AceTrainerGold

    AceTrainerGold Previously FullmetalShogun

    Yeah that's fine join whenever you want to
  6. Well typically there isn't but if i were to try and guess a method that fits the world i would assume you would need to meet and seek the aid of a cleric, one of life based deity's if you want to go the extra country mile, and be "purified" (though that process would kill you because you would be a undead creature). The next step would to have someone cast a resurrection spell probably greater resurrection as though the only difference between the spells would be how long the corpse in question was dead (greater would have the power to revive from 1-100 year old corpse) but to me it just seems like a neat cosmetic aspect to the character turning back to the goodness in their heart by being cleansed of the Necrotic energy that made them undead
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  7. Hey, so I might be too late to join, but I guess I'll put this here.

    Name: Astríd Naevalla

    Age: 29

    Race: Elf

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'08"

    Appearance: Astríd greatly resembles a human, save for her elf ears. She has long, jet-black hair reaches down to about the middle of her back. Her eyes are greyish-blue, and are described as unable to discern emotions from. She has a red tattoo with an insignia of a phoenix on her back. Her skin is somewhat pale, and she carries a long, thin blade that she keeps in a blood red sheath on her back. She wears a dark grey chestplate with gold-plated linings on the edges, and an indigo bow around her neck. She has blue leather sleeves with white bandages wrapped around them, and a dark blue robe that extends from the chestplate, She wears black, knee-high boots.

    You can use this for a sort of reference, I guess, but that's kinda lazy.

    Personality: Astríd is seen as emotionless and takes orders without question, generally coming across as very cold, stoic, unfeeling and distant. Thus, she is very difficult to approach and considers relationships to be useless. She considers she and her blade one and the same, thinking herself only as a mere weapon. She is confused when anyone shows any sort of kindness toward her. She enjoys being in her own thoughts and is seen spacing out when she has nothing else to do.

    Residency: Fantasy World

    Backstory: Astríd is a skilled assassin, orphaned in the slums of her country at a young age. She received very little love from her parents and was thrown onto the streets, being forced to kill for survival before she reached the age of 15. She was adopted by a notable assassin and was taught the art of assassination, though she never received any love from him, either. Eventually, she became a notable assassin in her own right. One day, she was contracted to kill her adoptive father, a task she carried out with no remorse, stating that any personal feelings she may have can never make her falter in her mission.

    Other: She was (possibly) accepted into the ranks of the evil empire. (Tell me if this fits with where the RP is now.)
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  8. AceTrainerGold

    AceTrainerGold Previously FullmetalShogun

    accepted, and yeah it fits, considering in the actual rp the evil emperor hasn't been introduced yet
  9. Alrighty.
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  10. AceTrainerGold

    AceTrainerGold Previously FullmetalShogun

    What? So you're telling me that your character has just been transported to this fantasy world, and she is able to use here own attack/power and she's able to kill a wolf with barely any effort, that's kinda mary sue-ish
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  11. I believe she was going down the route (I think it's called the time I got reincarnated as a slime) took by giving every entity access to a skill. I would also assume its not too big of a reach to guess that the our world characters would have mastery of their chosen weapon as part of the divine gift? Did we ever decide on that part?
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  12. AceTrainerGold

    AceTrainerGold Previously FullmetalShogun

    we didn't but I wouldn't say you should have mastery over the weapon you're given straight away, but still the fact that she can already use magic and powers is a little op, the characters should learn that as they go along (unless they are already a resident of the fantasy world)
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  13. Also, quick question: Is the evil kingdom like a big castle or something else? It's kinda hard to get into character without context for the setting, haha.
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  14. Fair enough i guess but its already there so i suppose we should work it into the story a bit by saying that moment was a awakening or attunement to this new world and the fact that abilities like that exist. By having each of the Irl characters go through a scenario where they discover that they can now do this stuff with training can serve as a "Oh wow it IS a fantasy world! cool!" moment. that way we don't have to delete that post as that would serve a interesting purpose for the character
  15. Personally, I'm fine with it as given it's a fantasy world a regular Wolf is basically a fodder enemy. It's just about right for a newbie to kill while still keeping the world in perspective.

    There should be a clear difference between something like a normal Wolf, and a Wolf with Fur as Hard as steel and Claws that can slice through trees like butter.

    Essentially there should be a divide between regular animals, and Magical Beasts or whatever the fantasy equivalent of these animals should be.

    A Magical rabbit should definitely be of a higher threat level that a Bear for example because the Magical Rabbit would be enhanced by magic and have access to its own set of skills and abilities.

    Anything normal should have a threat level of...1 at most, or F- rank if you wanna use letters.

    and from there we'd build up a scale.

    Wolf - F rank
    Bear - F+ rank
    Acid Slime - E rank
    Orge - D rank
    Lesser Devil - B rank
    Death Knight - A rank
    Dragon - S rank

    Something to that sort.

    The Empire will be an actual Empire, we'll be a small-sized nation intent on conquering the world through Military might.

    We can start out from as small as a castle and not develop into an actual thread till later (which would give us something to do while the Hero's are 'leveling up') or we can take a different approach. I kinda wanna start with the former, where we'd be just a single castle and we'd slowly develop ourselves into an Empire since that'll give us our own little plot to run.

    I'll be introducing my own character, hopefully, today, so you won't need to wait long.
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  16. AceTrainerGold

    AceTrainerGold Previously FullmetalShogun

    if i'm being honest her killing the wolf wasn't really the problem for, it was just the fact that she already knew magic, after just being sent there, but if you guys are fine with it I can let it slide. But anyways I'd say I agree with those ranks for the creatures, seems about right, but I'd say for an F rank maybe something like a wild boar and the F+ is Bears and Wolves.
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  17. Apologies. I changed it a bit, so it's more or less a Small-ish thing. as she would would Mess up Entirely.

    I'll be Keeping the Azure at the Standstill, Waiting for moments, I'll keep the yelling, but the Azure will be Gone for the Time Bein
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  18. AceTrainerGold

    AceTrainerGold Previously FullmetalShogun

    No need to apologise it's all good
  19. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    What about -S and S+?
    Death Spirits -S
    I think the only thing over a dragon would be...
    Dragon Walker S+ rank (A Orge walking a Dragon)
    Overseer S++
    (Overseer's are like the gods, because they look over people. I didn't really think of a creative name beside 'God'.)
  20. Alrighty, sounds good.
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  21. I'll have us start off on the Northern-most side of the continent, leagues away from our would-be heroes. A land of everlasting snow and ice, if you would.

    Is that fine with you, @Azelfie?
  22. Sounds good. My character is just kinda chilling outside, now.
  23. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    I was kinda in a village in wherever you can locate it, so I guess its in the icey-mountains
  24. We'll be conquering all the surrounding villages, either way, I just wanted us to be far enough away from our Heroes that we don't clash too quickly.

    I'll have my character attack the village, and then Astrid can choose to join her.
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  25. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Which one of you guys are gonna pick up the mirror?
  26. @kyuukestu I was kinda thinking that Astríd could already be Felicia's second-in command before the conquering and stuff happens.
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  27. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Oh god that would make the mirror so envy. Like,
    "Well what do YOU do? Boss dump's everything on me, so obviously she trust me more than you!"

    I can imagine the feud's they'll have.
  28. In that case, you're gonna have to fight Felicia for a bit, can't have a weak second-in-command after all~

    I figure Astrid would be more a General-type, who'd command the Undead Legion as opposed to an administrative type who does the planning and stuff like that.
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  29. Hey Kyuu, the zombies you create still retain their personality right?
  30. Nope, not these.

    The Zombies are lesser undead, there's essentially foot-men that follow orders mechanically. For it to retain its personality she'd need to create a higher leveled undead.
  31. I plan to make a character for you to turn into a zombi but I want her to be a higher leveled so she can keep her personality
  32. Alrighty, I can do that. You want her to be a Zombie specifically?
  33. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Like 23 or 24?
    The mirror is leveled 30 if were doing levels and ranks.
    In fact...

    Monster Name: Wehi
    Lvl: 30
    Rank: -B
    Equipment: Black Bow tie, Magic stuff
  34. We're doing levels? I feel like levels would just make things confusing

    Yeah you said you wanted zombies so I'm giving you some
  35. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    I'm just as confused as you. But anime is anime, and anime often means RPG and RPG has stats and all.
    The mere mention of 'level' means much more than on the surface.
  36. Levels as in Quality.

    For example, a Death Knight is clearly a better undead that a casual Zombie.

    Uhhh, Zombie's are just fodder units though ~w~

    For OCs-turned undead, I was gonna turn them into more unique undead variants.
    I would say we do classes rather than Level, using the S-F letters.

    Monsters and adventurers would both be able to use the same system and it'd give a pretty good way to represent their strength.
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  37. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

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