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Escape From The Darkness

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ked, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Ked


    *Please note that this is based off Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky. This is what happens when an evil Saybelye, who was one of Dusknoir's henchmen, tries to stop the planet's time from being restored by taking the time gears and trying to defeat the only team strong enough to stop his evil plan, Team Cuties*

    ~Chapter 1~

    Thud thud thud

    I starting hearing a steady thud echoing off the solid stone walls of my cell.

    "D-Delcatty, w-what was that?" asked my partner Ninetails unsteadily.

    I just listened as the thudding grew closer.

    Thud thud thud

    From the sound of the thudding I estimated that whatever was making that noise was dangerouly close.

    "Ninetails, brace yourself," I commanded, trying to stay calm.

    Ninetails looked me. Her light blue eyes gleamed in the dim light from the torch hanging from the wall high above us. Then she nodded.

    She ruffled her fur as the noise got closer.

    Thud thud thud

    I started thinking of a plan for if the things making the thuds were going to attack us.

    I sat down and srating swaying my tail from side to side.

    I remembered my days as a Skitty with my partner Vulpix fighting by my side.

    I remembered the day we were dragged into the future by Dusknoir.

    I looked over and noticed Ninetails sitting next to the wall.

    I quickly padded over, trying not to make any noise.

    Ninetails turned her head and motioned my to come forward with her tail.

    I gently walked over, still trying to be light on my feet.

    Ninetails pointed her cream colored snout in the direction of the wall.

    I followed her gaze and saw a small crack.

    "Use Wake-Up Slap," she whispered.

    I listened to her and used my Wake-Up Slap attack.

    The wall slowly crumbled as Ninetails melted the small peices of rock that tumbled down to the ground so we wouldn't be heard.

    A hole just big enough for me to walk through was revealed.

    I looked at Ninetails. She nodded.

    I stuck my head through the hole to make sure there wasn't any danger on the other side.

    I looked around. Then I looked on both sides next to me.

    I carefully put my front paws through the hole, then stopped to listen and look around once again.

    I heard more thudding, this time extremely close.

    Thud thud thud

    I slowly slipped the rest of my slender, cream colored body through the hole.

    I turned back and gently brushed away any loose stones so Ninetails could fit through the narrow hole.

    Then Ninetails cautiously stepped through the hole, careful not to make make any noises.

    We both picked up rocks and slid them into place on the hole, then Ninetails use flamthrower to melt them together.

    The rocks in the wall glowed a bright orange color and slowly returned to their normal color and heat.

    "You have made it here unharmed, no?" a strange voice said from the darkness, "Too bad it won't stay that way for long!"

    Ninetails and I lashed around, trying to locate the noise.

    "You will never find me, fools! I am everywhere and everyone," said the voice, "You will soon be part of my army. You will help me keep this planet trapped in a never-ending paralys!"

    "Never!" Ninetails snarled.

    "Oh, are you sure?" the voice asked, "You'll see."

    "Who are you?!" I asked, angrily.

    "You may know me Sabelye the Great, the Evil, the Avenger," replied the voice.

    "Why do you wany us?!" Ninetails shouted into the shrouding darkness.

    "I want revenge! You detroyed everything! All with your friend Grovyle!" Sabelye roared angrily.
  2. Ked


    ~Chapter 2~

    Grovyle? When was Grovyle with me? I thought.

    Ninetails gently kicked me to get my attention.

    I turned towards her.

    "This was one of Dusknoir's henchmen!" she whispered, "He's getting revenge on us, we're his enemies."

    I stared up into the never-ending darkness that shrouded the room, thinking about what Ninetails had said.

    What if she was right? What if this WAS one of Dusknoir's henchmen plotting revenge on our furry little souls?

    I turned back to Ninetails and noticed the fear in her eyes.

    "You fools!" Sabelye shouted, "Who knows what I was doing during your chat?! I could've easily finished you off myself! But, that wouldn't be very civilized would it?"

    "What do you mean?!" I meant to yell, but it came out as a quiet whimper echoing off the hard stone walls.

    "Poor little girl," Sabelye said pitifully, "For you and your puny partner shall never know. Oh so sad isn't it?"

    I just stared into his cold gem eyes. They're expression was nowhere near pity. It was cold, hard, and angry. His smile was twisted, with pointed, jagged teeth.

    I began to hear thudding again, the same repeating thudding as before.

    It was close. Very, very close.

    Thud thud thud

    "Are you making that thudding?!" Sabelye yelled at us, annoyed.

    We both shook our heads, which we doubted he could see through the darkness and grey mist.

    "Ah, so we meet once again," said a strange voice coming from somewhere around us, "What are you trying this time?"

    "Who, where?!" Sabelye sputtered, surprised at the voice.

    "Save it. My friend's have already conquered you, Dusknoir, and Primal Dialga. They can do it again, for thhis time they are much stronger and more experienced," said the voice, now even closer.

    "This time I have something that will defeat Team Cuties, and take you down with them Sceptile! Or shall I call you Grovle?" shouted Sabelye.

    "Call me what you wish. I have trainer long and hard with my new partner Emerald. I have been befriended on the long jouney here, because I, in addition to Team Cuties, am a hero in the past," replied Sceptile, formerly known to me and Ninetails as Grovyle.

    "Ah, but this is much stronger than all you combined!" Sabelye yelled at Sceptile, "This is stronger than even Primal Dialga!"

    I shuddered at the thought of this. If it was true, none of us would stand a chance.

    My paws began to fall asleep so I stretched each of them out.

    As I was stretching my front paws I bumped into something.

    How are we at the other wall? We just stepped through the wall from our cell. I thought.

    Then everything started to flash a bright red. My head began to hurt as I became extremely dizzy. A blinding streak of light flashed across my mind.

    A dementional scream! I said to myself.

    I saw me, Ninetails, Sabelye, an unknown, green, Pokemon, which I assumed was Sceptile. Then a white Pokemon with navy blue markings and a blade coming out of its head ran out of nowhere, said something to Sceptile, and fainted, tilting back towards me. Sceptile turned around slowly, looking petrefied. Then there was a roar.
    "P-P-Palkia! And it's primal!" screamed Sceptile, "Vulpix, Skitty run as fast as you can!!!"
    "Sceptile!" Ninetails shouted as Sceptile was knocked aside by a blow from a ginat, lumbering creature's mighty hand.

    A streak of bright light flashed again as my demetional scream was over.

    I assumed I brushed Sceptile with my paw when I was stretching.

    "Delcatty! You had a dementional scream didn't you!" Ninetails exclaimed.

    I nodded my head yes.

    "What-" she began interupted by a Pokemon brushing part her.

    "S-Sceptile, I was attacked by Primal Palkia!" the Pokemon puffed as he began falling over.

    "Absol!" Sceptile shouted as the Pokemon, which Sceptile called Absol, hit the hard ground with a thud.

    Ninetails reached into our Treasure Bag. She pulled out a Sitris berry and began feeding it to Absol.

    Absol slowly began to rise to his feet.

    "Everyone, run!" Sceptile shouted loudly as he began sprinting away from us.

    We just stood there, jaws wide open in confusion.

    Then we heard a deafening roar.

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