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Open Escape from Team Rocket Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by messenger, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Hello, and welcome.
    In this RP, you are a pokemon who was captured by Team Rocket. You will either escape, or have your will broken and become one of their slaves. Hopefully you can get out before it's too late...

    Rules are as follows.
    -Thoroughly read the Pokecharms rules before joining.
    -All OOC posts go here, not on the main thread.
    -Fakemon are allowed.
    -No gory details are allowed.
    -Correct grammar is required.
    -You can only have one or two characters.

    Character bio-

    Unusual traits:

    My characters:

    Nickname: Fury
    Species: Arcanine
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Loyal, protective and doesn't give up easily.
    Ability: Intimidate
    Unusual traits: different stripe pattern than other Arcanine
    Backstory: Fury was his trainer's starter pokemon. Not long after starting their journey together, a Team Rocket grunt attacked them. Fury defended his trainer at the cost of being taken away from him, and the grunt kept him for a short time before sending him to the base. He was chained up and forced to evolve, promising himself that he would find his trainer again.

    Nickname: Mint
    Species: Pansage
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Generous, good at stealth and scared of many things.
    Ability: Overgrow
    Unusual traits: none
    Backstory: Mint used to live happily in the forest until he was captured by a grunt, claiming he had a 'special ability'. After weeks of trying to force Mint to battle, he gave up and sent him away for training, convinced the Pansage would battle better if it was evolved, among other things.

    I've posted the RP. https://pokecharms.com/threads/escape-from-team-rocket.15563/
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  2. Nickname: jasmine
    Species: lairion
    Gender: female
    Personality: jasmines personality seems to change within seconds
    Ability: sturdy
    Unusual traits: has a weaker shell then other
    Backstory: was minding his business with her daughter when team rocket grabbed her and left her daughter to rot
  3. *that* guy, you are accepted.
    On another note, there are two places you can start in. The truck that drops off newly captured pokemon, or the cages that hold pokemon already captured. Which will you prefer?
  4. I'm up for in the truck
  5. Okay then. Once we have one more person, we'll be able to start.
  6. Nickname: Luna
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Shy, strong will, good in battle
    Ability: Shadow Beam
    Unusual Traits: Has black fur and silver eyes, has more moves than a regular Eevee
    Backstory: Luna was in a lake in the forest when she was captured by a Team Rocket grunt and they dried her off then sent her to their hideout
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  7. UmbreonEevee, you are accepted. Would you like to start in the truck, or the cages?
  8. Nickname: Kai
    Species: Luxio
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He used to be kind and humorous, but since being captured has been cold, stubborn, untrusting, and standoffish to most. He may warm up later to those he respects. His biggest weakness is his cowardice; he only picks fights that he knows he can win.
    Ability: Rivalry
    Unusual traits: None, that I can think of yet.
    Backstory: He was caught and raised as a Shinx by a trainer, but after he evolved she left him with a "friend," promising to be back. The friend turned out to be a secret Team Rocket grunt and and captured him to bring to the organization. To this day, he thinks that his trainer betrayed him, and harbors a deep hatred for humans in general, though he has a hard time getting along with other Pokemon as well.

    I'm good with starting in the cages, if that's alright.
  9. Of course. I've linked the RP to this thread, so you can start when you like.
  10. Sweet, thanks! I'll try and post before I head to classes.
  11. Nickname: Rage
    Species: Larvitar
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Bad tempered; gets angry quite easily. Proud. He doesn't make friends quite easily due to his rudeness, but once that he considers another Pokemon as a friend, he would do whatever he needs to help it. Despite this, he'll do whatever he thinks it's better for being stronger, taking advantage...
    Ability: Guts
    Unusual traits: he has some scars on his purple belly. He also has purple eyes.
    Backstory: He was born from an unhatched egg. For a little Larvitar, living in a dangerous mountain range was difficult, and since the other Pokemon fought for resources, he always was defeated or bullied. Since he couldn't make friends, his character became distant with the other Pokemon, always trying to achieve more experience and become stronger, and since then, he decided to name himself as Rage. He was captured by a Team Rocket while he was sleeping.
  12. Yay! I'll post tomorrow... Today I'm a little bit busy...
  13. UmbreonEevee, I think you're mixing up your name. You can change it if that's more convenient for you. Just try and stay consistent.
  14. Just making sure... is the training center like an area where Pokémon are pitted against each other?
  15. Nickname: Roku
    Species: Monferno
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Dark, prefers solitude
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Unusual traits: Flame on his tail burns with a blue hue
    Backstory: Captured by Team Rocket, when his father tried to intervene he was beaten to death. Roku vowed revenge, but all of his attempts proved futile as he was easily captured by two Grunts.
  16. Ya you haven't posted on the roleplay yet.
  17. Yeah, sorry, it's just that I am having problems with my computer (and I am watching the threads on my mobile), that's the reason why I have not posted yet, but don't worry, as fast as I have my computer fixed, I will post something.
  18. Ah, that bites. Here's hoping it's not too bad of a problem!
  19. Nickname: Lance
    Species: Sableye
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Loves to battle, gets angry easily.
    Ability: Keen eye
    Unusual traits: Instead of a ruby on it's chest, it has an emerald. It's eyes are rubies.
    Backstory: Lance was a normal sableye, until team rocket stole it along with pokemon doctor. They forced the doctor to replace the jewels so they could show off a special pokemon. They were driving the truck on the way to the base.

    So can I join? Starting at truck, after the replacement of the jewels.
  20. yes, you can join.
  21. Thanks, hopefully, a friend of mine have lent me a laptop that he was not using, so I'll reply as fast as I can
  22. Ah, well. I'll continue without them for the moment, maybe?
  23. I'm trying to see whens a good time to join in, maybe?
  24. Probably now would be good before it gets too busy
  25. They offloaded some of the Pokèmon at the base already, maybe you could take it from there? Maybe the Rocket grunts could take Lance either directly to the training arena (where most of the Pokèmon are) or to a waiting cage. If you read the previous posts, you should find a good spot to jump in!

    Edit: Maybe Lance and a grunt could even walk into the room where Rage and Mint are... forgive me.
  26. Ha! That last part would be bad for the two, especially since now they've been stealing from the Rocket organization.
  27. It could be an interesting idea, but... Yeah, not the best for our characters
  28. Just putting the idea out there, haha ^.^
  29. oh yeah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  30. Is it okay if I just read a few of the last replies? I don't really have time...
  31. you guys getting nostalgic in the lsoh reference?
  32. gtg, just not gonna go offline because it takes time for my laptop to load up chrome, so i dont have time for that bro
  33. It's either the discussion page is dead, or I am posting too much. I don't know.

  34. maybe both? can't really tell.

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