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Error 404; Dawn Of The Devils / The Angels' Journey!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dark Soul, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. ''It is not known precisely where angels dwell - Whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God's pleasure that we should be informed of their abode.'' -Voltaire

    Normally, halfway through springtime, days were rarely ever as hot as this one.

    Gabriel quickly checked himself in the mirror. His gold blonde hair was frisky and spikey as always, something that he gotten used to. His durable black jeans and brown shoes were excellent for travelling trough the forest; Maybe a white vest wasn't the smartest thing to wear, seeing as it would get dirty real quick, but he felt comfortable in it on such a warm day. And there were always washing machines.

    With his fishing gear and lunchbox in his backpack, and his rod slung over his shoulder, Gabriel Harper walked out the back door of his house and closed the door behind him. Brand new, emerald leafs were hanging from the tall trees that surrounded the garden, and Gabriel smelled the sweet scent of flowers.

    This was his favorite season of the year.

    It has been his uncle who had taught him how to fish. His uncle was a rich but very busy businessman, and he came here once or twice a year to relax. Gabriel’s family had lived in this small, French village for generations. His family still talked English, though, although they had perfectly mastered French. Sometimes, Gabriel would think his thoughts in French without even noticing.

    West of the town, into the forests, was a stream, called the ‘fleuve de la vie’ or stream of life, because the water was pure and refreshing. But it was also Gabriel’s favorite fishing spot, with a lot of big and healthy fish. Gabriel always had success here.

    After a short stroll through the colourfull forest, he arrived at his favourite fishing spot; a large boulder by a basin of the river, with a waterfall about sixty foot away. There was nothing more relaxing then fishing out here, with soft music playing from his iPod- along with the soft background rush of the waterfall.

    Sitting down on the rock, he got his fishing gear out and set up his rod, attached some bait to the hook and threw it out. He was just about to put on his headphones, when a movement caught his eye; He looked up.

    At the other side of the river, there was a fox. Both he and the fox had frozen when they noticed each other.Foxes weren't exactly rare around here, so this shouldn't be so odd for Gabriel. But there was something about this fox that was...


    It took Gabriel a while to figure out what it was. The fox's irises were the same colour as his fur; An almost copper-like shade of orange. Gabriel had never seen this before; It could be some strange genetic mutation.

    Suddenly, he heard a voice. A slightly high-pitched, but definitely male voice. Gabriel?

    Gabriel jumped up and looked around. Had someone followed him? If the townspeople found out about his spot, it'd be packed with fishermen in no time. But he saw no one. At the other river bank, the fox was still watching him, his head now slightly cocked. Gabriel? Is that really you? The fox spurted into action; He jumped into the river at top speed, and swam towards the other side as fast as he could. Gabriel wasn't sure wether he had to run or not; He decided not to, since the other person- wherever he was hiding- could get into trouble as well. In a reflex, he picked up a large branch from the forest floor. Just in case the fox was about to attack.

    The fox, however, did no such thing. Once he had reached the riverside, he shook himself dry and barked, in a yipping matter. Gabriel! I'm so glad I've finally found you! For one moment, Gabriel thought that it was the fox who had said it. But that was ridiculous. His lips hadn't even moved, and since when could foxes talk? 'Who are you? Where are you?' Gabriel called out. The fox, who was now standing only six feet away from him, tilted its head. I'm right he- Oh, wait. Your memory... Well, dang! The voice rang out again, seemingly in his mind.

    The fox barked again. This is probably hard to believe, but this is me speaking. The fox. My name is Fuego.

    This had to be some sort of prank. With a tamed fox and a hidden speaker. Soon, a camera team would come busting from the bushes and he'd be one of the many victims of a prank show. He was probably being filmed right now.

    He swung the branch at the fox, not meaning to hit it; Just to scare it and spoil the storyline of the show. The fox stepped back, but didn't seem to be impressed. Dude, what the? I'm your companion! Your friend! Gabriel stopped swinging. He was utterly confused. He somehow didn't think this was a prank anymore. It felt too real. But it couldn't be. What was he supposed to do? If he ran from a 'talking' fox and it was a prank after all, all the people would laugh at him.

    The prank theory became less and less concrete. Why, of all people, would a TV show have chosen him? This small town was quite isolated from the rest of the world, apart from computers and TV. And how would they have found out about this being his favourite spot? He was the only one who knew of it, and the last time he had fished here had been last summer.

    It had to be real.

    He sat down on the boulder, carefully eyeing ''Fuego''. 'What is all this?' Gabriel asked, not really expecting an answer. But he got one anyway. That's a really long story, Gabriel. In the meantime, the fish are biting! Gabriel looked at his rod, and saw that Fuego was right. It wasn't a very big fish, and he had no trouble hauling it up. He was just about to release it again, when Fuego's voice sounded in his mind again; Ehm, could I have some of that? I haven't eaten in quite a while now. Gabriel looked from the fish to Fuego, back at the fish, and shrugged as he threw it at Fuego's feet, who barked and immediately started munching.

    Gabriel had no idea what to think.

    When Fuego was done eating, he sat down on his hind legs. I suppose you want me to tell you what's going on right now? Fuego asked him again. Gabriel nodded. I'm going to be straight with you, Gabriel. You're not going to believe me at first, but please listen to what I have to say. You're an angel. Not in the religious sense- Or, not really. The world you're living in right now isn't the real world. It's a pseudo-dimension, your own personal perfect world. Your own universe, your own dimension in this parallel world formed by the Internet of the real world.

    '...An Angel? Parallel world? What the hell are you saying?' Gabriel asked, getting slightly pissed. Nothing made sense. He didn't believe it.

    I'm saying the truth. You, Gabriel Harper, are Net Angel H-357. An angelic computer program, that represents a part of the Internet and wields its powers. You, my friend, represent Mozilla. A fox, called Fuego, computer programs, Mozilla, ring a bell?

    'Wait, you mean- Mozilla Firefox?' Gabriel asked. Along with Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla SeaMonkey, yes.

    'This is ridiculous. Do you have any proof at all?' Apart from the fact that I'm a talking fox? Yes, I do. Haven't you ever noticed that your life is perfect in every possible way? A warm climate, lots of nature, rich parents, fantastic grades, lots of friends, you never got hurt or injured once in your life? Nobody has that much luck, Gabriel. And if you want physical proof, I can always switch you to Angel Mode.

    It was true that Gabriel had a good life. Extraordinarily good. But was that really proof? 'Angel Mode?' Gabriel asked. Yep. Seeing as you're not exactly able to do it yourself right now, do I have your permission? Gabriel nodded.

    A brilliant, snow-white energy suddenly seemed to seep from Fuego. Like wispy smoke, it traveled over the ground towards Gabriel, who was slightly scared now. The moment the energy touched his feet, its speed increased and it climbed upwards, covering him. He felt the some sort of cylinder being pressed into his right hand, which he gripped firmly even though he had no idea what it was. Something was hung from his belt. He felt something weird on his back, tried to shake it off, but it stuck and he heard a weird ruffle. Even though it seemed weight had been added to him, he felt lighter then ever.

    Eventually, the energy mist cleared.


    In his right hand was a huge sword, made of gleaming gold with a diamond middle core, from the handle to the tip. The entire sword was decorated with engravings; Logo's of computer programs and websites, heroic deeds- Of a character that resembled him!- And swirly patterns. He looked at his belt; A medium-sized horn, made of the same shiny gold as the sword, hung from it. But the weirdest thing of all was the weird feeling that something was hanging from his shoulders. He looked at his mirror image in the water.


    Huge wings had sprouted from his shoulder blades. The wings were covered in huge, white swan feathers, and stretched from between his ankles and knees to way above his head.

    <launching file: memory.backup>

    He remembered.

    He remembered everything.

    Battles. Epic fights against evil, against monsters, fighting alongside Fuego and Fulgura- Fulgura! His beloved Thunderbird!

    Fuego! Where's Fulgura? He asked. Fuego skipped hapilly and jumped at him, throwing him onto the forest floor, and licked his face. Gabe! So glad to have you back, friend. Fulgura should be close. I already called out to her, she can be here any m- Fuego's thoughts were cut off as a high-pitched screech sounded trough the forest, and a huge, blue, swallow-like bird swooped down from the sky, aiming straight for Gabriel.

    The bird would've crushed him- If it hadn't suddenly decreased in size, until it was no larger then your average grey parrot, and landed on Gabriel's right shoulder, pecking at his ear affectionally. Finally! Fulgura's deep, female voice said. After sixteen years! If we weren't immortal, I would've died before seeing you again! Gabriel chuckled, and scratched Fulgura's neck, which she loved. I'm back now, my friends. Why was I reactivated? Gabriel asked.

    There's a new evil, Gabriel. Fuego said, growing serious. Net Devils, the complete opposite of Net Angels. They wreak havoc inside the dimensions, destroying them from the inside. All avaible Angels have been activated- And the whole point is, each Net Devil is the polar opposite- Evil twin- of an Angel. He said.

    There is a Gathering of Angels in the Wikipedia dimension, Gabriel. All Angels have to go there for mission details. Fulgura added. Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let's go!

    He took his horn from his belt, pressed it against his lips and blew it. The brilliant sound of the horn sounded trough the entire forest, and sure enough, a rift in the very fabric of interdimensional space/time appeared a few meters away. I love how you could summon a portal by wiggling your toes if you wanted to, yet you have to blow the horn. Fulgura said. Gabriel smiled. What can I say? I just love the sound. He said, as he and his friends stepped from Gabriel's own little dimension to the one that held the largest library that had ever existed.

    <portal.transfer: wikipedia.org>

    There were few planets that Gabriel liked better then Wikipedia World.

    A planet, covered in large forests, mountains and, the best part, huge skyscrapers made of white marble, Wikipedia World was one of the largest centers of knowledge within the Internet dimensions; Here, people added knowledge of the real world, edited it, debated over it. It was a calm, civilised and scientifically advanced world. He loved it.

    Gabriel sniffed up the fresh air- Wikipedia's atmosphere contained more oxygen then most planets'- And looked around. He was standing on Nothing had changed since his last visit; There were still tons of people walking around, conversing in different languages. Some wore Wikipedia's white outfits, the members, while others were in their regular attire; Visitors.

    Ah, it's been a while. Where am I supposed to go? Gabriel asked Fuego. The Main Page. The only building with a conference room with enough seats for all the activated Angels. There's about eighteenhundred and fifty, if I remember correctly. He answered. Gabriel frowned. Whoa, Angels rarely gather in such numbers. This must be serious business. Gabrield said, as he started walking towards the main building- It was hard to miss, seeing as it was the largest building on the planet- It could literally be seen from space. Don't you mean 'srs bznz', Gabe? Fuego asked him. What?

    Oh, right, you've been offline for years. You've missed out a lot. The Internet has expanded! We should find someone who can teach you about memes...

    Gabriel nodded, not really knowing what Fuego meant.

    He looked forward to seeing his friends again. Euphie, Will, and so many others...

    (OOC: Angels are go! This is a RP between me, Tunduli, Amzaar, Tailon, Indie, Jenove and Toru. You can do whatever you like in your first posts, guys, as long as you end up in Wikipedia. Have fun~)
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  2. (OOC: So well I guess I'm sort of making this up as I go along :x From my various conversations with Dark I think what I'm doing is okay |D)

    <launching file: memory.backup1>
    <history check starting ... 20% ... 40% ... 60% ... done>
    <file: EUPHEMIAH263_.ntagl startup>
    <netangel EUPHEMIAH263_ logged in>

    Euphemia was breathing deeply. She had just been thrown down, landing on her back unexpectantly, her pink-to-purple gradient hair swooped over her face and covered her eyes. Her white feathered wings fluttered quietly.

    She, well ... she wasn't quite used to being an angel. Just yet.

    With one last heavy sigh, she rolled onto her side and pushed herself upwards, now standing on her feet, swiping her hands quickly down her jean-shorts. When she looked up, she noticed that she was standing in Tinypic; with multiple images swirling around her and many other visitors walking around, copying IMG Codes and Retweeting images. Tinypic was a site Euphemia used to wander around quite a lot before, she was almost a sort of moderator there, in the way that she reported any image theft or spam, and regularly pretty much 'watched over' the site. She was in absolutely no way a moderator of anything; she was just a normal Net Angel.

    If not a rather unknown Net Angel.

    "Ne-Net Angel Euphemia signed in," Euphemia choked out, holding down the record button on her microphone headset and tweaking the position of her microphone. Her headset recorded what she said when she held down the shining blue button and sent it to The Almighty Oracle. She had been a long-serving Net Angel and so she was very loyal to The Almighty Oracle, logging most things she came across or any change in behaviour of any major sites or other Net Angels.

    With a stamp of her foot, Euphemia clicked the button on the other side of her headset.

    <portal.transfer: wikipedia.org>

    Euphemia twirled on the balcony of one of the huge, beautiful marble towers of Wikipedia World, before landing gracefully on one foot and gazing outwards onto the landscape of Wiki World. There were hundreds, maybe millions more marble towers now than when she was here last. As she gripped onto the balcony ledge, she marvelled upon all of the beautiful gardens of knowledge and veils of coding. As she turned around to face the entrance of a portal room, she smiled. She absolutely loved Wikipedia World; she was fascinated by anything and everything to do with ... well, anything and everything. As she walked into the room, she fingered carefully at the beautiful silver curtains by the window to her right. There were several windows in the room, as well as huge cases of books.

    The huge, huge cases of books.

    She floated forwards, now feeling more comfortable with her fragile wings, and rifted through the books, reading down all of the spines and drifting her fingers past all of the titles, feeling the soft or leathery covers on the books. It was just it used to be - only better. Bigger.

    "Hey, chick," Euphemia heard a voice say. She quickly swerved her head to the left and gave a peircing glare to the male Net Angel who stood beside her; dark haired, dark eyed and supposedly dark-humoured. He laughed at her almost evil-looking stare and said, "Hey, no need to attack me or anything. You looking at an article about roses?"

    Euphemia gave out a small, pitying laugh. "Oh, no," she muttered, looking down at the book she had in her hands. It was indeed the third instalment of an article on roses, and she flipped it over in her hands. "I'm just picking it up to clean it," she sneered sarcastically, gliding over to a round table and placing the book flat down on it. The boy too strolled over to the table and siddled up to her, almost pushing his body up against hers.

    Euphemia's eyes shot open.

    She quickly, without warning, backed away and pulled a pixelated paintbrush from nowhere; somehow summoning it from thin air. The letters 'MSPAINT' were ingraved on the side, along with a picture of the MSPaint cup with a paintbrush, a pencil and a pen inside. Euphemia held the brush up to the other Net Angels neck, pointing it straight at him threateningly. She lifted her right hand and pressed it up against her headset, carefully and slowly, and begun to speak into it.

    "Great Oracle, Net Angel ... F-803 breaching privacy policies and rule 21 in ..." Euphemia spoke slowly and clearing, allowing the other angel to hear every single word she uttered. He gulped and muttered a small "please ... I won't do it again ..." before the female Net Angel lowered her hand and smirked. "You do know I didn't even press that button, right?"

    The other Net Angel hastily turned and walked away, out of Euphemia's sight. She smiled and withdrew her pixelated paintbrush before coughing and setting down to read the Wikipedia Article on roses. As she settled in, she was stopped abruptly as she turned the eighth page by the familiar voice of another Net Angel.

    She looked up quickly and coughed quietly to herself.

    (OOC: baaahhhh this is horrible and short and horrible :C I had this little idea that the little headset she has could connect her to The Mighty Oracle. If this is a load of bull I'll delete it |D)
  3. <transfer/Minecraft: iron sword>
    <transfer complete>

    The enigmatic youth with a piercing gaze and long wavy chocolate coloured hair held a tight grip on his basic yet reliable iron sword which appeared into his left hand in a purge of dazzling, almost holy light. He almost floated through waves of binary code located in an area of black nothingness. The only thing there with him apart from the bright green zeroes and ones floating around him, was an odd looking sphere, its purple body gyrating as the binary around it was sucked into it. The boy walked towards it, his eyes focused on nothing but the orb. Concentrating on his breathing and adjusting his brown and yellow snow coat, he leapt forward and sped forward at immense speeds, thanks to his pristine white wings which burst out of his back that allowed him to fly, for a small amount of time. As soon as he cleared his distance with the purple mass, unaware of his presence, he brandished his blade and swung it through the sphere, as it exploded, sending binary code flying out, back to where it should be.

    <send/Minecraft: iron sword>
    <sending complete>

    The sword now disappeared in the same light as before. His wings folded and retracted into his back. It was apparent that this boy was no ordinary person, and the space he was doing combat in was no normal area. The area was actually The Heart of The Internet, a digital universe that forever expands thanks to the humans who access it. This teen was physically in The Internet; a task impossible for mere humans, due to his origins as a Net Angel.The Oracle was the holder of The Internet, viewed as a God by The Net Angels. The Net Angel, now satisfied after completing his assignment, rose his left hand, wrapped up into a fist, and spread his hand out, unleashing a light blue, transparent rectangle with smaller, light blue squares covering it to float next to his hand, and as he swerved his right hand over to his left, a large square appeared with the same properties, projecting a clear image in glorious High Definition. A Keyboard and Monitor. His hands flickered across the keyboard with expertise, and in less than 5 seconds flat, he’d composed a detailed paragraph of his encounters with the purple orb, which was identified as a virus, to The Oracle himself. With one simple click of the enter key, the message was sent. The Net Angel dropped his hands to their neutral positions, and the keyboard and monitor vanished into thin air, or cyberspace, if you will. And then, in a flash as he put on his blue tinted goggles which were previously hanging around his neck, William Blitz, or rather, Net Angel M-012 sprouted his trusty wings and took to the ‘skyberspace’ His next location, Wikipedia.org.

    Will had received a message from the other Angels that a matter of great importance had arose, and the meeting place to be informed of this information was Wikipedia, which to Net Angels, was a large, vast white planet, with towers almost crawling out of it. As he came closer to the planet, he run a simple programme, used by many Angels, to transport to ‘Websites’ as they were called in mere milliseconds.

    <run: teleportation – Wikipedia.org>

    The same light that made his sword disappear made Will now disappear in a flash, before he landed in the central of Wikipedia. Thousands of Angels were bustling and talking to each other, and in the crowd you could see faint outlines of people, walking through the Angels. These were humans who had visited the website from the human dimension, and appeared in the website as outlines to Angels, unless they decided to blow their cover and make their presence know to the humans, but this would be foolish. As he gazed to one of Wikipedia’s information holding towers, he sensed a familiar presence. A Net Angel Will had co – operated with once before. He decided it would be nice to visit the said Angel. It was the Nature section of Wikipedia which he'd went to, where all of the amazing books on different species of plants and animals were kept. He entered the building and took off his goggles. As he went up the stairs to where the Angel was located, he saw another Angel with matt black hair storm out, to Will’s confusion. As he shrugged to himself, he calmly opened the door, and saw the girl with the pink hair enjoying an entry on Roses. He walked over to the table she was reading on, and sat on a chair next to her.

    “Greetings Euphie, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”
  4. Mika glared at his watch. He was going to be late if he didn't hurry up soon enough. The moon had risen on that dark, drizzling Winter night. It, despite its gloomy feeling, was Mika's favourite season. Winters meant drying off at home, sitting down in front of the fire, short days, long nights. Provided of course, he he could get home. Mika stopped and gazed at the rainy city crossroads. He could take his normal route, or maybe if he ran...
    Mika turned right, and began running. If he kept it up, he could get home on time. The buildings on the street were tall, looming structures, and blocked out the white moonlight from the alleyway. Suddenly, Mika stopped. He could feel somebody present in the alleyway. Not a particularly nice one he guessed. A low growling sound resounded in the alleyway. Mika panicked, and backed into a wall, his heart thumping. Two red glints flashed in the murky darkness, before the rest of the body appeared. It was a deep grey wolf, snarling in front of Mika. A wolf, in a city. Mika didn't have time to be puzzled now. All that was on his mind was to run from the creature. He nervously edged toward the lane opening, but a sharp snarl from the wolf stopped him in his tracks. The furs on the creatures back bristled, Mika stifled a scream. The creature tensed, then pounced incredibly fast on Mika. He fell to the ground, before the wolf bit his arm. The pain was secondary strangely, as suddenly Mika gasped. A trove of thoughts began to populate his head. But these were not just mere thoughts. Mika recognized them as memories.

    <launching file: memory backup>

    Mika opened his eyes again. He was certainly lying on his back, but the ground felt pushed down by something. Then he remembered. Wings. Mika sprang up and nestled the newly familiar feathered wings. Mika looked up at the alley once again. The wolf was waiting, still in territorial position, in front of Mika. To an onlooker, it would be idiotic. But Mika pounced on the wolf, and hugged it affectionately.
    "Insanity!" Mika giggled "How long have I been out?"
    "A little while. I slipped some new memes into your inventory" Insanity replied. Insanity was better known in most Internet circles as the Insanity Wolf. He was also Mika's internet companion.
    "S'there something big happening for me to get reactivated?" Mika asked.
    "You bet. There's a new annoyance, and before you ask, we're not sure if its the work of /b/," Insanity growled "They're called Net Devils. They're like the opposite of Net Angels. A bit like Doppelgangers, each Angel has a Devil that's the polar opposite of it. And its getting beyond a bit of fun. There's a big congregation in Wikipedia."
    "Ooh, hold on, I haven't opened a portal fancily for a while." Mika smiled. He took out what looked like a small folder from his pocket. On entering the open air, it grew in size. Mika opened it, and peered inside, as if it was a deep gorge.
    "Heehee, found one" Mika laughed. He closed the folder, and put it back in his pocket to shrink. Mika stood like he was about to be hit with something, his feet apart, and his hands broadly out.
    "Come at me Bro~"
    The portal flashed into life in front of Mika, a gush of sparkly clouds falling into him.
    "Oh nice." Insanity growled.

    Mika stepped out onto the clean streets of Wikipedia. It was a nice place, Mika admitted. He personally preferred Know Your Meme, but Wikipedia was still a safe, well kept area. Passers-by walked by the portal on their duty, a few gave Mika a smile. Suddenly, Mika felt a bit worried. He drew the meme folder again, and rummaged in it. He drew a gaudy feather from the folder, and pinned it to his belt. The feather was reminiscent of Cee Lo Green's recent fashion venture, which had become a viral video according to Mika's folder. Mika noticed a slightly familiar face head into the Nature building. His face perked at the thought of old company. Mika scurried over to the large doors, a barking Insanity Wolf barging behind him. He entered the building, and saw two Angels chatting. William, a brown-haired Angel, and Euphemia a pink-haired Angel.
    "Hi everyone!" Mika muttered shyly "Been a while."
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  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    <send/ TVTropes: BFS>
    <sending complete>
    <transfer/TVTropes: Cool Shades>
    <transfer complete>

    In a flash of light, the massive sword in Jason’s hand was replaced by a much smaller pair of sunglasses, which he put on, still grinning. A simplistic virus had decided it was a good idea to attack him, and had met his blade. The young man looked around, and, deciding he had nothing better to do, decided to visit his favorite site.
    <portal.transfer: tvtropes.org>
    Jason loved nothing more than to waste time in this enormous repository of writing clichés and how they applied to the millions of films, books, and television shows catalogued there. Jason explored for several hours until he came across a link to the so called “Other Wiki,” Wikipedia. Not the most reliable source of information, but definitely the largest. Deciding to follow up on this, Jason chose to make his way to the massive information site.

    <transfer/TVTropes/Portal: Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device>
    <transfer complete>

    A large, black and white, almost cannon like object appeared in Jason’s hand. The angel examined the device, then raised it in front of him and fired, opening a large, blue portal.
    Jason stepped through, only to reappear on the other side, in Wikipedia World, through an orange portal.

    <send/TVTropes/Portal: Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device>
    <sending complete>

    The portal gun disappeared, and Jason flapped his large wings a couple of times. Unusually, his wings were flat, blocky things, based on those granted by Excalibur in the series “Soul Eater”. After a bit more stretching while he looked around, Jason took flight, searching the massive bookshelves for an article on the weapon he had been researching, his black overcoat, pants, and in fact all his clothing, contrasting against the bright golden wings and the white paper of the articles on the shelf. As Jason scanned the shelves, he looked down, and noticed a small group of other Angels discussing something. The Angel decided it might be important, and made a quick, banking dive toward them, landing a few feet away.

    As the young man walked up he began to speak in a voice one might expect from someone living in California around 1911. “Now I thought I knew plenty of Net Angels, yet I’ve never met any of you. The name’s Jason, if you don’t mind me intruding, but when Net Angels gather, it’s always a good idea to be around, don’t you think?” Jason said, adjusting his fedora on the last bit.
  6. <launching file:memory.backup>

    Jacob gasped as memories of the last sixteen years flooded his mind, all the fun, the pain, and the euphoric feeling of destroying viruses. He smiled, then focused, and his wings sprung into life on his back. Well, wing and a half anyway. His left wing had been half destroyed by a virus a while ago, and the virus would have continued if he hadn't turned it into a kebab with his sword. He had an urge to go to wikipedia, and hey, we all have to give into our urges sometimes. He took a silver compass out of his jacket pocket, and pressed the button on the top, revealing the blue face and the red and white needles on either side.

    <portal.transfer: wikipedia.org>

    Jacob looked up to see the familiar portal appear out of nowhere, in correspondence to the North needle of his compass. He put the compass back in his white jumper pocket, and left the autumn forests of his own world for Wikipedia.

    As soon as he entered Wikipedia, he was jostled by another angel, who had obviously been running away from something. "Hey, watch it!" Jacob shouted, his fuse just about to be lit. The other angel apologized, then started running again. Jacob shook his head, and started wandering. It wasn't long before he came across a small group of angels. Several of them he recognized, and he walked over with the largest grin on his face. "Euph, Mika, how have you guys been?" He sat down opposite the pink-to-purple haired Euphemia, and the meme-loving Mika and waited for their answers.

    OoC: Lolfail short post. I'll put more context in my next ones~
  7. ’’We are, each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.’’  -Luciano De Crescenzo

    As Gabriel entered the Main Page building, Fulgura still sitting on his shoulder and Fuego happily bouncing near his ankles, he considered his options, of what he would do now. Fuego, how late does the conference start? Gabriel asked his furred friend, checking his watch. It was three past twelve, PM. Three hours from now, I think. Fuego answered, sniffing the air-conditioned but nonetheless pleasant smell inside the humongous building.

    Gabriel noticed that Wikipedia had changed. A lot, actually. The tower was itself was hollow, with a giant pillar in the middle that served as an elevator system. This wasn’t new, but it had been renewed. Everything looked shinier and newer. He liked it.

    Wikipedia had a complicated electronic network of teleporters, allowing members and visitors to cruise from page to page within seconds- Or longer, depending on how good and fast your Internet connection was.

    A flying robot passed by, shaped like a dragonfly, but entirely white- apart from the facet eyes and glowing tips of its paws- both of which were a light blue. The robot stopped in front of him and hovered, with its head pointing up, and two blue hologram screens shot out from both eyes, with what looked like today’s recent happenings of the so-called IRL world, fun facts, dates, featured articles, and the rest.

    ‘Welcome, visitor! I am Wikipedia International Levitator L-987, or Will for short!’ The robot said, in an overly positive but not particularly unpleasant voice. ‘I will be your assistance robot during your stay here.’ Gabriel, unsure what to say, nodded. ‘Well, okay, Will. Can you show me the new biology-related pages?’

    The screen changed, and Gabriel searched for something nice ‘n scientific he could read about. Gabriel was very fond of biology. He pressed the ‘Astrobiology’ page, and the robot’s screens disappeared. Its eyes flashed three times, and levitated away. Gabriel realized he had to follow it.

    Will buzzed towards one of the side doors of the Main Page’s entrance hallway. There was the teleportation system, rows of teleportation modules. Will buzzed towards an unused one, and his two front paws typed something into the touch screen, in front of the teleportation module. When he was done, he rotated in mid-air, now facing Gabriel.

    ‘You are now able to travel to the Astrobiology section.’

    -Three hours later-

    The Main Page conference room was huge. Like, absolutely, positively enormous. The room was shaped like a cylinder, with four sloping floors along the edges were there were rows and rows of seats. In the middle, a slightly heightened part of the floor indicated the stage.

    Gabriel had been enjoying himself in the biology section of Wikipedia, reading trough as much of the new info as he could. The humans in the IRL world were definitely getting more advanced. Nowhere near as advanced as this dimension, of course, but still.

    More and more Angels were pouring in, chatting, hugging, some even kissing. Such a large gathering of Angels was very rare, and a lot of Angels finally saw their long lost friends again. Gabriel had yet to see his friends, but he would find them soon enough after the conference, he hoped.

    As the Angels began settling in their seats, the sound of chatter decreased. When, suddenly, a blimp of misty white energy popped into existence center-stage, it became a murmur. Everybody knew it was a forebode of the Oracle, their leader and God, whom they served faithfully- Although some more faithfully then others.

    The ball of white, luminescent mist started twirling around its axis. Slowly at first, but the velocity increased steadily, as did the size. Large beams of white light broke out from the ball, and suddenly, the white light engulfed the entire room. Those who had attended conferences before were wise enough to shield their eyes, but some of the inexperienced new Angels were momentarily blinded.

    When the light died, the Oracle was standing there, in his usual form, the Google Chrome logo, only then nine feet high and wide, and levitating. The Oracle had taken upon the job of representing Google, making him able to link to almost every site and have the biggest knowledge in the universe.

    Instead of the usual greetings, cheering and applauding, there was a deadly silence.

    Everybody could see there was clearly something very, very wrong.

    Bits and pieces had been slammed or cut of the Oracle, some with surgeon-like precision, other looked like they had been slammed of with a sledgehammer. The Oracle trembled, a vibration that made all the Angels shiver. Any trace of euphoria disappeared; This was serious business.

    My dearest Angels, I come bearing grave news. the monotone, telepathic voice of the Oracle said. Whether the Oracle was male or female, could not be derived from the voice. Many believed it had no gender. As you know, recently, there has been evil activity in the form of Net Devils. They are the exact opposite of every one of you. What I haven't told you... Is that every one of them lives of a piece of me. Their core of energy is a shard of my power.

    Gabriel couldn't believe what he heard and saw. Their leader, their beacon of hope, was slowly being smashed into obliteration- and the shards that come of him, fed the Devils energy. These creatures were pure evil. Another murmur rippled trough the audience, and everywhere, Angels looked worried, distressed, or downright scared.

    'Their evil might is chipping away at me every second of my continued existence. I need you all to perform one and the same task. Travel to as many worlds as you can, whenever your Communicator spots a Devil signature, and defeat the Devils, to take their shards. Only when all shards have been collected again, I can restore myself. I am not sure how much longer I can stay her- Another shudder, heavier then any of the first, went trough the Oracle again, and it didn't finish his line. The three colours that made up most of its exterior, out of nowhere, got a grey hue that gradually took the colour away, until seconds later, they were just a different shade of grey. The ever-apparent blue light in the center of the Oracle, mesmerizing, pulsing, the Eye, died out.

    The Oracle crashed into the floor.

    For one moment, nothing happened.

    Then the entire conference room became one huge flurry of chaos. The Angels had no idea what exactly had just happened, what to do, where to run. The official system of the Angels had always been perfectly organized, by rules that every Angel could recite from memory perfectly; It was encrypted into their data. The Oracle was one of the two first things to exist when this dimension, representing the positive energy in the universe. The other 'thing', equally sentient and powerful, but unlike the Oracle without a real form, was Elcaro Eth. This... Nobody was exactly sure what they were- Deities, organisms, omnipotent hypercomputers? This thing represented all the evil, chaos and disorder in the world, and the mirror image of Google; ElgooG.

    And at this very moment, the entire stability of the systems created over the years was being torn apart unless someone would act fast.

    Luckily, someone did.

    Just as some of the Angels started running towards the exits, for the sheer reason of going somewhere else, a horn blared trough the entire room- Loud enough to make most Angels clasp their hands over their ears.

    The sound came had come from a young woman, who looked about twenty, but she could've been any age seeing as she was an Angel. She wore simple jeans and a green pullover, with a white lab coat. Her frisky, reddish-brown hair didn't contrast with her emerald-lined glasses. Wikipedia's signature logo, a puzzle piece, was embroidered onto her lab coat's chest pocket. She was standing on the edge of the stage, holding one of those gas-can horns in her left hand.

    The woman looked at the shards on the stage, gulping. She looked just as shocked as the rest of them, but she hadn't panicked. 'Okay, Angels, I am Riley Adams, Angel representative of Wikipedia.' She yelled, in an official manner. 'Do not panic. I repeat, do not panic. Return to your seats.' She continued. The Angels in the room had no other real option. Even though every Angel had free will like a human, the need for a single authority was encrypted into their coding when they were created. With their original leader gone, the authority shifted to the next Angel whose actions and thoughts were not selfish and was the first to take action. In this case, Riley Adams.

    Riley took out some sort of scanning device from her coat pocket, and a large horizontal blue beam shot out from it, scanning the remains of the Oracle. 'The cause of the implosion was a sudden concentration of negative energy, of such a high level that it can only have come from Elcaro Eth.' She said, a sweatdrop rolling down her forehead. People gasped. 'How is that possible in a site like Wikipedia?' Someone called out. 'Negative and positive energy are everywhere. Something pressed the negative energy in this world together at insane speed, right into the Oracle. Normally, it'd be no problem for the Oracle to withstand it. But in his weakened state...' She shook her head.

    'My readings say the Oracle can be rebuild, if we can find all of the shards.' Riley said, a glint of hope in her eyes. 'We have no choice but to follow The Oracle's order, and defeat our newest enemies; The Net Devils. All in favor?' She called out. A mumble of agreement sounded. Gabriel was thinking and feeling a lot of different things right now- In the last three minutes, the entire world had been unstabilized- But one of them was the authority this woman seemed to emanate, her quick thinking. She would be a good temporary leader, especially with the biggest knowledge database known to him.

    'You will be divided over groups from ten to twenty. You can make your own groups, guys, but keep a cap of twenty.' Riley said, giving a structure to the whole. Automatically, all the Angels reached for their Communicators- A wave of tumult went trough the room- But every single one of them found a weird error message floating over the screen, reading 'Error; Directed travel disabled.' You could feel the question marks in the air.

    'This isn't good.' Riley said, researching the hologram screen of her own Communicator. 'We... We can't choose our world teleportation anymore. We have to trust on Random Teleport or Evil Signature Teleport.' Gabriel knew what this meant; Either they would have to go to a completely random world, or the Communicator would scan for the nearest and largest gathering of negative energy, usually monsters, nearby. And with as many worlds as this dimension had, the random teleport was no good.

    'Okay, scan for friends and make your group. If you can't get to ten, add enough random Angels. Understood?'

    Gabriel tapped the icon with two Angel Wings, the list of active Angels, created a new folder and used the search bar to find his friends. All of them were active! He tapped their icons in a quick succesion, ending up with;

    -Gabriel Harper

    -Mika Genesi

    -Jason Larock

    -Jacob Withing

    -William Blitz

    -Euphemia Joseph

    The requests were sent to his friends. Still being short four Angels, he tapped the 'Rumble Icon', making all the Angel icons dash around the screen randomly, resulting into a mayhem on the screen. He brought his finger down four times, selecting four random Angels. All four accepted the requests. Lucky shot.

    -Oliver Young

    -Amelia Scott

    -Mason Green

    -Chiyoko Hisikawa

    Were added to the list. They were ready to go.

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  8. Jacob was talking to his friends, when a shudder ran through him.

    It was time for the conference.

    He stood up from his chair, and summoned his scooter, before speeding away to where the conference was being held, calling behind him to his friends, telling them to catch up. He reached the Conference room within a matter of minutes, and he walked inside, putting away the scooter and hoping to see some friends.

    He sat down at a seat, and made his wings appear. He liked them out, despite the awkward feeling he got from not being able to fully stretch his left wing. a big gathering of white energy gathered in the middle of the stage, before turning into the oracle. Jacob gasped to see the Oracle in such a bad condition, but quieted down to hear what it had to say.

    My dearest Angels, I come bearing grave news. As you know, recently, there has been evil activity in the form of Net Devils. They are the exact opposite of every one of you. What I haven't told you... Is that every one of them lives of a piece of me. Their core of energy is a shard of my power.

    Their evil might is chipping away at me every second of my continued existence. I need you all to perform one and the same task. Travel to as many worlds as you can, whenever your Communicator spots a Devil signature, and defeat the Devils, to take their shards. Only when all shards have been collected again, I can restore myself. I am not sure how much longer I can stay her- The Oracle suddenly shuddered violently, lost all its colour, and crashed to the floor.

    Jacob sat there in a stupor, as chaos erupted all around him. The Oracle had been hurt, badly, maybe even died. His mind started fuzzing up, before shutting down for several minutes.

    Stupid lag.

    Jacob was brought back into reality by a buzzing in his pocket. The Team Plasma battle theme, his text tone. He shook his head, before reaching into his pocket and pulling his red flip phone out. Believe it or not, this was actually his Oracle Communicator, and he used this quite a bit. He flipped open the screen.

    One new message.

    He pressed the 'view' button, and quickly read the text. Gabriel had requested him to be in a group - to fight Net-Devils and somehow get the Oracle back online. He accepted, and instantly got up from his seat, and strode over to where his communicator said Gabriel was.

    "Gabriel, fill me in on what's happening. I kinda missed what Riley said." He looked around, and waited for whoever else Gabriel had invited.

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  9. As the white cushioned seat next to her became occupied, Euphemia didn't even twitch. She did hear her old friend greet her, but only responded once she had finished reading the paragraph she was on.

    Roses have been long used as symbols in a number of societies. Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. 'Rose' means pink or red in a variety of languages (such as Romance languages, Greek, and Polish). The rose was sacred to a number of goddesses (including Isis and Aphrodite), and is often used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. In Rome a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where secret or confidential matters were discussed. The phrase sub rosa, or "under the rose", means to keep a secret — derived from this ancient Roman practice.

    Euphemia's heart (the core of her virtual body, the block of data that pumped binary around her unreal wires that were considered to be her 'veins') sank a little every time she read about love. Love; it seemed these 'irl' humans depended on it, like it was some kind of essential. To Euphemia it was plainly something that hurt people, scarred them invisibly.

    "Why helloooo, William," Euphemia said in monotone after closing over the book on roses she held in her hands. In a cloud of illegitimate letters the book disappeared and transported back to the shelf it was originally on. She turned to her side to face William Blitz; she smiled rarely, but this time the faintest of smirks appeared on her face momentarily. Euphie would never admit it, but inside it felt good to see one of her old buddies again.

    Taking her gaze away from the glass table she sat at and Will, she looked up to see another familiar face. Again it was a fellow angel; an old companion, this time it was Mika Genesi. He was another strange guy - as with pretty much all of Euphemia's friends and herself - but instead of being fascinated by books, like Euphie, or by Minecraft, like Will, Mika was very much into internet memes. Sometimes Euphemia found it really weird when he randomly quoted some YouTube video or giggled as he mentioned something on 4chan, but whatever. Mika was a likeable enough guy, and for the most part, Euphie didn't mind him.

    Euphie rolled her eyes; the were starting to become a croud. Nonetheless, she kept the same expression on her face - ... which, well, wasn't necessarily a good thing. Her face was blank and showed an unimpressed expression ... as it usually did, if she were quite honest. Which she generally was. There was nothing for her to lie about, really.

    “Now I thought I knew plenty of Net Angels, yet I’ve never met any of you," the boy who had just joined said, with quite the amusing accent. "The name’s Jason, if you don’t mind me intruding, but when Net Angels gather, it’s always a good idea to be around, don’t you think?”

    There was a murmur within the group whilst Euphemia stared plainly across the table and squinted her eyes a little to try and read the spines of the books across the room from her. Her friends talked a little bit more and she muttered something sarcastic every now and again, until something blurred her view of the bookshelves.

    Euphemia blinked hard. Sitting in the seat before her there was now an angel with quite bright blue hair and grey-ish eyes. With another hard blink, she noticed a plaster on the left of his jaw and with that was able to identify him; it was Jacob, another one of Euphemia's old friends. Her mouth curved up just a little bit at the sides before Jacob began to speak.

    "Euph, Mika, how have you guys been?"

    "As fine as a mass of coding may well be," Euphemia muttered with a sigh.

    Before long, Jacob had jumped up and scooted away on his scooter. He called behind him to the rest of the group to hurry up behind him, and with a sigh Euphie decided she must do so. She pushed her seat back a little and patted down her clothes before turning to walk in the direction of the conference room. Behind her she heard the scuffing of chairs on the floor and mumbles and murmurs from her friends - they probably didn't think that her suddenly departing from the table without saying anything was very mannerly; but who was she to know how to display manners or affection in the first place? Maybe her friends did care for her, but she hadn't known love for the best part of her life, so really ... she just lived without it for the rest of it, too.

    In the conference room, many angels were already seated. Euphie's eyes skimmed over the many angels and she rolled her eyes every time she saw a few hugging tightly or even kissing. Now that she thought about it, she had never really hugged someone before. Or kissed anyone; but that was a different matter.

    She threw herself into a seat and sighed a little. She enjoyed seeing The Oracle, but sometimes all of the social activities put her off. She covered her eyes before the huge flash occured, and couldn't help but sit up a little bit straighter when she saw The Oracle and noticed - well - the chunks taken out of him. As he explained the situation, she gradually became more and more intrigued, and was almost leaning in when the colours were suddenly drained from him and it seemed his life force was defeated as well.

    All of the uproar and the Wikipedia Angel instructing the others seemed to happen in a mere flash. Euphemia's senses were completely overtaken by the screeching coming from her headset, and her ears began to numb as her eyes blurred up a little. Through the muffled screeching piercing her ears she could hear something beeping a little; the alarm to sound that she was being called upon. She heard the automated voice from her headset murmur "Net Angel H-357" and suddenly Euphemia's head bounced up and she scanned the crowds. With a pout she began to run through the swarms of Angels until she found who she was looking for; the golden-blonde haired male Angel that Euphemia was once really good friends with; Gabriel Harper.

    With an exasperated gasp, she whipped off her headset and called out, "Gab!" she reached her hand out and tugged on his sleeve a little so as to pull her way through the two angels that stood in front of her. Once she squeezed through them; she smiled the faintest of smiles at the other Angel and then nodded towards Jacob, who had also met up with Gabriel rather quickly.

    "So, I guess we're going to have to do another load of crazy stuff this time round, yeah?"
  10. Will chuckled a little at Euphemia's 'cold hearted' responce and looked away. Euphemia wasn't really that interactive with other Angels - she was very silent and sarcastic, but Will knew her quite well. Knowing she was happy to see Will he replied contently, and slightly sarcastically to his friend, with a grin.

    "It's a pleasure to see you too, Euphemia."

    Will then looked above, parting his hair to one side as usual, and locked on to another angel, hovering around bookshelves with pristine white, unnatural wings. Will seemed to know this Angel, but he'd never actually talked to him.

    “Now I thought I knew plenty of Net Angels, yet I’ve never met any of you, the name’s..."

    Will said the Angel's name in synchronisation with him, getting up out of his chair.

    "Jason. You're that one who uses TV Tropes, right?"

    Jason seemed to aknowlege Will and his statement, and carried on speaking.

    "if you don’t mind me intruding, but when Net Angels gather, it’s always a good idea to be around, don’t you think?”

    Will replied, "Aye, I do think so. What with the sudden rumors going on, we don't know what will happen."

    Will then took the time to nod at Mika and Jacob, who had arrived just a moment ago. He had only met these two Angels a few times, but Will always though it was good to get to know others.

    Will enjoyed a nice conversation with the Angels, and occasionally checked his communicator for updates on his program, Minecraft. Will let out a small exclamation of joy and looked close at his screen - the new updates had finally arrived! Minecraft was now 4.1 Beta, meaning Will's strength had also improved - his limits. as 'op', a state on Minecraft allowing you to spawn anything in a world, had extended.

    In the real world, 'op' could be given to humans permenantly on Minecraft servers. Since Will uses the programme though, he can only temporarily sustain it, due to mental strain. The program is linked to his mind after all, and since it's in beta, the High Angels who bestowed him the program did not want to take too many risks. But now it'd been refined, and Will could sustain it for longer. That is, he hoped. Will's ever changing Angel number had changed also - he read it out aloud from his communicator.

    "M - B14, huh... That's flashy, they've added a 'B' now..."

    All of a sudden, The Oracle's mighty voice boomed throughout Wikipedia, and Will raised from his seat once again, looking out of the window of the tower to see the Google Chrome logo, or The Oracle in this case. Will saw the others heading off to listen, Will did also. In a second, his large, gleaming white wings unfolded out of his back. He threw open the window and took to the skies, landing on a building close to his lord. He listened in to his (or her's, Will wasn't sure) wise words. It was true, The Net Devils were out there, and were carrying peices of The Oracle also! As the giant. lifeless logo crumbled into the ground, Will felt a sharp stinging pain on his neck - his op powers were being stolen! He tried to focus and bring them back, but it was no good. Something had just stolen 3 quarters of his time as op. His communicator also brought him up to date on the fact all Angels had lost their basic Teleportation program. Will was gobsmacked, but he then recieved another notification from his communicator.

    Will's very good friend, Gabriel Harper had invited him to team up with him to take on the Net Devils. Will grinned - it was a nice pick me up after what just happned to him. Accepting the request and then commanding the communicator to give Will co - ords on Gabe's location, he took off towards him.

    Will landed in front of Gabe - he could hear Euphie talking to him also,

    "So, I guess we're going to have to do another load of crazy stuff this time round, yeah?"

    "Yeah Gabe, it's going to be just like old times, isn't it?"
  11. "Euph, Mika, how have you guys been?"

    "As fine as a mass of coding may well be," Euphemia muttered with a sigh

    Mika smiled at Euphemia's faux-weariness. What would she be without it, Mika thought.

    "I'm grand~," Mika smiled, more casual now that he was with friends.

    Mika began to space out for a bit, his eyes drifting from book title to book title. Insanity bit him sharply on his hand, waking him from his day-dream. Mika ignored him, and realised that people had began to move towards the conference centre. Mika hopped into a low fly, his wings spreading wide, clattering with a weight of pins and key-chains. Insanity Wolf bounded alongside him, and in no time, the pair were seated at the conference centre.

    Mika was, once more, spacing out. The crowd's had yet to calm down, and he had ceased listening to the chatter of them. Abruptly, he jumped with fright when he was dazzled by the Oracle. Mika focused on the Oracle now, its words becoming increasingly unwanted. Suddenly, the bright colours faded out of the Oracle, and it fell to the floor. Panic spread throughout the crowd, until one labcoated angel rushed onto the stage. Riley Adams, Mika thought, seemed good for the job of a temporary leader. It still wouldn't fix everything, but he wasn't complaining. The Devils hadn't won yet, right?
    Mika turned his attention to his communicator, a holographic screen illuminated above his now glowing tattoo. His friend Gabriel had invited him as part of a team against Net Devils. Mika accepted, then began to panic some more. Would they be defeatable? He certainly didn't want to be reset again.
    Mika flew over to Gabe, where a group of his friends now gathered.

    "So, I guess we're going to have to do another load of crazy stuff this time round, yeah?"

    "Yeah Gabe, it's going to be just like old times, isn't it?"

    "Like a boss~!" Mika giggled, trying to add some obscure meme-based humour to the situation. Not that it'd do much.
  12. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Oddly, one of the other Angels seemed to know him, however, before Jason could ask the Angel's name, The Oracle's voice rang through Wikipedia. As usual, Jason was entirely unaware there was some form of meeting or speech that day. As the other went off in various directions, the Angel who had recognized him made his way out of the window, prompting Jason to follow, having to close his overlarge wings slightly to fit through.

    While the other Angel flew over to a building nearby, Jason entered the room the massive Google Chrome logo hovered in, speaking to the gathered Angels. As usual, Jason didn't really pay attention to what was being said, until he heard the Oracle's voice waver heavily. As he heard the voice falter, he looked up worriedly, bright red eyes flashing from behind his shades, watching as The Oracle, their leader and guide, fell apart at the seams and was completely destroyed. Fairly certain he had missed quite an important speech, Jason stood from his chair, hovering back out of the building.

    Once outside, he made a long turn back to a different building, and stood on the edge awaiting orders. They came in momentarily, the false Ultimatrix on his arm lighting up, and projecting a hologram of his messages, along with the face of those who sent them, in this case, an Angel Jason knew, Gabriel Harper. Reading over the file, Jason saw he had been invited to join a group in order to deal with a group calling themselves the Net Devils.

    Deciding he was up for a quest, Jason took off, heading toward the coordinates given for Gabriel's location. As he arrived, Jason made a spiraling dive, landing behind Gabe with his longcoat billowing around him. Standing up, and adjusting his fedora, Jason said, "Gabriel! It has been too long, I gotta say. Seems we have a threat on our hands, doesn't it?"
  13. The first one to find him was Jacob, greeting him and looking around. 'Gabriel, fill me in on what's happening.' He asked. 'I kinda missed what Riley said.'

    Gabriel frowned. 'You lagged again? You should seriously get a better connection.' He said, laughing. 'Anyway, we're divided into search parties, and we'll have to go hunt for Net Devils to restore the Oracle. I've invited all our other friends, t-'

    At that moment, something tugged on his sleeve, and he heard 'Gab!' Euphemia Joseph, a dear friend of Gabriel's, burst trough two Angels standing side by side and smiled at him- well, more or less. It was a hardly noticeable movement of the corners of her mouth, but Gabriel had taught himself to read Euphemia's refined expressions perfectly. She gave a friendly nod at Jacob.

    'So, I guess we're going to have to do another load of crazy stuff this time 'round, yeah?' She said. Gabriel nodded. 'No choice, really. Not that I mind.' He said, breaking into a smile.

    More friends started gathering around Gabriel. 'Yeah, Gabe, it's going to be just like old times, isn't it?' William said, as he landed in front of Gabriel. Will represented Minecraft, a popular indie game. Gabriel had stopped playing after his first traumatizing experience with a Creeper.

    'Like a boss!' Coming from the overly positive- in a good way- and meme-loving Mika, whose companion would either lick you to death or bite you to death when you tried to pet him. Fuego wasn't very fond of him.

    'Gabriel! It has been too long, I gotta say. Seems we have a threat on our hands, doesn't it?' Jason said, the last to join their little clique.

    'Sure does.' Gabriel said, fistbumping and greeting his friends, and he looked around. 'Well, we're all here, apart from four other Angels that I've added to our gro-'

    'Already here.' A voice behind Gabriel said. The owner of the voice was a rather pretty teenage girl, with straight reddish-brown hair and almond eyes, who was dressed in skinny jeans, a plain white T-shirt with a brown leather vest that had half-long sleeves, and black sneakers. A confident girl, no doubt.

    Behund her, as she walked down the aisle, were two boys. One had frizzy, brownish-blonde hair and a smirk on his face. Oddly enough, the boy reminded him of himself. The other boy had long, dark hair, wore gothic-like dark clothes, and even his smile was dark. Speaking of polar opposites, Gabriel thought.

    'Amelia Scott, Net Angel H-469. Glad to meet you.' The girl said, giving a small salute with two fingers at her brow, with a smile. She was actually even prettier up close. 'H? Ah, so you're one of my generation. Glad to meet you too, Amelia.' Gabriel said, winking.

    The boy with the frizzy hair shook his hand. 'Mason Green, G-621. Nice to meet ya!'

    The dark-haired teen, who Gabriel guessed was Oliver Young kept silent at first, giving a nod to Gabriel as he scanned the little crowd- His eyes resting on Euphemia’s. He looked away sullenly upon seeing her expression. ‘Oliver Young, Net Angel F-803.’ He said, pronouncing it eight-oh-three. Gabriel wasn’t sure if he liked this boy so far, but there was no going back now.

    ‘Okay, we’re just one person short now. I think she’ll be here soon enou-‘ Gabriel was interrupted yet again, as a girl with Japanese features materialized near the others. She was busy typing something into her bright red PDA. ‘Chiyoko Hisikawa, Net Angel P-707, reporting.’ She spoke really quickly, and she seemed quite hasty.

    ‘Okay, now we’re complete. Let’s synchronize our Com’s on channel… 465?’ There were exactly 9001 Communicator channels avaible to Angels, so a lot of them were free. 465 was completely random, but easy to remember. They all typed the channel number into their Communicators, and after a diversity of confirmation sounds- From Gabriel’s owl hoot to Chiyoko’s wind chime- all the screens flashed the same hue of turquoise- The colour of a diamond block, as Will would say.

    Suddenly, all the Coms bleeped again. Everyone had received a message from Riley, with additional info. Since the Angels would have to stay in each world that had a Devil until they had either defeated him or her or had to run because they were not able to – Something that would never happen to them, Gabriel was sure- They would need rations if they could not find any food. Subspace ration delivery was avaible, one Com-ping away. Gabriel just hoped that their cuisine had improved over time.

    ‘Alright, guys, are we all ready?’ Gabriel asked, and everyone was. Gabriel tapped the Evil Signature option on his Communicator’s teleportation mode, and set it on Scan.

    ‘Here we go!’

    Dimensional teleportation was something quite peculiar. Stepping trough the portal simply brought you from one world to the other- Just like that, with nothing inbetween. Traveling in groups, though, brought a bump into the road; Group teleportation did not work trough a portal, but was actual teleportation, which made for a gut-wrenching sensations and, if you managed to open your eyes during the two-second journey, thousands of colours in all shapes and sizes flashing around you.

    Gabriel waited for the gut-wrenching feeling, felt the tug on his intestines, noticed the sudden change in air temperature, even though it did not differ much from Wikipedia’s, and change in gravity, smells, sounds, and whatnot.

    He opened his eyes to see where they had landed.

    (OOC; Nobody is posting until we’ve decided on the chronological order of the worlds we’ll be visiting, hence the semi-cliffhanger. I’d like you all to post in our discussion thread.)
  14. "No choice, really," Gabriel said in response to Euphemia. "Not that I mind." His mouth suddenly grinned happily and Euphemia's eyes widened just a little at it. Sure, it was true that people smiled, but this was a lot more smiling than she was used to, even through the previous happening. Euphie's face lit up just a little bit at his smile and when she realised, she blushed and turned away.

    Before she had noticed, Will had joined the little group of angels too. "Yeah Gabe," he said, "it's going to be just like old times, isn't it?" Suddenly Mika pounced into the huddle too, and squealed "Like a boss!" His partner bounced along too, who - though he was a little bit creepy - didn't traumatise Euphie much. She looked over to Insanity Wolf and sighed; though he was the companion of one of Euphie's friends, she must admit that he wasn't ... well, he wasn't really her favourite. Before long, Jason bounded along too, greeting Gabe. Almighty Oracle, Euphie thought, does Gabe just know everyone on the internet?

    "Well, we're all here, apart from four other Angels that I've added to our gro-"

    "Already here," a voice murmured. A red-haired female came strutting down the conference room towards Gabe, her poker-straight hair swaying a little bit as she walked. It was clear by Gabe's eyes that he thought this girl was pretty; something that didn't exactly impress Euphemia. She couldn't say or do anything to change Gabriel's mind, but she honestly didn't get the whole 'pretty-girl-enchants-boy' thing. It was all nonsense to her, really. She saluted Gabe as she introduced herself, and Gabriel replied kindly and winked. Augh, he winked. Seriously? Winking? Ugh. Sometimes, Gabe, sometimes you're just .. ugh.

    She realised what she was doing quickly but only after thinking it; and as she noticed she glanced upwards at Amelia and smiled. She tried her hardest not to down-right insult people, even in her mind - if anything she should insult using a snarky sarcastic comment. Euphemia wasn't the most understanding of people, after all.

    Of the two boys that followed behind Amelia, the one with the dirty blonde hair spoke first. "Mason Green, G-621. Nice to meet ya!" he said as he grinned and shook Gabe's hand thoroughly. Euphie winced a little, she couldn't say that she liked it when someone said 'ya'. It wasn't the worst crime one could commit against the Net Angel-race, but it certainly was something that Euphie's mindset just didn't comprehend with. The second boy Euphemia hadn't been paying much attention to, but once Mason was done she glanced over to him - and within seconds she breathed in very heavily through her nose and her eyes widened and rolled over to the side. With her head turned a little but further away from the boy, she cautioned another look towards him. He looked pretty disappointed as he slouched away a little and murmurred his name.

    Of course, Euphemia's mind hissed, of course Gabriel would have invited the one person I'd like to see least. Couldn't we have waited at LEAST a few hours before we had to see each other again?

    He was, of course, the boy that Euphie had earlier met and threatened to report. He was blushing, too, as he muttered his details. Euphemia's eyes swivelled around the room a little - avoiding Oliver Young at all costs - before she stopped to realise that Gabriel didn't have the most interested-looking expression either. Euphie smirked deviously a little - only because no one could see her hiding her face.

    "Okay, we’re just one person short now. I think she’ll be here soon enou-"

    "Chiyoko Hisikawa, Net Angel P-707, reporting." A new girl spoke with a more firm yet hasty voice. For once Euphie didn't roll her eyes or cringe. Sure, she seemed a little rushed, but at least she didn't say 'ya'. Chiyoko was busy typing on her PDA, but she nodded at the rest of the group anyway.

    "Okay, now we’re complete." Gabriel said, sounding relieved. "Let’s synchronize our Com’s on channel… 465?"

    Euphemia raised her hand to type with the little keypad on her headset. She had to memorize the exact places of the keys seeing as they were relatively small, but it wasn't that much of a bother. Normally she would just press the large red button in the middle of her headphone but it was too noisy for her voice to be properly recognised. Instead she started by firstly pressing a small blue button on the left of her headset and then typing in "465" before pressing the button again, and a small beeping tune was heard emitting from her device, jumbled in with all of the many other chimes. The light on her left headphone glimmered a bright blue colour before bells chimed into her ears, and a robotic voice pinged. It was incredibly hard to hear through the chattering, so Euphie only managed to catch some bits and pieces. "1 ... Message, author ... subject:Rations ..." she listened closely, and understood it well enough.

    "Alright, guys, are we all ready?" Gabe asked, followed by chants of 'yes' or some other positive response. Euphie nodded silently and fumbled with a few buttons on her Communicator. "Here we go!" Gabe called, and ...

    Euphemia - and all of the other Angels - were suddenly thrown into what was near enough a hole in the internet through which they teleported. She tried not to open her eyes because the sight she would have been greeted with would not have been a very calm one, something that she didn't really enjoy seeing. She moaned a little as pain struck her stomach, but it wasn't too bad. Before long, she was flung at something hard and tumbled over a few times, her eyes still squeezed shut.

    The air that now surrounded them felt cleaner and fresher; Wikipedia's air was obviously very clean and fresh for saftey purposes, but it was almost as if the Angels had landed in a lively yet open area. Euphie sat up. It seems they had landed in a large town, with hundreds of other inhabitants. Strange animals ran around; ones with huge glittering eyes and big bobbing tails and wings and occasionally the outrageous power also stuck on to them. Euphie had seen these before; they looked an awful lot like ... PokeMon. The buildings in front of her looked warm and welcoming yet sleek and shiny, with huge banners and titles slung on the fronts of them, above the doors. There were many huge buildings - reading 'Video Games', 'Trading Card Game', 'Animation', 'PokeMon Fun Zone' and 'News and Events'. They looked a little bit strange, and still they looked exciting. There were three other large buildings, all looking very important and popular; seeing as there were people flooding in and out of them. 'PokeDex', 'PokeMon Global Link' and 'PokeMon Trading Card Game Online', they read. The 'PokeDex' building was a large building disconnected from anything, while the 'PokeMon Global Link' was attached to the PokeMon Fun Zone and 'PokeMon Trading Card Game Online' of course connected to the Trading Card Game building.

    "Well, that wasn't the most comfortable of rides, now, was it?" Euphemia asked sarcastically as she yawned. She stretched out and scrunched her eyes up, and when she opened them she noticed something sligthly strange.

    Her hands.

    She was wearing black leather fingerless glove with some strange white-and-red ball pattern on top. She wasn't wearing these before, was she? She scratched her head confusedly, and as she did so, noticed something else that was undeniably weird. It seemed she was wearing a hat, too. She whipped it off and looked at it; it too had the ball pattern. When she looked down to her body she noticed that all of her other clothes were changed, too, and she was now clad in a skin-tight red shirt and a black armless hoodie over the top. She sighed and frowned. She knew that sometimes the outfits of Net Angels changed when they visited different worlds, but she-

    Oh Oracle no.

    Euphemia was wearing a miniskirt. A very mini miniskirt. It was rare for her to wear a skirt at all, but really? Did the Internet hate her this much? Maybe she wasn't the kindest of people, but come on now. She clutched the bottom of the white pleated skirt and frowned at it slightly angrily. At least she was wearing leggings, ri- ... oh no, she wasn't. She wore thigh-high socks, black and red striped. Could this get any worse?

    She swiftly turned around to look at the bunch of Angels behind her, most of which hadn't fully taken in their surroundings yet. All of them, too, had changed outfit - and really, some of them suited it.

    "Well, this should be fun." Euphemia muttered in a deeply depressed voice.

    (OOC: lolwut I dunno. Dark told me to introduce the PokeMon world and I didn't want to keep you guys waiting but I didn't get to talk to anyone so aagghhh. I SUCK AT THIS. SUE ME D:<)
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  15. (OOC: Whatno this wasn't slowly dying at all. >> )

    ‘Have either of you ever considered that, perhaps, we should begin exploring alternate methods of transportation?’- Jessie, Mewtwo Returns

    'Well, that wasn't the most comfortable of rides, was it?' Euphie's voice called out from somewhere near him. He was still a bit woozy from the teleportation- Like the feeling when you stand up from your seat too quickly.

    Once fully recovered, he looked around, and had trouble recognising where they had landed. They seemed to be in, or near, the centre of a large city, next to a park. Up ahead stood a variety of tall, futuristic and colourful buildings, bearing names like 'PokeMon Fun Zone' And 'PokeDex'. Most of the buildings were interconnected one way or another.

    Well, that clears the mystery of our current whereabouts. Gabriel thought, as he eyed the tall towers and the strange creatures running and jumping about, from the Starly's, Pidoves and Pidgey's on rooftops to the ocassional Ratata in the streets.

    ‘This place doesn’t exactly look destroyed or in chaos, does it?’ Gabriel said, licking his lips. A memory from his pseudo-life reappeared in his brain, about playing PokeMon Black, Diamond and Emerald. This world was quite idyllic. The fact that it was still like this, probably meant the Net Devil in this world had not yet started rampaging.

    'Are any of you guys seeing anything abnorm...' He turned around to the others and stopped talking when he noticed everybody was wearing different clothes, obviously PokeMon-styled. All of his friends looked quite good in their flashy and colourful outfits; Euphie was wearing... What was she wearing? Miniskirts were nothing like her. Then again, the PokeMon universe did have a long history of obvious fanservice. Poor Euphemia.

    Amelia was really getting more bedazzling by the second. She was dressed in a purple-themed outfit, with a simple black long shirt decorated with light lavender stripes, the same colour as her gloves' wristbands and her pants which reached just over her knees. Her large shoulder bag, summer vest and long sneakers were a deeper shade of purple. Her hairstyle had changed, as well, now being one of those typical anime haircuts that defied gravity, with four bundles of hair pointing to opposite directions; Two to the left, two to the right, in a diagonal windmill fashion.

    At the other end of the scale was Oliver Young, who actually hadn't changed much, except his choice of colours- Or, well, choice?- Seemed to be a little less dark. Most of the clothes he was wearing were now just a deep shade of blue. Gabriel looked down at his own clothes...

    ...It could've been worse. His blouse, wide-collared coat, belt, sneakers and knee-long shorts were all marine blue, with black square shapes and lines. His long socks, backpack, wristcollars and short scarf were all a light blueish turqoise.

    Nonchalantly, he quickly took off his scarf and shoved his socks further down his ankles. Turqoise and blue? For real? Gabriel thought, when a sudden thought came to him. 'Where the hell are Fuego and Fulgura?' Gabriel basically thought out loud, look around worriedly. Then he came up with something, feeling at his waist, he felt four small globed objects. He was right.

    Fuego and Fulgura had become PokeMon.

    But what was in the other two balls? Picking a random ball, he pushed the button in the middle, immediately expanding the Great Ball to its full size. He threw the ball up in the air, considering shouting out 'I choose you!' For a second, but didn't do so.

    A red ray shot out from the ball, revealing the PokeMon inside; Before Gabriel stood a bipedal PokeMon, that seemed to be a combination of a samurai and a knight. It had thick thigs, hoove-like chrome feet and two elliptical sharp dishes around its waist, along with dangerous-looking large metal hands with sharp talons at the side. Its head seemed to be helmeted, with a sharp edge on top.

    ‘Oh, now that’s just plain smexy.’ Gabriel said, breaking into a smirk. The PokeMon in question was a Bisharp, if he remembered correctly. A Dark/Steel-type. But you’re not one of my partners. Gabriel thought, as he recalled Bisharp. Some of the others had started checking out what PokeMon were at their belt, as well.

    He checked his belt; Apart from the Bisharp’s Great Ball, there were two PokeBalls and one Heavy Ball at his belt. He didn’t really expect Fuego or Fulgura to be in the Heavy Ball- Fulgura would probably still be a bird, and Fuego still a canine of sorts. That had never really changed.

    ‘Guys, let’s go to the park over there and try to come up with a plan. We need to locate the Devil as soon as possible.’

    Right at that moment, many miles away, a portal opened in the middle of a forest surrounding a lake, frightening the heck out of the PokeMon near. It had a deep black hue, that gradually became purple as it neared the swirling center. An entity stepped out of it- Humanoid, but like a silhouette come to live, consisting of swirling darkness, as if he was made out of the portal’s matter.

    Three globes of the same substance leaped out of the portal, after which it closed. Two of the globes stayed on land, while the third submerged itself into the water of the lake nearby.

    The silhouette’s colours started warping, becoming darker in some places and lighter in others, until eventually a boy with long, dark blonde hairs had formed. He was wearing a dark emerald shirt with grey overcoat, dark jeans with sneakers of the same colour. On his right wrist was some sort of large, strange device with a glowing screen.


    Net Devil 218, Caleb Anderson, Net Devil of the DigiMon Wiki, had been activated.

    And he felt great.

    The two shadowy orbs on land gradually grew in size as they morphed as well. One seemed to become taller and bipedal, while one become longer and grey. The one in the water became sleeker, and grew fins. Eventually, the monster nearest to Caleb became a bipedal Tyrannosaurus Rex-like creature with large and vicious pincers, with a grey skin that had red stripes on it. The long and grey one looked like science-fiction locomotive, complete with turbines and a spinning spiked wheel up front. The one in the water looked like a combination of a shark and an airplane.

    Tylomon, DarkTyrannomon and GranLocomon. Completely overpowered and overly huge, just the way Caleb liked it, or at least he thought he did. He was still sort of exploring his newly formed brain, which was currently buzzing with all sorts of Digimon information- Such at the attacks and specializations of the three large Digimon he was looking at- Along with trying to process where he was. A riverbank in a forest could be pretty much anywhere. But the strange, tiny creatures in the bushes, eyeing the newcomers suspiciously and ready to run at any time, invoked something deep inside him. They were PokeMon, the biggest rivals of Digimon. And although these seemed to be the weaker ones- Hardly past Rookie, probably- Enemies were enemies.

    ‘GranLocomon!’ Caleb called out, snapping his fingers. The large locomotive let out a strange grump, blowing white steam from one of the golden pipes connected to his temples. ‘How about a Destroyed Crash?’

    The brand new clique sat down at one of the wooden tables in the meadow, most of them calling out and checking out their new personal acquaintances and clothing. Gabriel still wasn’t too sure about his bright blue clothing, and decided to himself he’d shop around at the nearest clothing store for some new stuff.

    In the meantime, he’d love to see what Fulgura and Fuego had turned into. Pulling the two PokeBalls from his belt, he tossed them in into the air. Two of the trademark red rays shot out from them, revealing Gabriel’s two friends and partners.

    Fuego shook his head. Dude, that was weird. One moment I was with you, then I was in this… Place. I was hardly conscious. He said. Fulgura flapped her, indeed, wings and hopped for a bit. Of course you were, PokeBalls store a PokeMon as pure data… Isn’t that how it works? Fulgura looked at Gabriel, then at Fuego. She flapped her wings again, surprised.

    Whoa, you’ve… Changed! Fulgura’s voice called out. What? Really? What am I? Fuego asked. Gabriel scratched his head. ‘Uhm, Arcanine, if I remember correctly.[/i] He said, recognizing the striped orange fur and sand-coloured manes. Have I changed as well? Fulgura asked, looking down on her now dark blue and red feathered body. Oh, I have! She said, seeming content with the change. I think you’re a Swellow. Which is kind of awesome. Gabriel said, smiling.

    He couldn’t help but wonder what was in the Heavy Ball, and just as he got ready to throw the ball, he had a second thought; What if there was, like, a Gyarados in the ball? That’d bring some chaos to the park. He decided he’d call out whatever PokeMon was in it when there was a wide open space avaible.

    He turned around to face his friends. ‘Okay, guys, let’s get to the order of business. The first thing we should do is find out where in this world we even are, which should be easy enough. Secondly, we’ll need to watch the news and ask around for any strange activity.’

    Mason activated his C-Gear, which was the same emerald colour as his eyes. ‘Map’s saying we’re in Noven. Sound familiar to anyone?’ Gabriel mulled over his pseudo-memories of PokeMon, but did remember any region with that name.

    ‘Actually, this region doesn’t have to be in the games or anime. This is the official, global site, so this might be a… Collective region?’ Gabriel said, spouting a random but actually logical idea of his, which was quite rare.

    ‘Anyway, without any idea where to go, it’s best if we poke around here for a bit. Let’s make pairs, unless someone wants to go solo-‘ Oliver raised his eyebrows- ‘-And do some exploring and shopping.’ Amelia said.

    ‘Sounds good to me. Euphie, want to come with me and look for a hotel? The Angel Credit system should still be online, so money won’t be an issue.’ Gabriel said. ‘What are you guys going to do in the meantime?’ He then asked to the rest.
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  16. A loud groan echoed from Jacob's mouth. He really did not like teleporting. It made him feel like throwing up, and sometimes he actually did. Luckily he didn't, because otherwise he would-

    -ruin his friend's fancy new outfits. Jacob gasped as he saw how his friends looked.

    Judging from the way Euphemia was wearing a short skirt, and one of the Angels Gabriel randomly picked had hair that defied gravity, Jacob thought they were in a pokemon website. A quick look at the surroundings told him he was correct.

    He looked at his friend's new outfits, and a terrible feeling came over him. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then looked down at his clothes.

    He had blue trousers, a blue shirt, a white piece of cloth that looked like a napkin, but was really just for show, and a blue and white jacket. His hair drooped over his face, still a blue as ever. A distant memory threw up a name.


    Jacob sighed. Ice was a villain from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. He was one of the main baddies too, the leader of the Sinistrio. Jacob wondered why an angel would be portrayed as a villain, before remembering with a sick feeling what one of the key points in ranger is.

    Jacob felt in his jacket, and made sure the both his Compass and his Oracle Communicator were still with him. There were, but there was one other thing in there. He pulled it out and...

    Oh no. Jacob looked down at the small suitcase like object in his hand. It had a purple 'V' with a swirl at the join proudly emblazoned on the front. A name sprung into his head, which didn't make him feel any better.


    Of course the pokemon universe would him a Miniremo. Every one on the main baddies had one, or more. Jacob grimaced and shook his head. He looked up at his friends again, and sighed inwardly.

    Jacob sat down at a wooden table in the middle of the meadow. "Okay, guys, let’s get to the order of business. The first thing we should do is find out where in this world we even are, which should be easy enough. Secondly, we’ll need to watch the news and ask around for any strange activity." Gabriel said, and Jacob nodded.

    One of the new angels, Mason, activated a bright green C-gear, and said they were in Noven. The name rung a bell, but Jacob couldn't remember where.

    "Actually, this region doesn’t have to be in the games or anime. This is the official, global site, so this might be a… Collective region?" Jacob was surprised by this idea, but shook it off. It had been a while seen he'd seen Gabriel anyway.

    ‘Anyway, without any idea where to go, it’s best if we poke around here for a bit. Let’s make pairs, unless someone wants to go solo-‘ Oliver raised his eyebrows- ‘-And do some exploring and shopping.’ Amelia said. Jacob laughed at Amelia's part of the plan, despite himself. Gabriel asked Euphemia to come with him to find a hotel, before turning to the rest of the group and asking what they were going to do.

    Jacob stood up and spoke, a vague trace of unhappiness in his words, "I'm thinking of searching around on...' he trailed off, remembering the effects of the Miniremo, '...a pokemon, because I'm pretty useless on air. If anyone wants to come with me, just say so." Jacob stood back and looked at the rest of the group.
  17. After the dazzling light of teleportation, Will's eyes quickly flashed open as his body materialized even quicker than his blinking eyes. Teleporting was a thing Net Angel M - B16 (it's changed again xD) was very much used to - he was a combat angel for The Oracle, after all. To save his creator, he'd have to do exactly what his Lord asked him to do in the first place. A quick peer of the enviroment eventually led him onto the idea he was in the website of that familiar human computer game franchise, Pokemon.

    The pristine brightly coloured buildings signifiying the links around the website appealed to him - Will had a thing for vibrant colours. Pacing around and listening to the other's conversations gave him the neccesary info he needed. He briefly looked at everyone's new clothing; very Pokemon esqueHWHATOHMYGOD.

    Will's eyes widened at the sight of Euphie's outfit - a miniskirt? He couldn't tell whether he was shocked by the fact it was a miniskirt in general or the fact it was Euphie wearing one. Quicky spinning around, he took several fast and sharp breaths. Will took a final puff, and held another focused face, hoping Euphie wouldn't notice.

    "The region of Noven, is it? A hybrid of all the Pokemon regions. Unfortunately, I'm very much unfamiliar with the interface - I never played the games whilst I was shut down; I'm never really shut down anyway."

    Will took a moment to inspect his own clothing. His hair was loosely tied back, and he was wearing a maroon shirt - a darker shade outlining the logo of a Pokeball, with your average blue jeans. He also had a brown belt hanging over his shoulder and around his back, with 4 Pokeballs attatched, probably all containing different Pokemon for him to use. Will had no idea what their names were, or what moves they could perform. In the few hours of peace they had before the New Devil attacked, he'd study up on this 'Pokemon' craze. Spreading his hands quickly, his holographic communicator sliced out of thin air and hovered gently next to Will's hands, which were already tapping away.

    While Will studied up, he overheard Jason, who seemed a bit silent and down.

    "I'm thinking of searching around on a Pokemon, because I'm pretty useless on air. If anyone wants to come with me, just say so."

    Will sighed, and swiftly replied to him.

    "Sounds like a good plan, Jason. I'll be stocking up on items and such for these Pokemon of mine with the others. If anything happens, contact me on my communicator."

    Will made a quick gesture to one of the two the steel attachments on his hand, and turned to Gabe and Euphie.

    "I'll look around for some basic supplies for everyone, Gabe. Hyper Potions, Full Heals - the like. I'm going solo, if that's okay with you. I've got a healthy supply of credits on the system, so cost won't be a bother."

    Will paced into the depths of the city - like structure, his knowledge of the Pokemon world already increasing to the level of quite an experienced player. He'd need this knowledge though, as when and where the Net Devil would strike was not something Will could just study up on.
  18. Mika nervously stood still for a moment, waiting for a sudden lurch, or indeed lack, of ground below him. He fell through the white pavements of Wikipedia intangibly, before he shut his eyes for the transportation.

    Mika opened his eyes within seconds of the uncomfortable journey. Around him was an expansive urban area abound with what looked like Pokemon. And Mika really like Pokemon. Really.
    "Oh Oracle yes~!" Mika squealed, sprinting at a gaggle of small Pokemon.

    "Well, this should be fun." Euphemia muttered in a deeply depressed voice.
    "Yeah, it'll b..." Mika began, turning from the Pokemon to Euphemia. "Oho~"

    He shut up on a sour look from her, but strolled over to a gathering of his group at a neatly placed table.
    Mika began to feel a chill breeze making its way through the city.
    Nothing big, probably. He thought.

    "Okay, guys, let’s get to the order of business. The first thing we should do is find out where in this world we even are, which should be easy enough. Secondly, we’ll need to watch the news and ask around for any strange activity." Gabriel said, addressing everyone at the head of the table.

    Mika was, typical of him, day-dreaming. Paying little attention to anything in particular, Mika failed to notice Insanity creeping over to bite Jacob's leg.
  19. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OoC: I'm very sorry to do this, but with other RPs taking up a lot of my attention, this one has rather fallen by the wayside, and I think it better that I take my leave.

    Jason adjusted his shades, as they had slid down his nose in the commotion, and closed his eyes as bright light carried them away from Wikipedia, dropping them off in an urban area with many creatures, small and large, wandering all about. Jason grinned in approval; he was a huge fan of Pokemon, after all. The Angel looked around at his companions, all of whom had changed outfits.

    Examining his own clothing, Jason realized he hadn't changed at all and frowned, looking around at the clearly inappropriate environment for such an outfit. A beeping sound at the Angel's wrist alerted him to a new message, and he raised the display to face level in order to read. It seemed that he had been transferred out of his current group, and must move to meet another group on one of the Disney corporation's websites.

    Jason sighed at the new assignment as he walked toward the current group. His accent was gone as he said to them, "Well, boys and girls, it seems I've been reassigned for the moment," he opened his wings and hovered momentarily, "hopefully we'll all see each other again sometime!" On that note, he took off, teleporting as he disappeared from view.
  20. Gabriel caught a Communicator tone going off, but not his own. He wondered who was getting called, by whom and why. He looked around the table and saw Jason lifting his wrist Communicator (Wristbands were, nowadays, a popular solution to the question as to what was the best object for a Communicator to represent; Gabriel had long gotten used to the holographic screen projected from his necklace as his Com-screen.) and frowning at whatever message was displayed there. ‘Alright, boys and girls.’ He started, which seemed the tiniest bit awkward because he wasn’t the oldest of the group- Gabriel believed Will was, although he didn’t know the ages of the four newcomers- But it was just one of his catchphrases.

    ‘It seems I’ve been reassigned for the moment. Hopefully, we’ll all see each other again sometime!’ He said, as he unfolded his wings (The Oracle Secrecy Veil, jokingly called the Mist by most Angels, made sure none of the visitors of the site actually saw that.) and teleported away after they had waved and said their quick goodbyes.

    ‘Well, I wasn’t expecting one man down that quickly.’ Gabriel said, a failed attempt at dry humour that made only Mason and Mika smile- Though that could be because they’d been smiling all along. He sure as hell knew Mika rarely stopped smiling, and Mason seemed like a pretty positive person as well.

    Jacob was the first one to react to Gabriel’s question, saying he’d go looking for a PokeMon. There weren’t any PokeBalls at his belt- His belt wasn’t even designed for holding any, by the looks of it- So Gabriel guessed he was portraying a character from a side game. He was wearing a snazzy blue outfit, a uniform of a darker marine blue then Gabriel’s own outfit with a flame-patterned white and vibrant blue jacket over it. To top it off, a crisp white tie was tied around his neck.

    ‘Alright, be sure to pick up some Ultra Balls at the local Mart.’ Gabriel said, trying to recall every bit of memory that had to do with PokeMon from his latest state of inactivity (Gabriel was notorious for his rather strategically challenged battles and the fact he didn’t bother much with defense. This resulted in more PD-time then… Well, every Angel ever, according to the Oracle records.).

    Will replied that he would go and stock up on items for the PokeMon, things like Full Heals and Hyper Potions. ‘I’m going solo, if that’s okay with you.’ He said, and Gabriel nodded. It was good to see everyone was taking initiative so far. ‘If anything happens, contact me on my Communicator.’ He continued, and went off. Never an Angel of too many words, and always efficient. Mostly because that’s what Minecraft was all about (Although Will had a way of rampaging with TNT as well, blowing square holes in… Everything.)

    ‘I’ll check the local- Or, in this case, global- media of this dimension, to see if there are any reports on strange activities.’ Amelia said. ‘Oliver, want to help me out?’ She continued, turning to the Angel clad in dark clothes. She too, Gabriel thought, was sensing Oliver didn’t feel like doing anything productive, so she taking initiative for him. He liked that.

    ‘Mika, maybe you and Mason can go on a scavenger hunt for information, interviewing some townsfolk about this region and the like? And Amelia, when you’ve looked trough the media archives, report to Mason and Mika; They can point out a route, if you find anything.’ It felt weird to hear these words just rolling out, like he’d been planning it all along. The fact his battle strategies lacked… Strategy, didn’t mean he wasn’t strategically talented. And yes, that did not make any sense. A lot of things about him didn’t.

    They all went off in different directions, each heading to their own destinations- Or just walking somewhere randomly, if they weren’t sure where their goal was. In the standard platform franchise, most towns were only a collection of four to ten or eleven buildings. Here, in the actual dimension, the cities were huge, like you’d expect from a true metropolis.

    Gabriel, accompanied by Euphie, strolled trough the streets around the centre. Gabriel’d figured the hotels in in the centre of town would be very luxurious, and it was best not to attract too much attention. Besides, any given hotel would do. One of the Angel’s Modes was the Sleep Mode, which, quite simply, brought you into a deep and rejuvenating rest, even if your sleeping place was uncomfortable. In all honesty, Gabriel did prefer comfortable sleeping places.

    The street they were walking trough encircled the centre skyscrapers that held the site’s main features, and it was absolutely packed with people, ranging from Youngsters to Psychics and from Lasses to Black Belts. Those were the easy-to-spot ones, seeing as they all wore more or less the same clothes and had the same hairstyle, but there were loads of individual Trainers as well, from fanfictions and PRP’s all over the Internet. A fair amount of people walked together with a single PokeMon, informing Gabriel of the fact that this was allowed in this region as well- Hoenn and Sinnoh had some sort of legal jurisdiction against it, for unknown reasons.

    They encountered about five hotels, and asked about the possibility of getting two rooms – One with two beds for Euphie and Amelia, one for the boys- But only one had enough rooms, so they signed up for reservations. Gabriel sent a text message with the address to all his teammates, and at a lack of a better thing to do (That, and Gabriel desperately needed it) they went looking for a Trainer fashion shop.

    About fifteen minutes later, Gabriel was more then happy to dump his vibrant marine clothing- and especially the turquoise ones, too- in a nearby garbage can. He was now fully blinged out in baggy black jeans with large side pockets, a dark blue short-sleeved V-neck tshirt, a silver vest with black lining and gloves of the same colour. He wore black sneakers with silver socks. Maybe it wasn’t the most fashionable thing ever, but it sure as hell looked good on him.

    One of Gabriel’s trademarks was the addition of a pair of sunglasses to every outfit whenever it altered. He hadn’t bothered to take them off and see what they looked like, but they turned out to be the same as the rest of the original outfit- Navy blue, with turquoise glass. He traded it in for a simpler, chrome aviator with two metal threads between top parts of the glasses.

    'Well, what do you think?' Gabriel asked Euphemia, looking at her trough his brand new silver glasses, which slightly altered the colouration of the world around him. He was used to that. Euphemia, as she did most of the time, had an 'Okay, your flamboyance is a bit ridiculous, Gabe'-look on her face, but she made the effort to try and compliment him half-heartedly. We have the weirdest friendship ever, Gabriel thought as he smiled in return.

    Gabriel activated his Communicator, which he suddenly noticed had changed into a yin-yang of the same colours and size as Gary Oak's one (He usually never actually looked at it, just tapped it twice.), and sent out a status report request to everyone but Euphie. It had been a good seventy-five minutes since they had been appointed to their respective duties, so there had to be some progress. And he was just impatient.

    (OOC; Alright, guys, the rest is up to you. Indie, you can auto Mason for anything and Amelia for finding a strange news flash over a major destruction in some far-off forest, and point out a route. This region is entirely fictional, so you can make up cities and interesting places along the way. Just not too many |D)
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  21. Mika smiled impishly. An afternoon without the supervision of Euphie or Gabe meant an afternoon that involved him chasing Pokemon.
    Mika waved his hands in the air, a white walking stick appearing in his hand, and a similiar top hat on his head.
    "Here we go~!" Mika shouted, in a voice mimicking Excalibur of the Soul Eater fame.
    He was answered with a puzzled expression from Mason, and a glowering one from Amelia.
    "Oh, em... Sorry, that was silly..." Mika said meekly.
    Just stick to what's popular. Mika thought.
    Insanity Wolf barked at the trio, from a restless crouch a few metres away. Mika began walking, at an awkward half-running pace. Insanity Wolf walked by Mika's side now, his chronically bloodshot eyes glaring at passing Pokemon. Mika had (finally) noticed why Insanity was acting on edge. The change that had affected Gabe's companions had affected Insanity as well.
    "You don't look too different." Mika said, smiling at the scariest Mighteyena he'd seen.
    He simply growled in response.
    "It's something else." Insanity responded "I'm getting some nasty feeling from that forest area."
    "He could be onto something." Amelia said, her striding form fluttering next the pair "There's been some destruction in that area of the site recently. Rather fishy, and no joy from the investigation either."
    "Ooh, that's a good lead. What route is this again?"
    "It's Route 314." Amelia said, without checking her Communicator.
    "Well then,"Mika smiled "I better get texting!"
  22. "My, my. That sure took its time. This is quite a lot of items." Will, with his usual slow but smooth pace of a walk, exited the item shop, his communicator still registering the items. He'd made sure that everyone had been given a healthy amount of stock. He considered that all the other Net Angel's Pokemon were of quite a high caliber and level - he'd taken that into consideration. Accessing the N.A. Store through his communicator, he checked his recently purchased items, and distributed them equally across his allies;

    -10 Full Restores
    -7 Full Heals
    -3 Repels
    -1 Escape Rope

    It was the bare minimum, but in this world, the bare minimum was still considered a good thing to have. Will kept his communicator open, and decided to study up more on Pokemon and the odd rules surrounding them - until he received a message from Mika. It was a very odd message; then again, most messages fueled by the humor of the internet will be. A large chunk of text, something about lasers... This was indeed confusing to The Angel of The Kraft. Will then sighed when he saw a line above the maelstrom reading: "tl:dr - there's something up on route 314, if you've got the time, take a look!"

    Will's communicator dissipated into the metal backs of his hands, and his wings unfolded, the wing's support already causing Will to float off the ground by a few centimeters. Will searched through the Minecraft session being played through his head - he was lucky to still have this. It's life was low, but it was usable none the less.


    Holding what had just teleported into a large, nearly turquoise broadsword, Will brandished his diamond sword with only one hand, and slowly ascended using his powerful pristine white wings. A quick gathering of surrounding led him to the forested area of Route 314. He landed hastily, and assessed the damage. Trees had been brought down, some of them uprooted - the only lead to the damage was the fact there were claw marks on some parts of the bark, and one or two large prints in the ground. There didn't seem to be anything that looked hostile around. Will decided to scan the area for anything hostile.
  23. All of the remaining Angels went their respective ways, to do what they had thought of doing or had been told to do by apparently self-appointed leader Gabriel. Amelia didn't think of Gabriel as very fitting to be in command of a large group, but then again, he seemed open to advice and opinions- He let others do what they liked.

    Both Mika and Mason stayed behind for a bit, along with Amelia and Oliver. There couldn't have been a larger contrast between the duo's, really; The incredibly gleeful Mika and the ever-smiling Mason as opposed to semi-serious Amelia and apparent emo-Angel Oliver.

    'Here we go!' Mika exclaimed, his voice suddenly turning, but still sounding excited. At a flick of his wrist, and top hat and a walking cane suddenly adorned his outfit, for no particular reason that Amelia could find apart from the slightest hunch that Mika was about as strange as the Oracle could've possibly made any Angel.

    Amelia just glared, making the situation slightly more awkward, but
    they started walking nonetheless, with a slightly dissapointed-sounding mumble from Mika.

    She led the way back the Town Center, where she thought a database would be most likely located. She went inside the main buildings in the centre, just taking short looks around while her Communicator snooped information of the databases in a wireless fashion, storing the information that corresponded with the search terms she had in mind.
    Her communicator was efficient like that. It chose the five best articles, and uploaded it to her viewing screen, for her to read. The viewing screen in question was located in her contact lenses, allowing her to read them without having to move any limbs.

    A little further into town, Mika noticed that his companion was getting a bit skippish- More so then usual, even. Mika commented that he didn't look all too different from his original form, which had seemed rather terrifying to Amelia, she had to admit- But he did make a pretty fierce-looking Mightyena.

    The sentient wolf, in his raspy and aggressive voice, replied that it wasn't the change he'd gone trough. He was catching a negative vibe from a far-away forest area, that he vaguely pointed to with his nuzzle.

    Amelia looked up from the news report she'd just been reading, surprised to find that what the wolf said corresponded with the given information. She regained her pace to join the two, after having fallen behind in the process of reading trough the article while evading the members of the public out on the street. 'He could be on to something.' Amelia said, glancing sideways at her colleague's canine companion.

    'There's been some destruction in the area of that site, recently... Rather fishy, and no joy from the investigation either.' She continued.

    'Oh, that's a good lead!' Mika said, obviously glad that they didn't have to wander around for much longer. 'What route is that?' Amelia didn't even have to look on her Communicator; She had a knack for multitasking and a good memory. 'Route 314.' She replied quickly.

    'Well then, I better get texting!' Mika said, taking out his Com and starting to type frantically, giggling while doing so. Oliver, who had been slumping behind and had now finally caught up, joined the three again and the 'clique' was complete. Of course, Amelia and Mika had been the only ones really doing anything.

    As they sat down outside an ice cream store with a rather tasty batch of fruit-flavoured ice, for a lack of better things to do, Amelia heard hasty footsteps and turned around to see a familiar face about to whizz past the quartet. She caught onto the girl's wrist, resulting into an almost perfectly anime-like scene where whe was stopped right in her tracks, her Communicator flying out of her hands and small trail of dust blowing up at her feet as she skid across the pavement tiles, only just keeping her balance. Without even getting up or looking, Oliver raised his hand and, while absentmindedly taking a lick of his strawberry-vanilla special, caught the PDA in mid-air.

    There was a quiet moment of how the frak did he just do that?, before he simply put it on the table and Chiyoko finally got to greeting her aquaintances.

    'Hey, guys!' She said, as picked up her Commuincator from the table. Amelia reached behind her and shoved a free seat to the table, prompting Chiyoko to sit down and rest for a moment. She didn't quite get why this girl was seemingly always in such a hurry, and so hasty; A moderate portion of the Angels had personalities that was based on their program instead of the opposite being true. What kind of program had this girl been assigned to to be like this, if she was one of those?

    Amelia was just about to ask her, when there was a collective symphony from the Communicators. They'd all received some gear for their PokeMon from Michael. Shortly after that, they got a status report request from Gabriel. That guy had no patience.

    He had a couple of nice other qualities, though.


    As they left the storeboth Gabriel and Euphemia- And, most likely, all other Angels as well- received a note from Mika. Only moments before, he'd received the stuff for his Pokemon from Michael, which had been rather useful. Mika's post was not quite as orderly as his, though, as was to be expected, but the general gist was a ruckus in a faraway forest that needed checking out. He considered it, but decided to check in with the others first.

    irregularHarper said: Wow, okay.
    surfingBondgirl said: Hm?
    irregularHarper said: This'll take some getting used to. There've been a lot of revamps in my abscense.
    surfingBondgirl said: We do have to keep with the times.
    irregularHarper said: True enough. Anyway, where are you guys at?
    surfingBondgirl said: Vanilluxe Ice Salon, I'll send you the coordinates.
    irregularHarper said: Great, thanks! See you in a bit~

    (OOC; Angels, now with 39% more chumHandles!)
  24. The sun had really started to shine as they sat down, or at least once Mika had grown slightly accustomed to the Pokemon which flocked the surroundingsof his group. His group consisting of the serious Angel Amelia, the so-far quiet Angel Mason, and the gloomy, trudging form of Oliver. And the recent addition to the investigation party, cute but flustered Chiyoko. Mika quietly smiled up at the sky, as if the clouds were circling around his sunbeam of a smirk. The whole site had become a personal favourite of Mika's, but now as he had time to spend in it, in spite of it being work-time, he adored it. It's effect seemed to be infectious. Chiyoko was playing with a passing Pachirisu from her seat, and Amelia had cast her not-so-dissaproving look over the area as she ate her ice-cream.

    A number of minutes had slowly gone by as the group reclined. Amelia sighed, then slammed down the bowl that held her now-eaten icy aliment.

    "I think we should take a walk!" she proclaimed, loud enough for more than her group to turn their heads. Despite the café goers looking-without-looking-too-obviously, Amelia paraded the disgruntled party from their comfortable, shaded stupors to a paved walkway.

    "We have time for a walk, yeah?" Oliver asked, not looking up from his glare in his direct front.
    "Plenty you big mope." Amelia replied.

    Oliver shot her a stare of venom. Mika and Chiyoko stifled giggles. Amelia, simultaneously freezing hell, smiled. Mason just replied with his usual grin. And Insanity wolf sprayed chewed pavement and café table everywhere with a hearty villian's cackle.

    The group encompassed quite a bit of ground on their travels. While Mika and Chiyoko chanted Nyan-Cat together, Amelia and the remaining team were silently surveying their area. Local authorities had done a pretty good job of covering the damage in the forest. Many residents frolicked with Pokemon everywhere, stopping only when the forests broke to devastated clearing. This where Amelia, Oliver, Mason, Mika, Chiyoko and Insanity looked upon, as they came to the end of their road.

    There was silence.
    Then there was Amelia
    "Right, I'm done, let's go~!"

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