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Epitaph of Truth

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Sen-Chan, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. I NEVER write, I really dont. But one day, I sat up, opened note pad, listened to tracks that were..more then odd. And this was what came out, and yes, this is meant to be read the way its wrote. I wrote it in a very specific manner for a reason. I put it on my DA not long ago, earlier this year so figured I might as well show it here.

    From the darkness of nothingness
    The knight of the light occurs before
    A death, worse than a wave
    Longer, then a set of Hades
    His sword cuts through darkness
    Only to reveal his worst fears to life

    Struck with hope in the near nothing left
    The voice of the beloved rings in his head
    The heat of the day, the laughter
    The Liminality takes him to his feet
    The spark ignites the flame of Fianna

    Silence as darkness fades
    The world left behind to endure dark
    A world without her delight, his mind with doubts
    Plagued his heart with despair
    Words of the Absolute are all that he speaks

    Those who once helped, not
    Fragments of the shattered world
    Darkness engulfs the most closest to heart
    Not knowing where to find his lover, the prism
    The eternal light shining on the front shows
    At the end of the prism, the Dragon of Destiny

    You are looking for, what once was
    But to receive, by normal means you can not
    Scurry try to find it, the path
    But it still has shrouded darkness
    Knight of the Fianna, the truth is what you are looking for
    The truth, the greatest light, show the way.

    Quests in order to be seen again his motivation
    A place and time is lost to darkness
    Ready to give up what he is but truth
    He believes it could be anything
    The dragon laughs at just about his responce
    The truth is not in word, it's heart

    The track is hidden from those who do not accept,
    It depends on you, as suggested by you
    It can not be seen or heard, but felt and known
    Drive into the madness or is destroyed by you
    It never leaves but not to stop
    Knight of the Fianna, what keeps her from you?


    Leaving, always dark even
    It devours the knight, the true darkness
    Perseverance, love, strength, courage, Liminality, truth
    Breaks in a time of despair, the light in the darkness
    Forward-looking, it seems, on and across the country
    The restoration of the former serenity

    When the light shines down, she stands infront of him
    Joyed right before him, tears in her eyes heavy
    In the area where the light trickles
    Twilight of Dusk washes over them
    A cleansing wave, in the meadow
    As darkness rests, for another day

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