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Epic Battles and Battling Moments~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Carmen Lopez, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Since we have a fair few competitive battlers here, what is a battle or battling moment that you found particularly memorable and for what reason?

    I've been in my share of battles so I have a bunch of memorable moments, but I'm going to pick a battle that I had with the awesome Silver Magpie because I learned so much. While I was solidly defeated, I wasn't totally annihilated. That battle taught me that I was expecting different things from my Pokemon, so I was inspired to do something about it--and trust me, I've been pretty lazy. For the first time in months, I actually EV'd a new Pokemon to serve the purpose I wanted.

    So yeah, I guess I don't learn a lot from battles where I totally dominate or am totally dominated XD
  2. I have to say the best battling moment I ever had was when I was battling my friend with Ruby version on Pokemon XD. He had his Rayquaza use Fly and, since my Blaziken was slower, Blaziken used Mirror Move and Flew into the air. I learned that I needed to train my Pokemon to be faster and have stronger defenses from the many battles I lost to my friend.
  3. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I had a pretty epic streak with my Charizard in a battle once against Fuman. I sent it out as my lead and he sent out a Clefairy. Fuman set up for a turn or two and I beat up his Clefairy a bit, then he switched to Salamence, who took a hit. I then outsped and killed it, so he sent out a Gyarados. I got a hit in on it and weakened it, and he used Dragon Dance. He was faster then me on the next turn, and I was scared like no other because I had no good counter to his Gyarados, but luckily he Dragon Danced again. And then, I got a critical hit. Killed it. Crazy stuff. Fuman also sent out a Swampert, which I was able to Flinch, twice, and then fainted it miraculously He then sent out an Azelf, and I randomly switched to my Meganium, who took the Explosion and died to protect Charizard. (Good thing too, because 'Zard was the one who stopped Fuman's Jirachi from slaughtering a good portion of my team.)

    That was the single luckiest battle of my life. Charizard really shouldn't have killed any of them, yet he did, and that's why I love him.
  4. Gosh, this one didn't even happen on my game.

    As it was my nephew's birthday, I let the eldest borrow my level 100 Electivire to help him beat Red on his Heart Gold. Even with Max (the Electivire) he had trouble beating him. On his third try, he managed to critical hit both the Lapras and the Pikachu. May I say good luck? Oh, yeah. :p
  5. Okay the most epic moment in a battle for me was this:

    Me & My best Friend were in a match 1 pokemon left each

    I had a Quilava lv39 "Didn't want it to evolve"
    He had a Prinplup lv34
    He used Bubblebeam I used Flame wheel

    My move hit him then his hit me we were both already down half
    Being as my friend uses Evo's his Prinplup was equal to my Quilava in Speed
    So he decided to use Dive. I used Flame Wheel so it was a 50-50 chance I would hit
    him so When I attacked first Prinplup almost fainted but used dive with a little health left
    then I had Quilava use Dig so then when he came up he didn't know what to do so he tried
    using dive but I came up first I won the Battle for winning he gave me his Abra lv12 holding
    A Quick Claw.
  6. Recalling, the best battle momments i've had where on platinum, The one i favor the most was the recent wireless battle i had with a friend on pearl, basically pearl versus diamond.
    if i recall correctly we both had pokemon containing levels 30-35 as we agreed to have, Ignoring the unintense battle parts, we where both down to two pokemon in a double battle.
    I used the two starters, Grotle (Given to me by friend) and Monferno (Starter choice) both level 33 while he used Snorlax and Roserade,
    Roserade was easily taken out by by Monfernos flamewheel, however Snorlax was Ev trained, very well with its defence which led to a long drawn out battle of resting, along with snore, and sleep talk the battle took about 8 minutes just against the snorlax until Monferno managed to hit a Critcal Hit, twice in a row with mach punch along with Grotles Seed Bomb which proved to faint snorlax.
  7. I've gotta say that one of my most memorable battles had happened on Pokemon Battle Revolution when I was taking on my friend in my first online battle. The first pokemon that I had sent out was my level 50 Garchomp and it turned out that had been all that I would need for that battle. She had curb stomped my friend's entire team, taking out each one of his pokemon with just one hit having the attacks to score Super Effective hits on each of his pokemon. I had thought his Metagross would raise a challenge to me when he sent it out, but in the end Garchomp took it down with no trouble at all. Even after that lose, my friend wanted another go and it just ended the exact same way. I gotta wondered if this is how Cynthia had felt when she curb stomped Paul with her Garchomp in the anime.
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  8. My battle against in a Pokemon Village Fete last summer.

    I'd never battled competitively, and had vowed to give my Pokemon great movesets and level them up etc.

    I didn't.

    So when I went, I wasn't expecting to win. But I managed to get to the final, where I came really close to losing. He had a Flygon left, and I had my Empoleon and another Pokemon (it was double battles.)
    He used earthquake, and My Empoleon held on with a sliver of health, while my other Pokemon fainted.
    I used surf, and won the game.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I still remember the day my Vaporeon proved just how awesome a Vaporeon can be.

    I was playing Pokemon Battle Revolution, second round Stargazer colosseum, and was up against Mysterial (4th round, Pearl version team). Can't clearly remember what my 4th team member was, but I recall using my Charizard, Lucario, and Vaporeon. My Charizard started off with my unknown Pokemon (possibly Steelix or Snorlax). I managed to get Dialga down to the red and KO Mysterial's other Pokemon (Garchomp I think it was), but he KO'd both of mine in the process. Out comes my Lucario and Vaporeon, and he also sends out a Lucario. My Lucario gets OHKO'd by his own (a travesty I tells you >=O), but Vaporeon manages to KO Dialga. I'm struggling to remember how Vaporeon lived without taking a hit from Dialga, tho... Might be remembering that bit wrong. Either way, the last few turns are the most clear in my mind.

    So there I am, facing off against Lucario and his freshly released Azelf. I have no idea what to do, so I use Surf. I take damage first and my Sitrus Berry activates. Next turn I Surf again... They both hit me first again (I'm bloody pleading "Don't die, don't die, don't die!" at this point), and survive with a sliver of HP! My Surf lands then and KOs them both. I cry tears of joy. It was an awesome feeling. :'D
  10. Um, well I don't battle very often but I do have a super silly story :}

    Me and Tangrow were battling and I sent out my Togetic and he sent out some crazy thing that I don't remember what it was. So I used Metronome 'cause it's fun.

    And then it turned into Fissure.

    and then it OHKO'd his thing

    and then I was all happy and I could hear him being all "FFFFFF" over the voice chat, hehehe.
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  11. I guess my most epic batting moment was when I was battling a friend of mine and he was on his last Pokemon, a Reggigigas. I'd never beaten this guy before and he'd already knocked out my Lucario. I had no idea what to do, because he was strong. Them, I remembered I had an Infernape. I used Close Combat when I sent it out and won the battle. Suffice to say, I was pretty pleased with myself.
  12. This one isn't a Wi-Fi battle, but, like Virgil's story, it was kind of silly :3

    Several years back, I was playing Gold. Or maybe Silver. Not important. Anyway, it was in Team Rocket's Mahogany base, and I was currently battling a wild Koffing (you know, from the traps). I had my trusty Noctowl use Fly. The Koffing used Self-Destruct. It laughed.

    Maybe it's because I was younger at the time, and maybe it's because I was with some friends when it happened, but this still makes me laugh xD
  13. Mine was in Pokemon Red. I made my Blastoise use dig and then the Electrode used Selfdestruct. The attack missed my Blastoise and it still killed the Electrode.
  14. I can't believe I forgot to post this epic moment I had XD

    My Arcanine named Anastasio once OHKO'd a Gliscor with Flare Blitz after having both Flash Fire and his Leichi Berry activated...which meant Flare Blitz got triple STAB. The resulting recoil also killed Anastasio, but still, it was epic XD
  15. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    @Carmen: Was that against me? :p (Feels like something that would happen to me, and I know I used my Gliscor when we battled)

    So this isn't complete spam~ continuing on with my previous post about my Charizard and his ridiculous runs. In a battle versus Magpie, which I got owned in, I had my Charizard against her Weavile. Her Weavile outsped me and hit with a Night Slash for decent damage, but my 'Zard Ignis burnt it to death. Magpie then sent out her Dragonite (whom she was testing at the time), and after a bit of Stealth Rock damage, Ignis was able to outspeed it and hit with a Dragon Pulse for the kill... or so I thought. The bugger held on by the slimmest of margins and killed my 'Zard.

    Ignis has performed very well for me every time I've used him and I love the bugger. :3
  16. My most epic battle moment was my fight against Champion Lance in SS. It was a freaking hard battle, but I managed to come to his last Dragonite with three PokeMon and no Revives left. Dragonite used Trash to defeat two of my PokeMon. I gave up when my weakest PokeMon, a LV. 52 Gallade, was called out as last resort. But because he had used Trash, Dragonit was confused. Gallade used Psycho Cut- Dragonite hurt itself in its confusion- Gallade used Psycho Cut. The foe Dragonite fainted.

    I was like, HOLY F*** I F***ING WON. Thank god for confused enemies.
  17. @RedRising: Nah, that wasn't you XD It was in a battle I had almost two years ago I think. I did face your Gliscor though only it was with Froslass.

    And yet again so this is spam, I had a notable battle where my Umbreon outstalled a Shaymin which -totally- surprised me XD But the most 'what in the world' moment was when my Bronzong lolpwn't a Garchomp with hax!Confuse Ray. I still lost the battle because it was 3v3 and I picked the wrong Pokemon for it, but it was fun.
  18. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    The most epic battle that comes to my mind at the moment was when I cleared the PokeCup Master Ball round in Pokemon Stadium 1 for the first time. The fourth battle was for me always the hardest one to get past, rounds 5-7 were tough but still manageable, and the only time I ever made it to the finals I had miraculously racked up five continues from perfect matches but lost every single time. I almost through my controller at the TV from rage.

    Anyway, battles 1-3 go by with ease like they always do netting me three continues. Come round 4, I lead with Nidoking and the Beauty Bitch sends out Starmie. By what ever miracle I had going for me, her Hydro Pump missed allowing me to use Toxic on Starmie. Clearly she wised up to my gambit and OHKOed Nidoking with Psychic next turn, but the damage was done. Next I send out Articuno, she uses Thunder, its a hit, takes out a little less than half my HP, I use Agility to get faster than Starmie. I then use Fly, she uses another Thunder and it misses of course all the while suffering from Toxic. Again, she has the intelligence to switch Stamie out for her Rhydon who receives minimal damage from my Fly. No matter, I use Ice Beam.

    Clearly she predicted I would and gets Rhydon out of harms way for Gyarados. Articuno's Ice Beam is not only a critical hit but also freezes Gyara making that threat go away. Got to love the first Gen when the Pokemon can't thaw out on their own >:D Anyway, Starmie comes back, and finishes Articuno but is down to about half its health. Out comes my Blastoise who must now defeat three opponents. I finally take out Starmie, but Blastoise only has 16 HP left. No matter, it's faster than Rhydon so I OHKO that with Surf. Gyarados is still frozen so I take my time with that one because I can afford to. And so I win the fourth Battle.

    There isn't much to say about rounds 5-7 except I was very lucky on more than one occasion and survived with only one Pokemon each time with medium to low HP. Then came round 8 against the Old Man. Having come up with a few contingency plans for this guy after five straight loses last time, I decided to lead with Nidoking. Old Man led with Jolteon, so after taking a five hit Pin Missle to the face at the cost of half my HP, I OHKO it with Earthquake. His next Pokemon was Moltres, Nidoking was faster, I OHKO that with Rock Slide. I was expecting his last Pokemon to be Lapras like it had been every other time. Had that been the case, I would have used Rock Slide and hoped for the best. Not this time, it was his Dragonite! I start laughing maniacally as I allow Nidoking to be taken out with Dragonite's Surf and send out Articuno. All it took was one Ice Beam to grant me total victory! I was adrenaline high for hours after. My throat also hurt from screaming vicory at the TV so many times XD
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  19. Ok, so it was the second gym battle in FireRed...

    I only had my lvl 8 Geodude that i recently caught in Mt. Moon vs. Misty's lvl 22 Starmie...

    Unfortunately, my Bulbasaur got KOed and i had nothing left from my party but Geodude. I picked a random attack because I knew it was useless to try anymore. Starmie had like 2 HP left and was about to scream since i got so close and it was like my 3rd try. But then, at the best moment possible, leech seed activated at the best moment, and sucked the last of Starmie's HP away, Geodude grew 4 lvls, and i won!

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