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Eon's Request Booth (2.0)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Tamazarokon, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Hey Everyone! Eon here! For no reason, after 20 years, I'm reopening requests. My old thread is so outdated that I'll never find it, so here's a new thread.

    1. Feel free to use anything I make for you as a profile pic or such!
    2. Do not ask for anything remotely sexual.
    3. I don't like gore. If you insist on having gore in your picture, keep it to a minimum. Any requests that I feel have too much gore will be denied.
    4. I can't work on, like, ten requests at once. I will only work on rhe most three recent requests. All other requests will be put on hold. I will get to you eventually!

    Current Requests:

    On Hold:
  2. Can you draw humans?
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  3. Draw my best bois Solar and Carlos as humans. If not humans, keep them Pokemon. Solar has a yellow scarf, Carlos has a green scarf, a looplet, a brown backpack, and bandages all over his body.
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