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Enter the wandering entertainer.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JesterofInsanity, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. ( I like to use these -> ( ) for OOC bubbles, if you wish me to use
    the tag instead i will, anyway! My typing isn't the greatest, I think much faster then my poor fingers can handle, but i love imagination and story! So heres me first attempt! )

    Viridian Forest was quiet on this fine spring day, save for screeching of caterpies and weedles in the brush. The sun was setting and the sky was just turning orange. Most Trainers ran off to there homes before nightfall, which made this forest nice and peaceful.
    Suddenly the sounds of wheels on grass could be heard to all
    those around the forest clearing, as a figure pushing what seemed to be a wooden cart into the clearing. The Figure dressed in a fancy Purple, offset by the Violet Jesters Cap upon its head and the even creepier wooden grinning mask hiding the figures face.
    The cart itself, was as Unorthodox as the pusher. Its Frame wooden. Its Violet and green Paint peeling. It was colorfull, which tended to be signs of welcoming to many. ( as everyone luvs dere colors :p ) Upon it sit what looked to be a lifeless Doll laying upon it. The doll looked to be, what many trainers would identify as a banette. Also upon the cart, lay Six Pokeballs, with there own carved holdings which lay about the doll.
    Suddenly the rumbling sounds of the cart would come to an end. Back the the peacefull silence of Viridian Forest. The masked man would look up and around, Observing the area Surrounding him.
    " Well how perfect is this hexx? "
    Amused tone would escape through the grinning mouth hole of the wooden mask. Just as he spoke the lifeless Doll would suddenly sit up. Its eyes Jutting open showing its haunting, and quite menacing Red eyes.
    "Aww, do not look so unamused! The people around here live in such a boring area. Hicksville! They will pay out the Rear to see This wonderful show! ... Just watch! These kids cant Resist bells!"
    and at that. The Masked Man would hold a black gloved hand up to the jesters cap, and begin to flick each bell on each edge. Each making a diffrent sound which started to sound like a welcoming cheerful, yet oddly haunting Song.
    " they'll...come hexx they always come."
  2. I'll play along. ^^ I put my OCC's in italics.

    Dusk was coming on fast, and Arita had begun to grow worried. She stumbled through the forest, desperate to escape. . . whatever it was that was behind her. Red eyes glided swift on her trail, and she looked back frequently.

    "Ahh!" Arita had been looking back over her shoulder, for the. . for the thing, and had took a tumble when she failed to see a rock in her path.

    She sat curled on the ground, holding a bloody knee, when the blood red eyes glided up beside her. They were held fixed to a deep shadow in the shape of a Noctowl. Arita loked up from her bloody knee, face streaked with tears and dirt. She had been lost in the forest for the better part of the day, and now it was getting dark.

    "Noctowl. . . what is it?" she gasped. The bird, larger than Arita herself, who was small for her age, smaller then most 7-year-olds, twisted its head in answer. And the. . .thing. . .bumped into the clearing behind it. Exhausted, Arita threw herself down behind the Noctowl.

    A small dark shape made its way carefully into the clearing. It was far smaller than Arita, and flowed gracefully. The Noctowl watched it calmly, while Arita cowed, sobbing.

    "P-p-please d-don't hurt us. . . "

    The small Shuppet floated gently around the Noctowl and circled Arita's head once or twice. She slowly got to her feet. It watched her. This is what she had been running from all day? It was small and downright harmless. She patted it, and it bobbed up and down contentedly.

    In the distance, she heard bells ringing.

    "They've come looking for me!" Arita jumped up, and the Noctowl hopped after. The Shuppet floated along as well. It bobbed near Arita's elbow, almost trying to slow her down.

    "This way she cried, and again ran, to be trailed by the Noctowl and the Shuppet. She tore through the clearing, only to find a brightly coloured cart, and a man in a mask. Something watched her menacingly from the seat of the cart. The shuppet was at her elbow again, and this time she listened to it.

    "I think he had beeter go back. . . " The Noctowl watched from the treetops.

    Lets pretend we can't see the Noctowl. ^^
  3. ((Nope cant see no Noctowl here!))

    Hearing the commotion before the little girl and the little shuppet came caused Hexx the Banette sitting upon the colorful bright cart to shift its head towards that direction. Those deep dark red eyes watched in anticipation. The trainer on the other hand, while not having near the hearing capability's of his friend also heard the commotion.
    " Well well well hexx... I told ya so. " that amused voice from behind the wooden mask spoke again as the little girl stumbled into the clearing. At this point the Banette would lean forward in the cart, Its long dark purplish Tip falling in front of its grinning zippered face. Upon the tip, it looked much like its owners Jesters Cap. It even had a Silver bell at the end.
    The masked man would then take a few steps towards her kneeling down in front of her. His eyes and mouth hidden behind the hollowed black holes of the grinning mask. "Hehe. Welcome Little girl! Your just in time to enjoy the show!" He would then raise. His voice welcoming, but did not hide his constant sound of amusement.
    " Drama! dance entertainment! and even alittle magic! " at the word of magic, his gloved hand opened for her. With a Bang and a puff of smoke above his hand. Which to a little girl would seem like magic, but just illusions and tricks that the man was so well trained for. The smoke cleared, and with the clearing a tiny stuffed bear sat in his hand, it seemed that he offered her to take it.
    " When your in The Great Needles Enasni's show... Dreams come true....and anything goes... he he hehe hahaha"
  4. ^^ I like where this is going. *is eating a ham sandwhich* Threw the bit about the Noctowl in last post because i didn't make it clear that it was hiding, and I was to lazy to write it in. ^^'

    The girl stared at the man in the mask. It was a terrifying mask, but comic in some ways. The bells on his hat tinkled lightly as a light breeze blew. The deep, gaping holes in his mask where his eyes should have been seemed bottomless.

    She smiled for a moment at the show of good will, and reached for the bear, but found the small Shuppet at her wrist, seemingly urging her to not take it. She smiled nerviously, as her eyes darted to the creature that sat on the cart. It watched her passively but eagerly, leaning forward, its eyes shining, not unlike the eyes of her Noctowl. She glanced behind her, but no familiar glint of red could be seen in the trees.

    "I'm. . . I'm sorry sir, but i've lost my way in the forest, and . . . and i'm supposed to be home before sunset." Tears sprang unbidden to her eyes, and she tried to hold them back. "I. . . I just need to get home, sir." The Shuppet was bumping her wrist again, incessantly. She put a hand on it, and it seemed to calm down a little, mysterious eyes still trained on her. It looked worried. She was glad she had it, despite the fact it had been chasing her all day. She wished she had the protection of the Noctowl, though. it was much larger, and looked much more impressive. Where had it gone? Perhaps it had gone for help?

    "Sir, do you know the way out of the forest?" And all the while, it grew darker. . . The sun might have only just begun going down, but it was already dusk in the forest. The trees held the sunlight out. The forest was another world. Night fell faster in the forest.
  5. (( Awwww *sniff*))

    He watched her stare at him, so much fear about her staring into the mask. Then he saw her glance to the Banette. The dolls Smile grew Wider more sinister. It seemed as if he eating away every ounce of fear she felt towards it. But then the smile as she saw the bear, it seemed all was well at that very instant. As if the fish bit into the bait, but that shuppet made sure to keep her away.
    The Banettes smile would vanish, turning swiftly to a frown. As if mimicking her very expression as his own. The lightly jingling bells would suddenly come to an eerie silence. Enough silence were her voice was the greatest and loudest of sounds within the forest clearing, and when it ended his voice diddnt start up again....well Not immediately.
    The man who called himself Needles lowered his head walking to the cart. " A Nice warm house and a loving family... I wish i had one of those..." His gloved hands would grip the side of the cart. The banette was sitting there sadly with his head down, even as the owner and pokemon moved there bells did not ring.
    " The only way i warm up.. Is to make people laugh. But if leaving is what You wish! I can show you the way out". His voice low, sad. What tricks was this man up to?
  6. Arita and Needles were walking along a forest path. Every moment, Arita seemed to get more and more uncomfortable. Needles was slowly edging his way nearer to her.

    "Oh, my dear, you look frightened! Come here." Said Needles.

    Airta did as she was told, for she was scared.

    Needles slowly started edging his hand towards Arita's Pokéball belt.

    Suddenly they heard a big hoot noise from somewhere in the trees...

    "Hey!" Shouted Jackson, running in from behind them.
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  7. (( its Your first rp, so its understandable! But i think your confused with how its done. I controle needles She controles Airta. We dont controle eachothers characters we react to eachothers actions.))
  8. Exactly, Jester. ^^ Thankyou.


    djax, wait 'til we get a little further on to jump in! Or jump in now, but yes, I'm Arita, Jester is Needles.  You're you. Do what you'd like, but no dictating what Needles and Arita are up to. Who can say what they're truely up too at any rate? . . . ^^ But certainly, break in when you see an opening. (Arita doesn't have a belt or pokeballs? She's not exactly a trainer, at 7 years old. . .I probably should have described her. . . *will post in the "characters" string about it, as I plan to use her again*)


    Arita glanced from the man to the Doll on the cart. Was something going on between them? She felt awkward. The man still grinned at her. . . he was grinning, right? With the dying light and the mask, she couldn't be sure. The silence was heavy, and she felt like she had done something wrong.

    "I'm sorry, Sir," she said uncertainly. "I really would love to see your show, but I would like to get home first. . . " She reguarded his statement about a warm house and loving family. . . it was cold out, and she would feel bad, if he had to stay in the forest all night. . .

    ". . .But I'm sure," she rushed hurriedly, "that there would be a place for you at our house. It has been rather empty since. . ." She stopped. "And I'm sure you could preform your show tomorrow, in town, for everyone! I'm sure it would be nice. . ." She stopped talking, and the fact she was alone in the forest with a strange . . . almost creepy man, whom she had somehow offended, really hit her. She turned around again, looking for her Noctowl, but it still could not be seen. The man leaned forward, watching her, and the feeling she had done something wrong, somehow displeased him, still crept in on her.

    She tried to smile at him, but it faltered, seemingly eaten up by the empty place in his mask where his eyes should have been. She almost thought she saw a twinkle there, for a moment, but it could have been nothing more than the wind, or the fading light on the edge of the forest glinting off the bells that swayed in the wind, but remained silent.
  9. Hearing her talk, her nervousness. He could understand why. Who would be afraid in this situation. But he would do little to aleviate such tourture. A method to madness, and this method was quite important to his banette indeed. Hexx was hungry, and like many possesed dolls, they fed on strong negative emotions to keep the spirit alive.
    The Banette would suddenly spring to life. Sitting up and climbing off the cart. Its tiny feet landed upon the grassy floor as the doll moved foward closer and closer he came to her.
    " A kind offer child, but I should...no Must not intrude upon your home. But my Banette Hexx, He shouldnt have to suffer My fate. He will show you the way out, if you keep him warm for the night."
    The dolls grin suddenly became less menacing, as now even the Man would look back over to her and the doll, night fall was upon them at this moment. The only sound now was crickets and Hoothoot's.
    " And... In the Morning I will come back for Hexx, and In gratitude Hexx and I will give your town a Show that they will never forget!"
  10. No prob, djax! ^^ It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to throw in a little more detail, however.

    Glad to have you, reguardless. ^^

    Moderate Auto of Hexx? Hope it works out. If not, say so and i'll change it to your tastes.

    As Arita watched, the puppet suddenly sprang to life and gave her a gentle smile. Its eyes blazed no less then they had, though. Suddenly, she realized there were worse things then being stranded in a dark forest at night with a strange man: Being stranded in the forest late at night with his strange, animated puppet. She grinned nerviously again, but she was grateful to finally be getting home. The Puppet walked a few feet ahead of her and turned, looking back at her. She took it as a sign to follow it. What other choice did she have?

    Glancing back at the man, she saw his gentle smile matched the puppet's. "Thankyou, sir!" she said, before he was swallowed completely by the forest.

    They were on some sort of path, roughly defined. The puppet still led the way, and the small Shuppet still closed close to her right side. She could have sworn she heard something behind them, but when she turned back, nothing was there. She scanned the treetops for any sign of her Noctowl.

    Something large fluttered out of the treetops. Arita ducked, but then realized it was only a moth, or a leaf. She bent down to see what it was, only to discover it was a feather. The particular colouration on it was enough to tell her it was from her own companion. She wasn't sure what to take from it. Had her Noctowl somehow been injured, or was this his way of saying he was safe, still watching?

    The Puppet has stopped, looking back at her, waiting for her to follow. She gave a weak smile and showed him the feather. His expression was unreadable. Was that gleam in his eyes bored, or did darker malice live behind it? He turned, and she kept following. She looked to the Shuppet, and held the feather tight, hoping they would come out of the forest soon. The invisable things still lurked behind them, rustling and tugging in the brush, muttering and hissing, never tangable, never seen.
  11. (( dosent bother me ))

    The man would watch her as they left before going back to his cart. His emotions hidden behind that wooden mask, as he shifted through the pokeballs upon the cart.
    While the man stayed behind. The Doll would continue to lead her out of the forest. The forest not being to thick or large, it wouldnt take long even for the dolls tiny steps to show her way out of the forest and to the closest villiage in which Hexx indeed thought could be hers.
    He would glance back standing at the edge of the forest. The more gentle zippered grin upon his face a complete contrast to his burning wicked vile eyes. Unable to make much noise he could only motion and point the villiage. Just as they were about to leave the great forest. The Girl would be able to here the haunting bells again from within the forest. The man resuming the tune from were she found him.
  12. Are you going to take up RPing Hexx? I was thinking something along the lines of late-night escapades between Arita, the Shuppet, and Hexx, but if you're thinking otherwise. . . It really is up to you. ^^ (It is technically your RP, and I imagine you have something planned for it. Arita's just along for the ride.)


    They stood at the edge of the forest. The breeze was stronger here, out of the cover of the trees. It gusted mightily, and the poor Shuppet seemed in danger of blowing away. What would her mother think of her bringing two strange pokemon into the house, not returning with Noctowl, and with the promise of more strangers on the way?

    She hesitated on the edge of the village. The Puppet, Hexx, was it called? Watched her with fire dancing in its eyes. Now it was her turn to lead. The village seemed smaller from furthur away, just a few blank yellow glows that had escaped from windows. Several towns ringed Viridian forest, and hers was just another one of them.

    Far from being both the biggest and the smallest, it was a town that lived off of the fruits of the Viridian, literally. They exported Berries and fruits, and also had a small trade in gormet pokeblocks, and herbal medicines. But mainly, they exported Berries. There was a small Apricorn farm on the far side of the town, and a tiny pokemon school, run by an old man with wonderous stories to tell, who had been all over the world. He had huge pokemon no one had ever seen before. At the moment, he was away in Viridian. The stars twinkled coldly down on them, and thick purple clouds scuttled through the sky. The moon had not yet risen. A haunting melody floated on the breeze, and in her minds eye, Arita saw a man in a mask, sitting on his cart, ringing his bells and laughing.

    "Shall we?" She said quietly to her strange companions, and started slowly down the hill into town.
  13. ((of Course ill Rp hexx! and its not mine. Kinda both of ares as both our charries dictate the direction of the story. If you have ideas dont hesitate to use them, and i will mingle in mine. It be rp! I have my plans but i play it lightly and to William.. of course you can))

    Hexx would follow the little girl as she took the lead. It burning red eyes shifting from the shuppet to the little girl. Then back to the floating ghost who could barely stand the wind. This ignited many memorys into the little dolls mind. Memorys of long ago as he, but only a little Shuppet would float around Safferon city haunting the city streets in it wake.
    Those memorys shifting through the pokemons head would cease as they came into veiw of her villiage. He would pause behind the little girl canting its head. Its been awhile since he had wandered away from his trainer, a slight nervousness would tinge but it was whiped away by her words.
    He would glance back up to the girl and follow after her, the zippers grin forming upon its cloth face as it pranced its way after Arita. That bell at its back jingling its taunting melody.
  14. Point Taken. ^^ Sorry, I realize I gave you nothing to work with on the last post, but I wanted to know if you'd be running Hexx or not.

    They had reached Arita's house. It was small, right on the edge of town. Some of the siding had fallen off, and was flapping lazily in the wind. She'd have to get that taken care of. Half of the lights were on in the house, and it looked warm and inviting inside. Arita shivered and ran up to the door, reminding herself to never leave the house without a scarf again. The door was locked.

    "Great." She pounded on it, then waited. It opened, and Arita's mom stood in the doorway. She looked like an older version of Arita, Dark, curly brown hair that fell in waves identical to Arita's, except held back by a handcerchief, light green and covered in a small pokeball pattern. She was tall, and Arita hoped one day she could reach her mother's height. She was pudgey though, a trait Arita didn't envy, and her eyes were a dark brown, unlike Arita's deep blue eyes. She had her fathers eyes, and serious and stable nature.

    "Arita? There you are. What took you so long? You know you're supposed to be back by sunset." Arita trotted in, and the two pokemon followed her. Her mom looked at them.

    "Who are these? And where is. . . ?" Arita anticipated the question and shook her head to cut her mother off. Her mother looked mildly concerned, but let it go when she saw the expression on her face. Noctowl wasn't here, at home either. He was Arita's guardian angel of sorts, and she knew he was only doing what was best for her, but she couldn't help but worry, and wish he was there.

    Arita walked furthur into the house, through the kitchen and down a short hall. She had opened a closet door and was digging for sheets and blankets while she related her story. The shuppet still floated at her back, as if guarding against everything. Hexx stood by the door, passively. Arita tried to ignore him, but she felt his hot gaze burning a hole through her back.

    "I was near the stream, watching the Caterpies, when suddenly, they all bolted. I heard something in the brush behind me, and I had no idea what it was, so I ran with them. It kept following me, and I kept running. Eventually it caught up, and turned out to be nothing more then this little guy." she waved a hand at the Shuppet, then gathered up a pile of folded blankets. By that time, it was already getting dark, and I had no idea where I was in the forest. Everything looks different at night. I met a. . ." She stopped, and he mind gave a jump.

    "I met a. . . man in the forest. He was heading to town. He was an entertainer, and he had wonderful tricks." She felt wrong even describing him. Why did he make her so uneasy? she hurried on. "He said that his Puppet, Hexx here, could bring me into town, if I let Hexx stay for the night. He said he'd come along tomorrow, and put on a wonderful show for the whole town."

    "He's spending the night in the forest? Why didn't you. . ." Arita's brother burst into the room.

    "So you're finally home?" Then he saw the two new pokemon. "Oh, cool! A Banette! So you finally got rid of that old. . . "

    "Skyler!" Arita yelled. "Watch it!" He looked properly cowed. She didn't know why she was keeping Noctowl a secret from the . . Banette, was it? But she was. "What do you know about Banettes? Or Shuppets?"

    Skyler was 9, and he was dreaming of the day he would turn 10, so he could go off on a pokemon adventure of his own. He watched TV and played Video games, and studied very hard at the pokemon school. His hair was pale and sandy, and toussled from running around all day. He had dark eyes, a backwards hat on, it looked like the one with Articuno on it, light blue jeans, and a dark blue shirt with the pokemon league pokeball symbol on it. He knew about all kinds of pokemon, and wanted to be the best trainer in the world. Arita dispared of this. how would you even know if you were the best trainer in the world? And who wanted to work their pokemon to the death training, and in battles?

    "Banettes. . ." He squinted, and then saw the Shuppet bobbing behind Arita. "Oh, Cool!" It circled around him once or twice, and Arita recognized it as the Shuppet's way of saying hello. Skyler grinned and watched it. "Well, Banettes evolve from Shuppets. they're supposed to be some kind of posessed doll. . . ? And if they open their mouth, they lose their energy. " They all turned to look at the Banette that still sat passively in the corner. "Shuppets. . . Shuppets are drawn to feelings of ill will. Neither are native to this region." He shrugged. "That's really all I know. "

    Arita ran down the hall to the family room. The TV was blaring, and four girls in neon colours were dancing on stage with pokemon. "Skyler! Get in here and help me!" She felt bad about leaving her mother in the kitchen, alone with Hexx and the Shuppet, but she needed Skyler. He trotted in. "Yo."

    "Help me with this." She was setting up a bed for Hexx. He helped, and she leaned it towards him. "Skyler, please don't mention Noctowl with Hexx around."

    "Hexx?" he asked, smirking, and she gave him a look.

    "The Banette. I'm not sure where Noctowl is or why, but I . . .just, keep quiet about him, allright?" She looked at him, and he looked back, ready with a cutting comment. But he stopped when he saw the fear in her eyes.

    She finnished setting up the bed and turned to find the Shuppet floating in the doorway. She returned to the kitchen.

    "Hexx?" The Banette still hadn't moved, and the smirk was still in place on it's face. "I've set up a place for you to sleep, in the family room." It came to her, bell still jingling, and they went to the family room together. She saw it as far as the door, then retired to her own room. The Shuppet floated in. Like Hexx, it hadn't yet made a sound. She wondered if she could name it, if it belonged to someone, and what it was doing in this region. Putting it aside for tomorrow, she climbed into bed.

    The lights had been out for a while, but she couldn't sleep. She kept thinking of Hexx next door to her. In the hallway, something moved in the darkness. It was heading for the kitchen, for the door. She slid out of bed and tiptoed to the door, Shuppet floating close behind. Again she was grateful for its prescence. She had to find out what was lurking in the hallway, and what sort of creature she had let into the house.
  15. (( Ohh This looks like fun >) ))

    Upon entering the house behind the girl. The tiny doll would watch and observe the family, its every movement would slightly chime the bell at his back. He then saw the little girls mother seeing the resemblance clearly. But then the brother came In in which he didn't look anything like them. But he did seem to have some intrest in he and the Shuppet. He blinked those red eyes as they both left him alone with their mother. In which he stared intently at.
    Was their any fear in her? Any negative thoughts, it was quite hard to tell and he knew better then to inflict such feelings... Not yet anyway. Suddenly the girl came back offering him the room. He knew she still feared him and was very uncomfortable around him ....as if hiding something! Its red eyes glared lightly for a bit before relaxing and following her into the room. She made a whole bed for little doll, this action confused him. Perhaps she sought to please him? He would then Huddle to the bed and sit at the edge starring at her.
    Banettes were known to never sleep, a permanent insomnia if you will. This one was no diffrent, as he continued to stare directly into her eyes. That zippered Grin widening as she left, and so he would remain well into the night.
    The silence was eerie, and sitting there alone was defiantly not in Hexx's nature. He would slink off the small bed she made for him and creek open the door. Luckily she didn't close the door he wasn't nearly tall enough to reach the knob. He would glance back and forth before his red eyes would flash and a great violet ball would form into his hands. The ball seemed ghostly, just emitting shadows from its very form before he would lift his hands and send the ball of shadows down the hallway. Caring not what It hit, just as long as it made noise to awaken the little girl.
    He has to move quickly and that he would hide next to her door as she opened it and walked out to see what the noise was, he would move into her room climb upon her bed, which was quite a feat for him. Finally he would sit on the edge, only his eyes and the gleaming golden zippered grin could be easily seen through the darkness as he waited for her to return.
  16. Arita, feeling frail, small, and rediculous in her short nightgown, crossed out into the hallway. Had she heard a noise? Seen something? Everything was still. Perhaps she hadn't heard anything at all. Placing a hand on the floating Shuppet (It had done nothing to show it was after feelings of ill-will, and Arita had to think that this one was different, after all, it almost seemed as if it were protecting her) she trotted down the hallway. All the doors were closed. Nothing moved here, now. She cocked her head, listening. She could have sworn she heard the light sound of bells, but that should have been impossible. Unless. . .

    "Skyler?" She called gently, but her brother's door was closed. She carefully crept to the door of the living room. Hexx's bed was empty. Suddenly, the hall seemed much darker. Where had he gone? She wished she had some light, without waking anyone up. Skyler had been talking about a pokemon move called flash, maybe Noctowl could learn it?

    She realized she was just trying to keep herself distracted. She scanned the room slowly, then jumped and looked down the hall behind her. It was empty. She crossed into the kitchen, keeping an eye out for any shadows that looked suspicious. The door to the outside was still barred, and she didn't half wonder if the Banette had gotten out somehow despite that. Maybe if he was gone, she wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. She hoped Mr. Needles wouldn't be too mad. She resolved to return to her bed, shutting the door tightly on her way there, and worrying about the problem in the morning.

    She headed back to her room, one eye behind her. In the door way, she relaxed. She had made it back. She was on her way, back to bed, when the Shuppet began bumping her. She waved him away, only to notice, something wasn't quite right. Her bed wasn't quite like a bunk bed, her actually bed was high up, accessed by a small ladder, and underneath was a desk. There was something wrong about the scene.

    Something was on her bed? Red eyes glowed softly, and for a moment, she thought it was Noctowl. When cold moonlight glinted off a zippered grin, however, she stepped back. She knew it was Hexx, but she couldn't stop herself from screaming.

    Feel free to dictate the results of Arita's scream! Auto anyone needed. ^^
  17. ((hehe oh gosh Here gose nothing))

    Seeing her enter caused the smile to widen, when she finaly decided to lay eyes upon him. That jump in fear was enouph emotion to energize him for awhile. He couldnt help but smile wider at that. Fear was a ghost pokemons specialty! With banettes case it was a very satisfying and filling specialy.
    Unfortunetly the scream would awaken the two people ( that i know off ) in the house hold. Lights would come on in the whole house and both the mother and the brother would rush into the room turning on the lights. Seeing the Banette sit there and there daughter in fear. They would go to comfort the little girl while glareing at the wicked doll.
    " What is wrong!? What did that doll do to you!? " The mother exclaimed. At this point the dolls grin would turn into a frown.... Had he done somthing wrong? he thought.
  18. OOC: My OOC's will be underlined. Here goes my first one. This is getting exciting... *Takes bite of ice cream.*

    Tracy walked through the darkness past a small house. "How cute," she thought, wishing she had a Trainer. Suddenly it started to rain, putting out the Cyndaquil's flame. "Great, just great. Now I can't see a thing." Suddenly she heard screams coming from the house. "Uh-oh, that girl's in trouble!" Tracy ran into the door, kicking it open with a loud crash and running inside the house as her flame glowed softly.

    OOC: I'll just let anybody tell what happened after Tracy got in.
  19. Oh man, sorry Jester. I haven't been online in weeks, and that is VERY unusual for me. I've been busy busy busy on top of being ill and when I managed to get back to Pokecharms, it was down. ;_; Maaaaans. I'm so sorry

    Only Arita and Skyler and their mother in the house *nods* Their father died no to long ago and I might use that as a plot element but i might not, so, yeah.

    And. . .It isn't a magical talking or psychic Cyndaquil, is it? *winces* I was hoping to keep the RP a little darker and realistic, as far as a pokemon RP goes for realism. . . ^^; No happy endings here, folks. Call me a cynic, call me a realist, just don't call me late for dinner?

    Arita's mother stood next to her, breathing heavily. Suddenly, the sky broke open, the rain pounding the roof. Arita shook her head.

    "It only frightened me, that's all. Go back to sleep." There was a crash in the kitchen and scrabbling of claws on the linolium. The calvary had arrived.

    A cyndaquil came sliding down the hall and squaked as it came to a soft bump at Arita's mother's feet. She sighed.

    "What is this, a zoo?" Skyler's eyes sparkled as he looked at the Cyndaquil.

    "Mooom," he whined. "We can't just throw a rare, small, frightened, fire pokemon back out into the rain!" She threw up her hands and walked out, as Skyler continued to watch the little pokemon shake the water off of itself. Arita looked at it as well. Then she looked back to the Banette, who was sitting on the bed, frowning. She couldn't be mad at it, it was only having a little fun. It was a ghost pokemon, after all. It scared people. It was what ghost pokemon did. She still felt a tinge of fear when she thought about it, however. She let it stay on the bed, chosing to deal with the soggy cyndaquil on the floor first.

    "Skyler, would you mind if I took the Cyndaquil with me?" She planned to leave the Banette to her bed and crash on the living room couch. the Cyndaquil would be warm, the Cyndaquil would give off light. Enough light to keep her from any further scares from the Banette. So far, the Shuppet had proved itself useless. "You can have the Shuppet."

    He frowned. "You keep the Shuppet. I want the Cyndaquil. Besides, the Shuppet likes you better. And I'm older. I'll need a pokemon if I'm going to be a trainer. You already have the Shuppet and the Banette. So i think i should get the Cyndaquil." Arita didn't point out she didn't technically own Hexx or the Shuppet, and that the Cyndaquil might already have a trainer. The Cyndaquil sneezed.

    "Well, why don't we let the Cyndaquil decide, then?" Arita didn't care either way, she just wanted its protection for the night. She wanted to get back to bed. She didn't even really want to be a trainer. She didn't ask for the pokemon or the adventure. But she had gotten it, so she took it in stride. Maybe she could try her hand at being a trainer. Maybe she'd be a breeder. Skyler looked uncertain but nodded, as if he knew it would come to this. The Shuppet gave a few floats and looked at her with its lightly glowing amber eyes. She smiled at it, feeling bad for thinking cruel thoughts about it. She looked down at the Cyndaquil. Funny, they were already treating it as if it didn't have an owner and that one of them would keep it.

    "Cyndaquil," she said to it, "Who would you prefer to have as your trainer?" They stood apart so it would be apparent who the Cyndaquil favoured, and waited to see what it would do.

    Take it away, Typhlosion4ever. Sorry again, Jester! ^^;;;
  20. OOC: No, she can't talk, anything written like this means that she's thinking.

    BIC: "Quil?" said the Cyndaquil, confused. "What's going on here?" She thought, looking around curiously. "I think they want me to choose. That girl seems friendly." Timidly, she walked up to the girl and covered her head with her paws. "I can't look..."
  21. Gotcha! ^^

    Arita looked at the little Cyndaquil seemingly cowaring at her feet. It had bravely charged into the house and now it was sitting at her feet. She picked the little thing up and the Shuppet floated around it several times. Skyler looked disapointed and trudged off sleepily to his room.

    Arita looked in at Hexx. He seemed to be waiting for something.She nodded nerviously to him and pulled the door closed to a crack. It was the best she could manage with the little Cyndaquil in her arms. It gave a small yawn, and it was indeed very warm. Arita figured she could get to like it after all, and headed off to the Living room, making a cozy place for herself on the couch.

    The house fell dark and quiet, but the wind still tore at the rain, which fell steadily on the house. It was a soft, quiet hiss. She could hear the chime of bells, or so it seemed. She still wasn't sure what to think about the house suddenly being filled with Pokémon. It seemed a lot friendlier, somehow.

    Arita couldn't sleep. something was nagging at her. She wasn't tired at all. She lay on the couch for a long time, listening to the lull of the rain as the house creaked wearily around her. She felt something was going to happen, as she watched the random patterns of the Shuppet floating around the room.

    Okay, feel free to make it the next day or we could have more escapades. . . Whatever you guys would like. ^^
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  22. OOC: Okay, I guess it's my turn. Feel free to name the Cyndaquil as you like, MoonStruckDragonLass.

    BIC: Tracy was walking around the living room for the 5th time. She thought she saw something moving behind her, but it was just the Shuppet. "Stop worrying yourself, Tracy!" She thought. "There's nobdy in the room but you, Arita, and the Shuppet. You've got to get some sleep! But..." She crept upstairs to the bedroom and opened the door, walked inside, and lwalked around...

    You can take it from here, JesterofInsanity.
  23. ((Woah! I need to be the one apologizin now if my latelness diddnt already Kill this! I will take it to the Next day! Fun fun fun ))

    The day would arise, it was a long night. Even longer for the restless Banette as now in the raise of the morning the Banette sat at the door stareing at the window. Purhaps the Banette Missed someone.. His trainer maybe? Or purhaps he had other moments. But in the wee Morning hours, much bells and a light rumbling could be heard to those around.
    The oddly dressed man pushing the cart would be out early. That haunting mask with the sinister smile, hideing the mans true emotions. But it seems only the wish to bring laughter. And suddenly in the middle of the town he would stop.
    Now knealing against his cart his head tilted down, he would tap those bells on his jester hat in a taunting toon... Waiting watching for them to come out.
  24. Glad to have you back, Jester. ^^

    Arita had watched the sun rise from the couch. She hadn't slept a wink that night. In the grey false-dawn, she watched the Shuppet exploring the corners of the room. It would seem that he, too, had not slept. The Cyndaquil had prowled in and out throughout the night, and had finally fallen asleep on the end of the couch. It looked peaceful. The rain had broken several hours before, and every thing would be wet all day long.

    The sun broke above the horizon, and clear, pale light spilled across the world and tipped in through the windows. It was still quite early, no later then 5:30. Few people would be up at this time. Arita had the world to herself, for the moment.

    Or so it would seem. A jingle of bells and a familiar creak could be heard outside. A low chuckle, and Arita was sure. The man had come back for Hexx! No that she hadn't liked housing the Banette, but it would be a welcome relief when he was back in his owner's capable hands.

    Arita slipped out quietly and stole down the hall to her room. The Shuppet followed. It tailed her constantly. What was its deal? Shoving the door open a crack, she peered in. Nothing was moving.

    "Hexx," She whispered, "Your trainer has returned."

    Aaaaaallllll righty. Feel free to have Tracy notice Arita's gone or have Hexx cut in. I'm hoping to run into djax's character sometime after we get outside, if he's still game for RPing with us. ^^ (hint hint!!!) I really should draw up Reference pictures as to the layout of Arita's house. . . I already have a picture of Arita and Skyler. . . hmmm. I'll post that ASAP.
  25. The Banette would glance up, its red eyes wide. That Zippered grin gleaming in the morning light...as Hexx stood and would walk past her to the door to the outside. Unfortunetly it was closed...He would look back to the little girl to open it for him. His face seemed to have all the paitents in the world. But who can tell the thing always seemed to have that smirk upon its artifical face.
    " Time for a more welcoming apperance hehehe" Spoke the trainer to himself. That cloak to protect him from the harsh weather drawn off to show a odd mix Fancy looking yet oddly colord Jacket. It was half Violet, half green with a golden yellow down the streak of his arms.. That mask Drawn off would show a yellow black and violet facepainted grin, with black and violet lines painted underneath his eyes. That hat off showing the medium lengthed locks fall into place. He continued to hold his jester hat to tap the bells that decorate around the helmet... " They will for sure show now... hehehe".
  26. Meanwhile, Tracy was sleeping soundly at the foot of the couch. The sunlight from the open door shined on her face, but she ignored it. She didn't wake up until she heard the door close. "Quil?" she said, a little startled by the sound. "What was that? And where's Arita? I wonder..." Tracy got up, slid off the couch, and went over to the door. It was still open a crack, just enough for her to push it open. She stuck her nose through the door and got outside, where she saw Arita standing in front of a man...A man that Tracy didn't trust. "Cyndaquil!" she said as the flame on her back grew.
  27. Um, well, I was hoping some one would give me more to work with, but that never happened, and then English projects ate my life. So I'm updating all my RP's today and that's that. ^^;

    Arita stood in front of the man from the night before. Hexx happily walked past her to join him again. He looked down at her and smiled.

    "Sir, I've brought Hexx back for you." She gave a nervous smile and looked up at him. His gaze seemed to hold her somehow, and she nervously edged away. What was it about him that threw her off so? She knew she shouldn't be afraid of him, but somehow she couldn't help it.

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