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English PokéMon Names Discussion (Merged Topic)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by David Da Bomb, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Original tile: Tamanta's English Name

    And just what is the name you say? It is *drum-roll* *cymbal crash* Mantyke!
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Another Serebii exclusive... I'm a bit skeptic since there's no official word, but Serebii is a stickler on not posting rumors.

    So, Mantyke. Not bad, actually. Fits well with Mantine, and rolls off the tongue fairly easily too. I'm happy ^^
  3. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I believe someone's slipped Serebii the names of the 9th movie stars early, as he's being really cautious about it. Which is cool for him but infuriating for the rest of us. Lol.

    I like Mantyke, fits better with Mantine than Tamanta would have.
  4. I actually like "Mantyke" as well. Oh, I hope PUSA does stick with that name!
  5. Sorry David da Bomb ^_^" Anyway Elekible's english name is Electivire ^_^" It's so jumbled and wierd, I don't exactly get how it sounds. It's pronounced e-lect-i-vire. I don't really know what to think of this name, :-\ as I didn't really like elekible (everytime I saw it, I thought of kibble, like pet kibble) though mind you However, "this name has not yet been confirmed, as the source is a fansite and not an official Nintendo publication, albeit one that correctly reported the name of Chatot" as quoted from Wiki.
  6. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    It's like electric wire, only german... Or something. I dunno. ^^"

    First impression is good. I likes it at the moment, but I want to see how it goes with the rest of them (which'll probably affect how well I remember them all :p)
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    My stance on all of the currently revealed gen 4 Pokemon English names is this: they could've been worse (names that didn't change don't count).

    None of them I'm overly in love with - aside from possibly Munchlax, but we've had ages to adjust to it - but at the same time, I can live with 'em. As far as Pokemon English names go, most of 'em aren't bad at all, and even the worst ones aren't making me groan. So it's all good ^^
  8. I never see any point at all in getting either excited or angry with translation names. They are what they are, and nothing can ever change it. Besides, like Linkachu mentioned, in a few months nobody will even give them a second thought and they'll be as natural as "Bulbasaur."
  9. A few people at Bulbagarden Forums said that "Electivire" sounded like a vampire name. ;D

    And QQ, I just remembered that you still haven't apologized to me about stealing my idea for starting the "Your Christmas Haul 2006" topic.
  10. I agree with QQ. I mean, Electivire (did I get that right?) could have been WAY worse. Heck, even the strangely more-Japanese-than-English "Buizel" could have been worse (hehe, I can still call it Bui-chan?). But anyway, I don't think it'll really matter. I even liked Manectric's name (though I didn't know it before the English release), and "Raiboruto" (call it "Raybolt" and DIE) isn't hugely better, in my oh-so-humble opinion.

    Meh, what bugs me more is when people butcher the Japanese names to sound cool. (Butchering Japanese needlessly, in fact, is one of my pet peeves, ever since I enrolled in Japanese class.) English names are fine...because people butcher them less, and they usually sound good.

    So yes, Electivire. I think it kind of sounds fine...Elekid, Electabuzz, Electivire. I even like Electivire as a Pokemon...so I might even consider training (I was never an Electabuzz fan, so, apart from the nose, I think it's an improvement).

    MAJOR EDIT: In fact, I'm warming up to Bunyatto. @_@ Of course, I haven't seen a picture recently, but that may be a good thing. -_- I think it's because I could get Generation 4 as early as Wednesday that I'm becoming more excited and optimistic. @_@
  11. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Elekable is cooler. It's not a bad name but I think I need to nickname mine Elekable for the sake of it.
  12. I dunno, I actually like the sound of Electivire. Certainly flows better than Electiwire, and looks aesthetically better as well - my two main problems with the DP names up until now. Either they don't flow well (Chatot) or just look weird (Mantyke - looks like Man Tyke. O_o). So yeah, I'm pleased.
  13. At the GDC, Nintendo revealed Emperuto's english name which is Empoleon(derived from Napoleon the french leader of 1799 to 1804 and the word emperor).

    I happen to like this name. It flows well and, it fits pretty good too (better then piplup 0_0.... it's so wierd saying that name......the other weird thing is all get use to saying it >
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah, I edited the topic title. Figured if anyone wanted to discuss the names of Grotle (Turtwig second form) and Torterra (3rd form), they could do it in the same topic as Empoleon :p

    Already commented about 'em myself in the news update. No complaints here. Grotle actually sounds really fun to say XD
  15. We should change this to Emperuto's english name + Two more + Three more lol cause they revealed Chimchars other two evolutions which are, for Moukazaru is, Monferno (monkey inferno) and for Goukazaru is Infernape (inferno and ape) then there's Pottaishi who is called Prinplup (prince and plup from Piplup's name)

    I like them all besides Prinplup :-\
  16. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Glameow's evo now has a name as well.


    Its name is Purugly. XD

    Also Sukatanku is now Skuntank. And Driftblim is actually called Drifblim. No T. Which is basically how I was pronouncing the name all along anyway XD.
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    *Pokes the main Charms news* We've got even more now =)

    Mukubird and Mukuhawk became Staravia and Staraptor.

    Beadar became Bibarel.

    Korotokku is Kricketune.

    And Skapoo is Stunky.

    Whee. Or something.
  18. Oh wow, Stunky is the best name ever. XD
  19. Holy cow they just keep coming.

    anway, I like these ones too. Staraptor throws me off though, :-\ reminding me of a dinosaur because of the raptor part(even though I know it's a type of hawk)

    I love saying Staravia. Staravia, Staravia! X3 it reminds me of a name of a town in a fantasy story or something
  20. Stunky just plain cracked me up! ;D

    And how do you pronounce Purugly, anyway? ???
  21. I'd imagine Pur + Ugly, but it flows better for me if I say Puh - Rugly.
  22. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    It's most probably Purr-Ugly, yes.

    A 'raptor' is a general name for all birds of prey, not just a specific type of hawks. The term 'raptor' as a dinosaur is a shortened form of Velociraptor, perhaps one of the most overrated dinosaurs in the world. Real Velociraptors were about turkey-sized, as opposed to the larger 'Jurassic Park' style Velociraptors, which are... drastically different than what actual 'raptors looked like.

    Maniraptora (the group that includes Dromaeosaurids, Therizinosaurids and modern-day birds) pwn. ^^
  23. Stunky... Why! Why!!!!

    I love that damned skunk, its just not fair that they called it Stunky... Im sure ill get used to it eventually but for now I just think it sounds wierd..

    At least Skutank is alright... Id be tempted to change mines name to that now, but you're limited to 5 characters for some reason, so it shall stay as Skunk...

    ..... I dont particularly care about the other new names much lol... Just the skunks hehehehe =)
  24. Aw, poor Bunyatto...Purugly is kinda mean. -_-;;

    But the Starly line is pretty cool. Starly, Staravia, and Staraptor sound cool. ^_^
  25. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Mean, but very proper ;)

    It amuses me that even NoA took a poke at its extreme-ugliness xp (Unless, by some chance, it's actually a close translation of Bunyatto...? *Has no clue what Bunyatto translates into*)
  26. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Two more names have been revealed.

    Buuburn, Fatburn, the fat Magmar, or whatever you wish to call it shall now be called Magmortar.

    The blue legendary from the Emo Trio has gotten a name too. Azelf.
  27. As quoted from wikipedia

    Awww I like Azelf (which is azure and elf) what a cute combination X3
  28. I REALLY dont like the "-plup" things.

    Its just awkward. Plup plup plup plup plup...hahaha
  29. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    At least Empoleon rid itself of it. More incentive to evolve Piplup fast/use a nickname XP
  30. I'm sure everyone already knows by now that all the english names have been revealed. I've skimmed through them but haven't actually tooking the time to cheack them out.

    I'm really surprised Beequeen didn't keep her romanization name. Vespiquen? (Vespidae,a family of wasps and queen) hmmm It fits but I've been running through it in my head so that I can get use to saying it ^_^"

    Shaymin for Sheimi? uhhhhhh >>" ok? I don't get this one ^_^" (Then again I don't even know what sheimi stands for either ;p)
  31. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I don't like Vespiquen. I'm sure it's a very logical name, but it unnecessarily drops the second 'e' in Queen... I mean, REALLY. The name is only 9 characters, there was plenty of room for the second 'e'.... Ugh, it's Victreebel and Feraligatr all over again.
  32. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Shaymin/Sheimi derives from Shaman, I think. Shaman + either Harinezumi (Hedgehog) or Mi (Seed), the latter more likely, as its signature attack is called 'Seed Flare'.

    As for 'Vespiquen'... I can SO damn see it being mispronounced in Battle Rev as Veh-Spee-Kuehn. X_X
  33. Some of the names were really awkward for me.....but I do like "Yanmega" ahahaha. That, Mime Jr, Mantyke, Munchlax and Abomasnow are the only ones that i think really fit.
  34. Vespiquen = vess-peek-en? Pique is French for sting, so I imagine the name's latter portion has its roots lying in the romantic languages.
  35. Haven't any of guys realized that with all of the English names confirmed all at once would we mean that we won't be able to discuss and absorb them as if the were released a few at a time? As such, I think I ought to tell my thought about these names. Be prepared for a long post:

    Turtwig-Kinda cute!

    Grotle-How do you pronounce that?


    Chimchar-I guess it was fate that gave a Fire Starter with a JP name starting with an "H" to get a US name starting with a "C".

    Monferno-What an odd ring...

    Infernape-Not really an ape due to the tail, but people have confused monkeys and apes before.

    Piplup-I suppose it makes sense to me now...

    Prinplup-I just knew "prince" was going to be incorporated in their...

    Empoleon-Viva la France!


    Staravia-Oooh! Mystical!

    Staraptor-Not a dinosaur!

    Bidoof-Beaver doofus? *shrugs*

    Bibarel-Requires some thinking to understand it, which is ironic for a name that's for something that's simple-minded.

    Kricketot-It's okay.

    Kricketune-Looks like Lunatone's got some competition! *hums "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down"*

    Shinx-Doesn't really fit with it's evos' names, but so do several others.

    Luxio-Named after a desk lamp is what I say! "Luxo Jr." was the first thing I thought when saw the name "Luxio".

    Luxray-Referencing it's X-ray vision? CLEVER!!

    Budew-I should have expected that little green peanut-looking thing to get a name change...

    Roserade-I was half-expecting the name to stay the same anyway.

    Cranidos-the last syllable should have been "ram".

    Rampardos-The "os" seems unnecessary...

    Shieldon-I was expecting "Shieldtops", but I suppose "Shieldon" sounds better.

    Bastiodon-Better than "Fortredon".

    Burmy- ;D I love how that flows through...

    Wormadam-See comment on Burmy

    Mothim-Took me a while to find the male exclusive reference, but I got it!

    Combee-I believe predicted that one!

    Vespiquen-A wasp gets a bee name while bee gets a wasp name?O_o

    Pachirisu-Why didn't they change it?

    Buizel- I suppose that it was made as to be easier to pronounce.

    Floatzel-Meh, no biggie.

    Cherubi-kinda cute.

    Cherrim-Sounds more English without the "u".

    Shellos- Shell-less snail? Fine by me now.

    Gastrodon-much easier to say than the JP name.

    Ambipom-Sure beats "Toopom".

    Drifloon-"Boolloon" would've been better

    Be back with more...
  36. I said I'd be back and now I am:

    Drifblim-Weird Pokemon deserves a weird name, right?

    Buneary- ;D

    Lopunny-I SO wanted "Rabbeauty"...

    Mismagius-My only complain is that I didn't see that name coming.

    Honchkrow- :o WOAH! That name blows my prediction (Bosscrow) right out of the water!

    Glameow-Can't complain.

    Purugly-COME ON!! If you tied smiling once in awhile, NoA wouldn't give you that name!

    Chingling-IT'S NOT BELLECHO!?!

    Stunky/Skuntank- ;D

    Bronzor-Sounds like something in L33T SP3AK.


    Bonsly-I've grown too used to the name to complain about it.

    Mime Jr-You think with the existence of Mime Jr. would make Mr. Mime change its name to Mime Sr.

    Happiny-Sounds kinda cute.

    Chatot-That really took me by surprise.

    Spiritomb-Another odd-looking Pokemon gets an odd name.

    Gible-Sounds like dog food. 0_o

    Gabite-didn't expect it to change anyway.

    Garchomp-Yikes! Vicious-sounding.

    Munchlax-No complaints.

    Hippopotas-Sounds like "Hippo potatoes" to me.

    Hippowdon-That sounds cool.

    Be back with more (again)...
  37. I'm back again!

    Riolu/Lucario-these two names really fit with each other.

    Skorupi-Did it really need to change?

    Croagunk-Makes sense.

    Toxicroak-I came so close!

    Carnivine-"You can not hide from Carnivine, because even running is a type of dance!"

    Finneon/Lumineon-WHAT!?! NO BUTTERFLY REFERENCE!!

    Mantyke-Despite being a potential oxymoron, it's kinda cute.


    Weavile-I've grown used to it.

    Magnezone-Rats! Another one I didn't get right!

    Lickilicky-Weirdest. Name. Ever.


    Tangrowth-What was wrong with "Tangelarms"?

    Electivire-The Electric Vampire!


    Togekiss-I KNEW it would stay the same.

    Yanmega-At least it sounds less like a Digimon...

    Leafeon/Glaceon-The "ia" part was the only thing that changed?! That's messed up!

    Gliscor-What was wrong with "Glion"?

    Mamoswine-Sound funny to to me.

    Porygon-Z-clearly would avoid the same fiasco Ho-oh was in.

    Gallade-Sounds cool, but "Gladevoir" would've worked too. Now, how do you pronounce that first "a"?

    Probopass-Makes me think that it should have an elephant's trunk.

    Dusknoir-I should have seen that name coming, but it's cool looking.

    Froslass-Sounds like a set up for potential Irish jokes, but I can't think of any.

    Rotom-After hearing the "Scrotum" jokes, perhaps the floating Pulseman's head should have been given a different name...

    Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf-Dang it! Did the FAIRY GODPARENT trio really need their names changed?

    Dialga/Palkia-Fine with me.

    Heatran-I still think it sounds weird.

    Regigigas-The was it's spelled look kinda funny.

    Giratina-I should have guessed.

    Cresselia-"ss"? O_o

    Phione/Manaphy-No big surprises their.

    Darkrai-He's NOT an electric-type.

    Shaymin-Does it LOOK like a Shaman?

    Arceus-I guess the "c" was put in to avoid those "ass" jokes.
  38. empoleon sounds so cool, i love the whole evo line's names:piplup, prinplup, empoleon....
  39. Honestly, I don't have a problem with any of them. I'm just excited about new features, pokemon, abilities, and attacks. ;D But I do have a problem with Vespiquen. O_o Weird. That's all I have to say. But it has exclusive moves *drools over thought. Gets a napkin*

    Turtwig: It's a Twig, it's a turtle, no! It's Turtwig. Love him! My starter. I actually used this guy to help with my science project. ;D
    Grotle: What the heck. They... turned him into some ugly dinosaur! Oh, well.
    Torterra: Why? Why does every grass-type starter turn into a dinosaur? He and Grotle are just asking for a Snow Slide.

    I hated the fire ones. Another Firefighter! >:(

    Piplup: Awww. It's so cute.
    Prinplup: Cool
    Empoleon: I love the trident crown. Too bad I can't get two starters...
  40. Um, we're discussing the names of the D/P Pokemon, not the Pokemon themselves.

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