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EmberArt- Scribbles, Doodles, ect...

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by EmberGryphon, May 25, 2009.

  1. I haven't done new Pokemon art in so very, very long. .__. But I have some older doodles if anyone cares to looksee.
    Also, hi. =3 I'm Ember.

    A page of random doodles; featuring a Seel, two of my characters (Slitskin the Meowth and Pyrite the Sableye), Stan the Vanilla Tentacool, a Featherdancing Pigeot and a happy Chikorita. This one is... I dunno. Two, three, four years old.

    Free-style Photoshop paintin' of a Darkrai a-haunting, done for an art exchange about a year and a half ago.

    Ink drawing of Espeon fighting Charizard; done for a contest but never finished. I'm still kind of tempted to color it, even though it's more'n two years old. xD

    Realism-Poke-doodles, although the only decent ones are Doduo and Grovyle. x3 My most recent picture of the lot; this one's dated a few months.

    A gift sketch I made a few years back, when two peeps I knew who both loved Lugia were going out. Sadly, they've since broken up; I lost all contact with one of them and rarely talk to the other.

    PMD fanart, done in anticipation of PMD2; I always have a Meowth hero and a Pikachu companion, and I thought throwing Honchkrow- one of my favorite 4th-gen critters- would be fun, too. x3 Free-style Photoshop painting (by which I mean, no sketch or anything like that; just throwing out colors until something works. xD)

    More PMD fanart, more free-style painting. This time a canon scene from the first game.

    Random request done when I had more time; some chick's team drawn in MSPaint.

    I need to doodle more, but... full-time art student; I have no time for my own scribbles. ^^()
  2. Your pictures look quite good, though in some cases the proportions seem a bit off (I'm referring mostly to the scared Pikachu on Honchcrow's back). The feath designs on your Lugia's wings are nice, but the lack of colouring made me do a double-take on the waves at the bottom of picture.

    The painintg style you use is nice as well, I'm guessing you use a tablet or are you just very skilled with a mouse?

    On a side note, all your links seem to be broken.
  3. Eek! Thankyou, links are fixed. ^^()
    S'what I get for not testing them...

    Anywho, yes! Thankyou for the compliments and the critisism! =3 I know the style/proportions on the Honchkrow pic are kind of wonky...
    (I find it kind of charming, but most of the people I show it to agree with you! x3 So I've been making my Pikachu more... mainstream/cute in more recent pictures, like the pixely one.)

    I have a tablet, yes. ^^ I'm hopeless with a mouse.
    Thanks again!

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